Visitations: every Thursday evening at 20.00 and on the 2nd Sunday of the month at 15.00   

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JUNE 9th, 2019


Moses leads the Prayer of the Rosary and, while itís being prayed, hereís the beginning of the Visitation: JULIA: If itís You, Glorify the Father! If itís You, Glorify the Father! If itís You, Glorify the Father! OUR LADYIn Living in Godís Heart ... (Our Lady Blesses... I Glorify the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit Love ... and I Bless you ... (Our Lady Blesses... Children of My Heart! Itís Me: The Humble Handmaid Mary ... Called by the Father to Give Birth to His Son Jesus in the Whiteness of the Cross ... in Giving Him to all the Nations ... and making Him Grow in Godís Divine Love! Children, let us pray for this Dayís MeetingGod has Opened the Arms Wide again for each one of you, for the whole of Humanity ... and He gives you Peace ... and gives you Love and Forgiveness ... gives you Charity! My Children, let us pray for the whole Church ... let us pray for all the Priests and the Man who wears the White ClothesLet us pray for Peace! Humanity is not at Peace with God! Men arenít at Peace with one another! People of God ... wake up from sleep ... lay down your weapons ... seek the Cross ... seek forgiveness ... but unite in the Name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Love! ... (Our Lady Blesses) ... My Heart has only Love that Burns for each one of you ... inviting you to Peace ... inviting you to Forgiveness, My Children! Every Family represents a Little Tabernacle: donít destroy It ... but make It Grow in the Fatherís Quietness ... in the Fatherís Love! God unites the Little Tabernacles: donít separate them, Children of My Heart! Remain at Peace with one another ... Walking on the Narrow Lane ... made of Thorns ... Sown by My Hands ... to gather the Sons who are lost on the Poisonís PathsFight the PoisonFight the False Prophets! ... (Our Lady Raises the Right Hand and Blesses) ... And love one another! God is a CrossGod is LifeGod is LoveGod Unites! Don't let yourselves be divided, Children! ... (Our Lady Imposes her hands over those present... Grow in the Measure of the Holy Trinity: Father, Son, Holy Spirit Love ... separated and given to each one of youBe Vigilant, Children ... in the Times that have yet to come! Be Vigilant! And don't forget being made in Godís Image and Likeness! Donít allow the Poison to make you in Hatredís image and likeness! Love with the Crossís Measure ... Grow with the Crossís Measure ... and give yourselves to the Little, to the Poor, to the Marginalized, to the Drug-Addict Children, to the Imprisoned Children ... with the Crossís Measure! Pray again, Children ... for all the PriestsPray for the Bread to be broken again by their handsPray and Watch Ö but stay in Godís Service ... in loving Him and giving Him to everyone! I Am the Mother of the Here I Am ... and through the Here I Am ... I Gave Birth to the Son of God ... Alive and Real among you ... in Walking and Giving you the Daily Bread, Children! Grow again in the Only Cry that is God, My Children! ... (Our Lady and the Instrument converse in the Language of Love... Julia: Here I am, Mother! Here I am! ... (Our Lady and the Instrument converse in the Language of Love...Here I am, Mother! You're always Good ... but we can't do anything! Teach us Your Love, Mammy ... teach us to Forgive ... just like You do! Our LadyYou've always done it ... ever since the Father Called you! Julia: Here I am, Mother ... help the lost Sons! Our LadyGive them your hand, Daughter ... it's Time! Julia: Mother ...! Our LadyItís My Heartís TimeJulia: Is it the 4th Time, Mother? Our LadyHere I Am! Here I Am! Julia: Mammy, I offer you my Dayís nothingness and all that you have given me until this moment! Mammy, I put the Family, their hearts and their whispers ... in Your Heart! Mammy, I put in Your Heart ... all those who have entrusted themselves to my prayers and those who cannot do it! I put in Your Heart, Mother ... all the Gems, the Priests and Lilies ... and the Man who wears the White Clothes! Accept us like this: we are Sons ... all with the same Size! Before the Father thereís no one who is Taller and who is Lower ... but Equal ... like SonsOur LadyHere I Am, My SoulBe VigilantFight the PoisonFight the False ProphetsJulia: Here I am, Mother ... with Your VoiceOur LadyHere I Am! Here I Am at the Wedding Banquet! Here I Am in the Fatherís Garden! Here I Am with all the Arrayed-Hosts! Here I Am with all the Little Ones! Here I Am with the Two Johns ... Karol, Pio and Dominic ... in Bringing the Only Truth of the Cross ... (Our Lady Blesses... the Only Truth of the Bread ... Inviting you again to hold It High and live It in the Fullness of your hearts, My Children! JuliaMother Dressed in Light ... Splendor for all Nations ... Light that Enlightens the whole of Humanity ... lead us onto the Right Path ... lead us to Godís Heart ... so that we can give the Father ... the Only Love Song: ďMy Father! My Father! Our Father ... Light of all Nations!"  Ö So be it! ... Our LadyAmen, My Daughter ... Amen! ... (Our Lady gives a kiss to those present... Peace to your hearts, Children! Everybody: Here I am! Our Lady: Are you all well? Everybody: Here I am! Our LadyHere I Am! Come, ThťrŤse of the Child Jesus ... come into Godís Boat and Row for all the Nations! Here I Am! How are you? THERESA: Here I am, Mammy! Our LadyHere I Am! Speak! Theresa: Here I am! Our LadyHere I Am, Daughter! Tell Me, Daughter ... what did you do on this Day? Theresa: Here I am, Mother! Our LadyHere I Am! Theresa: I did the Father's Things! Our LadyWhere did you go? Theresa: Here I am, Mammy! Our LadyHere I Am! Theresa: A little bit where ye brought me, You and the Instrument, Mother! Our LadyHere I Am! Theresa: Here I am, Mother! Our LadyAnd tell Me again! Did you feel the Heat of the Holy Spirit LoveTheresa: Here I am, Mother! Our LadyIt wasn't a fever or even a headache! And you ... do you have the Heat of the Holy Spirit LoveEverybody: Here I am! Our LadyDon't keep it for yourselves ... share it with the Faraway Sons! What God gives you ... always share it! The Father gives all the Children the Abundance! But don't forget to Love, Children! The Holy Spirit is a Burning of Love! But let every Hut: Godís Tabernacle ... let it Burn ... United   in a single Hut! Pray ... so that all families and the whole of Humanity ... remain Huts ... with the Here I Am given to JesusPray, Children ... pray! ThťrŤse of the Child Jesus, where is your Tabernacle? Theresa: Here I am, Mother! Our LadyHere I Am! Theresa: Itís in Your Heart ... which, in turn, is in every Nail... in every Wound ... in every Thorn of JesusOur LadyHere I Am!  Speak again! Theresa: Here I am, Mother! Our LadyTell Me something! Theresa: Here I am, Mother! Our LadyHere I Am! TheresaWhen you have Godís Love ... when youíre Full of Godís Spirit ... not just the heart burns ... but everything is a Burning ... and itís a Fire that BurnsOur LadyHere I Am! Theresa: Here I am! And it's not an idea ... it's Real! When you really love with Jesusís Cross ... you feel that Burning ... that Heat that Burns ... and you can't hide itOur LadyNo! Theresa: You can't hold back ... but it's a Beating ... first in your heart ... and then an Explosion of Joy! And that's what You surely felt when You Conceived and then Gave Birth to the Son of God ... and also what You feel moment after moment ... doing the Fatherís ThingsOur LadyMy Childbirth isnít finished ... it continues ... in looking at Humanity ... in looking at the Children! And the Childbirth of Jesusís Cross is Alive ... for each one of you, for the whole of Humanity! Hereís the Holy Spirit Love ... that Burns ... and Gives Itself ... and leaves the Fire in each one of the Children! Speak again! Theresa: Here I am, Mother! Our LadyHere I Am, DaughterTheresa: And this is what I was thinking this morning once again: how Great it is what happens in this Place ... and how Important it is what we are listening to! Understanding how the Holy Spirit is not ... yes, itís also Fire, Wind, Love especially ... but itís a PersonOur LadyHere I Am! Theresa: Itís Alive and Real ... just like Jesus and the Father! You are the Holy SpiritOur LadyLove-Mary! Theresa: Here I am, Mother! And You are ... for the simple fact that You are the Greatest Expression of God's Love! God has Chosen You to be able to Accomplish ...! Our LadyAnd He didn't put Me aside! Theresa: No! To Accomplish His PlanOur LadyHere I Am! Theresa: Whereas men put You asideOur LadyHere I Am! TheresaThey excluded You from Godís Plan! Our LadyHe Called Me! Theresa: Here I am! Our Lady: ďDo you want to Give Birth to My Son?Ē ... ďHere I Am!Ē ... But the words: ďI know not man!Ē ... there is another meaningTheresa: Here I am, Mother! Our LadyItís a Big One to be able to understand ... but youíll see when My Immaculate Heart Triumphs! And that Triumph is of God ... just like the Son is of God ... just like I too am of God: Love that Burns for all the Nations! But let you too be Flames ... that God, by calling you Children ... gave you the Holy Spirit! Don't lose It behind the things of the world! Don't listen to the PoisonDon't listen to the False ProphetsLove and listen to Godís Bread ... that is the Cross ... that is the Word ... that is God, Children! But Be Vigilant and Fight, Children! ... (Our Lady Raises the Right Hand and Blesses) ... Be Vigilant and Fight ... the Poison and the False Prophets! Talk again, ThťrŤse of the Child Jesus! Theresa: Here I am, Mammy! Our LadyHere I Am! ... (Our Lady gives a kiss to those present... Theresa: Here I am, Mother! Our LadyHere I Am! Theresa: And to stay still on the subject: we know that the Holy Spirit is You ... and God is Direct ... He listens to His Children ... and each of us can reach Him through our heart ... but He gave us You ... as Spirit of LoveOur LadyHere I Am! Theresa: Because You are the Merciful Mother of the Son of God and of each one of us ... and therefore, through You ... we have the Levelled Road ... the Straight Road to Godís Heart! Our LadyHere I Am! Theresa: You who are the Creature chosen by God ... be as the Little Ship for each one of us ... for each of the Children ... to lead them straight to Salvation! Our LadyTo the Safe Harbor of GodTheresa: Here I am, Mammy! Our LadyHere I Am! Go ahead! Theresa: Here I am, Mother! I also remember when both Don Mario and Don Vincenzo talked about You! Our LadyMy Girlfriend! Theresa: Here I am! And they never excluded you ... quite the opposite! And with this I don't want to say that ...! Our LadyYou don't speak ill of the Father, or of the Son!  Theresa: Here I am, Mother! Our LadyAs a first Figure ... they brought before the Father, the Son and Mary! Theresa: Here I am! Always! And I know about Don Mario! And as for Don Vincenzo I know ... because his Sons have told me! Our LadyHere I Am! ... (Our Lady sends a kiss to Dino... Our LadyBe Full To The Brim with the Holy Spirit! Dino: Here I am! Our LadyJust like your Dad Filled you To The Brim! DinoHere I am! Our LadyBring the Light wherever you go ... and donít fear those who speak ill of you! DinoHere I am! Our LadyBe the Son ... just like He raised you! Dino: Here I am! Our LadyAnd let you too, Children ... be Dripping with the Holy Spirit Love! Theresa: Here I am, Mother! Our LadyHere I Am! Have you nothing else to say? Theresa: Here I am! Our LadyHere I Am! Collect the Drops of God's Love that Come Down! ... (ThťrŤse, with a napkin ... wipes the Drops of Sweat from Our Ladyís Face... It Comes Down, just like the Cross Will Drip ... It Will Drip ... It Will Drip ... and theyíll all Collect! Be Fountains of Love, everyone! Be Living Springs of the Holy Spirit, everyone ... which God gives Plentiful ... on each one of you! ... (Our Lady imposes Her Hands over those present... But seek God everywhere ... remaining TabernaclesEvery Family ... thus United ... like the Little Hut that God Created: Mary, Joseph and Jesus ... let you too be My Heartís Tabernacle! Donít be divided ... and let Godís Hut live in the Harmony of the Cross, Children! Let each of you give your hand to the Brother ... but let him remain a Brother! And when you give ... the Right Hand may not know what the Left containsBe Peaceful, Children! Grow in the Unity of the Cross ... and pray for the Priests ... pray for the Man who wears the White Clothes! But pray for PeaceMy Motherly Heart Drips BloodPray for Peace ... and Be VigilantLet us pray ... so that the Church of the Cross may be Lit Up in each of the hearts and the whole of Humanity, Children! Pray ... so that My Jesus may be Loved and Known by everyoneI Love You, My Children ... and I ask you again to call yourselvesSons of God ... to Graze the Pasture of the Father's Cross ... to Break the Bread ... sharing It with the enemies! And today, which is the Feast of Light ... which Comes Down to give you Wisdom, Love and Forgiveness, Godís Burning ... Open Wide your arms ... asking: ďOur Father who art in heaven ... Thy Will be done ... now and always!Ē ... ďOur Father who art in heaven!Ē: Jesus said these words! ... ďTeach us to pray!Ē ... ďDonít say so many words that arenít needed ... but say: Our Father who art in heaven!ĒĒ  ... Calling the Father ... God Gives Himself, My Children! And My Immaculate Heart will triumph ... through the Our FatherBut don't forget you have a Vineyard ... don't forget you have an Ark, the Oars and the Huts ... where the Our Father is, My Children! ... (Our Lady gives a kiss to those present... I Leave you, Children ... and in Leaving you ... I Give you the Breath of My Love ... that Breath which God Gave to My Heart! ... (Our Lady Breathes three times over those present and then gives a kiss... The Two Johns Work for Peace ... but they are Alive and Real among you, Children! ... (Our Lady gives the Blessing... I Bless you ... with the Father, with the Son and with the Holy Spirit Love! Everybody: Amen! Our LadyBring Godís Breath wherever you go, Children! Julia: Mother, how Beautiful you are! Our LadyI am Beautiful because I Love, Little RockJulia: Here I am, Mother! Teach me to Love! Teach me the Steps of Your Walking! Our LadyStay Stubborn like this! Julia: Mammy, why is ThťrŤse in danger? Are you there ... on her stepsOur Lady: Guide her ... give her ... what God has given you! Julia: Here I am, Mother! But don't leave her ... are you near her? Our LadyDonít be Stubborn! Julia: But should I be or should I not be? Our LadyStay Stubborn ... but don't be Stubborn in pretending not to understand! Julia: Here I am, Mother! Mammy, did the Arrayed-Hosts come out? I don't see them ... theyíre covered in Light! Our LadyTake a look! Julia: Then they haven't gone out yet! We can Greet all our Loved Ones! Then ... let's Greet! But what are the Two Johns doing? Why are they chasing each other? Our LadyThey are stopping the Fires of WarJulia: But could they not come today ... to say a few Words? Our LadyTheyíll come on Thursday ... now they must Work! Julia: Here I am, Mother! Your Dress is so Beautiful? Here I am! Here I am, Mother! See you later!