N° 194


Messages through the Instrument Julia





13th NOVEMBER  2016


Thaddeus leads the prayer of the holy rosary and during the meditation on mysteries and while it’s prayed for the whole Church, for the Pope, for the Bishops, for all the Priests and for the whole world, behold the Visitation beginsJulia: If it’s you, glorify the Father! If it’s you, glorify the Father! If it’s you, glorify the Father! Our Lady: In being God’s Handmaid … I glorify the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit That’s My Immaculate Heart of a Mother …  Mother of each one of you … Mother of the whole of Humanity …  the Heart that burns ardently for the Cross of My Son Jesus! And I come united to the Father, and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit … in God’s Divine Heart in having called Me to be Mother of His Son Jesus and Mother of each one of you and of the whole of Humanity … My children! When I meet your hearts and your whispers that the Instrument gathered when she gives Me her awakening at Dawn … even though moment after moment she hands over the hearts and whispers … but when she wakes up telling the Father: “Here I am again for Eternity!” … she firstly gives Me the whole of Humanity … its whispers and heart-beats that she gathered in her work … and her sons! Let you too learn … just like I’ve given and I give the Father all the sons that knock at the door of My Heart as the Immaculate and Sorrowful Mother!  … Sorrowful on seeing the disasters of men!  Sorrowful on seeing the wars that men ignite! Sorrowful on seeing the Little Children while they are torn from their mother’s heart … while their Innocent Blood is shed for the pleasure of the Great! Pray, children … pray so that men’s hearts may become the Heart of the Cross!  Pray for all the Priest Sons! Pray for the Man that wears the White Habit!  Pray so that Peace may descend in men’s hearts on remembering that they have a Daddy and a Mother and a Brother with Open Arms to welcome them at the Wedding Banquet in order to celebrate … My children! At the Time when God called Me I was a Maiden … but I’ve remained a Maiden among the young … just like the God Child among the young children … while walking and growing with the Whole Bread, but it’s Broken to come back Whole again to each one of you and to a deaf and blind Humanity … a Humanity distant from God … that Humanity that was scattered by the Shepherds! Children … New Church … gather the scattered Humanity with your Here I am to the Father! Take your enemy's hand! Let Peace be among you and let there be no divisions and remain united in the Sign of the Cross! The Arms of the Cross are always united … and let you remain that way too! Don’t detach yourselves and don’t detach … don’t be violent with yourselves … but love yourselves! If you love … you can understand the Language of God’s Love … and that way you’ll speak the Language of Love in understanding God Who’s Alive and Real among you … children of My Heart as the Immaculate and Sorrowful Mother! My Immaculate Heart will triumph and All the Nations will see it through the Living Cup God! The Priesthood that gave itself on the Cross is God … children, brothers and friends of the Heart of the Cross! Divine Stubborn One…..? Julia: Here I am, Mother! Mammy, what did you wear today? Our Lady: My Dress! Julia: It's dirty with Blood! Our Lady: We went out with the arrayed-Hosts, My Soul … and we cleaned!  Julia: Mother, is your Dress remaining like this … dirty with Blood? Our Lady: What do you want to do? Julia: Drink it … because it’s dripping Blood! If you want this! Our Lady: Will I not let it fall on Humanity? Julia: No, Mother … make it descend on My hands and let me drink it! If it descends on Humanity…..! Our Lady: Now you are working … Stubborn One! Julia: Will you keep it for me … will you not let it descend?  Our Lady: I'm a Mother … I’ll keep it for you!  Julia: Here I am! Our Lady: Now take a look … My Soul! Julia: Here I am, Mother! Our Lady: You'll have to write down what Jesus showed you! Julia: Here I am, Mother! Our Lady: Add also what you see at this moment!  Julia: Here I am! What’s it for? Our Lady: Take a look....! Julia: Here I am! Our Lady: Look again!  Julia: Here I am, Mammy! Aaah, Mercy … Mercy … Mercy! Our Lady: You see, My Soul … you must say it not three days beforehand or a day or a week beforehand … or even a month … but you must say it at the moment of making the Sign of the Cross in the moment when God tells you: “Tell your children to come home!”! Julia: Here I am, Mother! Our Lady: And at the very same moment you'll have to open all the Scrolls! Julia: Here I am, Mother! Can I not stop that one which men prepared? Our Lady: Remain in God’s Obedience! Julia: Here I am, Mammy! Here I am again for Eternity! Our Lady: Invite your children to constant prayer by remaining in the Vineyard, in the Ark, in the Oars and in the Households! Julia: Here I am Mother! I ardently ask you this: in the Garden there’s a Flower … and all the sons are precious … and nobody knows it better than you … put your Heart into it, Mother … but let the Father's Will be done … not what I’m requesting of you! Our Lady: Here I am, My Soul! Julia: Here I am, Mother! Our Lady: Look again and add what you see to the Empty-Space of the Scrolls! Julia: Here I am! Here I am! Here I am! Here I am! Here I am! Here I am, Mother! Mother, I place in your Heart everything that you gave me till this moment! I place the whole Family … the whole of Humanity … the sons that entrust themselves to My prayers … & all those who can’t do so! I place all the Gems, the Priests and the Man that wears the White Habit! I give My day’s nothingness! And Here we are at the foot of the Cross … torn rags in doing God's Will, Mother! Our Lady: Here I am at God's Banquet! Here I am with all the Arrayed-Hosts! Here I am with all the Useless Servants! Here I am with all the Brides! Here I am with the Two Johns … Karol, Pio and Dominic … in bringing the Only Truth of the Cross and the Only Truth of the Bread … asking you again to hold it up and live it fully in your hearts … My children!  Julia: Mother of the Last Grace … I knock, I knock at your Heart … and I'm sure that you won’t be stopped … and I knock again and I knock again! You gave me the name: Stubborn One of the Heart of the Cross … Little Stubborn One of the Heart of the Cross … and being a Stubborn One I knock again … I won't stop until the Father tells me: “Now I don’t need you any longer!” But I’ll remain a Stubborn One and I’ll knock again … in God’s Obedience! John taught me to tear from the heart … I’m tearing from your Heart, Mother … and I entrust the collapsed Church to you!  Our Lady: Remain Stubborn … become it even more so … just like the Father sought you in His Womb and sent you! Julia: Here I am, Mother!  Our Lady: HERE I AM! PEACE TO YOUR HEART, LIVING CUP GOD! Don Vincenzo: Peace! Peace! Our Lady: Peace! Peace to each one of you … children! What are you telling me? Are you at Peace? Some People: Here I am! Our Lady: But have you got your voice? God gave you one! Did you hear their response? Don Vincenzo: A baby one! Our Lady: A little baby one! Don Vincenzo: I must cry out this Peace because it’s the biggest gift that anyone can receive: to be at Peace with everyone, with everybody! How beautiful this is! Our Lady: And speak again … your speech is beautiful! Don Vincenzo: To be instruments of Peace … messengers of Peace … peacemakers! And when this happens … it's beautiful living in Peace! Yes, it's beautiful! Our Lady: Yes, it's beautiful … just like the Sun that'll open in your hands is beautiful … and My Immaculate Heart being triumphant among All the Nations! I'm always the Father's Maiden!  Don Vincenzo: Of all the children! Our Lady: Of all the children! Speak! The children need your voice … just like they need Mine as a Mother! I’ve given it to you! Your Word … Living Cup God … gives everyone of the children … the right measure of Bread, their daily Bread … and the children grow and become strong on hearing the Father's Voice! Don Vincenzo:  Yes! Our Lady: Speak, Father … your servants listen to you! Don Vincenzo: How beautiful it is to be instruments of Peace … peacemakers … to be in a situation that gives Peace! And we too must create this situation … because we too should become builders of Peace … and when this happens we feel happy because we’ve done what the Father expected: by being at Peace … by spreading Peace! How beautiful! Our Lady: Like a good Sower: sowing Peace and letting it grow tall! Don Vincenzo: How beautiful to be Sowers of Peace! Ahhh! Our Lady: How beautiful this Breath of yours is that sows Peace … cancels offences … cancels sins … cancels every mistake! Don Vincenzo: Removes division! Removes disunity! Removes separation! How beautiful to live in Peace, to spread Peace, to be instruments of Peace! How beautiful! Peace: a small word … but a very big one … and so very important! Peace! Our Lady: In the Sign of the Cross! In the Sign of the Nails! In the Sign of the Lashes! In the Blood shed by My Son Jesus so as to call all mankind: “Sons” and give them to My Motherly Heart so as to gather and bring them into the Father's Heart ... to rejoice and celebrate...! But pray: the false prophets advance and the Poison still walks on! The Instrument is taking even the Poison by the hand to bring it to the foot of the Cross ... but there’s more to fight! Father, raise your hands and fight the Poison! Don Vincenzo: Let Peace reign here where we celebrate Peace … but perhaps many times we aren't builders of Peace …  we aren't distributors of Peace! But we should be architects of Peace … little peacemakers! Our Lady: Little Johns … always more Little, Poor and in the Last Place! Don Vincenzo: Always more Little, Poor and in the Last Place … and Peace reigns … and Peace shines … and Peace goes on God's Road and no longer on the Road of one’s ego! Our Lady: My God … My Son! My God … My Son, wait for a deaf and blind Humanity … and stop men that build weapons … you who can do so! I'm the Last Grace and I gather all the sons that you gave me! Don Vincenzo: In the name of Peace! Shalom! Shalom! Shalom! Our Lady: Shalom! Shalom in the Garden, in the Vineyard and in the New Church! This is what the word is: “Shalom!” … children! Thérèse of the Child Jesus, what do you want to say? Here I am! Teresa: Here I am! Our Lady: Just: “Here I am”? Teresa: No! Here I am! Our Lady: Here I am! Teresa: Mother, you who are the Mother of every Grace … I knock at your heart about what I’ve seen in my work as a doctor! May the Father's Will be done! Our Lady: Here I am! Have you nothing else? Teresa: Here I am! All the mothers should learn from you who are The Mother! Our Lady: I'm a Maiden Mother and having seen God’s Fruit grow inside Me … and when He was born … knowing that He wasn't Mine ... I donated Him from the first moment! The world’s mothers don’t offer the Father their children … they keep them fenced in! The Father gave them and the Father ought to receive them to make them work in the Vineyard and do God’s business … in Peace, in Quiet … in being Little and Poor and in the Last Place in order to be invited to the Father's Banquet! And in that manner all mothers become young … and in becoming young … they are young with their children … just like God is with you: A God Child among children! Become children! By becoming children you’ll fight the Poison, the False Prophets and even Wars! Little … Don Vincenzo: Poor!  Our Lady: … And in the Last Place to be called to the First Place to celebrate at the Wedding Banquet! Teresa: Here I am! Our Lady: Here I am! Teresa: We were warned and we still are … that the Poison would attack us … and it’s attacking us the more we approach the Complete and Utter Truth! Our Lady: You have the Cross! Go ahead! Teresa: The Poison attacks us and I think that each one of us realizes this … at least I think so! This is what we must do: open our eyes and see when and how the Poison attacks us! Our Lady: You must be vigilant! Teresa: Here I am! It's that many times the Instrument … and very often in her place it's you present …  tries to correct us! Our Lady: She’s not listened to! Teresa: Today it seems that I’m insisting a little too much on mothers … but that's the way it came to me! Our Lady: I'm a Mother just like you are all mothers … the same as God is a Daddy and a Mother! Teresa: Here I am! And therefore the Instrument … and very often in her place it's you there, who are the Mother of every mother …she tries to correct each one of us (and whoever is an earthly mother even more so) … and make it understood that what’s happening is an attack of the Poison … and it's not the Father's Will … but most of the time she’s not understood and she’s misunderstood and rejected! Our Lady: And I’m rejected … but I’m always ready to love and keep My Heart Wide-Open … and then I speak again in being heard! It's always Me present and it’s also John, Karol, Dominic and Pio present and the other Useless Servants … but it’s mostly Me! The Instrument has so much work to do and she's always outside! Pray! Have you nothing else? Is there anything else? Teresa: Here I am! Our Lady: Here I am, Assistant Parish Priest ... God’s Priesthood! But what the Stubborn One was told will be written down and given to the Stubborn One’s Spiritual Director … and when He tells you this don’t be scandalized … but be ready and prepared! Raphael: Here I am! Mother of Love and Mother of Sorrows ... is it always the case? Our Lady: When a Mother sees her sons getting lost ... she doesn’t start clapping her hands … it’s painful! Even though they call Me … they reject Me … just like when I speak through the Instrument I would say: “But it's like this, it's not like that!” And I'm silent … I step out alone … because I’m put aside, I’m not listened to! … whereas you should say: “Yes yes or No, no!” … You should know this: most of the time it's Me present and all the other Useless Servants! She has the Job of doing all the Father's business at this time! You see her body … but it’s Me there! You mustn't be scandalized: it was always like that! Raphael: If I can …! Our Lady: I’ll answer you: “If I can! Raphael: Always in pain … will it be always in pain? Our Lady: When My Immaculate Heart triumphs … there won't be pain! But will the whole of Humanity be present? Will you all be present? Some People: Here I am! Our Lady: Aaah!  Raphael: Let’s leave it to God! Our Lady: Yes, let’s leave it to God … but do you not give God your hand? Some People: Here I am! Our Lady: Did you hear how many children answered Me? Raphael: Here I am! Our Lady: Do you want to say anything else … Living Cup God … to your children and to the whole of Humanity? Don Vincenzo: The Grace that descends here is Very Big … as to embrace the whole of Humanity … every son! Here’s what your Job is, Mother ... to embrace us all! Make us be instruments of Peace always, defenders of Peace and never allow us … not to be Peace builders! Our Lady: From this moment … as a Creature and as a Mother … I give each one of you what the Father gave me: the gift of being a Mother … the gift of being the Only Tabernacle! And every one of you must be a Tabernacle of My Son Jesus! Let you Handmaids … let you Priestesses … let you Priests … be the New Church and the Only Tabernacle! Know how to recognize the Times! Don't let yourselves be dragged along by the Poison … all of you children, the whole Church of My Motherly Heart … by having Jesus that fell asleep in My Arms for only an instant and then came back Alive and Real! When you fall asleep … you forget to be sons! Remember this: My Jesus woke up and He’s Alive and He’s Real in your midst! Don't forget it! But pray again for all the Priest sons and for the Man that wears the White Habit! Pray for the Instrument: she’s working for Peace … children! Let you bless with the Green Tree … I’ll say goodbye to you with the Magnificat! Don Vincenzo: And may Almighty God bless you … the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Everybody: Amen! Don Vincenzo: Glorify God with your life … go in Peace! Everybody: Thanks be to God! Our Lady: Now raise up the Magnificat! … (Everybody sings the Magnificat along with Our Lady) … Our Lady: My Soul magnifies the Lord! My Soul magnifies the Lord! My Soul magnifies the Lord! May the Love … the Communion of Useless Servants … the Whisper of the Cross … descend plentifully on each one of you and on the whole of Humanity! Carry this Whisper everywhere you go … My children … children of God’s Tabernacle! … (Our Lady intones a song of praise) … The Tabernacle! God’s Fruit! Divine Blood and Flesh! The Heart pierced by a thousand pains! The Open Wound in God’s Side! It gushes, it gushes over All the Nations! The Fire of Love! The Peace of God’s Green Tree! Nations, peoples, beg for Love, Divine Mercy! Julia: Mother, stretch out your Mantle again and take us by the hand!






24th NOVEMBER  2016


Thaddeus leads the prayer of the holy rosary and during the meditation on its mysteries & while it's prayed for the whole Church, for the Pope, for Bishops, for all Priests and for the whole world, behold the Visitation beginsJulia: If it's you, glorify the Father! If it's you, glorify the Father! If it's you, glorify the Father! Jesus: Being the Son of God … I glorify the Father Most High Now and for Eternity! Having received Everything from My Father … Everything that’s His is Mine … and like the Good Sower I’ve sown! You are all Good Sons … but you let yourselves be caught by the Poison and by the Darnel! You were taught that there’ll be a Time of Harvesting wherein the Darnel will be removed and where the Wheat will be gathered … but if it were so … that wouldn’t be God! You are all Sons and all Good Ones … because God makes Good Things and He can't reject one son and take another! I embraced you like this … (He opens His Arms) … and My Father embraced you like this … and so He gives every son the whole entire Inheritance! Removing the Darnel means remaining bound to the Father's Heart … leaving the Broad Road and taking that Narrow One in the Peace, Quiet and Love of the Tremendous Cross! …  (He blesses) … It's Tremendous because it loves … it's not Tremendous with the world's things! Its Love is Boundless and Immeasurable … and it loves all the Sons with a Measure That’s Measureless … children, brothers and friends of My Heart! Love one another! Don't be scandalized … don’t scandalize your bodies: you are made in God's Image and Likeness! My children …  remain Little Children, Little and Poor and in the Last Place to be called to the Wedding Banquet and to celebrate! Be vigilant: the Poison is outside the gate and the False Prophets advance! You have your right hand! … (He raises His Right Hand and blesses) …  Fight them! It's Love and Humility that fights evil! Don't forget it! War doesn't give Peace … but ignites other Wars! Love and Humility Fight War … children, brothers and friends of My Heart! Divine Stubborn One…? Julia: Here I am, Jesus! Will we always speak in the silence of the heart? Jesus: Here I am … but take a look....!  Julia: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus, will I always bring someone with me to go to work? Jesus: Here I am … My Soul! You must take a Scroll on the Feast-day! Julia: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! Do you know which one? Julia: Here I am, Jesus … that one which you've decided to take! Jesus: Here I am! Julia: Here I am at the foot of the Cross to do your Business and the Father's Business! Jesus: Look again … My Soul!  Julia: Here I am, Jesus! Is it happening just now? Will you send me some Useless Servant while I finish the other work? Jesus: Here I am … but ask your children and the whole of Humanity to pray! Julia: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Pray for all the Priest Sons and for the Man that wears the White Habit! Julia: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: I have an Open Wound ... My daughter! Julia: Give it to me … Jesus! Jesus: There's no more space on your body! Julia: Search, Jesus … search and you’ll find some! Your eyes see and know where to place the Wound! Place it, Jesus … place it! Jesus: Look again! Stubborn One … can you not answer “no” to what I ask you for? Julia: Here I am … I can’t do it! Jesus: Pray for the Times that’ll descend again … and remain in the Vineyard, in the Ark, in the Oars and in the Households! Julia: Help me to gather all the Sons scattered by the shepherds that weren't able to be vigilant …  Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! Julia: Jesus … I place in your Heart the whole Family, their whispers and hearts that I've gathered!  I place my day’s nothingness in your Heart! I place in your Heart all the children who are entrusted to my prayers! I place in your Heart those who can't come in because they are denied from entering by the world's Great Ones! I place in your Heart all my Gems, the Priests and Lilies and the Man that wears the White Habit! I again give you everything that you’ve given me until this moment! And accept us, Jesus … just as we are! We can't do anything … but take us by the hand! Jesus: Here I am! Here I am … My Soul! Here I am at the Wedding Banquet! Here I am with all the Arrayed-Hosts! Here I am with all the Useless Servants! Here I am with all the Little Children! Here I am with the Two Johns … Karol, Pio and Dominic … in bringing the Only Truth of the Cross and the Only Truth of the Bread … (He blesses) … asking you again to hold them up and live them in the fullness of your hearts … my children! Julia: Here I am, Jesus! You've never denied me anything … Jesus, I ask you for a new Heart and an enkindled Flame today! Jesus: Here I am … My Soul! Julia: And I knock again … I knock & knock at your Heart so that the whole Family may see your Heart burning ardently with Love for everyone of us! Here I am at the foot of your Cross in doing only your Business: the Father's Business … while remaining a torn rag! And Here I am again for eternity … Jesus! Jesus: Here I am … My Soul! PEACE TO YOUR HEART JOHN, LIVING CUP GOD! Don Vincenzo: Shalom! Peace! Jesus: Peace! Peace to each one of you,  children! …  (Jesus sends a kiss to those present and it's reciprocated) … John, Living Cup God … what did you meet on the road today? Don Vincenzo: Today I've continued meeting those who … instead of choosing you … have chosen the world!  Jesus: And what did you do? Don Vincenzo: I've offered them to the Father and I couldn't do anything else! Jesus: And what answer did the Father give? Don Vincenzo: The Father loved! Jesus: The Father loved! Don Vincenzo: He loved them despite their not understanding! He loved them! Behold to where the Father's Love reaches: He always loves! Jesus: He always loves … even when He’s thrown outside! Don Vincenzo: Even then and especially then! Jesus: Especially then He lets His Mantle descend to gather and love his Sons! And what more did you meet in today’s walk? Don Vincenzo: I met the so-called rich … the so-called powerful … those that think only about money!  Jesus: But they’ve forgotten that they can't buy the Garden … or the Vineyard, nor the Ark and the Households? Don Vincenzo: They have forgotten many things! Jesus: They have forgotten many things! And what’ll we do? Will we love again … will we forgive again? Don Vincenzo: Yes! Jesus: Will we exercise charity again or lower the Hand? Don Vincenzo: No!  Jesus: Will we raise the Finger or will we raise the Cross? Don Vincenzo: The Cross! Jesus: The Cross! Don Vincenzo: The Cross wins!  Jesus: The Cross wins! Don Vincenzo: Because it always forgives! Jesus: Any mistake whatsoever and it cancels any stain whatsoever … and always gives itself to the Sons, saying: “Come … you have a Daddy and a Mother … you have a Brother and a Friend … and it's me: Jesus … in order to remain in the Only Garden and celebrate!” Behold how great the Father's Love is: to keep all the Sons united … & take everyone of the Sons by the hand and say: “Come! … The Banquet is ready! Come! … Let's celebrate!" And the Banquet is ready for coming and celebrating! Don Vincenzo: Yes! Jesus: Will we give ourselves? Don Vincenzo: Let’s give ourselves! Jesus: I give Myself and you give yourself and the Instrument remains Crucified again out of Love for all the Priest Sons and for the Man that wears the White Habit! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: Remain seated! Don Vincenzo: Yes! Jesus: Father … bless Me so that I can give Myself! … (Jesus kneels down at the feet of the Living Cup to receive the blessing!) … Amen! Don Vincenzo: Amen! Jesus: Now let’s give ourselves in Peace, Quiet and Love! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! … (Jesus takes a piece of Bread, dips it in the Wine and offers it to the Living Cup, saying:) … Jesus: This is the Blood that you gave Me! … (Jesus breaks another bit of Bread, dips it in the Wine and eats) … This is the Blood that I've poured out for the whole of Humanity and for all your Sons that you gave Me on the Wood of the Cross! … (Jesus gives it to the Living Cup to drink, then he drinks and wipes the beaker-Cup dry with a napkin that He gives to Joseph, telling him:) … Here I am! Conserve it well! Here I am! Now we’ll give ourselves! … (Jesus and Joseph give the Wine and the Bread respectively! Jesus says: This is My Blood! Joseph says: This is My Flesh! And everybody responds: Amen!) … Here I am, Father … we've given ourselves! Easter is Complete, it’s Alive and it's Risen in your Holy Name! Here I am! In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit we've given ourselves … and Easter is Complete …  and Easter is Risen … and Easter is All of us … (Jesus points at those present at the Banquet) … children, brothers and friends! What more did you meet on the road? Don Vincenzo: I again met some soldiers that wage War … without knowing that Jesus brings Peace and without knowing that Jesus is the Winner of every War!  Jesus: I too met the very same … I met the War Machines … I met the Sons that give rise to earthquakes! I ask you for Mercy! Raise your Right Hand! Don Vincenzo: In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit! Everybody: Amen! Jesus: And place in the hearts of your Sons and of the whole of Humanity the Fire of Love that burns ardently … extinguishing the Fires of War! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: In every house … where they haven’t yet seen the Little Church’s Light …  let you give it! The Times are Little and they are ready! Be merciful again in waiting!  Don Vincenzo Peace! Peace! Shalom!  Jesus: Peace! Peace! Shalom to all the Sons! Don Vincenzo: To all! Jesus: Thérèse of the Child Jesus … do you want to say something? Here I am! Teresa: Here I am! Jesus … we are all created in your Image and Likeness! Jesus: Here I am! Teresa: Hence we are all pure! Jesus: Here I am … with My Blood I've washed away every stain! Teresa: Here I am! We are all snow-white!  Jesus: Here I am! Teresa: It's that when we let ourselves be carried away … it's not that we aren’t snow-white anymore … but some little speck … I don't know how to explain it …! Jesus: Speak! Teresa: Here I am! It’s not going to dirty the heart … that remains snow-white, that remains clean … and what gets dirty is everything else … and hence at any moment whatsoever … since the heart is clean …  everything can become clean again and there's no stain that you and the Father can’t cancel! Jesus: Here I am! There's no Jubilee of Mercy or that one of the abortion’s Forgiveness! Men have forgotten that they have a God and a Jesus that let Himself be nailed on the Cross in order to cancel every stain, every sin … and redeem all the Sons once and for all! And My Sons must wake up from sleep … and discover that it's One Only God that’s talking! It’s not one Mercy today and another tomorrow and another the day after tomorrow! I gave My Life … I gave My Blood once and for all! Wake up from sleep … and tell your children and your brothers to wake up from sleep!  God Is One … and that God sent His Son to redeem all the other Sons once and for all! Don't be afraid of men … have a Holy Fear of God! If I've spoken … that's the way it is! Teresa: That's what I meant: each one of us must fear only your Judgment … God’s Judgment …  and not that of men! Jesus: The Holy Fear of the Father! Teresa: And whatever the others may say about each one of us … mustn’t prevent us from going ahead with whatever we are doing! What’s important is be in communion with ourselves, with our heart … that’s the mirror of what God created … and so it’s the certainty of doing the right thing! Jesus: Here I am! Teresa: Here I am! Jesus: Have you nothing else to say? Speak!  Teresa: Here I am! The Feast that's about to come is a very important Feast! Jesus: Here I am! Teresa: The Instrument almost wanted to halt it!  Jesus: Here I am! Then I whispered to her to do it! Teresa: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! She saw only the darkness and distractions … and no open hearts at all … and she wanted to cancel it! Teresa: Here I am! And hence during this week we must try to open our heart! Jesus: Here I am! Teresa: We can’t even imagine what happens outside and here! Jesus: But I see and hear … and I’ve known it all along … and the very same for the Instrument! Teresa: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! Teresa: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! Do you want to talk again? Do you want to say some little thing … Assistant Parish Priest? Raphael: Here I am, Jesus … it's lovely to be here! Jesus: It's lovely to be here! Father … stay again, because outside it’s darkness and we don't know where to go! Raphael: Jesus, I cover a lot of ground and my eyes see a lot of sadness! Jesus: Sow your Light … sow your Love … by raising your right hand silently: that’s what you must do … you can't do anything else!  Raphael: I'm afraid of making a mistake! Jesus: If I tell you to … you won’t make a mistake! Raphael: Here I am! Jesus: That's what I'm telling you all along! Do it! Raphael: Here I am! Jesus: And don't fear men … only the Father! Raphael: Here I am … without a doubt! Jesus: Here I am! Raphael: It's also lovely to see the family!  Jesus: But remain united! Remain united by loving one another … and only that way will you be in the Fullness of the Father's Heart …  children! Here I am! Raphael: Jesus, when I say: “Our Father and Hail Mary”  … it's like I’m forgetting you!  Jesus: No, wherever the Father is, I’m there too and wherever the Heavenly Mother is, I’m there too! We are united … we were never separated! Do you see how those Arms are? … (Jesus points at the big Crucifix that’s in the Pavilion) … They were never separated! Wherever the Father is … I’m there! And wherever Mary is: My Mother and Mother of each one of you … I'm there too! … “Our Father, Hail Mary”! …  We are completely one! It's the prayer that I taught you … and the Father doesn’t teach wrong prayers! Raphael: No … it was something that I felt! I said: “Perhaps I’ll forget Jesus'!” Then I said: “Oh my Jesus!”! Jesus: Our Father, Hail Mary”! Raphael: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Our Father, Hail Mary”! What more is there? “Our Father, Hail Mary”! Don Vincenzo: “Our Father, Hail Mary”! Jesus: It’s everything that God gives to his Sons! … Now I’ll go to gather the Brides that are coming in and there are many! And John comes to speak and greet each one of you! Little John: WITH THE CROSS AND WITH THE BREAD! … (He blesses) … PeaceDon Vincenzo: Peace, John! Little John: Peace to each one of you … my children! … (John sends a kiss to those present and it's reciprocated) … Eh, John … what’s there, what did you meet? Don Vincenzo: I've met people that spoke of the Garden! They were people that placed God in first place and that's why they spoke about the Garden! Little John: And what did they say about the Garden? Don Vincenzo: That it was all beautiful and that everything flowered … everything! How beautiful! Little John: And did you not meet anything else? Don Vincenzo: John, how beautiful to be with you! Little John: How beautiful to be with you who put me up … and to remain among you in the Quiet and Peace that I find in each of your hearts! I also find the Pain … and right there I stop and caress in bestowing a Breath of Love! When you find hearts that are wounded … don't you stop to bestow your Love, your Forgiveness, your Infinite Mercy? Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Little John: Here I am! What more did you find? Don Vincenzo: I finally found some people that spoke of the Cross … that embraced the Cross … that made the Cross win! And it wasn't a Cross of a misfortune … but a grace! Behold what I met! Little John: But I met the Instrument! I meet It moment by moment stopping many Fires of War and giving birth to many Little Children in the Garden! Look …  many Little Children are killed … and the Stubborn One carries them to the Garden before the Father's Throne to let them be born and to make up many Arrayed-Hosts in order to stop the War Fires again! … (John sends another kiss to those present) … We'll see each other later on! We'll see each other later! Nicholas and Mary: Here I am! Little John: Pray for all the Priest Sons and for the Man that wears the White Habit! It's Time to pray: “Our Father, Hail Mary! What do you see … Thérèse of the Child Jesus? Speak! Teresa: Here I am! Here I am! I see closed hearts … I see few open hearts! Little John: Here I am!  Teresa: And that’s in the Family! Little John: Here I am! Teresa: Here I am! I see their not having understood your Words! Little John: Here I am! Teresa: I see your Suffering! Little John: That's why the Stubborn One didn’t want to celebrate the Feast day! Go ahead! Teresa: Here I am! I see your Pain and Mary’s and the Father's on seeing our hearts closed even if they know everything … even if knowing everything … insofar as each one of us knows everything! Little John: I said everything and I still say everything … but your hearts are faraway! But I won't leave you! I love you all … children! And the Stubborn One will persevere right to the end in not abandoning any of her Sons! They were given her by the Father … I left them to her! But I'm always among you … just like the Father is, the Son is, and the Holy Spirit that’s Mary is … and they never separate! Here I am! Speak again! Teresa: Here I am! Little John: Do you want to say anything else? After that I must say goodbye to you … there’s so much work to do in these days! Raphael: I hope that our prayers got there! Little John: When they are said with your heart … they always get there: it’s a letter that directly goes there! But not … if they are said for requests! They must come from your heart! I can't answer you whether they got there or not! The Fruits are seen when they blossom: there's first the leaf, then it's the tiny flower and then there's the fruit … then it matures and then it’s ready for eating! Raphael: Here I am! Little John: Here I am! Be vigilant, children … don't forget to be vigilant! The Poison is outside and the False Prophets advance! You have your right hand … (He raises his right hand and blesses) … but use it silently and with complete Love … just like the Father's Love is Complete for each one of you and for the whole of Humanity … without rejecting any of the Sons! Now I’ll say goodbye to you! We have work to accomplish in the Garden … and the arrayed-Hosts must go out to stop the Scourges and the Fires of War and the Sons that give rise to earthquakes! Let you Handmaids pray! Handmaids: Here I am! Little John: Let you Priests pray! Priests: Here I am! Little John: Let you Sisters pray! Sisters: Here I am! Little John: Pray with a constant heart … without stopping! When there's pain … think of Mary’s pain on seeing a lost Humanity! When you have anxieties about the world's things … look at the Crucified One! And when you feel alone … look at the Father's Heart that’s wide open to each one of you … my children! And when you want to … call Me and I’ll come to give you a hand … children! Say goodbye now with the Green Tree! I leave my Heart thrown-wide-open to each one of you! Don Vincenzo: May the Father's Goodness, the Son's Mercy, the Holy Spirit's Love descend abundantly on our hearts, on the hearts of Humanity! And may Almighty God bless you … Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Everybody: Amen! Don Vincenzo: Glorify God with your life …. go in Peace! Everybody: Thanks be to God! Julia: I seek the Light of your Face … and in the Light of your Face I go asleep … to be able to walk in your steps! Father of Infinite Mercy … I tear another son from your Heart! Father … let your Will be done … not mine! And since you are all at the Banquet with all the Brides … let’s greet our Loved Ones! Make haste … there are many Brides coming in! We'll see each other later! John … send me some other Servant! Here I am, Mother! Here I am, Broken Little Flower! Here I am! … (she sends a kiss) … we'll see each other later!