N° 197


Messages through the Instrument Julia




FEBRUARY 12th 2017




Thaddeus leads the Prayer of the Holy Rosary and, while it’s prayed, behold the Visitation begins: Julia: If it’s you, glorify the Father! If it’s you, glorify the Father! If it’s you, glorify the Father! Our Lady: By God's Will … I’m the Mother of the Cross and of the Crucified … and I glorify the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit just like God gave Me to each one of you and to the whole of humanity! … (She blesses) … And with the Cross I come among you just like the Father told me: “Do you want to give birth to the Cross and to the Crucified?” … And I answered: “Here I am … I’m the Lord's Maidservant! Everything that you tell me … is right!” … And in My Here I am the Father accomplished his wonders! And Here I am again rejoicing among you in bringing you My Jesus again … the Jesus of each one of you, the Jesus of the whole of humanity … through the Cross …, (She blesses) … through the Greeting which God saves All the Peoples… through the Wood kissed by God’s Son and drenched with his Blood! The Savior: He Who Is and will remain… because everything will pass away… but God remains… The Wood of the Cross remains… The Crucified One remains… and all the Sons, with Love and with an open heart, embrace the Cross! You embrace yourselves: made in the Image and likeness of God, of the Cross and of the Crucified, and of My Immaculate Heart! Mother of the Here I am! Mother… of the Only New Church! Be vigilant, children… you will hear the False Prophets speak, who are about to advance, who are about to increase, who are about to sell and buy… and the Poison advances! But let you halt at the Father’s Word: the Cross and the Crucified… Mary the New Church! With one Single Word: the Cross … (She blesses) … and there's no other! The Complete and Utter Truth … is given to you… step-by-step! And Jesus said: “When I come… I’ll come silently… but All the Peoples will see Me!” … And from This Place the Sun will open up… and All the Peoples will see It! ... Don't listen to the False Prophets that announce to you: “Three days beforehand… three days afterwards!” … On the 1st day you’ll eat the Bread… and everything that you’ve heard! The Secrets are given to you moment after moment… and they are in the Father's Heart, they are in the Instrument’s heart, (namely) the Empty-space of the Scrolls! Watch and pray for all the Priest Sons and for the Man that wears the White Habit! Pray again for the Walls drenched with Innocent Blood! And don't fear men… but only God… children of My Heart! And as a Mother I ask you once again to eat the Bread that God gave you! While you eat it… you’ll feel in your hearts… if you open them… a Mother’s Love who gathers her children into a Single Heart-Beat: “Shalom! Shalom! Shalom!” … Divine Stubborn One ……? Julia: Here I am, Mother! Are you wearing the same dress that I’m wearing? Who sewed the dress for you? Our Lady: One of the daughters! Julia: Mother… what's hidden behind the dress? ... Let me see it! Are you turning it so as not to let me see what's hidden behind the dress? Is that the reason you wanted it like this? Our Lady: Here I am … remain silent! Look again, My Soul! Julia: Here I am! Mammy… the Feast that you let me see on Thursday… can we not call it off? Our Lady: No, My Soul… remain obedient to the Father! Julia: Here I am, Mother! Our Lady: Look! Julia: Here I am! Here I am! Here I am! Here I am! Here I am! Where are they bringing all those sons? Can I stop them? Our Lady: When I sent you with John, the Bold One… they didn't listen! Julia: Can you not let me go … so that I’ll go to work … to be able to stop them? Our Lady: They love the money god … they sell Me and buy Me! Julia: Mammy … I ask you for the Father's Hand … in His Time and in His Will … they are sons that go to the slaughter … but let the Father's Will be done! Our Lady: Here I am, My Soul … do the Father's business just like the Father sent you! Julia: Here I am, Mother … Here I am! Our Lady: Here I am with the Wedding Banquet! Here I am with all the arrayed-Hosts! Here I am with all the Brides! Here I am with all the Unprofitable Servants! Here I am with the Two Johns … Karol, Pio and Dominic … in bringing the Only Truth of the Cross and the Only Truth of the Bread … (She blesses) … asking you again to hold them up and live them in the fullness of your hearts … My children! Julia: Mammy … today I didn't do anything and I gathered only the hearts and whispers of the children! Our Lady: How can you say that you didn't do anything? Julia: I did the work that I had to do … a little … and now I give you today’s nothingness and the children … and those who entrust themselves to my prayers … and everything that you gave me all along! This is my nothingness and the nothingness of everyone and the nothingness of the whole of humanity! And I place in your Heart again all the Priests, the Gems and the Lilies and the Man that wears the White Habit … handing over this day’s nothingness again … Mother! And if throughout the day, we make some mistakes … Here we are just as we are! But teach us to be little, poor and to answer the Here I am that you answered! Teach it to the Family one by one … because I don't know how to teach it … or rather, they don’t listen to me! But if you’d teach it to them … Mother! I don't know anymore what way to tell all the Family to remain united in Peace, in Love … because God’s Hidden Mystery is Love! Our Lady: Here I am, My Soul… so fare till this very day you didn’t stop … and you won’t stop! Go forward in carrying everybody and in answering for everybody!  Julia: Here I am, Mother … but how can I keep all the children united? Our Lady: With the smile that you give all along! Julia: But every so often I cry outOur Lady: So do I! Julia: Here I am in doing the Father's business … Mammy! Our Lady: Pray … pray … pray … and … let you the Family, the New Church, pay attention to what you do on this day … by remaining in the Vineyard, in the Ark, and in the Oars, in the Households! Be vigilant! Julia: Here we are, Mother … Here we are! Our Lady: Peace to your heart John, living cup God! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Our Lady: Peace to your hearts, children! … (Our Lady sends a Kiss to those present and it's reciprocated) Everybody: Here I am! Our Lady: Your flower is beautiful! ... (it's an orchid) In the Garden there are many! And the Stubborn One has it on her head! Tell me something! Look at all the Handmaids … look at them! Look at the children! I too wear a dress like the one you have! I too took a tent-one! Here I am for having bought it! Silvana: Here I am! Our Lady: Did you see how simple they are? With a tent-dress! It's stupendous … and Mother Violette sewed it for Me! Don Vincenzo: Does she also sew 'up above'? Our Lady: Yes, for all the Brides that show up! And then the Little Flower too and the others also sew! Don Vincenzo: How beautiful! Our Lady: How beautiful! Within a few days it’s the Broken Little Flower’s birthday … she’s the Mother of the Stubborn One! The Stubborn One has gone to work … and now I'm here! Speak for a while! I’ve spoken for a good while and then I’ll tell you something else! Don Vincenzo: Mammy … do you mean the Gospel read today? Our Lady: Yes, it's the Gospel like I told it… that Real One! Don Vincenzo: Mary’s Gospel! Our Lady: Yes, moment after moment I was near the Son of God, My Son, the Son of each one of you! And I know the Truth … not those that wrote such a long time afterwards ... such a very long time afterwards! I was close at hand and I lived It in the First Person… and I come to bring It! And just like I bring the Truth… Jesus also brings It, the Father brings It, John brings It, Karol brings It, Pio brings It and Dominic brings It and a few other Unprofitable Servants do too! ... And the Handmaids one by one have the Task of speaking with the Complete and Utter Truth! But do you still want to remain Handmaids? The Handmaids: Here I am! Our Lady: Here I am! And if you all want to remain handmaids… you’ll have to increase in weight a little… I mean, you and the other sister… and you too another little bit! You Handmaids… and I speak to yourself like I also speak to the others… will you all Soak the Bread today for everybody? Will you give it to him? Johnny: Here I am! Our Lady: Here I am! The Handmaids will Soak the Bread… and then they’ll give it to everybody! And you will eat it… And if what's written here above happens… it will stop ….! Read that part<of the page>! What will happen? Teresa: “If you laugh at or if you won't love all this … a Great Catastrophe will befall the whole of humanity! But there’s an Instrument who will eat the Bread for you and for the whole of humanity! Our Lady: You've heard! You know very well what’ll happen if you laugh at what's done on this day … and if those who Sell and Buy will laugh, namely those who Sell and Buy My Heart and the Heart of Jesus and the Father's Heart! Be very wary of the False Prophets and of the Poison! The Stubborn One is bringing so much of this into the Garden … by giving them her hand and making them kneel before the Cross! But there is still a lot of this, such a great deal of it! And pray … and get your children to pray for the Man that wears White Garment and for all the Priest Sons and for the Walls Drenched with Innocent Blood! This is what the New Church must do! ... Now speak for a while.! Don Vincenzo: As regards this page, namely the Catastrophe! Our Lady: Of course it is …! And also what the Instrument saw behind My dress ... is Burdensome! Don Vincenzo: Intervene … Mother! Our Lady: It's your Hand that most intervene… Living Cup God! Now you're covering yourself with your Cloak! And speak! Don Vincenzo: We must refer to the Father… because everything starts with Him and everything returns to Him … and therefore when we need something we must dive into His Arms … and then the Joy returns! Our Lady: I dived in by answering: “ Here I am!Don Vincenzo: And the joy comes back even when there are clouds … and this cheers us up … even though those few words<on the page> are deadly because they speak about the whole of humanity… and when Heaven speaks……! Our Lady: It speaks! Don Vincenzo: It speaks, it speaks … unfortunately it speaks! Our Lady: Look, there are Itinerant Salesmen … let's call them that, since we are a Family … who at times care-about-others and sell good things! But in contrast there are other Itinerant Salesmen that sell empty boxes and don’t care-about-others … but they Sell and Buy God's Word to accumulate treasure on earth! And this they do right there where there's noise! Where there are crowds, Jesus said: “Don't go there where they’ll announce miracles to you! I'm not present there! But in silence and where they'll all see Me … right there-in-that-place it’s Me … because they'll all see Me!” … And the Green Tree has been planted … and My Immaculate Heart will triumph … and the Sun will open and they'll all see it! And this is the Truth of the Cross … the Only Cross … the Only New Church! … (She blesses) … Speak! Don Vincenzo: There's this Family here … this Group that comes here for years! Our Lady: Make them grow in your Name of Father and of Living Cup God! Don Vincenzo: Be heralds of Faith, of Love, of Charity and of Humility! If each of us inside here would only understand this … and I heartily hope that they can do it … this Group would grow and each one of us can do it! Become aware that you’ve been Chosen … and that each one of us must grow in Love … because this Choice really imposes this on us … and should reassure us that the Father is always faithful and never fails! We are the ones that fail … and this would be a serious mistake! Our Lady: Shall we let make Thérèse of the Child Jesus speak for a while? Don Vincenzo: Yes! Our Lady: Don’t detach yourselves! … (Our Lady has joined Her hands with the hand of the Living Cup and with Teresa’s and She converses with Teresa in the Language of Love) … I'm waiting! What have you to say? Teresa: Here I am! Our Lady: Here I am! Teresa: Here I am! Here I am! Here I am for this Feast! Our Lady: Here I am!  Teresa: It's a Big One … if each one of us will do what he or she must do … and at the same time there's the Instrument that doesn't abandon any of the sons! Our Lady: No…she doesn’t! Teresa: Independently of what we may do! Our Lady: No…she doesn’t! Now she's doing a Big Task! Go ahead! Teresa: Here I am! Frank’s message arrived earlier that he can't be here today and he wrote: “I Love you all!Our Lady: Here I am! … “I Love you all!” … And what answer do you give him? Everybody: Here I am … so do we! Our Lady: Here I am! Teresa: Here I am! Our Lady: Have you finished? Teresa: Here I am! Our Lady: Here I am! The flowers are beautiful … these roses are stupendous … and the orchids even more so! And you too … carrying them on your head and on your heart … they are beautiful! Assistant Parish Priest, do you want to say something?  Here I am! Raphael: In the Jesus moment … in the very moment you closed your eyes … did those that were with you also close their eyes? Our Lady: I said: “After a while!<…they did> … And God’s while wasn’t the very same moment! I had to do the Father's business! And when the Father decided … I went asleep and I then woke up to remain in the Garden … just like I am now, just like the Father is, the Son is and the Holy Spirit is and all the Unprofitable Servants! Raphael: Such patience! Our Lady: God has neither limits or measures! You, however, have them! You must abandon them … and that way we are a Single Heart! … How much Patience does the Instrument have? Don Vincenzo: This is what I really wanted to underline: this Patience of the Stubborn One … and this Charity of the Stubborn One … because both Patience and Charity are virtues that we must underline … and we mustn’t take it for granted! And all this comes back to Love! The Father loves us and organizes everything!  Our Lady: She does the Father's business and loves us! Don Vincenzo: She loves us … and in loving us … she always leads us on His Roads … she always guides us on His Paths! Everything originates from the Father and everything returns to Him through these Creatures … and thank goodness we have them … because that way we can allow the Father to intervene! At times there are difficult situations … just like it is in the Stubborn One’s case! Our Lady: She has children that are a bit deaf and blind! Don Vincenzo: How Good the Father is! And how beautiful this afternoon has been! Our Lady: And it will be beautiful again when you’ll eat the Bread! Here it is! Let nobody laugh at the Bread! Don Vincenzo: It’s marvellous … fragrant … and when there’s Bread involved, the Bread immediately brings us back to Jesus, it immediately brings us back to Our Father! How beautiful to eat God's Bread … and discover that this Bread is really God … ready to satisfy the hunger of All the Nations! How beautiful to be Sons of the Eternal Father … how beautiful! Our Lady: It's beautiful! … do you want to say something, Assistant Parish Priest? Raphael: The last one! Our Lady: The last one! Raphael: In these days, a bit laborious … I turned every breath towards the Father ... it was easier for me to think of Him and I tried not to get distracted … and even a heavy day became light! Our Lady: Here I am! Will you speak again, Living Cup God? Don Vincenzo: No! Our Lady: Then I’ll speak for a while! There's another Feast and the Instrument wanted to call it off! She had already told you this! Teresa: Here I am and she also wanted to call off today’s one! Our Lady: She also wanted to call off today’s! But Teresa is always ready to beg with tears in her eyes … and the Instrument said well: “We’ll also do This One!” … But when she asked Me to call off the Other One … I called her to obedience … and she immediately answered: “Here I am!” … Soon she'll tell you this …… but I’m only announcing it to you ……..! The Father doesn’t let Me say it! I announce to you that there’ll be a Feast! I too am obedient …. and when the Instrument tells you this … you’ll hear it! Look … I too who am the Heavenly Mother … remain obedient to the Bridegroom, to the Father! Now I tell you again: Pray! Many sons are being killed … and other earthquakes will come down … and other missiles will be placed by men in volcanoes! Pray again for the Walls of Rome! Pray … My children! Handmaids, Sisters, Priests … get ready to celebrate … since you are the New Church! Be ready and prepared, children! As Living Cup God … say goodbye with the Green Tree! I take leave of you with the Magnificat! Don Vincenzo: And may Almighty God bless you … the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Everybody: Amen! Don Vincenzo: Glorify God with your life, with your Love, with your faithfulness! Our Lady: The Magnificat!(After the song of the Magnificat sung by everybody present, Our Lady converses with Teresa in the Language of Love and then Teresa intones a song:)Teresa: My Soul magnifies the Father! My Soul shines with the Cross! My Soul loves the Father! My Soul is Mary’s Soul! My Soul …! Our Lady:(Our Lady continues the song:)covers with Love every Creature created by God! I Mary, Mother of the Cross … Chosen by God amongst All the Nations … the Flower gathered in the Father's Bosom! Souls, Souls, Souls … magnify the Lord!(Our Lady continues the song in the Language of Love.) Julia: Mother .. I’ve finished the work that you gave me to do … but there's another work … and I need John's hand! Mother…! Here I am, Mother! Here I am, Handmaids! The Handmaids: Here I am! Julia:  What about the Scrolls Mother? Our Lady: Keep them … and when the time comes… you’ll open a Piece of One! Julia: Here I am! Let's greet whoever is outside with the arrayed hosts … whoever is at the Banquet! Let's greet our Loved Ones! We'll see each other later… Living Garden of God!




  FEBRUARY 2017    


Thaddeus leads the Holy Rosary Prayer and, while it’s prayed, behold the Visitation begins: Julia: If it’s you, glorify the Father! If it’s you, glorify the Father! If it’s you, glorify the Father! Jesus: In Loving you Boundlessly and Immeasurably … I open My Arms to glorify the Father Most High … Now: at this moment, and for Eternity … in the Full Love of the Cross … (He blesses) … which I embraced for each one of you and for the whole of Humanity … by letting My Blood descend and canceling every Stain … and calling you “Sons” in handing all the Sons to Mary … My Mother, Mother of each one of you, Mother of the whole of Humanity! And Mary, the New Church … calls you: “Come, you have the Vineyard! Come, you have the Ark! Come, you have the Oars! Come, you have the Households! Come into My Heart as the Immaculate Mother! And My Immaculate Heart will triumph! ... Mary: My Mother and Mother of each one of you, Mother of the whole of Humanity ... this is what she tells you! Don't be deaf! Don't be blind! Be peaceful! And don't forget: you are the New Church! Outside, the False Prophets are there and the Poison is also there! Don't let it win by supporting your ego! Put God there in your ego’s place, together with the Cross and the Crucified … (He blesses) … children, brothers and friends of My Heart … Divine Stubborn One ……? Julia: Here I am, Jesus … Here I am! Jesus: Take a look … My Soul!  Julia: Here I am! Jesus: No, don't touch them! Julia: Jesus … you let me do every type of work …! Jesus: Now, don't touch! Julia: Here I am, Jesus! Will you let me do later on what I have to do about what I'm seeing? Jesus: Here I am! It's one part of what you did today! Julia: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Look again! Julia: Here I am, Jesus! Can I not stop them? Did today’s ones leave? Can I not get them to wake up … Jesus? Jesus: Do the Father's business! Julia: Silently as always, Jesus … without describing them? Jesus: Here I am, My Soul! Julia: Here I am! Then let's work! Jesus: Here I am! In the Vineyard there’s so much work to do! Keep the Vinedressers united! Julia: Jesus …! Jesus: You know Everything! Julia: And knowing everything about what I gathered today … I place in your Heart … the Family, its whispers, it's heartbeats … what I could gather! When one finds the door closed, nothing can be gathered! One waits there … just like you wait! I place in your Heart all those who have entrusted themselves to my prayers! I place my day’s nothingness in your Heart and all that you gave me till this very moment! I place all the Gems in your Heart, the Priests, the Lilies and the Man that wears the White Garment! Accept us like this ... if your Heart, the Father's Heart and Mary's Heart still want this … or take away from us the Vineyard, the New Church and all that you gave us till this moment! Jesus … I've given My Here I am and I give it again for Eternity! Never offend your Heart again! I don't want anybody doing it! And they must not Sell or Buy you! Jesus … take us by the hand and make us walk on the Narrow Road by taking away our ego and putting God there! This is what I ask you for, moment after moment! Jesus: Here I am, My Soul! Julia: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am with all the Arrayed-Hosts, with the Wedding Banquet, with all the Brides that have just arrived! Here I am again with all the Little Children! Here I am again with the Two Johns … Karol, Pio and Dominic … in bringing the Only Truth of the Cross and the Only Truth of the Bread … (He blesses) … asking you again to uphold it and live it in the fullness of your hearts … My children! Julia: Here we are, Jesus! Once again, you’ve called us: “Sons” … Here we are! Unprofitable servants … but “Sons”! Torn rags at the foot of the Cross! The Little Johns who are always more Little, Poor and in the Last Place … to be invited to the Wedding Banquet … Jesus! Jesus: Here I am, My soul! PEACE TO YOUR HEART JOHN, LIVING CUP GOD!  Don Vincenzo: Peace! Jesus: Peace to each one of you … My children! ... (Jesus sends a kiss to those present who reciprocate it)  How was your day today? Don Vincenzo: A day when Jesus returned to be the King of everything and of everybody! Jesus: With the Royal Scepter? Don Vincenzo: With the Scepter of Thorns on his Head! Jesus: What did the Stubborn One put on? The Stubborn One put it on her head to make Me a Crown of Roses … without Thorns! Don Vincenzo: The Scepter with Thorns! Jesus: Made of Velvet Petals, Silk Petals … in order to caress Me … and even Feathery Ones ... just like Therese of the Child Jesus placed it on her! Don Vincenzo: It's original! Jesus: It's original! Men made Me a present of Thorns … but a Small Instrument makes Me a present of Velvet, Silk and Feather Petals to console My Heart! But tell me again about your day! Don Vincenzo: My Church … the New Church is always the Church which has the Father as its reference point! “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” Everything is owned by Him … everything is for him!  Jesus: All the Sons are the Father’s … without any Son being rejected! Don Vincenzo: How Good Daddy is … and we don't realize it … because we reason with human standards! God Exists! Jesus: God Exists! Don Vincenzo: This is the key of every reading: God Exists! … And if God Exists … everything exists … because He made everything and He continues making it! He continues to love! Jesus: He continues to love! Don Vincenzo: He continues to love everybody! Jesus: But the Sons don't love the Father and they put him aside! Don Vincenzo: So we have to be able to give this right example! The more we love the Father … the more the Sons love Him too! And therefore we should be the witnesses! Jesus: If the Sons don't love themselves … how can they love the Father? Don Vincenzo: We must give a real, concrete and true testimony! Jesus: Every Son must love himself to be able to love his enemy! First of all, you love yourself … then you recognize yourself ... then you love your enemy … then you love the Father! And you are in a Family... and the Family is Big just like the Garden is Big! What did you say today to the Instrument and Therese of the Child Jesus? … “We’ll go into the Garden! Don Vincenzo: Yes, “We’ll go into the Garden!”! Jesus: “We’ll go into the Garden!!Don Vincenzo: Where Everything shines! Jesus: Where Everything shines! Don Vincenzo: Where All is Light! Jesus: Where All is Light! Don Vincenzo: Where All is Love! … Where All is the Father who says: “God Exists!” … And He Exists always … everywhere! Jesus: God Exists! If you open the Door … He's everywhere! If you don’t open the Door … God stops before the closed Door and waits! Don Vincenzo: We have to keep that Door open … which is the Door of Love, which is the Door of the Nails! Jesus: Do you feel the Heat of the Nails? Do you feel it? … (Jesus places His hand alongside Don Vincenzo's and then squeezes his hand) … They kiss … it's Love! Don Vincenzo: There's Heat there! Jesus: The Nails are there with the Heat of Love … that Boundless and Immeasurable Love! And with this Love … shall we give ourselves? Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: I’ll give Myself and you’ll give yourself and the Instrument will remain Crucified out of Love for all the Priest Sons and for the Man that wears the White Habit! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! Father, bless me … so that I may give Myself! … (Jesus bows at the feet of the Living Cup to receive the blessing) … Amen! Don Vincenzo: Amen! Jesus: Now let’s give ourselves! … (The Assistant Parish Priest offers Jesus the Wine and Jesus dips a piece of Bread into it and gives it to the Living Cup to eat and drink, saying:) … This is all Your Inheritance! This is still Your Inheritance! Will you give Me My Share of the Inheritance? Here I am! … (Jesus breaks another bit of Bread, dips it in the Wine, raises it up and then eats it and drinks:) … I've received My Share of the Inheritance and I share it with each one of you, My children! … (Jesus wipes the beaker-cup with the hand-towel that He gives to Joseph, telling him:) … Here I am! Preserve it! Now let's give ourselves! One moment: I have to clean the Instrument! She went to work and she's dripping! … (Jesus and Joseph give the Wine and the Bread respectively! Jesus says: This is My Blood! Joseph says: This is My Flesh! And each one of those present answers: Amen!) … Father, we gave ourselves! Easter is Alive and it's Risen! God's Banquet is given to everybody! …  (The Living Cup blesses Jesus)  … Amen! We are in the Complete Feast ... in the Feast of the Living and Risen Easter! The Real Easter! The Easter of Jesus and not that men's one! The Father's Easter and not men's one! It has been celebrated! Don Vincenzo: Yes! Jesus: We gave ourselves and Easter is Alive and it's Risen! Tell me more! Eh, the feathers are caressing Me! Don Vincenzo: Again we want to reflect on the Father and make others reflect! Everything starts from Him … everything does … and Easter is Everything! … God Exists! Jesus: God Exists … and the Banquet Exists! God Exists … and Easter Exists … because God IS Easter! Don Vincenzo: God Exists … and in a word, it’s Everything! Jesus: God Exists … and the Sons Exist … because God Exists! … And Humanity Exists … if it accepts God … and right there, It's Everything! Don Vincenzo: The Father puts everything there for the Sons' benefit … but the Sons turn their back on the Father! You must pay attention! Jesus: I wipe the Instrument again! She entered a Missile and she's bleeding! Speak again! Don Vincenzo: The whole day should be: “God Exists and therefore I Exist … otherwise I couldn't Exist! I Exist because God Exists!” … Daddy, Daddy, Daddy … you are Everything and you give us this Everything in order to give us ourselves … namely it's like saying: “I'm giving it to you! Take it … receive it … because My Gift depends on you! It's because of you that I give it! It's because of you that there's all this Grace! Jesus: It's because of You that I serve You … because You made Yourself everybody’s Servant … and You taught Me to serve! And Humanity should be a Servant! Don Vincenzo: The Good Father taught You to serve! Jesus: If God is Good … all the Sons are too if they remove their ego! … Will we let Therese of the Child Jesus speak for a while? Don Vincenzo: Yes! Jesus: Here I am! Therese of the Child Jesus, speak for a while! Teresa: Here I am! It seems like I always repeat the same thing! Jesus: Here I am! Teresa: Here I am! We are the New Church! Chosen one by one to love ourselves firstly as the Image and Likeness … and then to recognize the Image and Likeness in the other person! Jesus: Here I am! Teresa: We were called to recognize You! We were called not to offend You! We were called to love You! We were called to do Your Will! If all this doesn't happen … we are no longer the New Church … and everything that was written down wouldn’t happen … and there would only be the catastrophes that are willed by men and not by God! But there's an Instrument … there's a Heavenly Father … there's a Heavenly Mother … there's You: the Son! Jesus: Here I am! Teresa: And there are all the Unprofitable Servants! Jesus: Here I am! Teresa: And there’s all of us Handmaids! Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! But will you all be there? The Handmaids: Here I am! Jesus: The Task is a Big One! Will you all be there? The Handmaids: Here I am! Jesus: Your Here I am is a bit weak! Make it increase! The Handmaids: Here I am! Teresa: But as you always repeat and as John also repeated and as the Instrument repeats too: “It's not a crowd you need … but what you need is simply three persons!” … And this should make us reflect! The motive for which we were called is our own salvation before everything else and then the salvation of Humanity! But we were called initially to save ourselves! Jesus: Here I am! Teresa: Here I am! And therefore, even more so at this time it's fundamental for ourselves … (some more so, some less) … that we can see what's happening! And therefore the unity among ourselves is the most important thing! We must put everything that’s in the past aside … and forgive just like You, the Father and the Heavenly Mother, forgive everything! Jesus: We canceled it! Teresa: Here I am! We can't continue to remember past things and anchor ourselves to the ego’s things! This is what you are asking us: to take away everything which is  in the past! Jesus: From the Tree of the Cross I removed the ego ... by letting the Love descend which the Father gave Me … My Blood, His Blood, His Love! And so the whole of Humanity and each one of you must do what I did! “Do this … just like I'm doing it! This is My Blood! This is My Flesh!” …  You are all Called, Priests and Priestesses and Handmaids! And the Hour is Complete … just like today the Word spoke through the Instrument: “I'm the Word!” Here I am!  Teresa: Here I am! And hence each one of us has his or her own importance … and each one of us does not exclude the other person!  Jesus: Whoever excludes the other person … excludes God! Teresa: We've been called and if we inside here, who listen to your Word, aren’t able to … if we can't make peace firstly with ourselves and then with others … we can't pretend that there's peace outside! And by bit as I go forward walking along, I can always understand the Instrument's words more when she says: “My Jesus isn't Sold and He isn't Bought!” … And I too taste the pain that’s felt when I see Him Sold and Bought! And that doesn't exclude the fact that I too can also do it! Here I am! Jesus: (Jesus raises his right hand and says:) … There was a small breeze … but don't be afraid! Go ahead! Teresa: And we can't and we mustn't Buy You or Sell You … and we can’t offend You! By offending You … we offend ourselves … we offend God … we offend the Garden … and we dirty the Vineyard and then there's even more work to do! Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! Have you anything to say? Do you want to say something, Assistant Parish Priest? Raphael: One thing! Jesus: Only one thing!  Raphael: Forgiveness, I ask you only to forgive me! Jesus: Did I not forgive you from the height of the Cross? Raphael: And I continue making mistakes! Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! Speak! I’ve let the Instrument go to what she saw at the beginning when we greeted each other! Don Vincenzo: Everything depends on the Father … but Everything also depends on Jesus! Jesus: What's Yours is Mine ... and what's Mine is Yours … and I do what You gave Me according to Your Will!   Don Vincenzo: Of course … and this is the Real Communion! Behold why the Trinity is there … a Trinity of Love! Jesus: It never separates … it has never been divided ... and the Trinity of Love will never separate! Don Vincenzo: Of course … it's a Communion of Inseparable Love … and this is God's Strength! God Exists as Triune … and being Triune, depends on Love … and the Heavenly Mother too depends on Love! Jesus: She being the Holy Spirit!  Don Vincenzo: Everything is unifying … it’s all perfect! And this is the great Grace that we have … because we can knock at the Father's Heart, at the Son’s Heart, at the Holy Spirit’s Heart: Mary! How beautiful! Jesus: But we must be vigilant! Outside there are False Prophets that come forward and the Poison is there! There's the Right Hand … to fight them in Humility! … (He raises His Right Hand in the Trinitarian Sign and blesses) … Don Vincenzo: They come forward and this very day on Television they said that there are 7 or 8 other Planets! Jesus: I didn't hear it! Don Vincenzo: And who knows where they want to go! Jesus: God Exists!  Don Vincenzo: God Exists … and All This is enough for us!  Jesus: Wherever God is … there are the Sons Born from His Heart … Brought Forth by His Love … and They All have the same Garden … They All dwell in the same Vineyard … and there's no need to go searching for them! Cry out to the Great Ones: “Little children are hungry and need a roof! Stop searching for God and for God's Sons in the Planets! Look at Him: He’s among you and waits for you with His Whole Family! Don Vincenzo: God Exists! Jesus: God Exists Whole and Entire! … (Jesus and don Vincenzo point at the Banquet) … Don Vincenzo: God Exists … and if God Exists … we all take part in that Exists ... we are all in communion with that Exists … we all have this opportunity! Daddy God is our Creator! We are rich in everything … in everything beautiful! Jesus: When you are in God’s Image and Likeness … it’s all beautiful! Now I must go! They are preparing the Feast for the flower Seraphina, the Stubborn One's mother and for Dominic Lentini, your Shadow! I go to help and I go to receive the Brides who've entered at this moment … and John comes to greet you ... and to speak with you for a while!  Here I am! … (Jesus sends kisses to those present who reciprocate) …  LITTLE JOHN: Here I am! … (He blesses) …  WITH THE CROSS AND WITH THE BREAD! Peace, John! Hey, how are we going? Don Vincenzo: John ... are we called the same? LITTLE JOHN: Yes! Peace to each one of you, children! … (John sends a kiss to those present who reciprocate it) … What you do … I also do … we are the Two Johns! What I ask you to do is to pray for Dominic … they are selling him and buying him … they are throwing him out everywhere! Console his heart! He's no longer in that place … he left it just like I did, and I too left it and I came to live here in the Dwelling ... but they are selling him and buying him … they are spitting at him and they are scourging him … they are doing everything to him! Pray! His All is only the Cross … just like it is for you too: your All is the Cross! They are doing everything … they are selling the bread that he used give to the poor! His All is the Cross … but they are selling It to him! And it's not nice to sell It! It's beautiful when you walk like when he walked … only with the raised Cross … but he didn't sell anything … he gave the Father's Love and pointed out the Narrow Road! Now yesterday’s Pharisees and today's ones have opened the Broad Road where you sell and you buy … and Dominic doesn't want this! Pray! Let you pray! Tell me something John, Living Cup God Don Vincenzo: This Dominic Lentini ……! LITTLE JOHN: He’s your Shadow! It's the Shadow of each one of you!   Don Vincenzo: We’ll celebrate him tomorrow which is the 24th and then also on the 25th! That Shadow of Dominic Lentini is a whole … it’s a Shadow of Love! LITTLE JOHN: A Shadow of Love! But men aren't making it … in his Hometown<of Lauria>, they aren't making this Shadow of Love … and he left and he lives here in the Dwelling! Don Vincenzo: This Shadow of Love that covers everything! LITTLE JOHN: It's in the Shadow of the Cross and that's why it covers everything! But pray again for the Walls of Rome and for all Priest Sons and for the Man that wears the White Garment! You know that they are soaked with Innocent Blood! Don Vincenzo: Soaked with the Innocent Blood of children! LITTLE JOHN: Get your children to pray, your Family!... “One time! Two times! Three times!” … You heard it today when the Word spoke! Don Vincenzo: Four times! LITTLE JOHN: Ask Therese of the Child Jesus about it! “One time! Two times! Three times!... Five times!”  And you put aside the Fourth! Who knows why …..! Don Vincenzo: Five times! LITTLE JOHN: But the Time has come! Don Vincenzo: Alas! LITTLE JOHN: Alas! Don Vincenzo: Can we do something? LITTLE JOHN: You can do everything … You being the Living Cup God! You wrote down everything! … Therese of the Child Jesus … what have you to tell me? Teresa: Here I am! LITTLE JOHN: Here I am! But what would you say … will the Instrument do the other Feast or will she not do it? Teresa: Here I am! She does the Father's Will! She said: “Here I am for Eternity!” And she’ll do what the Father will tell her to do! LITTLE JOHN: Here I am! Teresa: Here I am! LITTLE JOHN: Did she not tell you anything … did you not hear her murmur anything? Teresa: Here I am! LITTLE JOHN: But you stay silent! Teresa: I wait! LITTLE JOHN: She waits! Teresa: Here I am! LITTLE JOHN: Here I am! Assistant Parish Priest?  Neither does he want to speak … and so I can go earlier to help out … there's so much work to do! And what I'm asking you to do is to pray! Pray, my children … pray at this Time which IS the Time! Pray! Don Vincenzo: “One time! Two times! Three times! … Five times!LITTLE JOHN: Five times … and then all the other words that were said! ... Say goodbye with the Green Tree … while you bless … and I’ll open My heart wide! … (John sends a kiss) … Don Vincenzo: May Almighty God bless you … The Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Everybody: Amen! Julia: John…! John … I've lost some of the Missiles! I know that you can't come … but can you send me someone to recover them? There are so many that I can’t get them all! Yes, you are all busy and I can't bring anyone! Yes … send me One who is Stronger in being Born beforehand … and those who've just arrived still have to learn, and their Task is the Oven that was assigned to them! LITTLE JOHN: Here I am! Julia: How beautiful the Feast is that you are preparing! How beautiful the Broken Flower’s Dress is! I’ll offer you my best wishes tomorrow! I’ll also bring you my gift! Since you are all at the Banquet … we’ll greet you! … (Everybody greets their Loved Ones) … I’ll finish the work and I'll come!