N° 190

JULY 2016

Messages through the Instrument Julia




JULY 10th 2016




Thaddeus leads the prayer of the holy rosary, and during the meditation on mysteries, & while it's prayed for the whole Church, for the Pope, for the Bishops, for all the Priests and for the whole world, behold the Visitation begins: Julia: If it’s you, glorify the Father! If it’s you, glorify the Father! If it’s you, glorify the Father! … (Our Lady remains silent for a short time then She says:)   Our Lady:  In bowing before the Sword of the Gospel which is the Cross: Jesus, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit who is my Heart of a Sorrowful Mother … a Sorrowful Mother because of Humanity …  a Sorrowful Mother because of the sons that are lost … a Sorrowful Mother because of the sons that throw away the Cross … a Sorrowful Mother because of whoever aborts the Cross … a Sorrowful Mother because of whoever aborts my Jesus by not loving one another! And so I come again … Alive again … I'm always among you in the joy and in the pain: the Mother of Love, the Mother of Sorrows, the Mother that embraces the whole of Humanity on seeing it in danger … in grave danger! My children … just as you can recognize that the Times are no longer the Times … recognize the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit: we are Alive … we are among you in the Only Love: that of the Cross! … (She blesses) … And we ask you to keep the Lamp of the Cross lit up … to keep your hearts lit up, not to separate them, to remain united … just like the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit remain united and all the Useless Servants too! Be Useless Servants after carrying out the day that God gives you moment by moment! Remain Useless Servants after doing your work! Remain Useless Servants after carrying the Cross! Remain Useless Servants when you are offended! God is like this all along! Remain Useless Servants when the pains are burdensome: it’s Jesus that relieves you! Remain Useless Servants when you give your: Here I am! Remain Torn Rags at the foot of the Cross … my children! … (She blesses) … Remain a Cross in the Cross … children! Divine Stubborn One? Julia: Here I am …  Mother! What are you doing … Mammy? Are you kneading the Bread? It's not Bread! Mother …….! Our Lady: Do you not do it too? Julia: Here I am! You went on your own … did you not go with the Arrayed-Hosts? Our Lady: They are waiting for the Brides … they are preparing the Feast … but we’ll go out later! Look again … My Soul! I too have your job! What I do …  you do it too! Julia: If all hearts would only bow … these works wouldn’t have to be done … Mother! Our Lady:  Here I am, My Soul … but their hearts don’t bow to the Cross … and all these works must still be done … but my Immaculate Heart will triumph! Julia: Here I am, Mother … I saw it all along! Humanity is still deaf and blind! Our Lady: Humanity is defeated! Humanity no longer finds the Way! It's confused by the False Prophets! It's confused by the Poison! Julia: God doesn't abandon his children … God has conquered … God is the Winner all along! Our Lady:  Here I am … but you know well that He’s also a Judge! Julia: Here I am, Mother … I'm still knocking and I won’t stop … because He made me Stubborn! And being a Stubborn One … in His Love I won't stop knocking! When He gets tired … He’ll tell me just like everything else … He’ll tell me: Here I am or not Here I am! Here I am to what I’m told! Our Lady: Here I am … My Soul! Julia: Mammy, some Brides … and others will still come … are giving their hand slowly but surely! But I place in your hands everything that you gave me all along … the Family, their whispers, their hearts! And I place all those that are entrusted to my prayers in your hands! I place in your hands those who can't enter because they’ve closed the door! I place the whole of Humanity in your hands! I place all the Priests in your hands, the Gems the Lilies and the Man that wears the White Habit! Mother … you are the Only Mother and you are the Last Grace … hold us again by the hand! Our Lady: Take your children … take Humanity by the hand … like you are doing from your mother's womb! Julia: Here I am …  Mother! Our Lady:  Here I am … Daughter … Little Stubborn One of the Heart of the Cross … just like you said when you were little! Julia: Now I say it a bit better! Yes: Stubborn One of the Heart of the Cross! I remember it! Our Lady: Now go ahead in your walk … Little Stubborn One of the Heart of the Cross! Here I am with all the Arrayed-Hosts … with all the Useless Servants … with all the Little Children … with all the Brides … with the Two Banquets … with the Two Johns … Karol, Pio and Dominic … in bringing the only Truth of the Cross ... (She blesses) ... and the only Truth of the Bread … asking you again to hold them up and live them in the fullness of your hearts … my children! Julia: Mother … teach us to love like you love! Our Lady: Tell your children how you see my Love! Julia: How can I describe it? It can't be described just like your Beauty can't be described! Your Beauty could be described … your Love could also be described … but I can't do it! They must only go asleep and wake up and see just how you love! But if they look at your Eyes, at Jesus' Eyes, at the Father's Eyes … your Beauty and your Love is seen …  Mother! And your lit-up Smile makes hearts burn ardently and see everything … but Humanity is always deaf and it's blind! Our Lady: Stubborn One of the Heart of the Cross! Julia: Here I am … Mother! Our Lady:  Here I am … Daughter! … PEACE TO YOUR HEART JOHN, JESUS-GOD! … (Don Vincenzo makes the sign of the Cross on Our Lady's hands)Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Our Lady: Here I am! Don Vincenzo: Congratulations again to John … Mother! … (Yesterday it was the 55th anniversary of Don Mario’s Priestly Ordination) Our Lady: Yesterday was the ordination … but today his legs were still trembling! And John is still celebrating … and if you want to, you can also offer him your congratulations! Everybody: Congratulations … John! … (everyone applauds)Our Lady: He’s busy with the Feast … but he answers you: “Here I am! Everybody: Here I am! Our Lady: Here I am! And you, Living Cup-God …  what do you have to tell Me … what are you telling your Fiancée … Bride and Mother? Don Vincenzo: I’m telling you that Humanity is blind and has lost all its bearings! Humanity no longer lives, but for itself … it no longer puts God in first place … rather it forgets God! Our Lady: They’ve forgotten Him for quite some time! Don Vincenzo: Poor Humanity! Our Lady: Poor Humanity! And what’ll we do with Humanity … Living Cup-God? Don Vincenzo: We must save it! That's why Jesus let himself be Nailed! Our Lady: Sent by the Father! Don Vincenzo: Sent by the Father … hoping that the sons would be attentive and would accept Him! Our Lady: Do you see them being attentive? Don Vincenzo: When they turn their backs to the Cross … when they turn their backs on the Gospel … when they turn their backs to the Love of Jesus Crucified ….! Our Lady: The Gospel is the Whole Bread that’s Broken which comes to bring you Jesus … and it’s given to you Kneaded as well … it’s that Real One and You gave it in its Entirety! … And shortly it will be given to you all in its Entirety! Don Vincenzo: Poor Humanity! Our Lady: Shall we take it by the hand? The Stubborn One has the task of taking it by the hand! You, Living Cup-God, have never abandoned it & neither have I! Don Vincenzo: And you are its Mother! Our Lady: I'm its Mother … I'm Little Mary and you called Me from My Mother's Womb in order to give Me the Son Jesus! And You gave birth to Me from Your Bosom! Don Vincenzo: You are our Mother: our Rock! Our Lady: God is the Rock … the Rock that stays waiting for the sons even though they are faraway and they’ve forgotten that they have a Daddy and a Mother … they've forgotten that they’ve a Family, a Garden with the Banquets ready and prepared for celebrating, for rejoicing! Don Vincenzo: Earlier we prayed to you … and we must do so continually … because you are our Anchor of Salvation … our reference! Our Lady: I'm the Last Grace! God is the Anchor … where everybody can dive in … where the Heart is always wide open … where the Bread is always Bread … where the Lit-up Light is always Lit-up and never extinguishes! Don Vincenzo: Where Love grows more and more and never extinguishes! Our Lady: (Our Lady sends a kiss to those present and it's reciprocated)Don’t ever become extinguished in your little sicknesses, in your little anxieties … in your everyday anxieties … don’t get extinguished ….. remain lit up always! Don't extinguish that Little Lamp: the Flame that you carry on your head! All your little pains pass … all your little wounds heal … if you  look at the Cross … if you have Complete Faith … if you love Jesus Crucified: the Living God since forever! If you love the world … the wounds don’t heal … everything collapses! Don Vincenzo: What a Grace! If we would only reflect ….! Our Lady: I'm the Last Grace for each one of you and for the whole of Humanity … and the Promise that I made doesn’t fail … it remains permanent … it remains as high as the Cross is … just like its Wide Open Arms! But nobody reflects on it! You insist on it … just like the Stubborn One insists … but nobody reflects on it … there’s no time! The time is for the world, for the things of the world … there’s no time to reflect for God! Don Vincenzo: Behold where we must dive into! Our Lady: Into the Father's Heart and remain there! Don Vincenzo: Love everything that surrounds us … everything that happens to us! Our Lady: Love the Poison, love the False Prophets! Love fights and conquers what’s evil! “Conquer evil with good”: that one which you wrote … the one you wrote having given birth to it from your heart! “Conquer evil with good”… (Our Lady is referring to the song written by Don Vincenzo)Don Vincenzo: Yes! Our Lady: Don't let yourselves be caught up by the world's noise …  don't let yourselves be caught up by everything that you are told! Jesus … already from His Mother's Womb was treated badly just like I was treated badly … but Jesus worked from His Mother's Womb … and so I too worked with the Father's Love! I didn’t hide, I wasn’t ashamed of anything or anybody … I only went to meet Elizabeth … but I didn’t run off like they wrote! God who tells Me: “The Son that you’ll have is Mine!” … was a much bigger thing … and I couldn't run off before this! They said that I ran off! You mustn't run away before the Cross … you mustn't hide before whoever stabs you in the back … you mustn't hide when they tell you: “But you go to that place!” … You mustn't hide about bringing my Jesus everywhere you go … you mustn't squabble with anybody when they treat Him badly! They treated Him badly in the Maternal Womb of a Little Creature of 12 years of age! Don Vincenzo: Mother … how beautiful it is to listen to your voice! Our Lady: Your voice is beautiful too! Ask your children if your voice is beautiful to hear … ask them this! Don Vincenzo: Is my voice beautiful to hear?  Everybody: Here I am! Don Vincenzo: Hey! … (we start laughing)Our Lady: Now do you see? Then make it heard … speak … say what’s in your heart! Don Vincenzo: It’s in my heart that each day we must dedicate one or two hours to prayer … to Jesus, to the Father, to the heavenly Mother, for everybody! There’s not a moment more beautiful than immersing ourselves in prayer … because praying is loving! And when can we love? When we pray ... and only then do our hearts beat strongly and only then do we become Christians, belonging to Christ, together with Christ! If we don't do this … our day just slips away! We may do good things … but it’s always in the world! But when we do this … our day is immersed in the Heart of Jesus and begins to emit Love, Love, Love … and our Faith starts to show … because it shines brightly! And if this Faith isn’t strong … what use is it? If it’s strong … it’s Bright, it’s Eternal! But just think that we are going towards Eternity! But just think of what the Father has prepared for everyone of us! But just think of what awaits us! This Perfume of God seems too much, this Perfume of the Father! Daddy … how Good you are! Daddy … how Great you are! Daddy … you’ve given us Eternity and we don’t think of it … we think about fleeting and passing things … we forget about the Kingdom … about what you've orchestrated in the Book of Love & what’s heartfelt! Our Lady: Daddy … will you mix the Bread just like you kneaded it when you called Me? A Big Loaf like you mixed when you called Me to make Me go asleep and then wake up? Will you knead it with the Stubborn One … when I went asleep and then woke up in the Garden? And then the Bread was mixed and was baked and we ate It and celebrated! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus? Our Lady: No, Mother … but you can also call Me Jesus! Don Vincenzo: Sure enough: you are completely one! Our Lady: We are completely one! And if you all unite … we are completely one: being a Cross! You are made in the Father's Image and Likeness! Don Vincenzo: You are everybody’s Mother! Our Lady: You made Me everybody’s Mother … you gave Me Your Son … I’ve given Your Son to the whole of Humanity! And so I'm a Mother! And so you all are Mothers if you take My Son and give Him away and make Him known! What do you want to say … have you something to tell Me … do you want to talk? Will we let Telesphorus speak for a while? Look him in the eye! Come near! Telesphorus: I love you so much! Our Lady: And do I not? Telesphorus: You do it infinitely! Our Lady: Have you only this to say? Telesphorus: And Daddy too! Our Lady: He said He loves you so much! Don Vincenzo: It's a humility! It's an exemplary charity … always in the last place! Our Lady: And all the sons at the Banquet are in the first place … there’s nobody in the last! It's Us that are placed in the last place: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit! Don Vincenzo: What a grace to have him alongside me! Our Lady: When you conspire hidden plots?(we start laughing)Have you nothing more to say? Telesphorus: There’s one wish: that Daddy should always hold his head high!  Our Lady: His wish is that you should hold up your head to look at everybody … so that you'll look at all your sons … at Humanity that’s faraway: it's deaf and it's blind! What other wish do you still have? Telesphorus: There’s one wish I have … but it's better keeping it a secret! Our Lady: Do you know it? Don Vincenzo: No! Our Lady: That’s okay or do you want to talk again? Telesphorus: For the moment that’s okay! Our Lady: But don’t forget what your earthly daddy asked you to do! Telesphorus: Did he ask me for a trellis? Our Lady: I don't know! Do everything that he asked you to do!  Telesphorus: That I build a small house! Our Lady: Then build the small house … and after building the small house … then the inhabitants can go in! Just like each one of you builds the Small House and can enter it! But the First Small House that you have is Eternal: It's the Father's Heart where you can all go in! Don't forget the Vineyard, the Ark, the Oars and the Households! But don't forget the Father's Heart thrown wide open to each one of you! Here I am … Daddy! And you, what do you have? Have you taken away that little cloud? Raphael: Here I am! What's the Communion among You like, and how should it be among ourselves? Our Lady: The Communion among Us is Eternal … and yours is the Same … but it’s not there! Raphael: What’s lacking? Our Lady: Everything! You still must learn to take your first little steps! But there’s only one thing to do: Love just like We love … and the world is completely Filled! There mustn’t be any jealousy, there mustn’t be any distinctions … you are made in God's Image and Likeness … you are all equal! This is what’s lacking: seeing your brother the way you see your eyes! When your eyes are sad …  the Father's eyes are sad too in not seeing the Light there! Let you love! Love just like We love! At times the Stubborn One says: “Mother … how beautiful you are!”  And she said it to Me from the first moment! … And I answered her: “I'm beautiful because I love!” … “And I want to love … not to be beautiful like You are … but I want to learn to love!” … Learn to love and you'll be equal to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit … and you’ll shine like the Cross, just like you are one … but with Complete Love … my children! That's what I ask you to do at this Time! But be vigilant: the Fires of War don't stop … nor do the false prophets … neither do all the weapons they've prepared … and all the plans they’ve prepared to destroy Humanity! You are the New Church … and the New Church is made of the Cross! Don Vincenzo: Mother? Our Lady: Here I am! Say some other little word! Don Vincenzo: Mother … grant that our heart may love more and more! Our Lady: Grant, Father … that the heart of the Family, that the heart of the whole of Humanity, that the heart of the Priest Sons, that the heart of the Man that wears the White Habit … may learn to love God’s Living Bread more and more! Assistant Parish Priest … tell me something else! Raphael: We don’t see many things … hence ….! Our Lady: You see them … you go out … you look at so many things! You see ones that are right and ones that aren’t right! You see the things of the world that are more and more mistaken! You can't say that you don't see! The Stubborn One sees … but she’s under obedience … and she can only say what the Father lets her say!  And into your baskets you must place what’s in your heart … and I can't tell you anything else! Raphael: We would all like to know more! Here I am! Our Lady: I don't know what’ll happen when you’ll bring Me your baskets! You'll bring them to Jesus … but I’ll be there too! … (Our Lady gives some coughs) Here I am! Here I am! Let you likewise give some coughs! Will we give it together? Give it a bit more! Speak again to your children for a while! After that I’ll say goodbye to you and I’ll let all the children go home giving plenty to bring to the Father! After you’ve gathered what was sown … it’s brought to the Father in Love and in Humility! Don Vincenzo: Humility: the Queen of Virtues! Our Lady: Humility: the Queen of Virtues! Don Vincenzo: And Love to be spread everywhere! Our Lady: And Love to be spread everywhere! The Queen of Humility must reign in all you Handmaids! Have you something to say? Where is Thérése of the Child Jesus? The Handmaids: At work! Our Lady: At work? And in that case she’s working for the soul and for the body! She was so displeased: “but I’m right there with you all … and you are right there with me!” Send her a Smile when I go to the Garden! The Handmaids: Here I am! Our Lady: So that she’ll be glad about receiving the Smile that you got from God's Heart and from my Heart and about giving It also to her! The Handmaids: Here I am! Our Lady: She is sending it to you … and she’s sending it to all those that are suffering in body! Let you do the same! The Handmaids: Here I am! Our Lady: Here I am! Send your children a Smile … raise Your Eyes and give them … raise Your Hands and give them … they are waiting for you!(Our Lady and Don Vincenzo impose their hands over those present)Don Vincenzo: I give you my Heart always! Everybody: Here I am! Don Vincenzo: How beautiful to love you! How beautiful to be loved by you! How lovely to be inside here: a little bit of Paradise! Our Lady: It's the whole Paradise … not just a little bit! It's where you planted the Green Tree … and the Garden has grown that you planted all along in the Love and Abundance of Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Let’s allow Milk and Honey to flow … so that the children will bring Milk and Honey home … and give it to their enemies! Do this today … my children!  Don Vincenzo: Shall we bless? Our Lady: Yes, say goodbye with the Green Tree …  I’ll say goodbye with the Magnificat! And I let the Cough of Love descend! … (Our Lady imposes her hands and gives a cough and a kiss)Say goodbye with the Green Tree!  Don Vincenzo: And may Almighty God bless you … Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Everybody: Amen! Our Lady: Amen! The Magnificat! Don Vincenzo: Let’s sing the Magnificat!  … (everybody recites the song of the Magnificat with Our Lady)Our Lady: My Soul magnifies the Lord! My Soul is wide open before each one of you! My Soul is open to the Love that God gave Me! My Soul is the Humble Handmaid at the foot of the Cross! My Soul is the Grace that God gave Me! My Soul is the Fruit of God’s Womb for Eternity! And for Eternity … (She imposes her hands over those present) … may the Father's Love … the Son’s Love … and the Holy Spirit's Love descend on you! May it descend plentifully upon each one of you, on your families, on your friends, on your enemies, on all the sons that you meet everywhere you go … on the roads that you walk … and on the Thorns that you sow … children of my Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart! And my Immaculate Heart will triumph and the Sun will shine … and with the Father the Battle is already Won because the Sun is open … but the Furrow must be finished! Be vigilant … my children … be vigilant! …. I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! THE FATHER: I too love you and I wait for your love! Everybody:  I LOVE YOU, DADDY! The Father: Here I am … children of my Heart! I let the Burning Fire of Pentecost descend on you again, the Pocket-money of Divine Mercy … accept it with Love, break it up and give it to your enemies! But be vigilant: the Burning Fire of Pentecost is the Whole Bread that comes from God’s Mouth … not the dances! And the Bread that comes from God’s Mouth: the Fire of Pentecost … when it’s eaten it burns ardently and burns and it makes you fall in love! And when you are in love you are betrothed to the Bridegroom! And you are all Betrothed to the Father: Brides of the Only Bridegroom! Julia: Mother … how lovely the Words are that Daddy whispered to you! Make us fall in love more and more! And let me go to work where now it's about to descend … what’s about to descend! Our Loved Ones are at the Banquet … later on we’ll go out with the Arrayed-Hosts! Can we greet all our Loved Ones? … (everyone greets their Loved Ones) … Here we are! Mother … we'll see each other later! … (she imposes her hands together with Don Vincenzo and sends a kiss)




JULY 28th 2016



Thaddeus leads the prayer of the holy rosary and during the meditation on mysteries & while it’s prayed for the whole Church, for the Pope, for the Bishops, for all the Priests and for the whole world, behold the Visitation begins:  Julia:  If it is you, glorify the Father! If it's you, glorify the Father! If it's you, glorify the Father! … (Jesus is silent for a short time, then He says:) Jesus: From the Top of God’s finger … (He blesses) … I glorify the Father Most High! And with God’s Finger … (Jesus brings His index finger up high) … I invite humanity to be vigilant … (He blesses) … and to live as God’s Sons in being little, in being poor, in being at the service of God and not at the service of men and not at the service of whoever goes hither and thither! You should give God’s Broken Bread without this costing money! You should give God’s Broken Bread in its entirety to His children without endangering them! And with His Raised Finger … (Jesus again lifts up His index finger) … you should give everybody the Gospel according to God in a single voice and in a single Truth! God Exists … and through God you were given everything … just like you were also given Me by means of the Father through the 'Here I am' of Mary … remaining Little and Poor, doing the Father's things and called to be a Mother and remain a Mother in the Love and Humility of the Childbirth of the Cross! … (He blesses) … And each one of you was called like this! Free to embrace the Cross! Free to remain Sons of the Cross! Free to be a Cross: to take yourselves up and carry yourselves before God, before your brothers, before the New Church that you are … Children, Brothers and Friends of My Heart! Pray again … pray with your heart wide open for all the Priest Sons and for the Man that wears the White Habit! Pray … pray … pray … let you pray … My Children, Friends of My Heart Dripping Blood for the whole of humanity and for each one of you! Divine Stubborn One? Julia: Here I am … Jesus! Jesus: Where did you go? Julia: To work where you desire as always … Jesus! Jesus: Did you not go to cry out before the Father's Throne? Julia: Here I am … I went to tell Him the things a Daughter tells her Daddy! Jesus: Take a look … My Soul! Julia: Here I am, Jesus … what can I do? Jesus:  What you always do! Julia: Jesus … can you not shorten the Times? Jesus: You know everything! Julia: By the Father's Will I know everything all along! You could even shorten them … if you want to! Jesus: Look again! Julia: Here I am … Here I am, Jesus … what must I do? Will I leave what I'm doing? Jesus: See, My Soul … humanity is deaf and it's blind! Julia: They are sons! Jesus: They are sons … I know! Being sons they don't listen and don’t eat God's Bread! Julia: Jesus, they are sons … but Here I am, doing the Father's business! Jesus: Sacrifice yourself like you can do! Julia: Here I am … Jesus! Here I am … Jesus! Jesus, I place in your hands again everything that you gave me all along! I place the Family; I place their whispers … I place the hearts that I've gathered and I place them in your Heart! And as always I place my day’s nothingness! I place the children who entrust themselves to my prayers! I place the sons that can't enter because the door was closed for them! I place all the Priests, the Lilies and the Man that wears the White Habit: I place them in your Heart! I can't tell you any longer: “accept us just as we are!” Look … and do what you must do, Jesus! And in doing what you must do … I lift up the Cross to you … (she blesses) … just like you gave it to me … Jesus! Jesus: Here I am …  My Soul! Julia: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am with the Two Banquets! Here I am with all the Arrayed-Hosts! Here I am with all the Little children! Here I am with all the Brides! Here I am with all the Useless Servants! Here I am with the Two Johns … Karol, Pio and Dominic … bringing the only Truth of the Cross … (He blesses) … and the only Truth of the Bread … asking you again to hold them up and live them in the fullness of your hearts … my children! Julia: Here we are … Jesus! Here I am … Jesus! Jesus: PEACE TO YOUR HEART … JOHN, JESUS-GOD! … (Don Vincenzo makes the sign of the Cross on Jesus' hands) … Peace to each one of you: Family and New Church! … (Jesus sends a kiss to those present and it's reciprocated) … What do you have to tell me? Don Vincenzo: All this: God's food! Jesus:  You should take the God-Food after having given the Blood and the Flesh … and God gives Himself Whole and Entire: He breaks & gives Himself … but He’s Whole & Entire again! Don Vincenzo: Here we are … little, poor and in the last place! Jesus:  And in the last place in order to be called to the first place by the Father! Do you want to touch the Nails? … (Don Vincenzo caresses the Stubborn One’s hand) … Don Vincenzo: The Nails … always the Nails! Jesus: Of course … you like caressing them! But I ask you all … just like you ask the whole of humanity … to be vigilant: there are False Prophets outside the gate and the Poison is there too! Don't forget this! And when you go outside from this Place don't forget that God sees and hears everything … Children, Brothers and Friends of my Heart! God stays awake! God sleeps! God acts as deaf! God acts as dumbbut He sees and hears everything! God acts as a Child! God hides! God walks bent-over! Nobody asked if the Cross is heavy or if it’s light! Nobody asked if humanity is carried on His back! And now let you remain seated and we’ll give ourselves! I give myself and you give yourself and the Instrument is Crucified out of Love for all the Priest Sons and for the Man that wears the White Habit! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! … (Raphael gives Jesus the beaker with the wine … Jesus lifts it up … drinks it … and then gives it to Don Vincenzo to drink) … this is the Blood that you gave Me through Mary! This is my Blood! This is my Blood! … (Raphael gives Jesus a piece of Bread … Jesus breaks it in half and gives the other half to Don Vincenzo. Then Jesus, before eating it, lifts up the Bread and says:) … This is the Flesh that you gave Me through Mary and through the Cross! And This is Me: the Son of God … made-a-Man among you in order to remain in the New Church and eat What's New with each one of you and with deaf and blind humanity! Will we give ourselves again? Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: I give myself and you give yourself and the Instrument is Crucified out of Love! But remain seated … I’ll go! Here I am! The Father stays and I give myself! I can't go past the Father! … (Jesus bows at the feet of the Living Cup to receive the blessing) … Father, bless Me … since I’ll give Myself! Amen! … (Jesus and Joseph, respectively, give the Wine and Bread! Jesus says: This is my Blood! Joseph says: This is my Flesh! And everybody answers: Amen!) … Eat Me! Raphael: Here I am! … (Jesus bows at the Living-Cup’s feet and says:) …  Jesus: Father … Here I am … we've given ourselves in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit that’s Mary! And in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit who is Mary … Easter is Complete, it’s Alive and it's Risen in God’s Name! Don Vincenzo: We must eat! Jesus: Take part at your Banquet of Love … at the Banquet of the Easter full of God … full of Love! Now let's take part! And the Little, the Poor, the Marginalized and the Whole Family take part … in the Love of the Cross! Let's take part! What do you want to eat? Don Vincenzo: Cheese! Jesus: Do you want to eat this? The Father is hungry … He has worked and He’s working! Here I am! Let's partake! Here I am … the cheese too that I gave to the Father! Raphael: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! Let's take part at the Father's Banquet … let's take part at the Brides’ Banquet where the Father is always present! … (As usual Raphael, Catherine, Mary Rosaria and Joseph get ready for the distribution of the food-dishes that are at the Banquet) … Belly-one, Here I am … take what you want! MarieAngela: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am, Father … eat what food is there! Are you hungry and thirsty for God? Everybody: Here I am! Jesus: Eat Him! Do you want to talk while eating, while you eat … do you want to say something? Will you eat first and then speak? Don Vincenzo: Yes! Jesus: Eat first and then speak! The Father is hungry and thirsty for His children! Are you not speaking? Teresa: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! Teresa: Here I am! We have still a week to prepare for the Bitterness Feast, to open our heart, to understand that we are the New Church … and that as the New Church and the Family we must have everything we need and we must make ourselves autonomous in power and in being able to do everything! Thanks be to God each one of us has a gift! Jesus: It’s enough to cultivate the gift! If the gift isn’t cultivated it becomes rusty … and in becoming rusty it becomes detached from God! Go ahead! Teresa: And that's why each one of the Family … by cultivating his or her gift … is a piece of the New Church … of the whole New Church! Jesus: Here I am! Teresa: And hence, by God's grace … we can be autonomous and independent! We are free! By having God, by having You, by having the heavenly Mother and all the Useless Servants we are free and we aren't bound or tied by power, by what’s there on the outside and by what surrounds us! Jesus:  The world’s Chains mustn't belong to you … you must break them … and bind yourselves to the only Chain which is the Cross, the Crucified One and Whoever gave birth to the Crucified One! Teresa: Here I am! Our being free in the New Church isn’t a freedom like it’s always understood by men! Jesus: No! Teresa: But it’s a Freedom seen with the Father's Eyes! Jesus: Here I am! Teresa: Being free in recognizing one another … in understanding that we have everything! And hence there’s no need to feel ourselves as prisoners because by having everything we are free! Jesus: If you have God you have everything … and if you listen to God you are on God's Road! Teresa: Being free means not having any fear … and having only the fear of God! Jesus: Not of men! Teresa: And hence we don’t have chains, not being tied down! This is what we must understand: that we already have everything! We must only open the eyes of our heart to see it! Jesus: Yes! Teresa: And through seeing it … it’s simple to understand it: it’s enough to compare what happens outside! And I think that we all notice the difference between ourselves and someone that’s outside! But this doesn't mean that we are better than others! On the contrary! Jesus: No! You form part of the New Church! The others can't understand you! And if you remain in the Vineyard, in the Ark, in the Oars and in the Households … you are different from the others … because you have fully accepted God's Word: the Bread in its Entirety but Broken! The whole of humanity are: sons … but God has given you this Great Gift of making you the New Church! That’s what you aren’t able to understand and you find it difficult … and your “ifs” and “buts” spring up … and jealousy springs up! In the New Church there’s no jealousy or your “ifs” and “buts”! Go ahead! Teresa: And since we are the New Church we have the Instrument … that's our Guide along with the Father! The Instrument is the Father's Voice … and the Son’s … and Mary’s! Jesus: The Instrument is at the Father's Right Hand more and more and amongst you less and less … but she looks at you and hears you! And when you answer her … you don't know who you are answering! And when you try to hide … you don't know from whom you are hiding! Teresa: And the only way that we have of being the New Church and of being able to help the Father to realize His Plan is that of letting our faith grow … and understand Who the Instrument is … and that everything she says and everything she does … is God's Word … it’s for our good … and that she doesn't do it to be in first place … rather she puts in the zero place … in the zero zero place! When she scolds us, by crying out … her heart breaks in doing it all … and she does it to put us on the straight road! And everything that comes from her mouth is God's Word and we must absolutely not discuss it at all!  Jesus: Here I am! That is to say ... when the Instrument speaks and I’ve already told you this: on very few occasions she’s present there and many times it's Me there, it’s Mary present, it's the Father there, it’s all the Useless Servants present! When she’s there she tells you: “Now it's me!” Now it's Me: Jesus … and she went to work, doing the Father's things! But be vigilant and pray again for the Walls of Rome! Pray again for all the Priest Sons and for the Man that wears the White Habit!  Pray for the Church that sells and buys! Pray for the Church that sells Us and buys Us! Have you nothing more to say? And have you, Assistant Parish Priest … nothing to say? Raphael: Here I am! In travelling around, Jesus … the confusion has increased and many people ask themselves what’s happening! Jesus: You mustn't answer; you must say: “Seek where God is! But you won’t find Him by-going-hither and thither where they sell Him and buy Him! Seek where He gives Himself out of Love! Raphael: Jesus, but if they enter churches? Jesus: Let you answer only: “Seek where He is! He gives Himself out of Love … not where He’s sold and He’s bought!” … Without adding anything else when they ask you this and without imposing anything on anybody! You mustn’t impose anything on anybody! Raphael: Here I am! Many times we aren't careful … Jesus! Jesus: You must be vigilant! You are Priests, Sisters and Priestesses and Handmaids! You still haven't understood what the Word: Handmaid means! Slowly but surely they’ll get there! Raphael: Hence are we a little bit superficial? Jesus: Quite a lot … not just a little bit! Raphael: We do things without realizing it! Jesus: Before you do something … you must stop just a moment, and say: “Jesus … Father … I have to do this thing … but I must remove my ego and put Yours in … so that I'm sure I won’t make a mistake!” … They are waiting with the nothingness! … (it’s Catherine and Mary Rosaria with the plate) … take the nothingness and then give it .... sparsely, a scanty one! Raphael: Here I am! Jesus: Do you want to talk for a while … Daddy? Don Vincenzo: We still aren’t able to live for God … and there’s no other objective! God alone gives us everything that we have and God alone shows Himself as the Father of Love! And we who are inside here have this good fortune and we could’ve not been here at all and we would still be dominated by the world! And instead of that the Father was good to us and brought us here … no longer the world’s victims … but children of Love! We are still behind the world … each one of us should do nothing but dedicate at least one hour to prayer everyday … because only then do these hours bring Light, bring Love, bring Truth … even when the Cross comes! Jesus: The Cross doesn’t come, Daddy … the Cross is there all along! In calling Mary to become God’s Mother … you made her give birth to the Cross first and then to the Crucified One! Don Vincenzo: What I recommend to you all with all my heart is to have a conversation of Love each day with Jesus, with Our Lady, with the Father! Jesus: The Father comes first and after that all the others come! God is the First Place and the First Fruit! Don Vincenzo: Without this diving into God we won’t make progress in any field! But when we put God in first place … Jesus:  There’s the Garden and the Wedding Banquet! Don Vincenzo: … Everything is illuminated! Then it's right there that we attach importance to God … but the First Place must be released in us … the Father's First Place must be released in us! Without these two fixed points we’ll only be human Beings … when we are Divine Beings … we are projected towards Eternity … day after day we are going towards the Father! We are already in the Garden because we’ve had this Grace … and we’ve also had the Gospel according to God! Jesus: Now Mary’s one and the Magdalene’s will also come and going further on the Real Useless Servants will come! Don Vincenzo: I can only pray for you allJesus: Now you cover yourself! Do you cover yourself with the Cloak or with the Cover that covers humanity? What do you cover yourself with? It’s beautiful to listen to the Voice of the Father that covers Himself with His Cloak and Cover! Don Vincenzo: It's too beautiful to mention God … but we are in a hurry … when that speaking is everything … it gives us Light, it gives us Love, it gives us Eternity and lets us taste it already and gives us the Cross! The Father has covered Himself with the Cover! Here I am! Raphael: We should bear more respect for the Place, for the Father, for Julia, for whoever works inside here, for anybody! Jesus: It’s all of you who work in the Vineyard, in the Ark, in the Oars and in the Households! You are the New Church and you must all be united! Raphael: Without “ifs” or “buts” … and having the possibility of turning our back without being stabbed … and be more humble and help one another! That would be little enough …  very little! Jesus: Here we are! Raphael: Here we are! Jesus: God doesn’t stab his sons! Raphael: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! … (Jesus sends a kiss to those present) … I’m going to receive the Brides and John is coming and I’ll come later to say goodbye to you! LITTLE JOHN: HERE I AM! WITH THE CROSS AND WITH THE BREAD! … (He blesses and sends a kiss) … Don Vincenzo: Hello … John! Little John: Hello! Let's see how the coffee is … and whoever wants it let him take some! It’s good! Do you taste it like I taste it? It’s good, excellent! I think that you must buy another espresso coffee maker … so that all of you taste it like I taste it! Here I am! Yes … and also some cod! Don Vincenzo: When we start the day … the first thing that we must do is give thanks because the Father was good to us in giving us other 24 hours and we also find the Cross! Little John: Living Cup-God-John … the Cross is each one of His sons made in God's Image and Likeness … and you don’t have to find it … you are a Cross! If it’s thrown out you don’t find it … but if you get up and walk on the Narrow Lane … every son is a Cross: made in God’s Image and Likeness! Go ahead! Don Vincenzo: We need to put God in first place throughout the day … even if at times one can't pray for various reasons! Little John: Remind His children that praying is sending God a Dart of Love: “I love you, Daddy!” …  silently … even when there are guests … even when there’s no voice to speak! Don Vincenzo: Let’s try to discover what surrounds us: it all speaks about God! It's that we aren't trained to read, to work out, to respect Creation … because otherwise we would find God everywhere! Each one of us must learn to place himself before a Crucifix … and that’s where it's Prayer … when you begin to say: “I love you, Jesus … I love you! I never did it … but I must do it because you love me more than everybody else … and I don’t love you more than everybody else … rather I exploit you at certain times by asking you for miracles!” And yet these requests can be just ones … but it’s Love that has to stir up every Rebirth, because it’s in the Rebirth that we discover when Love grows! When Faith grows … then Love grows! And when Love grows … the Cross grows … because we are no longer afraid of the Cross and we accept anything at all from the Father … because the Father knows what our heart needs! Let’s love one another! When we’ll learn to love ourselves … we’ll learn to love others! But if we don't love ourselves … we won’t love others or we’ll love them only out of convenience! But when Jesus stands out in our heart everything becomes inflamed, it's all love, everything is … absolutely everything … at any moment of the day! Little John: And now I’ve eaten and now I’ll eat this! I ate a sausage, I ate some cod and now I’ll eat the dessert! Behold … I’ll get it on my own! Do you want the same dessert as mine? Here it is … it’s nicer to eat the whole lot! Now I ask you a question … (John address the Handmaids) … what do you want: the cherries or the dessert? The Handmaids: Both! Little John: Not to be wrong! But did you see what the cherries are? Tomatoes! Assistant Parish Priest, the Handmaids want the cherries and desserts so bring them both to them! Raphael: Here I am! Little John: I want to see how they eat them together! I must amuse myself: one bite of dessert … one bite of cherry! Let's see what they’ll do! Therefore … the Garden is among you and it's the Garden of Love, the Garden where no fruit plant is lacking, where no flower plant is missing, where no Cross is lacking … because each one that gave their hand became a Bride and a Cross! And the Arrayed-Hosts are there that go out to clean where anybody dirties ...! And the Father's Banquet is the Garden that shines for all the sons that have recognized the Father! Don Vincenzo: I can't hear! Little John: The Father that hears and can’t hear! The Father that sees and hears everything! The Father that listens! The Father that covers himself with the Cloak and with the Cover that covers the world! Let yourselves be covered by God’s Cloak! Let yourselves be covered by God’s Cover! Let yourselves be covered by the Love that God gives you moment by moment … and pray, pray just like we always did: in Silence, in Humility and in My Open Love towards everybody … but remaining united … my children! Don't forget what I've taught you … don't forget what I teach you! The Instrument guided by God is what God teaches you in your midst … where He has planted the Green Tree by making you the New Church … just like I always told you: “We are the Church outside the Church … but in God’s Church!” The Real God … the God that’s not sold … the God that’s not bought … the God that doesn’t betray His children … but He opens wide and gives Himself Whole and Entire in one Little Piece … but Whole &Entire! And I ask you again, children … to be ready and prepared! You’ve built the Household … it’s still lacking so much! The world’s words, the words shouted out in public fly away with the Wind … God's Bread remains because it’s a Rock and doesn’t fly with the Wind! John … it’s the Hour to fight … it’s the Hour to fill the Furrow! I’ll drink this and after that I’ll say goodbye to you and then Jesus will come to greet you! Assistant Parish Priest … your job is about to come … just like the job of each one of you! Raphael: Here I am! Little John: Here I am! Did you drink? Then pour it out and let’s say Cheers! … (John and Raphael drink something bitter) … let you always be vigilant! Let all of you be vigilant for what descended at this moment and what’ll descend again! My children … I love you all! Everybody: So do we! Little John: And when the Hour of the Households arrives … I'll be waiting for you! Everybody: Here I am! Little John: I'll be there … with the Father, with the Son and with the Holy Spirit and with all the Arrayed-Hosts! Now I’ll say goodbye to you! … (he sends a kiss) … Wait … Jesus comes! JESUS: With the Cross and with the Bread! … … Daddy…! Don Vincenzo: Jesus!  Jesus: Use your Finger of Love … and you’ll hear like you’ve always heard … and you’ll see like you've always seen … and you’ll speak like you've always spoken! Don Vincenzo: Yes … Jesus! Jesus: I'll say goodbye to all my sons inviting them to look at themselves in the mirror of their heart and see themselves all as Crosses and to be ready and prepared in Complete Love! Now say goodbye with the Green Tree … as always I open My Heart wide to you all and to the whole of humanity … my children! Don Vincenzo: May the Father's Goodness, the Son's Mercy, the Holy Spirit's Love … descend abundantly upon you all, on your families, on your relatives, on your friends, on your enemies, on all humanity! And may Almighty God bless you … Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Everybody:  Amen!  Jesus: Amen! Julia: John … I was given a bitter task! Will you help me? Can you go to fetch the Brides? I must go to work! Did you see them … there are already so many! They’ve prepared the Dresses and the Girl goes to receive them with the praises and all the others! John … hold me by the hand! We'll see each other later! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! THE FATHER: I too love you and I wait for your love! Everybody: I love you, Daddy! The Father: Here I am, children of my Heart … I let Mary’s Ardent Immaculate Heart descend on you … the Merciful Love of Her Heart … Her Simplicity! Let Her Here I am light up your hearts … Now and for Eternity … my children, Living Church and Mary’s Tabernacle! Julia: Father … be merciful with the sunken Church! Wait again for the sons that are faraway … and give me always the constancy and strength to be able to bring them home! The Father: You know everything … My Soul! Julia: That's why I knock at your Heart! I can't change what’s written in the Big Book … but I knock fervently … lit up with your Love … Father and Judge of Infinite Love! And since the new Brides have all arrived … and the Brides who are preparing to go out with the Arrayed-Hosts … let's take part in your Work by greeting our loved ones! … (everybody greets their loved ones) … Mother, I miss you even though I see you moment by moment! I miss you … but let’s work … let’s work for Peace … let’s work for the New Church! We'll see each other later! Mother Violet … help me to sew just like you sew the Brides’ Dresses! … (she sends a kiss) … we'll see each other later!