N° 188

MAY 2016

Messages through the Instrument Julia




8th MAY 2016

Mother's Day



Thaddeus leads the prayer of the holy rosary, and during the meditation on its mysteries, & while these are prayed for the whole Church, for the Pope, for the Bishops, for all the Priests and for the whole world, behold the Visitation beginsJulia: If it is You, glorify the Father! If it’s You, glorify the Father! If it’s You, glorify the Father! … (Our Lady remains silent for a short Time then while blessing She says:) … Our Lady:  Conquer Evil with Good! … (It’s the title of the song composed by Don Vincenzo and sung during the prayer) … Conquer Evil with the Cross and fill your hearts with Goodness and Love! Conquer Evil with Good in whatever circumstance ... in whatever situation that you meet along the way! But the only Road that gives you my Heart is the Road of the Cross … (She blesses) ...  it’s the Road of being a Mother … it’s the Road that each one of you becomes Jesus' Mother! I gave you my Son … I gave Him to you on the Cross … I gave Him to you from my Maternal Womb … I give Him to you moment by moment and I tell you again: don't abort Him … but let Him be born … make Him known and bring Him everywhere! But bring Jesus that’s not sold and not bought … but gives Himself out of Love! I ask each one of you for the Gift of being a Mother and to understand the Value of the word: "Mother"! Mother of the Cross … Mother of Love … Mother of Sorrows … Mother of all Mothers … Mother of the Fullness of God's Heart  by your drawing near to become Jesus' Mother! Which greater Joy does your heart seek? Mother of Jesus …..! I'm the Mother of Jesus because I carry Him in my Heart … I give birth to Him when I do a good deed … when I caress a poor person … when I give a hand to someone marginalized, to a drug-addict, to a prisoner, to a son that changed sex … because he's Mary’s son, he's God’s son! And you mustn’t be scandalized by the Father's Fruit that He Created in His Infinite Love! Don’t listen to he who points the finger … but look with your heart and with a Mother’s eyes at the son who was given to you by God! Given by God ……! “I was given him by God! I received a Fruit of Love from God!” And he's not yours … just like Jesus didn’t belong to Me! God gave Him to Me … and on God’s Roads He brought Me … and I too brought Him: the Cross and the Crucified! Why do you despair … children? Why do you cry out to God: “What has He done to me? What did You give me?” The Fruit of Love … the Fruit of His Heart! That’s the way you are a Mother … just like I embraced the Cross … just like l gave birth to it … just like I gave birth to God’s Son who was thrown out by everybody, driven away by everybody, rejected and blasphemed, spat upon and scourged! But God EXISTS … and so do you in Love and in Mercy and in Infinite Forgiveness! And you are a Mother moment by moment and you must celebrate and receive the Fruit of God's Love … and make it grow in the Father's Wisdom and Abundance! Every Mother must raise her son in the Love of the Cross … in the Smile of the Cross … in the Joy of the Cross … not in the world’s joys! Be vigilant … Mothers! This is the Gift that I’m waiting for from each one of you: don't abort my Jesus … let Him grow … let Him be born … make Him known to the whole of Humanity … my children! … Divine Stubborn One? Julia: Here I am … Mother! As best wishes I’ve brought you a few Brides and my day’s nothingness! It's little … but accept it! Our Lady: A few Brides and your nothingness? Julia: Here I am … Mother! Our Lady:  Shall we say the few’s number? Julia: Few! Our Lady: Few! Julia: Mother … Mother … what dress are wearing? Our Lady:  The same as always! Julia: Were you preparing food? Why do you have an apron on? Our Lady:  I went around bringing food: it’s the Feast! Julia: Yours … the Feast of all Mothers … and You are a Mother … and I know that it’s moment by moment! Mammy … where did you go? Our Lady:  Where were you? Julia: I went to work … to do the Father's business! Our Lady: I too went to work! Julia: And did you also prepare everything that I see at the Banquet? Our Lady:  Here I am … my soul! Julia: Mother … they are putting the phials in again … and I extinguished them to some extent! Our Lady:  So did I … my soul! Julia: And what more must I do … Mother? Our Lady: Take a look....! Julia: They are selling you and they are buying you … and make each one of them understand this! Our Lady:  Pray and get your children to pray for all the Priest Sons and for the Man that wears the White Habit! Julia: Here I am … Mother! Our Lady: Look again … my soul! Julia: Here I am! The Feast that gathers all the Feasts! Mammy … be our Guide always … be our Beacon always … be our Grace always! And let's wait for all the sons again in the Forgiveness of the Love of the Cross! We've made a small Procession: a simple and poor one in humility … just like you asked us: with the simplicity of children! It's what your Heart wants! But let me go to work! Mother … let me stop everything that I see! Let’s not say it … so that they won’t copy it! They are copying everything! Mother … today and moment by moment … help us to be Joyful in being Mothers of your Son Jesus … by embracing every Pain … by embracing every Spit, every Blasphemy, every Scourge … just like they scourge Jesus … just like they scourge your Heart! And if you still want to … skin the Skinned Nut … Mother! Our Lady:  Here I am … my soul! Here I am with the Two Banquets! Here I am with all the arrayed-Hosts! Here I am with all your Loved Ones! Here I am with all the Brides! Here I am with the Two Johns … Karol, Pio and Dominic … in bringing you the Truth of the Cross ... (Our Lady blesses) ... and the Truth of the Bread … asking you again to hold them up and live them in the fullness of your hearts … my children! Julia: Mother … I give you the hearts of everyone! I give you the hearts of the Household … of the Family! I give you those who entrust themselves to my prayers! I give you those who are little, poor & marginalized! I give you my nothingness! I place in your Heart everything that you gave me all along! I place in your Heart all the Gems, the Priests and Lilies and the Man that wears the White Habit … and I place them in the Sign of the Cross … (She blesses) … and in the Sign of the Living Bread that’s among us! Accept us just as we are again! I give you the Handmaids … I give you the Sisters … I give you the Priests! Our Lady: I give you Humanity once again upon your shoulders … Daughter! Julia: Here I am … Mother! Our Lady:  Here I am! PEACE TO YOUR HEART JOHN, JESUS-GOD! … (Don Vincenzo makes the Sign of the Cross on Our Lady’s hands) …  Don Vincenzo: Shalom! Our Lady: Shalom! Other flowers that blossom at the foot of the Cross! How are you … Living Cup-God? Don Vincenzo: Today is Mother’s Day! Each one is a Mother! How beautiful to give birth to Jesus! Our Lady: Also the Living Cup-God is a Daddy and Mother who gives birth moment by moment! Don Vincenzo: Yes! Our Lady: How are you … my children? … (Our Lady sends a kiss to those present and it's reciprocated) … Everybody: Here I am! Don Vincenzo: All Mothers! Our Lady: If they give birth to Jesus and don’t abort Him! Do you want to be Mothers of the Crucified One? The Handmaids: Here I am! Our Lady: How beautiful that Throne is: small & simple … it's not gold or silver … it doesn’t bear gold or jewels on top … but it’s a Precious Jewel! Here I am for having made it! … (This remark is addressed to Joseph) … Behold the Humility and Love that I request from my children and not selling and buying! Three Tables … just like Joseph made! He too had to work with the Great Ones … but in  simplicity he made smaller things! What did you hear? Sarah: A Mother that looks at her sons! Don Vincenzo: Everything’s a Mother! Our Lady: Everything’s a Mother … if you look with a Mother’s eyes! And you know well that you are a Mother when you walk on the Narrow Road  … when you smile … when you receive the Cross … and everything’s a Mother in the Feast that gathers every Feast! But what is the Feast that gathers all the Feasts? Does it gather them or does it contain them? What does it do? Do you remember? The Handmaids: It gathers them! Our Lady: Where does it contain them?  Teresa: In the Father's Heart! Our Lady: In the Father's Heart! Don Vincenzo: Mothers…! How beautiful to be Mothers! Our Lady: A Mother is a Mother when she gives her children the Broken Bread in being broken herself in Humility and Charity and teaching her Little Children Who the Cross is … (She blesses) … and Who the Crucified One is! Although He was the Son of God I gave Jesus a spanking when He’d hide Himself to speak with His Father! And every Mother in keeping her sons beautiful and good must give them ... the Bread earned-by-perspiration ... her Love  and the Cross! … (She blesses) … Jesus perspired with the Love of His Blood! Don Vincenzo: This is what the Loved Bread is like … Blessed! Our Lady: When the Bread is bitter you mustn’t throw it away … but you must give it as Food to your sons … because what's Bitter leads to God’s Love! We are in the Vineyard, in the Ark, in the Oars and in the Households … and you mustn't forget it! It's beautiful to stay with you today … it's beautiful to stay moment by moment in gathering the whispers, in gathering the pain, in gathering the tears! It's beautiful to be Mothers of Sorrow … Mothers of Love! … (She addresses the Handmaids) … And you must gather the Tears of Sorrow, the Tears of Love and learn to sow them and give birth to many hearts of the Cross! Don Vincenzo: To be like Beacons! Our Lady: The Beacons light up when the Sorrow is lit up … and the more Sorrow there is the more Love there is! And you must learn, just like Jesus learned to love the Nails and, just like Jesus learned to love whoever put Him in the Last Place! On this day how many parades there are out & about … taking the Bread from the poor and saying that they celebrate a Feast of God’s Mother … of the Mother of Jesus! But they take food from the poor to fill their saddlebags! Don Vincenzo:Give us this day our Bread!” How beautiful! Our Lady: Give us this day our Bread!” … but not to snatch it or sell it! I asked the Handmaids to carry out a Procession for Me … to offer Me a Feast in simplicity: with a small Throne and with a White Dress! They made Me a Red Dress with Little Flowers! Here I am! How beautiful it is to be in Communion! Don Vincenzo: Help us Mother to put God in First Place! Our Lady:  He is … but men place Him in the Last Place … and  not even there! But now I must speak with the Handmaids for a while! What’s today’s Feast … Teresa … which one is it? Here I am! Teresa: It's the Feast that contains all the Feasts in the Father's Heart … because He then gave everything into your Hands because you are the Last Grace … the only Grace  … the only Church … from which Everything was born and will continue to be born: it All will! And that's why today … which we call Mother’s Day … even though it’s always Mother’s Day … Our Lady: … Moment by moment! Teresa: … And you are the Feast that contains all the Feasts … it’s your Heart thrown-wide-open …  it’s your being the Mother of Sorrows and of Love! Here I am! Our Lady: Here I am! And what do you think it is? Then I'll tell you afterwards! Claire: It's that you gave your Love, your Heart to all your sons containing them beneath your Mantle, beneath your Wings … since you are the Mother of us all … and while not abandoning anybody, you gathered your children to show them the Narrow Road that leads to the Father! Alexandra: Today in the Feast that contains every Feast … the Gift that you Mother want is that each one of us would gather all the Love that, up until now, you’ve given us in previous Feasts and that we’d give you this heart full of Love and Joy!  Our Lady: Let's go ahead! Sarah: Here I am! This Feast is your Heart thrown-wide-open where the Father has poured His whole Love, His whole Plan that started with you and returns to you! And this is the example that you give ... and you'd like every son to throw his heart wide-open to receive everything that the Father gives us as an inheritance: all His Love, His whole Garden! Roberta: It's the Full Here I am that you gave the Father in giving birth to & receiving the Son of God and in giving birth to the Cross! Here I am! Our Lady: Here I am! I've listened! Have you nothing more to tell me? Is your Here I am a Here I am? The Handmaids: Here I am! Our Lady: I’m addressing the Handmaids and each one of you Sisters and Priests … in front of the Living Cup-God that knows and keeps in His Heart, in His Book that He wrote all along, in the Plan of Creation already written by your Hand such a long Time ago!  Don Vincenzo: Mother! Our Lady: Mother! Don Vincenzo: The term Mother seems a small one … whereas it’s so Big as to embrace everything and everybody! Our Lady: God is so Big as to let Me embrace everything and everybody … in letting Me give birth to the Cross and to the Crucified One: His Sign of Love! God … after He’d let Me give birth to the Cross and to the Crucified One … He gave Me the Book where Everything is written including the Feast that gathers all the Feasts … in God’s Book there’s always my Immaculate Heart that triumphs ... and in the Book it’s also written that when the Cup shall be Full … it will overflow on Humanity … and there will be a Time … two Times … three Times … four Times … five Times … six Times … seven Times! The Cup will spill over and Humanity will suffer … but God won’t abandon His children! After the seven Times there’ll be another seven … and God will let Total Darkness descend on Humanity! Whoever remains in the Vineyard, in the Ark, in the Oars and in the Households … although eating Bitter Food, Roast Lamb and Bitter Drinks for seven Days … once the seven Days have ended you'll see a Small Glimmer of Light! But you must pray for all the Priest Sons and for the Man that wears the White Habit! After the seven Times have ended the Twenty-four Times of my Immaculate Heart will come! The Father has promised the Last Grace … the Last Love … the Last Church … and the Only Tabernacle … just like He called Me to give birth to His Son Jesus! He’ll make the Sun shine! And the Feast that gathers and contains all the Feasts in the Last Grace … just like God called Me … It will give birth to a new Humanity by cancelling every form of Power! And the Instrument will be at the Father's Right Hand! She won’t be taken from you! She is there moment by moment … but on that day she’ll be at the Father's Right Hand without selling or buying … but out of Love … just like the Father gives you your daily Bread out of Love if you ask for it in what’s right according to God’s Gospel … not according to men’s Gospel! Learn to know God’s Gospel … learn to understand God's Time! And God's Time is Love! The Bread that you chew-on is God's Time … but you must understand It … you must become Little in order to be able to give It to others! My Gaze is distant towards each one of you! My Gaze is on the scattered sons … on the sons that sell and on the sons that buy! And my Heart is even more Sorrowful! You’ve spoken well … but I've explained to you what the Feast that contains all the Feasts is, it gathers them and puts them in God's Heart! God was about to disperse them by scattering them over a deaf and blind Humanity … but the Instrument didn’t stop knocking: “Give your sons Time … wait again … and during the wait let’s gather their whispers!” What did you imagine … Assistant Parish Priest? What did you project that the Feast that gathered all the Feasts was? An enormous Scourge, a Catastrophe, a Fire, an Earthquake? What was in your mind? It’s there in your heart … but what was in your mind and what's still there? Raphael: The moment when I’d see that they no longer harm children, the moment of removing their arrogance, lack of respect and thinking that they are better, more clever! Our Lady: More clever? Raphael: They think they are! Our Lady: God has no cleverness … it’s men who have it! Raphael: I’m speaking about men! And waiting for God to act!  Our Lady: And God acts! … but have you understood what I said? The Handmaids: Here I am! Our Lady: And did you not understand what I said? Raphael: Here I am! Our Lady: Is what you’ve been told something trivial? Raphael: No! Our Lady: Then don't forget it … you must be ready and prepared! And what did you expect? And what did you all think? What did you project about the Feast that contains, that gathers all the Feasts? Nobody understood it … you expected a Feast! Don Vincenzo: We expected a Feast of Love, the Feast of Light, the Feast of Truth! Our Lady: And you were told this and you know it! What were you expecting? Teresa: Here I am! In these days together with the Instrument we had the same state of mind … and I too felt upset … it was a profound distress … and it was still mixed with Joy! Our Lady: Go ahead! Teresa: And I hadn’t formed any idea about what the Feast that contains every Feast could be … and as always I waited for what the Father, You and Jesus would come to tell us … but inside myself I felt these sentiments … this profound upset for those that are outside!  Our Lady: For a deaf and blind Humanity!  Teresa: And sadness in not seeing complete Love in the Family … on seeing still the dispersal that’s among us! Our Lady: I gather you moment by moment! The Instrument gathers you moment by moment, telling each one of you: “Love one another … get rid of jealousy … be a Single Heart that beats for Jesus, for the Father, for the Holy Spirit who is the Humble Handmaid at God's service!” It's not difficult if you leave the things of the world! It's not difficult if you learn to love yourselves just like God loves you, just like Jesus loves you … just like the Father breaks the Bread for you moment by moment and gives it to you … He won’t let you go short of your daily Bread! There’s no greater Gift than the Sign and the Wood of the Cross! The Sign and Wood that join together! … When you go outside … don't fly away!  When you go outside the gate the Poison is there! Be vigilant! The False Prophets are there! Be vigilant! No son is left without his heavenly Mother or Father! God becomes Food … and the heavenly Mother becomes Love and gives Food and gives a roof to every son … She doesn't abandon anybody … nor does God or Jesus or the Holy Spirit that’s Mary and that’s Me: the Humble Handmaid! The Instrument works for each one of you … she too has her hand, her shoulder, her back and her leg … crushed but not crushed … but she walks for her children and for the whole of Humanity! And how sweet her thought was on opening her eyes: “How beautiful the Gift is that you’ve offered me … with the Pain I can work more! All the Gifts that they've brought me are beautiful … but the most beautiful Gift is the Pain of being able to Save … of being able to Pray for all the Priest Sons and for the Man that wears the White Habit and for a deaf and blind Humanity, and to offer your Heart this Pain … so that you’ll transform it into Love for whoever doesn’t Love you!” Blessed Words! But speak for a while … speak about my Heart! John called Me his Fiancée! “I offer my best wishes and I bring my Fiancée flowers!” … He also made Me smoke his cigarette … he placed the cigarette near my lips: “Smoke …I’m offering you a Gift!” This is what John is like! And then he threw a bottle of sparkling wine over my Head: “Let’s drink together … since they’ve left me on my own!” On any Feast at all he offered Me his cigarette to smoke ... he placed it near my lips ... and threw the sparkling wine on my Cloak and over my Head! What do you offer me … what Gift do you offer me? You don’t smoke and you don’t drink!  Don Vincenzo: I offer you a Kiss of Real & Profound Love!  Our Lady: Full of Sorrow … full of Tears on seeing a Humanity that doesn’t recognize You! Don Vincenzo: Help us to be able to answer you … we are the ones that don't know how to live these moments of Love! Dear Mother … how beautiful it is! Our Lady: Dear Living Cup-God …  how beautiful your Hiding Yourself is … how beautiful your Humility is … how beautiful your Suffering is … how beautiful it is when you say in a whispered silence: “I'm not telling you my Pain … but it’s Big! Don Vincenzo: Mother … Totus Tuus! Our Lady: Here I am in the Heart’s Embrace …  in the Embrace of the Cup that the Instrument is drinking … in everything that she’s stopping … in everything that she lets descend on each one of you moment by moment in looking at you, in telling you off, in placing you on the Narrow Road! Every Loved One of yours is present at the Banquet, at the Feast of Mary's Immaculate Heart! And all your Loved Ones ask you to be conscious that they are Alive … but you weep for them as being dead! You seem like whitened sepulchres when you do this! You must learn: God is Alive … and if God is Alive so are you … and so are your Loved Ones! It's Going Asleep in order to wake up in an Enormous Light, in an Enormous Peace, in a Banquet where it's Wholly God … and you work for Real Peace … without weapons! Speak for a while … Living Cup-God! Don Vincenzo: Mother … help us to put the Father in First Place because in a Family it's the Father that holds the strings tightly! Our Lady: But You gave me the Last Grace! You hold the Principal string … and You’ve tied that Principal One to my Heart to be the Last Grace, the Only Church! But you are the New Church united to the Father's Heart, to the Son’s Heart and to the Holy Spirit’s Heart that's Me! Don Vincenzo: And all this in a Synthesis of Love because the Four Hearts are all Identical … and they all beat in one way or the other! Behold the Wealth that emanates from the Heart! It’s more Wealth, it’s more Brightness, it’s more the Blood of Love that makes Reparation, Reparatory Blood, Blood that’s not afraid … rather it desires death … because through the Narrow Road it reaches the Road of Eternal Love! Our Lady: You are Eternal Love ... where the Banquet is! Did you hear what He said? Fix it in your hearts! Every Word that comes out from His Mouth ... fix it in your hearts! The Childbirth Pain of the Cross! The Humble Handmaid carries you again into God's Heart! When you see storms again … in Humility and in Fidelity to God … stop them with the Right Hand! … (She blesses) … and don't be afraid of men, but have the Holy Fear of God … my children! I ask you again to pray for the Walls of Rome! I ask you again to collect the Innocent Blood! Let your hearts be snow-white like a child … so that you can save the Little Children that are scandalized! Pray for all the sons that arrive from all sides<from everywhere>: you don't know what’s done to them! But my Motherly Heart waits for them at the Wedding Banquet! …  (Our Lady imposes her hands over those present together with Don Vincenzo) … I let my Love descend on you and the Father lets the Fire of Pentecost descend on you … the Pocket-money of Divine Mercy … accept it with Love, break it up and give it to your enemies … my children! The Banquet is open also for you: what you’ll eat and what you’ll drink is the Body and the Blood of my Son Jesus for a deaf and blind Humanity … my children! I leave you my Heart thrown-wide-open bringing the Cross and the Bread of Life everywhere you go! …(She sends a kiss and blesses)  … The Living Cup-God will say goodbye to you with the Green Tree and with the Magnificat! Say goodbye to your children with the Green Tree! Don Vincenzo: May the Father's Goodness, the Son's Mercy, the Holy Spirit's Love … descend abundantly upon you all, on your families, on your friends, on your enemies and on those that hurt you … on the whole human Family! And may Almighty God bless you … Father, Son and Holy SpiritEverybody: Amen! Our Lady: Amen! Magnificat! Don Vincenzo: Let’s sing the Magnificat! … (Now everybody recites the song of the Magnificat together with Our Lady) … Julia: Mother … receive this other Pain and save a deaf and blind Humanity again! May we greet our Loved Ones? … (Everybody greets their Loved Ones) … Rejoice in the Garden! Rejoice at the Banquet! Congratulations Mother ... and let you that knew the whole Family … if God allows it … caress everyone of them … and if you’ve time left caress my heart too! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! Descend again with your Love! Descend and don’t delay … but shorten the Times again for your elect! Don Vincenzo: Here I am … Mother … Here I am! Our Lady: Here I am! Here I am! … (Julia intones a praise to Mary) … Julia: Let you magnify! Magnify! Magnify! Let you Magnify! Let you purify! Purify! Descend among us! Let you purify! Blood of God … purify … let you purify … purify! Let Mary, Mother of God …purify! Let Mary …purify! Let God’s Blood … purify! Hail Mary-God! My soul! Purify the heart of every nation! Hail Mother of God … purify the Living Flower's Heart! Purify the Heart that's God among us! Hail … Hail … Hail Mary … Mother … Mother … my Mother! Don Vincenzo: Mother … Mother of Love! Mother of Humility! Mother of Service! Mother of Everything and of Everyone! Our Lady:  I have magnified my Heart's Magnificat for All the Nations! … Sing! … (Teresa intones a praise to Mary) … Teresa: Mary … Humble Handmaid Created by the Father's Heart to be the Mother of God, of Jesus and of the whole of Humanity … pray for us … now and at the moment of our going asleep! Amen! Our Lady:  Amen and so be it! God Alive and Real among you! Let My Breath of Love … (She imposes her hands and breathes over those present) … envelope your hearts in God’s Quiet … children!




MAY 26th 2016



Thaddeus leads the prayer of the holy rosary and during the meditation on its mysteries & while these are prayed for the whole Church, for the Pope, for the Bishops, for all the Priests and for the whole world, behold the Visitation begins:  Julia:  If it is you, glorify the Father! If it’s you, glorify the Father! If it’s you, glorify the Father! … (Jesus is silent for a short time, then while blessing He says:)Jesus: In the Tremendous Sign of the Cross I glorify the Father Most High … Now and for Eternity! And in the Tremendous Sign of the Cross … (He blesses) …  I invite each one of you and the whole of humanity to kneel at the foot of the Cross! And once more in the Tremendous Sign of the Cross(He blesses)I ask you to love one another! And once again in the Tremendous Sign of the Cross  … (He blesses) …  I ask you to be ready and prepared … but conscious of what the Father gives you! Ready and prepared and conscious of what God lets descend on you and on the whole of humanity! Once again I seal you(He blesses) … asking you to be ready and prepared for what will descend on the whole of humanity, War-Fires, Earthquakes, Scourges … Children, Brothers and Friends of my Heart! Be vigilant by remaining in the Vineyard, in the Ark, in the Oars and in the Households! And don't forget about giving God the First Place! God is the First Fruits!(Jesus holds the index finger of His right hand pointed upwards) … Don't forget it … Children, Brothers and Friends of my Heart! Divine Stubborn One? Julia: Here I am … Jesus! Jesus: Did you finish the work? Julia: No, not for a little while longer … Jesus! Jesus: But do you not want to stop even for a moment? Julia: Did you stop for a moment … Jesus? Since you are Alive and Real you are made of flesh and bone and you too feel the pains … not to mention what they throw in your face: spits, lashes, blasphemies! Jesus: And how many do you feel? Julia: As many as you feel, Jesus … placing them in the Father's Heart! Jesus: Do you want to take a look? Julia: Here I am! Jesus …  shall we not say what I see? I’ll finish this and I’ll go! Can I go … Jesus? Jesus: Here I am … my soul! Julia: Let's not say it so that it won’t be copied! They are copying everything step by step! Jesus: Here I am … my soul! But step by step we dismantle them more and more! Julia: Here I am Jesus … but they are sons! You have to dismantle them because you are the Truth! But let's wait for them! Jesus: How much Love was placed in your heart? Julia: I don't know … with that Light that entered inside me … how much Love the Father put in! Many say that I'm bad and I cry out! You too took up the whip and cried out! Jesus: Not only when I took up the whip! Julia: I know! Jesus: Now look again! Julia: Here I am! Can I go? Can I not do anything … nothing at all … Jesus? Jesus: Nothing at all! Julia: Here I am … but if something can be done will you tell me … Jesus? Jesus: Here I am … my soul! Pray and get others to pray for all the Priest Sons and the Man that wears the White Habit! Julia: Here I am … Jesus! Jesus … you break yourself moment by moment … and by the Father's Will you let me break-up! Let me break myself even more for the sons, where whatever food they have, it's taken away and it’s sold! Jesus … you are the Peace! Lower your Hand … remove the weapons and do what you must do … don’t wait … do it soon … but let not my Will be done … but let Yours! Jesus: Here I am! Carry the sons on your shoulders just like you answered your complete Here I am! Julia: Here I am … Jesus … Here I am in giving you everything that you gave me right up till this moment: the Breath of your Love! Here I am in giving you the Family, their hearts, their whispers and what I've gathered! Here I am Jesus in placing in your Heart all those that are entrusted to my prayers … even those that make fun of you when they phone the Stubborn One, thinking of making fun of her  … and they make fun of You! Forgive them and I offer them to You! I place in your Heart all the Gems, the Priests and Lilies and the Man that wears the White Habit … and my day’s nothingness … and accept them … Jesus! Jesus: Here I am bringing into my Heart the treasure given-to-me! Julia: Which treasure? Jesus: What you offered me! Julia: Here I am … Jesus! Jesus: Here I am with the Two Banquets! Here I am with all the arrayed-Hosts! Here I am with all the Useless Servants! Here I am with all the Brides! Here I am with all your Loved Ones! Here I am with the Two Johns … Karol, Pio and Dominic … bringing the only Truth of the Cross ... (He blesses) ... and the only Truth of the Bread … asking you again to hold them up and live them in the fullness of your hearts! My children …  remain again in the Vineyard, in the Ark and in the Oars and in the Households and be vigilant: the Poison is outside the gate and the False Prophets advance! You have your right hand … (He blesses) … fight them … my Children, my Friends, Brothers of my Heart! Walk on…! Julia: Where I must go? Jesus: Take Two steps … there's a well! Don't forget it! Julia: Here I am … Jesus … Here I am … Here I am! Jesus: PEACE TO YOUR HEART JOHN, JESUS-GOD! (Don Vincenzo makes the sign of the Cross on Jesus' hands)Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! Other flowers that blossom at the foot of the Cross! How are you? Don Vincenzo: Well! Jesus: Here I am! And how are all of you … well-sick or sick-well? … (Jesus sends a kiss to those present and it's reciprocated) …  Everybody: Here I am! Well! Jesus: Well-sick or sick-well? Everybody: Here I am! Jesus: You have sons and I've brothers that are a bit deaf! And what did you meet today … what did you see … what did you receive in your heart? Don Vincenzo: Today we’ve installed the Statue of the Redeemer! We’ve placed it in the vicinity of the Fountain of Gushing Water  and so … on one hand it’s the Water that quenches thirst … and on the other it’s the Water that’s Salvation! Jesus: Here I am! Living Cup-God … will we speak again for a while … and then give ourselves? Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am … but what did you see again? Don Vincenzo: I’ve seen that even when confronted with evil we must conquer evil with good … and there’s no other road! Jesus: No … there’s no other road! Will we give ourselves? Will I give myself and will you give yourself and the Instrument is crucified out of Love for all the Priest Sons and for the Man that wears the White Habit? Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am then let’s give ourselves and then we’ll speak!(Raphael gives Jesus the beaker with the wine … Jesus lifts it up … drinks it … and then gives it to Don Vincenzo to drink) This is my Blood! This is my Blood! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! This is my Blood! Jesus: This is my Blood!(Raphael gives Jesus a piece of Bread … Jesus breaks it in half and gives the other half to Don Vincenzo. Then Jesus, before eating it lifts up the Bread and says:) This is my Flesh! This is my Flesh! This is always Me … Alive and Real among you in order to celebrate! Will we give ourselves? Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: I give myself and you give yourself and the Instrument is crucified out of Love! Don Vincenzo: Here I am!  Jesus: Therefore let’s give ourselves! This is my Blood and This is my Flesh! … (Jesus invites those present to approach to receive the Blood and the Flesh. Don Vincenzo says: This is my Blood! Joseph says: This is my Flesh! And everybody responds: Amen! Jesus remains seated in recollection and self-offering!) …  Have we given ourselves? Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: The Easter is complete,  is it alive and is it risen in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit? Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! The Banquet is ready! Don Vincenzo: It's ready! Jesus: Will we take part at the Banquet of your Love? Don Vincenzo: It's all God’s Grace … it's all the Father's Presence!  Jesus: All the Father's Presence! Do you want to take part? Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! But are you all well-sick? Everybody: Here I am! Jesus: Sick-well or well-sick? Everybody: Here I am! Jesus: But are you conscious of whom you are speaking with? But what more did you meet besides the Banquet? The belly-one is hungry! Hey belly … are they giving me something? Marieangela: Here I am! … (As usual Raphael, Catherine, Mary Rosaria and Joseph get ready for the distribution of the food-dishes that are there at the Banquet)Jesus: What more did you meet? Don Vincenzo: I met so many people once again and none of them mentioned God and nobody thought of God! Coming back to the Redeemer’s Statue … when we positioned it there were ten of us! Jesus: Is that all? And the others?  But did you have a good look at where the other Useless Servants were? The whole Garden was there watching … and they’d left their work! The Stubborn One stopped the Feast for the moment … but she'll tell you later what you must do! The whole Garden came! But be vigilant … children: everything that’s done is for the Times that must come! What more did you see? Don Vincenzo: Everybody distracted … everyone busy with chores … all blinded and busy with the world’s things … when on the contrary the Father should have been put in First Place! Jesus: But do you know that humanity is deaf and blind? Don Vincenzo: Yes! Jesus: Humanity has forgotten that it has a Daddy and it has fallen into the Poison’s Net! And you, Living Cup-God … have entrusted the Instrument with carrying into the Garden the sons that fell … and she’s working and doesn't stop … nor do you stop! Thérése of the Child Jesus … have you something to tell me? Speak! Teresa: Here I am! For one reason or another people went searching for God, for Jesus and for the reason they were born and live … throughout their whole lives till now! And we in the Family have been kept informed step by step of the reason for which we were born and live … and the reason and fact that we know the Truth is not something trivial … whereas outside there’s humanity that chases after everything except the Truth & what’s truly right! And the Family even more so has a greater responsibility because … Jesus:And you were given everything! Teresa: Eh! Jesus: You were given the Vineyard … you were given the Ark … you were given the Oars …  you were given the Households … and you are the New Church! Teresa: Eeeeh!  Jesus: Eeeh! Teresa: But we don’t see it … we don’t want to see it … because we see it well and the others see it too! Jesus: I think that besides everything else you do … you have to be the eye doctor … the eye doctor of the Cross! ... (He blesses)Teresa: Here I am! And our principal objective must be this: to be conscious of what we are living and not saying: “All right, I’ll go … anyway the Instrument is there and the Instrument does everything … and at least nothing will happen if it’s not true … but if it’s true it’s all the same!” … but reasoning that way is not okay! Jesus: No! Teresa: Everyone is free to do what he wants … but we must & we should become a Single Heart, a Single Family! And if we can’t when we are relatively few compared to everything ……! And more or less & one way or another … each one of us has made a journey until he arrived here! … Each one has his own story! Each one of us has his or her past experiences which more or less were in other places … seeing other things … and in the end each one of us stopped and chose here! Jesus: Let you come with the nothingness! Don’t forget your thread! Here I am! Here I am! Catherine and Mary Rosaria: Here I am … Jesus! Jesus: What do you want? Raphael: Nothing! Jesus: Behold the nothingness … and now remember … eh! Speak! Teresa: Hence each one of us has made his or her choice and stopped in this Place and this means that … by stopping in this Place … each one of us saw something, heard something! But this something mustn’t stop! Jesus: No! Teresa: We must make it grow! Jesus: The Leaven grows … the Bread always gets kneaded … moment by moment! That’s what the Instrument does! That’s what everyone of you must do! Teresa: Here I am! It’s not because she’s present … but I always make an example of Imma (It’s Immacolata) who even though she’s faraway and not able to live every Thursday fully … … she gave her obedience first to God through John and then she continued to persevere! Jesus: Here I am! Teresa: I can say so because I too have answered her on the telephone a few times! Jesus: When the Stubborn One isn’t there! And when the Stubborn One isn’t there … whoever is there instead of her can't answer! I've told you another secret! Yes at times … and many times when she’s not there … John is there or Pio is there or someone else is there who doesn’t answer them … and they say: “Answer me … answer me!” … Eh, eh! Speak! Teresa: And although she’s at a distance of many many kilometers … she doesn’t take a step without asking for orders, without asking for help, without asking for Light!  Jesus: She’s a girl … that's Immacolata!(Jesus sends her a kiss)Will you speak again? Are you not speaking anymore? Here I am! Living Cup-God … do you want to talk … do you want to tell your children something? After that John comes! Say something! Are you all well-sick? (Jesus sends a kiss)Everybody: Here I am! Jesus: Now you can talk to your children … tell them what you want! Don Vincenzo: What I’m anxious to underline is the fact that we must put God in First Place … and  therefore here's where everything regains its Brightness, everything regains Truth, everything regains Grace! And anyone with an act of Love can make that phrase or situation … that seemed negative to us … become positive & bright! Jesus: Why do you keep your head bowed … Living Cup-God? Show your Family your eyes! If you keep your head bowed they can't see them! Living Cup … speak about God to His Children and Brothers … present Him as Body and Blood …  Eternal Food for All the Nations! And humanity rejects the Eternal Food … humanity throws out God … humanity throws out the Son of God … humanity throws out the Useless Servants! And yet they see and hear the Times that are coming … but they run hither and thither aimlessly … they run hither and thither throwing out themselves! Made in God's Image and Likeness … and made in God's Image and Likeness … they are a Cross! They run after False Prophets … they run after False Miracles thinking that they’ve met God … whereas God walks in the midst of humanity! John wasn't accepted and recognized … the other John: the Living Cup-God isn't accepted and recognized! The Scourges descend … and what they let you see is only a little drop! What they tell you isn’t the Truth … but Falsehood! The Truth comes from God … not from men and not from the False Prophets! And God alone is Light … He’s Truth … and gives you Eternal Life … and we eat at the Living and Real Banquet! The Promised Banquet: “I will eat 'What's New' with you! I’ll be with you moment by moment … forever!” The Garden was prepared forever … and it won’t pass away! Don Vincenzo: It's unending! Jesus: What’s done by men passes away … but what’s done in God’s name … what’s done by God … doesn't pass away! Be vigilant children … be vigilant! Now I must go to prepare the Feast and then prepare the arrayed-Hosts for coming out … and John is coming … and after that I’ll come to say goodbye to you! LITTLE  JOHN: WITH THE CROSS AND WITH THE BREAD!(John blesses)Hey, John … how are you? And how are all of you?(John sends a kiss to those present and it's reciprocated)Hey … did you arrive … did the plane not fall? If you are here it didn’t fall! Therefore are we all well-sick? Everybody: Here I am! Little John: Here I am! John … taste my coffee a little! How is it … does it taste good? Whoever wants it let him get it! I’ll drink mine! Good … yes it really tastes good! Therefore … tell me something John … will you tell me something … what did you see? Don Vincenzo: Each one of us … since we are free … can use his freedom and how beautiful our freedom is and this freedom enriches each one! Little John: If you don’t cry out … nobody will hear you! Don Vincenzo: Just this evening my voice has gone! Little John: Living Cup-God … your Voice hasn’t gone … your Voice has Fullness … and being Full … the Pain comes! Don Vincenzo: It's Everyone’s voice! Little John: It's Everyone’s voice!  Don Vincenzo: That one that must cry out … the one that must be sure of its choices … the one that must seek the complete and utter Truth! This is the Voice of Love … the Voice of the Cross! Little John: Chew on God's Word fully! Chew on God!  … (John sends Immacolata a kiss)  … we’ve many things to say … we two have! Immacolata: Here I am! Little John: But I've also many things to tell you all moment by moment about the God-Bread … the Fruit of Love! It will be lacking … but in the Households’ Faith where you are … it won’t be lacking! In the whole of humanity you’ll hear the Cry! And even though the Bread is lacking ... they go knocking at the Door of False Prophets ... and they won't find It! And I like John ask you to pray ... to remain Little and Poor: the Little Johns who are always more Little, Poor and in the Last Place! And I’ve shown you all along the Road to follow: to take yourselves up and carry yourselves ... in walking on that Lane! This Stubborn One always asks me to make It smaller ... so that just as she goes through it ... you’ll go too ... and you won't fall! Love and forgive whoever hurts you! Love and forgive whoever pierces your heart! Before they pierced yours ... they pierced the Father's! But the Father gives birth moment after moment ... and you don't know the Pains of Childbirth ... my children! Do you want to say only one thing? Don’t you? And if I place you under obedience? Here I am ... you are under obedience! Say just one word! Teresa: Here I am! Little John: Here I am!” You’ve said the word! Teresa: Here I am! Little John: You’ve remained obedient! Teresa: Here I am!  Little John: Here I am! Living Cup-God … the Love and the Garden grow in abundance ... and there's everything to give birth to ... there's everything to teach ... and Love is Big in the Pain and the Pain is Big in Love ... and it’s given in abundance ... and when it's given in abundance the children grow and give birth! The Time of Complete Childbirth has arrived! Look at my Eyes ... Living Cup-God because they are Yours! You gave Them to Me ... and so I hand Them over once again ... by being able to give Them in Love and in the Living Childbirth! Don Vincenzo: Here I am ! The Living Childbirth is Painful! Little John: The more Painful it is the more it becomes Love ... and the more it saves! God's Love and Saving Pain that He lets descend upon the whole of humanity! Learn to Love and give the Father the Pains by giving birth to them ... just like He gave them! My Eyes are Your Eyes ... My Heart is Your Heart ... Your Pain is My Pain ... and United we save again! The Furrow must be finished ... and the Furrow gets finished in Pain ... in order to conquer! And the sons will all return to the fold! Having scattered ... but they’ll return! In Love let's go forward in giving the children the Childbirth’s Breath! And now I must leave you ... I must go to catch up with the Instrument ... but Jesus comes to greet you! I say goodbye to you!   (He sends a kiss)I go to help the Instrument in the work that she must do for each one of you and for the whole of humanity! I leave you my Heart thrown-wide-open! ... (He sends a kiss)JESUS: With the Cross and with the Bread! Here I am, Daddy … Living Cup-God … give your children the Childbirth’s Breath … lower your Hand on the Fires of War and don’t delay in doing what you must do! Do it soon! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! My Greeting in opening my Arms wide to each one of you and to the whole of humanity … and in opening my Heart wide! Be vigilant: don't gaze at the Sun … don't gaze at the Wind … don't gaze at the Sea … be vigilant of the Dust that comes down … but gaze at God's Sun that’s Alive and Real… my children! Say goodbye with the Tree green … I leave my Heart thrown-wide-open for each one of you and for the whole of humanity! But pray again for all the Priest Sons and for the Man that wears the White Habit! Pray for the Blood-stained Dome! Bless your children with the Green Tree!(Jesus sends a kiss)Don Vincenzo: May the Father's Goodness, the Son's Mercy, the Holy Spirit's Love … descend abundantly upon you all and on the whole of humanity!  And may Almighty God bless you … Father, Son and Holy Spirit!  Everybody:  Amen! Jesus: Amen! Don Vincenzo: Glorify God with your life! Amen! Everybody:  Amen! Julia: John … did you come to help me? The work to be done is still so great … and the Father gives birth moment by moment! Little John: Take a look … my daughter! Julia: John … I look and I see what’s descending! I look and I see what they are doing! I look and my heart’s Empty-Space weeps! John … you cried out and you still cry out and whatever you must do, do it soon … don’t delay …  John, don’t delay! … (she sends a kiss) … we'll see each other later!  I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! THE FATHER: I too love you and I wait for your Love! Everybody: I love you, Daddy! The Father: Here I am … children of my Heart!  I let the Burning Bush of Pentecost descend on you, the Pocket-money of Divine Mercy … accept it with Love, break it up and give it to your enemies … my children! Julia: Father … be patient still in your Pain … love a deaf and blind humanity again! Since you are all at the Banquet ready to go out … let’s greet our Loved Ones! … (Everybody greets their Loved Ones) … Mother, prepare many dresses! I'll put on the dress: we’ll celebrate the Feast that I put off for a while! Afterwards we’ll go out with all the arrayed-Hosts … but give me the constancy and the strength! … (she sends a kiss)