Visitations: every Thursday evening at 20.00 and on the 2nd Sunday of the month at 15.00   

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APRIL  14th, 2019


Moses guides the Prayer of the Rosary and, while itís being prayed, hereís the beginning of the Visitation: JULIA: If itís You, Glorify the Father! If itís You, Glorify the Father! If itís You, Glorify the Father! OUR LADY: In the Rising of the Cross ... I Glorify the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit Love! And in the Whiteness of the Lily ... I Greet You, My Children ... with the Cross of My Jesus ... (Our Lady Blesses... and I invite you to pray ... and live the Path of Love ... the Path of Constant Prayer ... giving each one of you My Motherly Heart! On this Day, Children ... look at the Heart of Jesus Thrown Open to each one of you ... seeking the gaze of His Children ... Inviting Humanity to Peace and Forgiveness ... Inviting Humanity to follow and listen to My Son ... Stripped of all dignity ... in order to Dress each one of you ... giving you Eternal Life, My Children! But let us pray for the whole ChurchLet us pray for all the Priests and the Man who wears the White Clothes! Today, My Motherly Heart asks ... each of you: Mothers ... donít abort My JesusLive the Day that God gives you through His Son ... in Breaking the Bread ... in making you grow in His Love, in His Joy! Fill your hearts ... with what God gives to each of you! Seek, Children ... the Peace among you! Donít break My Sonís Heart again ... but be Lighted Lamps ... in Singing the Praises of Love to the Father and the Son ... and in Extending your Arms ... waiting for the Immaculate Heart to Triumph: My Motherly Heart ... for every Mother, for each Son, for each one of you, for the whole of Humanity! My Children, let us serve again in the Vineyard, in the Ark, in the Oars! Don't forget the Huts, My Children! Be Vigilant in Fighting ... the Poison and the False Prophets! ... (Our Lady Raises the Right Hand and Blesses... As Baptized by the Wood of the Cross ... use your Right Hand! And donít fear men ... have the Holy Fear of God ... who is Alive and Real ... Heís in your midst ... and walks before you ... to show you the Road of Victory ... to show you the Road of the Cross, Children! Let your Walk with God ... be made of Love and CrossThrow Open the doors to the FatherThrow Open the doors of your hearts ...    to God Who Comes ... to God Who Is ... to God Who Stays! My Children, be White ... like the Cross is White! Each one of you is made in the Image and Likeness: don't forget it, Children! Seek the Lane of Thorns ... give Them to your enemies, Children! Graze the Flock ... that God gives you moment after moment, Children of My Heart! Get ready to be Mothers ... to receive Jesus ... when Heís released from the Cross! Take Him in your arms ... give Him to your enemies ... make them become: Mothers of the Cross and the Crucified! But on this Day ... let us pray again for Peace, Children: the Great Ones of the world are preparing other Wars ... other ScourgesProstrate yourselves at the Foot of the Cross ... and pray so that the Father hears the Cry of your heartsCall Him: ďDaddy!Ē ... and invoke Him for ... the Peace that descends ... so that the weapons become a Cross, My Children! My Immaculate Motherly Heart ... will Triumph ... in Love, in Quiet ... and God will Throw Open His Arms ... and all the Nations will see the Fatherís FaceLet us pray again ... and give Me your hands ... so that I can help you! The Poison grows ... the False Prophets advance! Embrace the Cross, My Children ... and donít leave It! ... (Our Lady and the Instrument converse in the Language of Love) ... Julia: Here I am, Mother! Here I am! ... (Our Lady and the Instrument converse in the Language of Love... Here I am, Mother! Here I am! Here I am! ... (Our Lady and the Instrument converse in the Language of Love... Here I am, Mother! Our Lady: My SoulJulia: Here I am, Mother! ... (Our Lady and the Instrument converse in the Language of Love... Here I am, Mother! Our Lady: Embrace again, Daughter ... what God wants from you! Julia: Here I am, Mother! Here I am! Our Lady: My SoulJulia: Here I am, Mother! Our Lady: What did you do ... on this Day? Julia: The Fatherís Things, Mother ... thereís a big Job to do ... itís not finished yet! Our Lady: Do you still want to do it? Julia: Here I am, Mother! Here I am! Our Lady: See ... what the Great Ones doJulia: Here I am! Mother, they are Your Children ... let us pray ... let us spread our Arms ... letís give the Time to look at Jesus ... let us pray for them! Our Lady: Here I Am, Daughter! Do you want to look again ... on this Day? Julia: Here I am, Mother! Our Lady: Look, My SoulJulia: Here I am! Children mangled ... men ... women! What should I do, Mother? Our Lady: Sacrifice yourselfMy Soul ... like the Father taught you to do! Julia: Here I am, Mother! Our Lady: Look again, My SoulJulia: Here I am! A Desert ... and lifeless menOur Lady: Sacrifice yourselfDaughterJulia: Here I am, Mother! Our Lady: Look again, My SoulJulia: Here I am! Our Lady: Pray for the Walls of RomeJulia: Aaah, Mother! Here I am, Mother! Our Lady: Look again, My Soul ... and everything you see ... add it to the Empty-Space of the ScrollsJulia: Here I am, Mother! Here I am, Mammy! Here I am, Mammy of My Heart ... lean on me ... but cancel that writing! Mother, let the Father's Will be done ... not mine! Here I am! Our Lady: Walk with the Cross ... and don't stopMy DaughterLet your Path be ... Living the Cross of JesusJulia: Here I am, Mother! I consign to Your Heart, Mother ... my Dayís nothingness ... and all that you have given me up to this moment! I put in Your Heart, Mother ... the whole Family, their hearts, their whispers ... that I gathered on this Day! I put in Your Heart, Mammy ... all those who have entrusted themselves to my prayers and those who canít do it! I put in your heart, Mammy ... all the Gems, the Priests and Lilies and the Man who wears the White Clothes! We are Children ... all equal ... made in the Image and Likeness of Jesus ... and we are Your Children!  We havenít yet learned what the Cross is ... that itís Jesus ... that itís you ... that itís the Father! As Teacher and Humble Handmaid ... hold our hands again ... teach us to recognize Ye ... to be Humble like Ye are ... to be Mothers ... in doing the Fatherís Things! Our Lady: Here I Am, Daughter! Here I Am at the Wedding Banquet! Here I Am in the Fatherís Garden! Here I Am with all the Hosts! Here I Am with all the Useless Servants! Here I Am with the Two Johns ... Karol, Pio and Dominic ... in Bringing the Only Truth of the Cross ... (Our Lady Blesses... the Only Truth of the Bread ... Inviting you once again to hold Them Up and live Them in the fullness of your hearts, My Children! Our LadyPeace to your hearts, My Children! ... (Our Lady gives a kiss to those present and Blesses... Children ... Given by the Cross and the Crucified ... White with the Blood ... Washed by My Jesus! Remain so always, Children! ... (Our Lady gives a kiss to those present... Peace to your hearts! Everybody: Here I am! Our Lady: Come, ThťrŤse of the Child Jesus! Peace to your heart! THERESA: Peace to Your Heart, Mother! Our Lady: Here I Am! How are you? Theresa: Here I am! Our Lady: Where have you been working ... on this Day? Theresa: Here I am, Mammy! ... (Our Lady gives a kiss to those present... Our LadyDonít extinguish the LampTake the Load of the CrossFrom this day ... Dress up with Friday ... and youíll reach the Crossís Easter ... United to My Jesus! What did you do? Theresa: Here I am, Mammy! Our Lady: Here I Am! Theresa: I did the Father's Things ... I was a little bit with You and with the Instrument! Our Lady: Here I Am! Theresa: Here I am! Our Lady: There's so much more work to do! Theresa: Here I am! Our Lady: But talk a little! Here I Am, Instrument that Plays the Gospelís MusicTheresa: Here I am! Our Lady: Here I Am! Theresa: Mammy? Our Lady: Here I Am, DaughterTheresa: Here I am! With today we come into ... Holy Week! Our Lady: Pray for PeaceTheresa: Here I am! Our Lady: This is what My Heart Cries Outpray for Peace ... pray for the Walls of RomeThey are the Two Strongest Cries ... that come out of My Heart!   Theresa: Here I am, Mammy! Our Lady: Here I Am! TheresaItís Peace ... the Greatest Gift ... and Peace can only be had when God is there in the heartOur Lady: Here I Am! Theresa: Here I am! When man takes away selfishness ... the fame of Power, of money, of sex, of success ... and then ... when the Cross Triumphs ... that's where Peace is madeOur Lady: Here I Am! Theresa: Peace must start first of all from the heart of each of us ... and then it can be the whole Humanityís Peace! If in all the Sons there isnít this awareness ...! Our Lady: The worldís Great Ones donít have Peace in their hearts ... they donít have My Jesus ... they donít know Him! And God asks each of you to pray ... and to kneel at the Foot of the Cross ... not at menís feet! My Children, God Gives Peace ... and when you seek ... and when you love ... and when one's heart beats strongly ... there, itís God who responds to His Children! Men canít give Peace ... if they donít seek GodPray, Children ... prayTheresa: Here I am, Mammy! Our Lady: Here I Am! Speak, My DaughterTheresa: Here I am! Our Lady: Here I Am! Theresa: Mammy? Our Lady: Here I Am, DaughterTheresa: You who first received the Cross and the Crucified ... Giving Birth to the Son of God ... and already with the Conception and then with the Living Childbirth of the Cross ... teach us once again to Embrace the Cross ... to recognize It ... not to throw It away ... to accept every little Thorn, every Little NailOur Lady: If only the whole Humanity would ask for it ... like you are now asking it, you and all the Children ...! Humanity doesnít ask for it ... and especially ... the worldís Great Ones ... they donít turn to God to extinguish the Fires of WarLet us pray again ... prostrated at the Foot of the Cross ... prostrated before the Crucifix ... and only before the Crucifix, My Children! It DripsItís Dripping! It Drips ... to ask for Peace againAnd that Oil isnít oil ... but itís Jesusís Blood ... which descends againLove Him and Bless Him Godís Sign among youDonít fear men! God speaks with His Heart wide open and He does not fear menKeep Watch on the Weeping of the Cross ... and pray at every Drop that you see, My Children: Itís God who Weeps ... Itís God who Gives Himself ... so that men may repent ... and understand that God Is ... that God Is! ... Speak, My DaughterTheresa: Here I am, Mammy! Our Lady: Here I Am! Here I Am! In Singing ... You Sing the Praises of God ... who is in you ... and Gives Himself! Theresa: Here I am, Mammy! Our Lady: Here I Am! Theresa: Mammy? Our Lady: Here I Am! Theresa: Here I am! Our Lady: Speak! Theresa: Here I am! We will face this Week ...! Our Lady: Itís not facing it ... itís Embracing It ... just like Jesus Embraced the Cross! Theresa: Here I am, Mammy! Our Lady: Here I Am! Theresa: Which is then the Center of everything ...! Our Lady: Of your heart and of the whole of humanity! Theresa: Here I am! Of everything we believe in! Our Lady: Here I Am! Theresa: And God IS ... and just as God IS ... the Son was born ... and was Crucified and then Resurrected ... and therefore Godís Mystery ... goes through these Phases! Our Lady: Here I Am! Theresa: But above all it passes through that Climbing on the Cross ... that Embracing the Nails ... and not throwing Them away! Our Lady: Humanity throws away the Cross and the Nails ... but the Instrument picks them up and carries them on her backTheresa: Here I am! Our Lady: Here I Am! Theresa: That giving Himself completely, without sparing anything ... to the whole of Humanity ... in order to then make all the Sons return before God! Our Lady: Here I Am! Theresa: And this is what God has done ... through His Son ... and itís what He wants to do through each one of usOur Lady: Here I Am! Theresa: Here I am, Mammy! And in order to do all this ... He used You! Our Lady: Here I Am! Theresa: A Humble Handmaid ... a Maiden ... who has ... in Simplicity ...! Our LadyGiven the Here I Am to the Father! And, from that Here I Am ... Humanity has got Jesus ... but they didn't recognize Him! Now I give Him to each one of you: make Him known, My Children! Godís Flock ... bring Jesus wherever you go ... and donít fear men! Talk about Jesus: ďHeís Alive ... Heís united to the Heavenly Mother and to the Father! They speak in a Small and Poor Place ... where He Gives Himself ... Heís not sold ... He Gives Himself out of Love! And that Bread ... Is God! " ... Do it, Children ... do it ... and donít fear menGod is the Cross! ... (Our Lady Blesses... God is the Bread! ... (Our Lady Blesses... God is the Savior ... (Our Lady Blesses... of each one of you and of the whole of Humanity ... and He asks you to give Him your hands ... to help you ... to make the Son known ... and make Him loved: this is what God asks of each one of you! But be at Peace with one another! And Fight the False Prophets and the Poison, My Children! ... (Our Lady Raises the Right Hand and Blesses... Being Mother of the Cross ... I make Myself Cross ... (Our Lady Blesses... in order to Sign you ... and men must not tell Me what I must do ... but God! Eeeh! ... ThťrŤse of the Child Jesus, what's still there to say to me? Tell all the Great Ones ... the Bishops ... the Prieststo give the Peace that God gives ... to indicate the Path of My Heart to the Children ... to dress in Humility and Charity ... just like My Jesus Dressed in Breaking the Bread ... and point out to each of them ... the Dress of the Cross ... to walk among the people, Children! Mary Invites the Priests ... to become Sacrificed Lambs! This is the Path to go: give everyone Peace! What's in your heart ... at this moment ... ThťrŤse of the Child Jesus? A Thorn! Hold it tight ... but talk again! Theresa: Here I am, Mother! Our Lady: Here I Am! Theresa: Mammy! Our Lady: Here I Am, DaughterTheresa: Here we are, Here we are ... ready again to Grow in Faith ...  to Grow in Godís Love ... to become more and more the Family that God has chosen! Our Lady: Here I Am! Theresa: Here I am! This morning I was talking to a person ... she told me: ďI never pray!Ē ... And knowing that itís not the case, because I know her ... and knowing what she does in her Day ...! And then she told me: ďI once talked about these things even with Don Vincenzo! "... And I told her: ďThen, if He has already told you ...!Ē ... And she told me: ďAnd He told me that Prayer is also giving a glass of water, giving a smile to those who ask!Ē ... And this is what we must learn ... and this is what our treasure must become! Our Lady: Tell the Daughter ... that itís the Living Prayer ... in serving Jesus ... in adoring Him ... and in loving Him! God caresses her ... and gives her His Love and His Breath ... and Blesses her! Theresa: Here I am, Mother! Our Lady: Here I Am! Theresa: And this applies to each of us! Our LadyHere I Am! Don't say so many words ... but itís the heart thrown wide open to the Little, the Poor, the Marginalized, the Imprisoned Children, the Drug-Addict Children ... those who are rejected by everyone! Itís to console the Heart of Jesus ... when youíre Little! Itís not going before the Cross and being on your knees ... and then going out and pointing the finger! God doesnít look at those who make long prayersGod looks at the heart of all the Children! What's still there? Theresa: Here I am, Mammy! Our LadyHere I Am! Dress with the Croce, Children ... and love ... let you love! United to My Heart ... let us pray ... let us pray ... for those who still Pierce ... and with War Actions ... they Pierce and Crucify My Jesus again! Let us pray, Children! On this Day, youíve entered ... and youíve loved and greeted Jesus! Humanity Throws Him Out and Betrays Him! Let us pray for all the Children ... that they may see Jesus ... as Father and Son, as Friend and Brother ... and embrace Him! Let you, love one another ... in remaining: Sons of God! The Two Johns donít come ... but they Love you and speak to your hearts telling you: ďEnter by that door ... and remain united to the Cross ... to the Crucified ... and to the Heart of a Humble Handmaid who gave the Here I Am to God ... for the whole of Humanity!Ē ... May Peace stay among you, Children! ... (Our Lady Blesses... And from this day ... dress with the Crossís DressWalk with Jesus, Children of My Heart! ... (The Lady gives a kiss to those present and imposes Her Hands on them:... I Leave on you, Children ... the Crossís Breath: Take it anywhere you go ... and Walk as Sons of God ... and donít be afraid of men ... but have the Holy Fear of the Father, Children! Julia: Mother, what Dress did you wear ... on this Day? Our LadyItís always the same, DaughterJulia: But it's all dirty! Did you not have any others? Our LadyIíve said that itís always the same! Julia: Did you not have time to wash it? Our LadyStubborn One ... Stubborn One ...! Julia: What have I done? Our LadySee: itís dirty! They are the Offenses caused to the Heart of Jesus! Julia: Mammy, how dirty it is! My Offenses are there too! I got it all dirty! Our LadyStubborn One, look at who dirtied It! Julia: Mammy, will you give It to me ... so Iíll wash it? Our LadyYou have so much Work to do in these Days, DaughterJulia: Here I am, Mother! Here I am, Mother! Mammy, are the Arrayed-Hosts not gone out yet? Letís Greet our Loved Ones ... and Iíll see you! Here we are, Loved Ones ... that you embraced the Cross ... and now Celebrate before the FatherThe Loved Ones: Here We Are! Julia: Here I am, Mother ... in doing the Things that God wants! Here I am! Here I am!