TIMPARELLE 2, belonging to Corigliano Calabro (CS)

How to reach Timparelle

Take the state highway 106 which runs from Taranto to Reggio Calabria.

Then turn off for Thurio, a very small hamlet, that's about 5 km south of Sibari.

Once you've turned off for "Thurio", you'll notice a maritime pine tree after traveling 1 km: it's the only one in the area. And right in front of the pine tree there's a large disused factory with a very narrow country road running along its side.

Go down this narrow road for about 500 meters until you meet a crossroads.

Then turn left at this crossroads and the first house you meet is where Julia Arancino lives with her husband Paschal Capalbo.

Thurio was famous in ancient times, and gave birth to St. Telesphorus, the 8th Pope after St. Peter.

The Prayer meetings take place on Thursday evenings starting at 8pm and also on the second Sunday of every month starting at 3pm