N° 195


Messages through the Instrument Julia





11th DECEMBER  2016


Thaddeus leads the prayer of the holy rosary and during the meditation on its mysteries & while it's prayed for the whole Church, for the Pope, for Bishops, for all Priests and for the whole world, behold the Visitation begins: Julia: If it's you, glorify the Father! If it's you, glorify the Father! If it's you, glorify the Father! Our Lady: (blesses)Here I am again coming to glorify the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit who is My Immaculate Heart of a Mother and Maiden! Here I am again responding to the Father for having given me the Joy of coming to embrace each one of you and the whole of Humanity! Here I am again as a Humble Handmaid before the Father's Heart imploring Mercy for all men and for the whole of Humanity … implore Mercy for everything that mankind is destroying … Children, Brothers and Friends of My Heart and of the Heart of Jesus … Friends of God's Heart who opens His Arms to embrace the whole of Humanity and all His Sons … the Sons that He redeemed with his Blood! Perform acts of love towards everybody … My children! Bless whoever curses you! Forgive whoever blasphemes you! Love those that pierce you! Live in the Father's Day-to-Day … and everything will be given you in abundance! Pour your bitter cups into the Father’s Cup … becoming completely one with the Father, with the Son and with the Holy Spirit that's my Immaculate Heart of a Mother … Children, Brothers and Friends of God's All! Walk the road of your heart step by step! Look at yourselves and present yourselves to the Father's Heart … My children! Divine Stubborn One …? Julia: Here I am Mother! How beautiful your Smile is and how beautiful your Eyes are … and there's only your stained Dress … stained with innocent Blood! Our Lady: Then I’ll give it to you later to clean! Julia: Here I am Mother! I've another bit of work to do! Today I wouldn’t like to bring anybody with me! Can I do it on my own? Our LadyTake a Look! Julia: Here I am! Our LadyDo you still want to do the work on your own? Julia: If it's possible … Here I am! Our LadyYou always become more Stubborn!  Julia: The Father wants it that way ... and I think that you too want it that way! You made me so Stubborn! As long as I can grow in being Stubborn & Headstrong like a stone, those that don't split open … I’ll become so … if God wants it … if the Father wants it … if you want it, Mammy … and if Jesus wants it!  Our LadyWe want it! Julia: Here I am again for eternity! Our LadyLook again! Julia: Here I am! When your Meeting of Love finishes … will I have to write down everything that I've seen … and then read it out on the day of the Feast of Light? Our LadyHere I am! Julia: Mammy … grant that I may be able to do the whole of today's work and without getting anyone to come and help me … since there's so much to do and all the Arrayed Hosts are outside! Here I am, Mother!  Our Lady: Daughter … pray for those who are preparing the greatest disasters for the whole of Humanity! Julia: Here we are, Mother! I know that you as a Mother don't abandon anyone and neither will you abandon these Sons who are your Sons … and you gave them to me to carry on my back! If the Father wants it … I ardently desire to bring them home into the Garden … into the Vineyard, into the Ark, into the Oars and into the Households … but let God's Will be done … not mine, Mammy! Our LadyPray again, children … for all the Priest Sons and for the Man that wears the White Garment! Julia: Here we are, mother! Ready in my Here I am for eternityOur LadyHere I am, My Soul! Here I am with the Nuptial Banquet! Here I am at all the Arrayed Hosts! Here I am with all the Useless Servants! Here I am with all the Little Children! Here I am the Two Johns … Karol, Pio and Dominic … in bringing you the Only Truth of the Cross and the Only Truth of the Bread … (She blesses) … asking you again to hold them high and live them in the fullness of your hearts … My children! Julia: Mammy, I take everything that I’ve gathered: the Sons, the Family, the Priests, the Gems, the Lilies and the Man that wears the White Habit and I give it to you on this day! I gather all the whispers and all the hearts and I give them to you … so that you purify and offer them to the Father … since you are the Last Grace that’s Alive and Real among us United to the Father and the Son! You All were never separated … and you All will never leave us! Mother, Mammy grant that we may not become detached from your Motherly Teaching! Open these ears of ours … open this heart of ours … so that we may become a Family that eats the Bread of the New Church and breaks It and shares It with all the children … without looking at the color of their skin, without looking at whether they are dirty or clean … but in being Completely One! And make us be united with the animals ... with all the friends that you still send us! Make us remain Little like this … Little Johns who are always more Little, Poor and in the Last Place in order to be invited to the First! Grant that we may share everything that we have with our brothers … because we still haven’t understood anything about the Treasure that awaits us Alive and Real in our midst! This is what your Message is! This is what your Bread is! This is what your Speech in the Family is … but I can't say it! Tell me if it’s like this … Mother! Our LadySay it … it's within you, My Soul … and speak, speak, speak! Julia: And unplug these for us, Mother … and open thisOur LadyDon't forget your First Message! Julia: Here I am! God's Time isn’t our one! Here we are, Mother … Here we are! Our LadyPeace to your heart, living CUP God John!  Don Vincenzo: Peace! Our LadyPeace to each one of you, children! … (Our Lady sends a kiss to those present who reciprocate! Meanwhile Don Vincenzo tries to get something from his trousers’ pocket) … Do you want Me to pay? Don Vincenzo: No, I wanted to get my Rosary Beads! Our LadyI thought that you wanted Me to pay for the ticket for going and returning like it’s done in every other place! Eh, in My Name they pay for the ticket for going and returning! It was lovely seeing that almost at the end of the Rosary you took out the Rosary Beads! But are you not an Entire Rosary?  Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Our LadyAnd what do you see today? Don Vincenzo: We must be disciples of Jesus! Our LadyAnd what more must you do after being disciples of Jesus? Don Vincenzo: Put God in First Place in every situation ... bear witness … and right there the Christian is recognized! Our LadyAnd nothing else? Don Vincenzo: And then becomes a Chain … a Chain of Love! Our LadyIt would be lovely to see the whole of Humanity bound with a Chain of Love! They all come to offer Me Rosaries, they all come to offer Me other Gifts … but nobody comes to offer Me the Chain of their heart! They all come to leave Me their wedding dress … but later on they leave each other! It's not nice to destroy the Marriage after giving Me the wedding dress … or after giving Me the bridal crown! Or after giving Me the holy Rosary … instead of fingering the beads of the Rosary! I finger it with Mine! It's beautiful to see Households united! It's beautiful when you say: “Here I am!” before the Father for eternity … and it's not beautiful to already see it on the second day … broken for nothing! Don't take these steps! Don't break your “Here I am given before the Father” for nothing … but remain in your Here I am in good times and bad, in tears and in sorrow! If you create a Household … don't break it! In the Father's House you can't cancel what was said before the Father! The Priest Sons can't cancel that Seal of Love! Living Cup God John … pray for the Walls of the Houses … that they've built for My Heart, for the Father's Heart, for the Heart of Jesus, for the heart of all the Useless Servants … and which have collapsed! Pray! Pray very hard … and get the children to pray very hard! And remain the New Church! Let them speak, let them laugh … and be certain of having the Cross … (She blesses) … as the Bed where to rest and get the strength to go forward behind God's Footsteps who is Alive and Real among you! My Heart desires this! This is the Dress that I want! Who will sew it for Me? The whole of Humanity sewn to God's Heart! … Tell me something else! It's lovely to hear your voice! Don Vincenzo: Mother! Our LadyHere I am! Don Vincenzo: Be the Father’s instruments! Our LadyYou are! The children have to be … because you are! Don Vincenzo: Yes! Our LadySpeak again! Don Vincenzo: Be God's instruments! And how beautiful it is to live to give Him Glory! And how beautiful it is to give witness to this and give meaning to our days! Our LadyThe Days of God's Sons don't have a Day … they have God's Infinity! The whole of Humanity rushes around ... and if it would only stop for a short while and look at the Father's Infinity … how beautiful it would be! But there’s a Stubborn One! Do you know her? She doesn't want to be helped and she does all the work that she saw! It costs her more to write down what she saw … but it doesn't cost her to work: “Can I do the work that I saw on my own?” … I answer her: “Here I am!” … And she lets her creatures rest … in order to take them later on like beads of the rosary one by one to make them work for the Father’s Glory! Don Vincenzo: It's the purpose of our life, of every son: to give glory to God! Our LadyTo give glory to God! Don Vincenzo: For everything that He gave us and for everything that He has let us enjoy! How beautiful to be God’s Sons! Our Lady: How beautiful to have a Vineyard, an Ark, the Oars and the Households and to be the New Church! “I’ll come and I’ll eat What's New with all of you … New Church! ... And He's doing so moment after moment! Don Vincenzo: Yes … He's doing so moment after moment! Our LadyMoment after moment! You got the invitation to keep us company and be vigilant! For every feast you are told: “Prepare your hearts! Make yourselves beautiful for Jesus!” … Then get ready for the Next Dawn ... by remaining closely-knit … by remaining friends, Sons and brothers of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Therese of the Child Jesus … what do you want to tell me? Why did your heart become sad? Nothing is impossible to the Father! Tell me something! Do you not want to say anything? Teresa: Here I am, Mother … Here I am! Grant that each one of us … and especially us Handmaids … may take your example since you are the First Handmaid! Our LadyHere I am! But do you still want to remain Handmaids?  The Handmaids: Here I am! Our LadyAre you really sure? The Handmaids: Here I am! Our Lady: Then be vigilant … because I know your hearts! And you don’t have to force yourselves … you can also remain Sisters and work! But you can't hide anything from the Father! Here I am! And if you want to get engaged and marry you can do so as Sisters … and as Handmaids you must wait for the Father's orders! The Handmaids: Here I am! Our Lady: You can’t backtrack in hiding yourselves … because there's no place around this book that nobody sees! I’m speaking like this … with simplicity! Here I am! Speak … I know that you must go to work … but it's still early!  Teresa: It's early … there's time! Our Lady: You’ll find many creatures that’ll need you in one way or another: as a Doctor and as a Handmaid! Teresa: Here I am! Our Lady: Why don't you want to speak? You mustn't get discouraged! God Exists! Say a few words! …  Father … raise your gaze and look at your children just like you’ve looked at Me at this moment! Did you look at his gaze?  Everybody: Here I am! Our Lady: Speak for a while! Teresa: Here I am! During this month we’ve had many Feast-days, our own Feasts … and each one is tied to a New Date … that represents a phase of the past, present and future of the New Church! Our Lady: Here I am! Teresa: Here I am! And that's where we must be vigilant in understanding that every little thing has its importance on that day! It's not that the other days: the Thursdays and the Second Sundays aren’t important! Our Lady: Here I am! Teresa: It's that the Dates chosen and more details … let's say it like that … have a meaning that we can't understand! Our Lady: Here I am! Teresa: And that's why we often see the Instrument sad during those days … because she doesn't see unity … she doesn't see communion … she doesn't see what You All are telling us all along! Our Lady: Here I am! Teresa: And instead of going forward … we turn back! Our Lady: You go backwards … and give space to the Poison and the False Prophets! You mustn't do so! You must fight it … (She raises her right hand and blesses) …  by remaining united and understanding the Feast of the Wedding Banquet! Teresa: Here I am! And even when everyday at home we prepare the Banquet for our breakfast, for our dinner and for our supper … we must enlarge its size … and we mustn’t think only of ourselves! And we must remember that everything is given to us and it’s bestowed on us! And thanks to God none of us lacks anything! And if we remain steadfast in faith we won’t lack anything! Our Lady: The Father has always told you: “You’ll never lack anything! Teresa: Here I am! And the more we have faith in believing that we won’t lack anything … the greater the abundance will be! Our Lady: The abundance! Teresa: Here I am! Our Lady: Here I am! Did you ever ask yourselves … but why does the Instrument take her breakfast standing? You’ve asked yourselves! And what answer did you get? Teresa: She goes to bring breakfast to whoever can't make a breakfast … and that's why she’s standing! Our Lady: Here I am! Remaining Crucified for Love! Here I am! Do you want to say anything else? Assistant Parish Priest, do you want to say something? Raphael: Here I am! Here I am for your Here I am! Our Lady: I gave my Here I am! Raphael: Here I am! Unplug our ears and open our hearts! Too difficult? Nothing is difficult for you! Our Lady: For Me it's not difficult … but it’s you that are difficult, the whole of Humanity is! Nothing is impossible to God! Nothing is impossible to Whoever is the Last Grace and it's Me! But it's you that are difficult! You talk and talk … and don’t listen! If you go outside and you hear a word of hearsay: “Hey, Mother Julia … we’ve heard this ….!” … And what about what you are told? Do you not hear it? Do you not let it be born within you? It's easy to let the Poison and the false Prophets enter … and you forget to fight them! … “We saw this TV program … what do you think of it?” … You already know this: the Instrument is under obedience! She answers you with a single word: “I don’t know them!” … And when she said this … she said everything! … Or she can answer you: “I didn’t find the Bread … I didn’t meet it!” … And you who are Family must understand what she says with a single word … such as: “God exists! … If God wills it!Whatever the Father has decided!” … You can't go beyond what the Father has decided … because God Exists and He can do everything! And in His Plan, there’s the whole Family to bring into the Garden! Don’t give Me your tender languid eyes! In a Family, you speak like this: 2 plus 2 is 4 … 5 or 6! If you work out that 2 plus 2 is 4 … the Father can say: “2 plus 2 is 8!” … Whereas mankind says: “2 plus 2 is 4!” … Is it like that?(Don Vincenzo nods his head)Our Lady: He said yes! For the wise, few words are needed! Do you not want to tell Me anything more? Don Vincenzo: It's all beautiful! We should be ashamed of every time that we are sad … because God has done everything for Love, for Beauty, for the Cross! The Good Father has created everything and waits for everything from His children … but He waits for something simple, namely Love! Love! Let you love! Everything depends on the Love between us and God … and between ourselves … because many times we place a …..  Our Lady:a Sword! Don Vincenzo: … a Sword to prevent this Love and that this Love may change to another Love! This is what a Christian’s Day ought to be: a Day of Joy! To be God’s Sons! Who more than us is like this? Who more than us can enjoy this Love? And especially we who’ve come inside here and we come here for so many years … we should rejoice every moment and we should love more than everybody! How beautiful to love in God’s Name: “I love you … son, brother, friend, sister! I love you!” … And our day acquires meaning … because this is the meaning of our day: to make us love one another … make us love each other! Aaaah!  Our Lady: God that becomes Fruit! God that becomes Fruit for the whole of Humanity … and the Fruit is the Bread from the blossoming of the ear-of-wheat! Remain wheat … children … so that the Father may gather you! And always remain green just the Tree of the Cross is … that’s planted and remains green forever … my children! Should you tell me something else? Raphael: I should learn to understand that God Loves me! Our Lady: Why … do you doubt it? Raphael: I should make it mine much more! I must learn! Our Lady: Should you do less or learn? Did you ask yourself whether your children have understood what you said? What would you all say? Did you not understand? … (said to Claire) … Then the others haven’t understood either! What exactly do you mean? Raphael: I must realize how much my Father loves me and I must make it my own more and more … to convince myself of this … always … at every moment of the day! Our Lady: Moment by moment! Raphael: Many times I’m in too much of a hurry! Our Lady: Have you understood? Have you all understood? Everybody: Here I am! Our Lady: Are you saying anything else? After you've spoken again and let your love be felt … I’ll say goodbye to you, telling the children to bring the Whole Bread step by step everywhere you go … in celebrating God that’s Alive and Real among you … the God Child that was born and is born … if you want Him in your hearts! Everybody: Here I am! Our Lady: Here I am! Speak again! Don Vincenzo: On television, I saw that a scientist collected an ear of wheat … and between his various studies he discovered that it lived millions and millions of years ago! An ear of wheat that's so precious as to then become a loaf of Bread … a Bread of Love! Our Lady: Daddy … you are the Living Bread all along … not the wheat ear! In his speech, Jesus … to make them understand just like you don’t understand … He took an ear of wheat in his hand and I think that the scientist has copied from what the Father is saying to each one of you! He has copied just like everyone else copies everything that’s said in the Father's Dwelling! They no longer know where to get the Words and they take them directly from God who tells them to each one of you in the Complete and Utter Truth! John, Don Mario, the Bold One … used say: “They should pay us the copyright because they are stealing God's Bread!” … Do you remember this? Everybody: Here I am! Our Lady: And now with the full Word that God has given to each one of you through his Handmaid … I look at you one by one and I ask you to be Little Poor and in the Last Place! When you look at the Banquet and say: “Today there's nothing to eat!” … invoke God’s Name and the Banquet will fill up … because there’s always a soul that fills the hand for each of the children! … Is this mine? Raphael: It’s for Jesus! Our Lady: Is it for the Living Cup God? They’ve brought you a heart! Don Vincenzo: Thanks to whoever brought it! Our Lady: Bless it … so that in their heart’s desire … you’ll let descend what they’ve requested!(the Living Cup blesses the heart made-of-fabric) Everybody: Amen! Our Lady: The white candid heart …! I look at you again and I leave you my Eyes … but don’t exchange them with glasses … children! Does it seem like a beautiful Gift to you? Everybody: Here I am! Our Lady: Now bless with the Green Tree! I’ll take leave of you with the Magnificat! Don Vincenzo: First I’ll give the blessing: and may Almighty God bless you … Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Everybody: Amen! Our Lady: The Magnificat! Don Vincenzo: Yes! … (Those present recite the Magnificat together with Our Lady)Our Lady: My Soul magnifies the Lord! Let You who created Me … let You that called Me to be Mother of your Son and Mother of the whole of Humanity … let You that made Me the Tabernacle of your Son Jesus … let You that made Me the Grace for Humanity scattered by yesterday’s Pharisees and today’s … let You that showed Me the Road for being born and for giving birth your Son … let You, Father … raise your Hands and stop what men are doing at this moment! … (Our Lady and the Living Cup raise their arms and impose their hands) … Father … Father … Father … Father … I knock again at your Heart since I’m your Mother, Bride, Daughter and Handmaid! The Time is accomplished … but let's wait again for the Sons in your Infinite Love! THE FATHER: Here I am! Julia: Mammy … even though all the arrayed-Hosts have gone out and only the latest Brides to arrive are left … let’s greet our Loved Ones … and in greeting our Loved Ones … I give you the hearts of the whole Family again and my: “Here I am for eternity!” … Here we are, Loved Ones! Here I am, Mother … I'll do what you asked me! Here I am! … (She sends a kiss) … We'll see each other later!





29th DECEMBER  2016


Jude leads the Prayer of the Rosary and, while it's being prayed, here's the Beginning of the Visitation: Julia: If it's you, glorify the Father! If it's you, glorify the Father! If it's you, glorify the Father! Jesus: (blesses) … The Father's Glory is among you … and with you I glorify the Father Most High … now and for eternity …. children, brothers and friends of My Heart! And with the Cross … I glorify the Sun in the Living Cup's hands … that grows to open up like a Living and Fresh Bread … sons, brothers and friends of My Heart! And having raised up this praise to the Father … I ask each one of you to raise up your praise to God Who’s Alive and Real! The Instrument has gathered your whispers, your hearts and she gave them to Mine … but you: My children, the New Church … let you give the Here I am of Mary's Heart … by praying for all the Priest Sons and for the Man that wears the White Habit! Pray again for the Blood-stained Walls! Don't forget to! They are Blood-stained more and more … My children! And open the door of your hearts to God … in walking step by step! When you are tired … place your feet on the little footsteps that the Father has left in carrying each one of you in His Arms … sons, brothers and friends of My Heart! Divine Stubborn One…? Julia: Here I am, Jesus! You came straightaway! Let's say that you arrived! Let's say it whole and entire: you had already entered here before we entered! You were waiting for us! Jesus: Here I am! Julia: Jesus, what’s on your shoulders? Jesus: You'll have to wear it! Julia: Here I am … I know! The Father always goes around it! When I wear it … then they'll all see! Here I am! Jesus: Look again … My soul!  Julia: I don't know where to find it … will you show me? Jesus: Here I am! Look again! Julia: Here I am, Jesus! This is the very one that I finished! They are all back! Jesus … I’ll finish another bit and will you keep this one for me? Keep for me as well what’s in that Cup that they’ve prepared for the Father, for You and for the Heavenly Mother during these days! Jesus: Look again! Julia: Here I am, Jesus! Will I go alone, Jesus? … (The Instrument raises her arms in pointing her hands to stop what she’s seeing) … Now that you’ll stay … I’ll go to do the work that I must do … Jesus! Jesus: Don’t forget to write!  Julia: Here I am, Jesus … even at the last moment … but Here I am! Jesus: Impose your hands … raise them … keep them up!  … (The Living Cup raises his arms and imposes his hands together with Jesus to stop what’s happening) … Don’t go outside! Make whoever is outside come in! Julia: Jesus … I place in your hands all that you gave me till this moment! Jesus … I place in your hands all your sons and what I've gathered! I place a deaf and blind humanity in your hands! I place what I'm seeing at this moment in your hands! Jesus … I place all the sons that entrust themselves to my prayers in your hands! I place in your hands all the Gems, the Priests and Lilies and the Man that wears the White Habit! Receive all the sons, Jesus … receive and cancel with your hand our being deaf and blind! Here I am in giving you again my day’s nothingness! Accept us all just as we are! Jesus: Here I am, My soul! Here I am with the Wedding Banquet! Here I am with all the Brides! Here I am with all the Useless Servants! Here I am with all the Little Children! … Here I am! Here I am! Here I am! … Here I am with the Two Johns … Karol, Pio and Dominic … in bringing the only Truth of the Cross and the only Truth of the Bread … (He blesses) … asking you again to hold them up and live them in the fullness of your hearts … My children! Julia: Here we are, Jesus! Since we are in the fullness of Your Hearts … make us not lose the Light and Joy that Your Hearts give to the Family and to the whole of humanity on this day that’s about to be born! It's a Child that's born … and grows slowly but surely! We say that this passes, that it finishes … but it’s not finished! What God has created … remains! Jesus: Here I am, My soul! Julia: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Let you still remain in the Vineyard, in the Ark, in the Oars and in the Households and be the New Church! Julia: Here we are, Jesus! Jesus: Pray for those who’ve pierced Mary’s Heart today! Julia: Here we are, Jesus! Now I’m going to work … but call me … when you want to! Jesus: HERE I AM! PEACE TO YOUR HEART, JOHN LIVING CUP GOD! Don Vincenzo: Peace! Jesus: Peace! Peace to each one of you … children!(Jesus sends a kiss to those present and it's reciprocated)Make your coughing reach everybody! … (the Living Cup blesses)Everybody: Amen! Jesus: I’ve made the Living Cup God do this! With the Stubborn One we've made her do something else that she’d do like this! … (He makes the gesture of trembling) …  Don Vincenzo: Jesus … how beautiful to hear your voice! Jesus: And also yours! Let’s speak a little about these days! What are you hearing? Don Vincenzo: The heart should be on fire! Jesus: I think that the Stubborn One said this … or did I say it? Because it’s there … since it is there … what do you want to say now? Between Me and the Stubborn One what’s there? What do you want to say … Living Cup God Daddy? Don Vincenzo: That there's a Chain of Love! You chose it! Jesus: Of course … and you found it … just like John found it earlier!  Don Vincenzo: How beautiful, Jesus … having You inside here among us! Jesus: I'm always among you …  just like the Father in the midst of His children! And if the Father gets up from the table … the children remain alone! The Father must remain at the Wedding Banquet! Eh, Daddy … tell me how did you find the day? The Father got cold due to covering His children and took off all His Mantles! Therefore, let’s speak a little of the day! It's important to know about the Father’s Day … about your day today when you walked through the lanes! And how did you find your day? Don Vincenzo: As always … the ego, the world, the stupid things stole the majority of time … whereas this time could have been employed for things that were a good deal more important! Jesus: And which ones would be stupid things for you? Don Vincenzo: Everything that surrounds us! There’s not one thing that’s worth it … and the world makes them so great that they seem important … whereas they most certainly aren’t! Jesus: Eh! Will we now give ourselves? Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: And the Stubborn One is Crucified again out of Love for all the Priest Sons and for the Man that wears the White Habit! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: Daddy … will you bless Me so that we can give ourselves? … (Jesus bows at the feet of the Living Cup to receive the blessing) … Amen! Here I am! … (Jesus breaks up a bit of Bread, dips it in the Wine and gives it to the Living Cup to eat and drink) …  This is the Blood that You gave Me and This is the Flesh that You gave Me! Here I am! Leave Me a Drop … a single Drop! Here I am! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! … (Jesus drinks, then breaks up a piece of Bread, dips and eats it and after drinking again, He wipes the beaker-Cup dry with a napkin.) … the Living and Hidden Mystery! Here I am! Keep it! Now we’ll give ourselves! … (Jesus and Joseph give the Wine and the Bread respectively! Jesus says: This is My Blood! Joseph says: This is My Flesh! And everybody answers: Amen!) … Here I am … we've given ourselves! Easter is Full to the brim … it’s Alive and it’s Risen in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit! Bless Me Once more! Amen! Therefore, since we gave ourselves … we've entered the hearts of all the children and of the whole of humanity! And whoever didn't have his heart open … let's wait in front of the door of his heart! Do you not want to speak any more, are you not more joyful about being near Me? Don Vincenzo: It's the greatest glory! Jesus: It's the greatest glory! Don Vincenzo: It's the greatest that one can’t even imagine to think about … and yet he ends up having God beside him! Jesus: Of course, God beside him … since the Father, Son and Holy Spirit that’s Mary were never separated … we are all united … or isn't that so? Don Vincenzo: Yes, it is!  Jesus: Oh yes, it is! This yes is beautiful! Tell me what did you meet once again! Don Vincenzo: I met the denial of whoever arrives at denying everything that you, Jesus, had done and said! Jesus: And what did you do when you saw this? Don Vincenzo: I felt myself really very small! Jesus: Like a child inside its Mother? Don Vincenzo: Really just like that! Only that later on this child … that should do adult things … does things it shouldn’t do! How beautiful to put you, Jesus, and the Father in first place … and so your Presence gives us Light and Joy … and in giving us the Light and Joy it gives us the confirmation again that everything that you said and did … is now summarized inside here! Jesus: In its Entirely it’s … the Complete and Utter Truth of what I said and did according to the Father's Will … and that I’m doing!  Don Vincenzo: Sure enough … the Father that’s so Good always brings Goodness, always brings Light … and you do the very same, Jesus … since you are the Light and you are Love!  Jesus: I’ve taken what belongs to Daddy … and what’s Yours is Mine … and what's Mine is Yours … because it’s always Yours! Thérèse of the Child Jesus … what should you tell Me today? Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! Everyday … and especially during this period in which one year finishes for the world … but for us each day is a New Dawn! The year that finishes and the new year that starts is a human convention … but we who are the New Church know well that every day … from Dawn till Dusk … is a day given by the Father! Jesus: Here I am! Teresa: Here I am! Hence our finishing this year … is one of Consoling the Father's Heart, Consoling the Heavenly Mother’s Heart, Consoling Your Heart, & the heart of all the Useless Servants … because of what men are exploiting even at the end and beginning of a year! Jesus: Go ahead! Teresa: Therefore, we must never forget that every day has its value ….!  Jesus: Of a year! Teresa: Of a year! Here I am! Jesus: Go ahead! Teresa: Here I am! And since every day is worth a year … in a day we can play for everything! From the moment we open our eyes till when we close them … if the Father lets us open them … it's as if everything that was there previously was reset to zero and we can begin all over again! And so, we have a new possibility, a new beginning to be able to recognize ourselves … to be able to recognize the Father's Love … to be able to be in God's Image and Likeness! And it's not that what we've done beforehand doesn’t count … it’s that the Father is so Great and so Merciful and loves us so much that He gives us every time a New Life, a New Reawakening, a New Breath! Jesus: Here I am! Teresa: And it's up to us … with our freedom …  not to waste this possibility that’s given us moment by moment, day after day! It's up to us to seize the enormous gift that we are given … and share it with others … silently with whoever we should do it silently … and with the Word with whoever we can do it with the Word! Among ourselves we have the possibility of being able to speak openly … if our hearts are open … about matters that perhaps may seem absurd to others … and we can and we must say them to one another to become a single heart … so as to be stronger and so shine like a single Light! Jesus: Here I am! Teresa: Here I am! And when in our walk, we meet someone that doesn’t like what we are saying, or the place where we live or come to pray … we mustn’t get sad … rather we must respect them fairly! Jesus: Cast a pebble … like the Instrument does! Teresa: Here I am! Jesus: One every so often! And then that pebble became a Rock! Teresa: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! Assistant Parish Priest, do you want to say something? Something small … then is it a big one? Raphael: Jesus … make my heart burn ardently! Jesus: Why … do you see it as extinguished? Raphael: It's as if I wasn’t giving enough! Jesus: But you shouldn’t reckon this … the Father has to reckon it! You shouldn’t reckon with the Father about what things you let burn ardently within you! But the Stubborn One has already gathered and brought them into My Heart! And these things that you say … what the right hand does the left hand mustn't know about! I see the heart … just like the Instrument does too … but she pretends she doesn't see it … and I can speak! Your heart is enkindled … it’s the mind that's extinguished … and it must remain extinguished and not think! But if you think with that mind … and that's what I'm telling you from the beginning since you came to the Wedding Banquet … you go outside your heart! If I tell you that your heart burns ardently … it's not a lie … because I can't tell lies! Can I tell lies? Everybody: No! Jesus: And therefore, if I tell you this …! Raphael: Throughout the day it's as if I commit some mistakes and that's why I worry! Jesus: Throughout the day you should do an Examination of Conscience and say: “Father, I also offer you the mistakes that I made! I place them in your Heart; let You purify them! … And then you may bring them to the Father, to the Heavenly Mother, to Jesus … at the Wedding Banquet in order to celebrate with everybody! Raphael: Here I am! Jesus: You know how to do accounts … and just like you reckon them … give an account of the Dawn and of the Sunset! Raphael: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! And what more do you want to say … do you want to say some other little thing … and will we then let John come? Do you not want to say anything more? Shall we let John come? Then I’ll go to take John’s place since he’s working and preparing everything for the New Dawn … and John comes to greet you! LITTLE JOHN: (He blesses)WITH THE CROSS AND WITH THE BREAD! Hey, John … what’s up? … (John sends a kiss to those present) … Peace to you and peace to all of you! Don Vincenzo:  Peace to everyone! Little John: Peace to everyone! Hey, here there’s a moving train! … (John is referring to Don Vincenzo's acoustic prosthesis that’s whistling away)It's beautiful to speak this way with the Family! “There's a moving train!” Eh, I always spoke of a moving train: “The Holy Spirit is a train that goes and you catch it! If you don't catch it … it passes by! Don Vincenzo: It’s just like that! Little John: And then it must come by again for you to catch it! Don Vincenzo: That's why we must pay attention! Little John: At the train stops! Don Vincenzo: At the train stops! Because right there we must get on! Little John: Right there you must get on! Don Vincenzo: And we must get on wisely so as not to take the wrong railcar! Little John: Eh, many make a mistake and take that Broad Road! There are just a few that take the Narrow Road! And at this time of New Dawn … console the Father … console the Son … console the Holy Spirit that’s Mary! Everything gets prepared … but without God! Don Vincenzo: Yes, John … we all must console Him! Little John: The Wind blows strongly! Why don't you stop it like you've stopped today’s pellets of snow? Do you want to increase the Wind? Don Vincenzo: No … lets lower it! Little John: What did you prepare for the New Dawn when you’ll keep Everybody company? What did you prepare in your heart? Don Vincenzo: In my heart I prepared something that you already know about … there are situations that can't be told … but you know them … you do know them! Little John: Later on will we speak together? Don Vincenzo: Will we speak together? Yes! Little John: Here I am! Here’s My hand … we’ll speak about them when we are upstairs! And shall we drink a small glass of wine upstairs as well? Don Vincenzo: Ok! Little John: Ok! You’ve promised me this before all your sons, eh! Don Vincenzo: What did I promise? Little John: Eh, eh, eh … you promised what you've prepared in your heart! Hey, don’t retreat, eh … don’t act the Bold One like I do! Don Vincenzo: No, because I’ve agreed! Keeping silent is nonsense for me … but I don't have the strength to say it! Little John: Then say it to the Stubborn One when she returns! Don Vincenzo: Eh, eh! Little John: Eh, eh! Don Vincenzo: Cheers! Little John: Cheers for the Dawn that you must light up … or for what you should tell the Stubborn One? You promised it! .... The train is passing! Look out! .... Therefore, you’ve heard at the beginning what the Instrument saw … but she won’t tell you! And you likewise saw her hands raised! And she'll have to work again! When the day of the Dawn takes place, she'll have to write it down and she'll have to read it! And just like she cries out before the Throne because she doesn't want to do it! But then I tell her: “Go down and write it!” … And although you don’t see her … Marie, although you don’t see her … Nicholas, although you don’t see her …  she’s always before the Throne! Don Vincenzo: John? Little John: Eh, did you stop the Wind? I can only announce to you the day for accompanying the Father and all the useless servants … I will tell you something! And the Instrument will tell you what the Father gave her to say! But from this moment I ask you to pray …  to pray constantly for everything that they are doing … for the Innocent Blood that’s spilled! Pray! … Thérèse of the Child Jesus … you have a promise … you must keep it! One that’s big and the other small! Teresa: This is the small one! I've understood you! Will you then tell me how to keep that big one? Little John: Here I am! Do you want to say something?(He addresses the Assistant Parish Priest)You don’t! John Living Cup God … what do you want to say to your children? Don Vincenzo: I wanted to tell those that are inside here and who are on this train: we have the privilege of being Light … and therefore let you put Prayer in first place every day! Let there not be a day without Prayer! And being with Prayer means being wise … because Prayer makes us enter into Communion with God! Let there be no situation where there isn’t Prayer … that doesn’t speak of Prayer! Without Prayer, no day is positive … we deceive ourselves … but we must face up to the question of Prayer and only then will we make progress! To enter this Communion of Love means to accept this Banquet of Love! We've got into the Communion of Love … but this Communion works only if it’s fed! Do you want to give a gift to a person whom you love? Tell them: “Pray … but pray seriously! When you got up this morning … did you pray for the grace to wake up? In the thousands and thousands of days that were blessed by the Father because you woke up … did you pray? Behold … now you can recuperate for lost time! Knock at your heart and give thanks for your waking up that serves to increase God's presence in you! You have to get into a relationship with God! It should not be a routine …. but each day should be the most beautiful day of your life … and only you can make it become beautiful!” ... Be wise, be clever, be farsighted! God is waiting for you! Do you want to be saved? You have to eat your daily Bread! Watch out! Little John: I’ve rested a little … since you've baked such a lot of Bread! And the Bread that I bake for each one of you is My Heart Thrown-wide-open!  And the Bread that I bake, it’s My All is the Cross! And the Bread that I still bake is Love for each one of you! Father, stay with us … it’s darkness outside! And in our hearts, we don't want to abort You! You were born, You came! … But the Poison is outside and the False Prophets advance! God is Alive and Real among you and within you! After having told you all this at this Banquet of Love … what’s left for me to say to each one of you? It remains for me to say: pray for all the priest sons and for the Man that wears the White Habit! And My Presence will always be with each one of you and with the whole of humanity! The Father wants it like this and I too want it that way! I love you … My children! Be vigilant in these days … be vigilant! And pray for the Instrument! Let you say goodbye with the Green Tree … I leave My Heart thrown-wide-open to each one of you! … (John sends a kiss to those present)Don Vincenzo: Let’s give the blessing! And may Almighty God bless you … Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Everybody: Amen! Don Vincenzo: Glorify God with your life! Go in peace! Everybody: Thanks be to God! Julia: John … the Good Father is giving us the Whole Gospel … but we can't yet make it known to the whole of humanity! And all the Gospels that you’ve given us till this moment … IT'S God … IT'S His Infinite Love … IT'S He that gives Himself in His Love and in the Whole and Broken Bread that then becomes Whole again! What did we do to deserve so much? It's the Gospel that whoever leaned on the Heart of Jesus gathered … and just like it is all the time! … Stay on to prepare! The work that I have to do … I’ll do it on my own, John … because I’m not doing anything! And since you are at the Wedding Banquet with all the New Brides … and Mary is outside with all the arrayed-Hosts … we’ll greet our Loved Ones! … (Everybody greets their Loved Ones) … You are in God's complete Joy … and You will All be with us in waiting for the Dawn! Mother … work a little bit more … more dresses are needed! Daddy Renato, Mother Violette and all the Loved Ones that arrived …  go to work! THE LOVED ONES: Here we are! Julia: Let’s prepare our hearts to remain in communion with the Father on the Dawn’s Day! … (She sends a kiss)