N° 191


Messages through the Instrument Julia




AUGUST 14th 2016




Thaddeus leads the prayer of the holy rosary and during the meditation on its mysteries and while it’s prayed for the whole Church, for the Pope, for the Bishops, for all the Priests and for the whole world, behold the Visitation begins:  Julia: If it's You … glorify the Father!  If it's You … glorify the Father! If it's You … glorify the Father! Our Lady: … (She blesses) … In the Snow-white Dress of the Cross … I glorify the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit! And in the Cradle where I fell asleep to wake up in God's Garden … I glorify the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit that’s the Household of God's Son … Children, Brothers and Friends of my Heart … of my Son Jesus’ Heart … of the Father Most High's Heart … where every knee will kneel and  where every glance will rise and where every heart will beat in raising its hands towards His Gaze and imploring: “Mercy, Mercy … for us sinners!” In the approaching Times … my children … seek the Treasure of the Cross and rest on It! Seek the Light of the Cross and rest on It! Seek the Complete Love of the Cross and rest on It! Don’t wander about hither and thither … my children … don’t wander about! God is watching you! He’s Alive and Real … He’s among you … Small like a Child … but Big in His Infinite Love … children! Be vigilant and pray for all the Priest Sons and for the Man that wears the White Habit: pray! My Maternal Mantle will protect you … (She imposes her hands) … but pray and be vigilant … remaining in the Vineyard, in the Ark, in the Oars and in the Households … but be aware that my Motherly Mantle will cover you from every evil if your hearts are wide open to the Cross! … Divine Stubborn One? Julia: Here I am … Mother! Our Lady: Where are you? Julia: Just now you stopped to talk … and I went to work! Our Lady: You hurried off without waiting! Julia: I asked Jesus for orders! You were speaking … I couldn't interrupt you! Mammy … can everything that was set in motion … not be stopped? Can the Fires of War and everything else not be halved … even if men don't see and don't hear? Our Lady: You know everything all along! Julia: Here I am, by the Father's Will, from the first moment of our meeting they’ve let me see Everything! The Everything that has opened is still only a Crumb! Mother, You that accepted the Father's Invitation and gave your Here I am and you are the Last Grace for everyone of us and for the whole of humanity … I prepared the three Graces! … (Those for the Bitterness Feast on Thursday week last, the 4th of August) … I wasn’t able to hand Them over and you know this … but I will hand Them over! When you said your Here I am you said It fully and I still don't see It anywhere! I must wait for … just like the Father is so patient … but I’m not the Father! Our Lady: You aren’t the Father … but you are at the Father's Right Hand moment by moment! Julia: Here I am! I went asleep for a while to remain at the Father's Right Hand … but then I woke up … and came back! Now there’s some work to do … and I’ll place everything that I see in the scroll of the Empty-Space, in the Empty-Space of the scrolls that weren't opened! Our Lady: Look again … My Soul! Julia: Here I am … Mother! … Tomorrow? Our Lady: Listen well in your heart and then write! Julia: Here I am … Mother! Here I am! Now I’ll go to finish the work that’s there to do and then we'll go out with the Arrayed-Hosts of the Little Children to clean what’s dirty … what they’ve dirtied and what they’ll dirty again, Mammy! Our Lady: Here I am … My Soul! Julia: Mammy, I place in your Heart everything that’s outside … and all the sons that are being lost at this moment! I place the whole Family in your Heart and their whispers! I place in your Heart everything that you gave me all along! I place in your Heart those that can't come to greet you! I place in your Heart all the Gems, the Priests, the Lilies and the Man that wears the White Habit … and my day’s nothingnessOur Lady: Here I am in accepting everything that you've offered Me … My Soul! Julia: Here I am … Mother! Our Lady: Here I am with all the Arrayed-Hosts … with all the Useless Servants … with all the Little Children … with the Two Banquets! Here I am with the Two Johns … Karol, Pio and Dominic … in bringing the Only Truth of the Cross and the Only Truth of the Bread … (She blesses) … and asking you again to hold them up and live them in the fullness of your hearts … my children! Julia: Here we are … Mother … teach us to love with your Love and to speak with your Word! Our Lady: Little Stubborn One of the Heart of the Cross … you were given the whole of humanity on your back: speak to them! Julia: Here I am … Mother … Here I am! Our Lady: PEACE TO YOUR HEART, LIVING CUP-GOD-JOHN! … (Don Vincenzo signs Our Lady's hands with the sign of the Cross) … Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Our Lady: Here I am! Peace to you … children! Everybody: Here I am!  Don Vincenzo: We have remembered earlier when it was that this Great-big Cross was placed in the Pavilion … this two-fold timber! Our Lady: This two-fold timber that you kidnapped from Paschal to make it into the Cross and you told him: “Take it and we’ll make the Cross! Don Vincenzo: And I say: "a good kidnap!" Our Lady: A good kidnap? You kept him kidnapped for the whole day! Don Vincenzo: No I didn’t!  Our Lady: Yes you did … you were seated the whole day on a chair watching him and while he made it, you showed him what he had to do: “Over here it’s straightover there it’s crookedit’s narrow here … it’s broad there!” And you made him paint it … in a jiffy … like you all say! And it wasn’t even dry when you placed it right there: positioned and nailed with one nail …  but later you got it hammered in because you were afraid that, nailed with one nail, it might fall! Whereas it got hammered instead....! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Our Lady: Here I am! We are all in the Garden to celebrate for each one of you … for the Brides that have arrived … for those still to come … and to look at the Times that descend on the deaf and blind sons! Speak again! It's beautiful for your children to hear your voice like you spoke earlier-at-the-start! Don Vincenzo: Before you … it's difficult to speak! Our Lady: It's not difficult … it's easy! We are a Single Family … and being a close Family … it's not difficult, but it's easy! You have Words of Eternal Life: yes, it's easy! From a point like this a Waterfall of Love comes out for all the sons! Do you see this point? If you open your mouth a Waterfall of Love comes out! God’s Full-stop! Don Vincenzo: Mother … what’s that? Our Lady: You’ve well understood God’s Full-stop … and when I speak … I speak! Don Vincenzo: I’ve difficulty hearing! Our Lady: "Bold God" … you’ve no difficulty hearing! Speak for a while … have you nothing to ask Me? Speak to your children who are hungry and thirsty! Don Vincenzo: She's the Mother of Love … how can I not speak!  She’s the heavenly Mother that always puts God's Will in first place! She’s the heavenly Mother that loves every son: good or bad! She’s the heavenly Mother of Love! That's why everybody knocks at Her Heart … because it’s a Heart that’s always Open, always Available, always Meek, always Loving, always a Mother’s, but of a Special Mother … of a Mother that fills all the sons with Herself! Just think: She loves every son … and there’s not a son that’s not loved … and there’s no son that’s refused  … there’s no son that leaves Her Love! It’s we that must learn from Her! It’s we that must take up Her Stile and when we put God in first place we make Her happy! When we put our ego in first place we make Her sad … because we are off the road! But when we enter the Straight Road: the Road of Love … she rejoices because Hers is a Heart that loves … and only Love makes Her rejoice! Our Lady: What Marvel must God still show to his children? What Cross must God still show to the whole of humanity? I, as the Last Grace by the Father's Will … wait for My Family   … I wait for Humanity  … I wait for the Instrument that brings all the sons into the Garden! And let's wait hand in the hand … Living Cup-God! … (Our Lady and the Living Cup take each other’s hand and intertwine them) … Don Vincenzo: Let's wait! Our Lady: Let's wait again in pointing out to the children to be little, poor and in the last place in order to be able to rejoice in the Joy without end! My Immaculate Heart will triumph and the Sun has opened! … (She points at the Living Cup) … it opens and hides, it opens and it hides, it opens and hides! But every knee will kneel … but they all won't get up! Shadow of the Shadow … that covers Itself with the Cloak! God is among you Silently, in a Hidden Manner, in Quietness, in Peace and in Love! Do you want to say something … Assistant Parish Priest? Where are the other Handmaids? … (Our Lady is referring to Teresa’s and Sarah’s absence) … They are doing the Father's Will! Raphael: Here we are for having come! Our Lady: Here I am! The Father sent Me and I came in Love and in Obedience! He didn’t force Me and I bring the Joy, I bring the Smile, I bring the Love! And tomorrow we'll bring them again with all the Useless Servants that'll come! Empty your hearts and give the space to God's Heart! What more must I say to each one of you? I love you and I don't want to lose you! You are my children … you are precious pearls … just like Immacolata … (a sister who recently went home to heaven) … and now she’s rejoicing in the Garden!  A pearl gathered by the Instrument’s hands and brought before Father and the Father brought her before the Oven.....! And now she doesn't stop speaking about how great God’s Love is and she goes telling it to whoever dwells in the Garden! Just like in the beginning the Bold One went telling everybody about the Instrument … to such a point that they hide themselves! Now she’ll tell it to every son that she’ll meet … because the Father has sent her to talk even outside the Garden! This is her job! And you mustn't be sad … but joyful! Where she sees that there’s a quarrel … she'll bring peace! Where she sees the long faces … she'll bring a smile! And she greets you! She greets all of you!  … (Immacolata sends a kiss) … Don Vincenzo: Mammy? Our Lady: Here I am …  Living Cup-God! Don Vincenzo: How lovely to be with you! Our Lady: It’s lovely and tomorrow we’ll be together again and we'll speak about so many things … if you want this! But since you want it ….! Do you want this? Don Vincenzo: With pleasure! Our Lady: With pleasure! What did you want to say? Raphael: Can we ask you as a grace to open everybody’s heart? Our Lady: I'm the Last Grace … and I must let what the Father gave Me descend as a Grace! It’s not We who don’t open hearts, but it's humanity that doesn’t open them! And you know well … and how many times I'm repeating it to you … that God doesn't impose anything on anybody and neither can I impose! As a Mother I wait … since I’m the Last Grace! But I can't go like a button<that opens> to open your hearts! You must open them yourselves! This is the way it is: God doesn’t compel! He calls and if the door opens … He goes in and He remains!  If the door won’t open … He remains waiting with His Lamp Lit and He won’t move! And He waits and waits! This what Love is … and a greater Love than this does not exist! If you go knocking once, twice, three and four times … since they don’t open it for you … you go away....! The Father doesn’t and neither do I and neither does the Instrument! She's a Stubborn Little Nuisance …  a Little Stubborn One of the Heart of the Cross! I’ll remain for another little while and then … since I’ve given you the Mantle to protect all the sons … I’ve let it descend! Don Vincenzo: I can't hear! Our Lady: You hear when you want to hear … and when you don’t want to hear you don’t hear! "Bold-God-Child " … my Son … (Our Lady caresses him) … My Bridegroom, My Father, My All … All of each one of your sons and of the whole of humanity! Will we see each other tomorrow? Everybody: Here I am! Our Lady: I'll be there! Will you be there to keep us company and pray for the offences they give to the Heart of Jesus today, tomorrow and everyday? Everybody: Here I am! Our Lady: Tomorrow we’ll pray and we’ll be united for this reason: in making Peace descend in the hearts that still don't see the Light of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit! I open my Heart wide … let you say goodbye with the Green Tree … I’ll say goodbye to you with the Magnificat! But carry the Sparks of Love everywhere you go and when you come … give them back to the Heart of the Cross … my children! … (Our Lady imposes her hands over those present) … Don Vincenzo: May the Father's Goodness, the Son's Mercy, the Holy Spirit's Love descend abundantly upon you all,  on your families, on your friends, on your enemies. on the whole Human Family! And may Almighty God bless you … Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Everybody: Amen! Don Vincenzo: Glorify God with your life! Everybody: Thanks be to God! … (Everybody recites the song of the Magnificat with Our Lady) … Our Lady: My Soul magnifies the Lord! My Soul magnifies the Lord! … (THE FATHER intones the Praises to Our Lady and DOMINIC LENTINI translates them:) … Dominic Lentini: Precious Pearl born in God’s Desert! Heart that burns ardently in the Infinite Garden! Eternal Grace! Bread Broken in the Amen of the Father's Heart! Living Cross for All the Nations! Amen! Amen! Amen! Our Lady: When I’m offered the Praises it's God that speaks … and when it’s translated it’s Dominic Lentini who translates! The Instrument doesn't understand this Language … but she speaks the Language of Love fully to each of you and to the whole of humanity! I can’t praise Myself on My own! Little Handmaid at the foot of the Cross … Called by God: Mother of the Cross and of the Crucified One! Julia: Mammy … I heard from a distance! I'm working! They are all at the Banquet and they are preparing the Feast! All our Loved Ones are there: let’s greet them and wait for them … or rather … they are waiting! My Mammy … Broken Flower … see you again later when I finish working! Rejoice in God’s Garden all of you! … (Julia greets and sends a kiss) … See you tomorrow with the children! We still see each other moment by moment! … (another kiss) 



AUGUST 25th 2016



Thaddeus leads the prayer of the holy rosary and during the meditation on its mysteries and while it’s prayed for the whole Church, for the Pope, for the Bishops, for all the Priests and for the whole world, behold the Visitation begins:  Julia:  If it is you, glorify the Father! If it’s you, glorify the Father! If it’s you, glorify the Father! … (Jesus is silent for a short time, then while blessing He says:) Jesus: In the Infinity of the Cross I glorify the Father Most High, now and for Eternity! In living, in being, in rejoicing … I glorify the Father Most High … Children, Brothers and Friends of my Heart! Look at your faces in your walk, and being Sons stop like Torn Rags at the foot of the Cross and implore the Father for "Mercy"! Sons … be vigilant by remaining in the Vineyard! Be vigilant by remaining in the Ark, in the Oars and in the Households! Remember again to be a Single Cross united to the Crucified One … the New Church that walks on by embracing the Four Arms of the Cross! … Divine Stubborn One…? Julia: Here I am … Jesus! Jesus: Take a look! Julia: Here I am … Jesus! Jesus … I know that I mustn't say what I see … but can I go to take the hand of those who give it to me? Jesus: Do the Father's business! Julia: Here I am … Jesus! Jesus … have mercy on us poor sinners! Guide us, take us by the hand! Jesus: Do you not have humanity on your shoulders? Julia: Here I am … by the Father's Will! Here I am again for Eternity … Jesus! Jesus: Look again, My Soul.....! Julia: Here I am my Beloved! Jesus…….! Jesus:  Place what you are seeing in the Empty-Space where the Scrolls are! Julia: Here I am …  Jesus! Will you open them when it’s their moment … Jesus? Jesus: Don't be afraid … My Soul! Julia: Here I am! Where are you going … Jesus? What do you have in your hand? Jesus … what'll the Little Children do that are left by themselves? You have every power … the Father gave you everything and you give us everything … raise your hand and stop what’s moving … Jesus! Jesus: It's not Me … it's mankind that's to blame! Julia: Jesus … your Mercy and your Love have neither limits or measures! If any son makes a mistake … take their hand and touch their hearts … but let not what I say be done … but let Your Will! Jesus:  See, my daughter … I give My hand and men don’t take it! They’ve put Me in the last place! Julia: Jesus …  they are sons … we can't abandon them! Jesus: Go and take the hand! Julia: Here I am … Jesus! Jesus, I place the Whole Family in your Heart! I place in your Heart all those that are entrusted to my prayers! I place in your Heart everything that you gave me along! I place my day’s nothingness in your Heart! I place in your Heart the sons that can't enter because they’ve closed the door … and not entering they don't let others go in! Jesus, I place in your Heart all the Gems, the Priests and Lilies and the Man that wears the White Habit! I've gathered all the hearts and I place them in yours … there's no other place to put them! Jesus, have mercy on us poor sinners! And Here I am again a torn rag at the foot of the Cross! Jesus: Remain united and pray for the sunken Church! Pray for all the Priest Sons! Pray for the Man that wears the White Habit! Julia: Here we are … Jesus! Here I am! Jesus: Here I am with God's Banquet! Here I am with all the Brides! Here I am with all the Arrayed-Hosts! Here I am with all the Useless Servants! Here I am with all your Loved Ones! Here I am with the Two Johns … Karol, Pio and Dominic … in bringing the only Truth of the Cross ... (Jesus blesses) ... and the only Truth of the Bread … asking you again to hold them up and live them in the fullness of your hearts … my children! Julia: Here we are, Jesus … make us remain little, poor and in the last place and be invited by you … if your Heart desires it … to the Wedding Banquet of your Love! Jesus: The Garden is Alive and Real and it's among you … just like the Father is, the Son is that's Me and Mary's Immaculate Heart is: my Mother, Mother of each one of you, Mother of the whole of humanity! Remain vigilant for False Prophets! Remain vigilant for the Poison: it's on the far side of the gate! Be vigilant, my children … and fight it with the Cross and with Love … by remaining little, poor and in the last place! And the Father won't let you go short of anything! But love and forgive your enemies …  children! Julia: Here we are … Jesus! Jesus: PEACE TO YOUR HEART, JOHN JESUS GOD! … (Don Vincenzo makes the sign of the Cross on Jesus' hands) … Don Vincenzo: Shalom! Peace! Jesus: Peace! Other flowers that blossom at the foot of the Cross! Peace to you, children of my Heart! … (Jesus sends a kiss to those present and it's reciprocated) … What are you telling Me, what did you meet on the road, John … what did you meet today? Don Vincenzo: I continue to meet negativity … I continue to meet sins … I continue meeting all the good that we could do and that we don’t do! How many wasted occasions, thrown to the wind! Here's what I’ve met, Jesus! Jesus: And nothing else? Did the Living Cup God not meet anything else in your walk during the day? Did you not encounter pain? Don Vincenzo: Of course I did! Jesus: Did you not meet despair? Don Vincenzo: Of course I did! Jesus: And what Word did you give besides making the Sign with the Cross? You who give a smile always … did you give it today? You who always gives the Cross … did you give it today? Don Vincenzo: Yes, of course! Jesus: Living Cup God give your gaze to your children! … (Don Vincenzo looks intensely at those present) … did you give it to everybody? Don Vincenzo: I think I gave it to everybody! Jesus: Your gaze is distant and you give it to everybody … not abandoning any of your children! At times, when someone is sick … he tells Me that the Cross I gave him is heavy! But the Cross is light, it's not heavy … it’s the tiredness of the world's things that are heavy! The Cross is light if it’s carried with Love! Don Vincenzo: That's what it is: if it’s embraced with Love it emits Love and becomes Light! Jesus: It becomes Light and remains Light! Don Vincenzo: Jesus … how beautiful it is being with you! Jesus: It’s beautiful to remain a Single Family: Father, Son and Holy Spirit that’s Mary … and each one of you New Church! But be vigilant: the Scourges will descend again … not by God’s hand, or by My hand or by Mary’s hand … but by the hand of men! And pray because other wars will light up! Raise your right hand … Living Cup God … and make the sign! … (Don Vincenzo raises his right hand and blesses) … I too make the Sign of the Cross … so that you won't be afraid! I'm the Son of God: the Cross and the Crucified One that was given birth to by Mary for All the Nations! Don Vincenzo: Eh yes, there'll be other wars! Jesus: Other earthquakes made by men! It's not God, it's not the Living Cup God … but men are to blame! Pray! pray! Teach your children to remain little, poor and in the last place in order to be invited to the Wedding Banquet! Living Cup God … shall we give ourselves? Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: Will I give Myself and will you give yourself? Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus:  And the Instrument … besides her work … is Crucified out of Love for all the Priest sons and for the Man that wears the White Habit! Will we give ourselves? Don Vincenzo: Here I am … let’s give ourselves! … (Raphael gives Jesus the beaker with the wine … Jesus lifts it up … drinks it … and then gives it to Don Vincenzo to drink) … Jesus: This is the Blood that you gave Me so as to give it to the whole of humanity! This is My Blood! This is the Blood that you gave Me! … (Raphael gives Jesus a piece of Bread … Jesus breaks it in half and gives the other half to Don Vincenzo. Then Jesus before eating it lifts up the Bread and says:) … This is the Flesh that you gave Me! This is Me … the Son of God among men! Will we give ourselves again? I’ll give Myself and you’ll give yourself! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: Will I give Myself? Don Vincenzo: I’ll give myself too! Jesus: Will you remain seated and I’ll give Myself? Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am, Father … bless Me! … (Jesus kneels at the feet of the Living Cup to receive the blessing) … Here I am … now I can give Myself … let’s give ourselves! … (Jesus and Joseph respectively give the Wine and  the Bread! Jesus says: This is My Blood! Joseph says: This is My Flesh! And everybody answers: Amen!) … Here I am! We've given ourselves! And in having given ourselves it’s a Big Feast in the Garden of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit that's Mary! Here I am, Living Cup-God! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Jesus: The Garden is all in bloom! Wherever God’s Blood and Flesh reach everything blooms and the wheat grows … and the darnel is thrown out wherever God reigns! Living Cup, tell Me once more! We've given ourselves to everybody in your Love and in your Infinite Mercy! Tell Me once more! Don Vincenzo: Everything ought to rotate around the Father whereas it all rotates around the world and they are all traps of the world! Everything the world offers … namely its nothingness! Jesus: The Father offers his sons the Nails, Salvation … just like He offered them to the Stubborn One: “Do you want to help Me?” … “Here I am!” …  And just like He offers them to all His sons: “Do you want to help Me? Do you want to come into the Vineyard to work?” … He has given them to you all! Don't forget the Ark, don't forget the Oars and don't forget the Households …  and the Garden that’s Alive and Real among you … just like the Father, Son and Holy Spirit that’s Mary is Alive and Real: She’s the Only Tabernacle, the Only Living Church Called by the Father! Don Vincenzo: Jesus … it's all a gift! Not to mention the  Gospel according to God! Jesus: The Father gives the Bread Whole & Entire! It's Broken … but it always remains Whole & Entire for all the sons! Don Vincenzo: Of course it does! Jesus: And the Gospel according to God is God: He becomes Little Pieces and give Himself to every son in His Infinite Love, in his Infinite Mercy! But ask your children to be vigilant: many False Prophets will come forward and a great deal of Poison will surround you in these Times! Raise your hands towards your Family … raise your hands … raise your glance! … (Don Vincenzo look at and imposes his hands over those present) … Father, you that gave Me Life … stretch out your Mantle over deaf and blind humanity! Wait again for humanity … wait again for your sons just like I wait before the door of their closed hearts … I stop and wait! Say something else to your children! Don Vincenzo: Each one of us lives to be a Son of God and any other motive of life doesn’t come into it at all! We are Sons! And in the morning when the Father wakes us up we are such even more so because that day belongs to us, but given to us by the Father! And when we start serving our neighbor throughout the day … here's where we are brothers and sisters and that service … if performed with Love … teaches us to love! Small gestures in Love … whatever we do out of Love, it all emits Love! Every time we don’t make gestures of Love we waste a great opportunity and we go back to being selfish! Whereas if we put Love in first place … everything speaks of Love and each one of us becomes Soldiers of Love! Alas when the day is lived in selfishness! Alas when the day is lived with cunningness! Alas when we don't trust God and we place our trust in the world! Jesus: Living Cup God … Father of Infinite Mercy … will we let Thérése of the Child Jesus speak before John comes? Don Vincenzo: Yes! Jesus: Thérése of the Child Jesus? Teresa: Here I am! Jesus: Say what you have in your heartTeresa: Here I am! That Cry of Love was beautiful: “The earthquake ….! God have mercy on us!” Just a few raised it up to the Father! That son’s faith is great! Jesus: It’s great! Teresa: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! “God have mercy on us!” … men can't help you … but God can! Men destroy with weapons of war … but God gives all His Sons His hand! Teresa: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! Have you nothing else? Teresa: Here I am! God is among us and it's the Living Cup! Jesus: Here I am! He covers Himself, He hides and is discovered! Teresa: Will we let Luke speak who knows him all his life? Jesus: Here I am, Luke … Here I am! Luke: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! Luke: Here I am! I asked for this grace, the grace of seeing once again a person that made choices that I mustn't even share in … but that I must respect … and in any case I know that this person has always put God in first place! Jesus: Because He’s God! Luke: Because He’s God!  And for a while I knew him as a boy and he showed me the road that I don’t always follow! However, thanks to that road when I did so … I who wasn’t … and I don't know if I am now! Jesus: You are the Son of God and each one of you is God’s Son! Luke: And I felt myself a SonJesus: And you are … from the Father's Bosom! Luke: And I am … from the Father's Bosom!  Jesus: Just like your wife also is! Luke: The only one! Jesus: Just like the Fruit of God’s Love also is!  Luke: The only one, the only one! Just like everything was the only one! I thank the Lord for having given me the chance to see him again! I came without anything …  I don't have a wallet with me, I've nothing, I don't have a phone, I don't have a camera, I've nothing … I came barefoot! Jesus: A torn rag at the foot of the Cross! Luke: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! … (Don Vincenzo looks at Luke and gives him the ok sign) …The sign that he always made to you he does it again … don’t forget it! Luke: It's him, he’s the one! Jesus: And he doesn’t forget any of His Sons! Luke: I'm sure of it! Jesus: He holds them very tightly in His Heart! Luke: Neither have they forgotten Him! Jesus: To some extent they have, more or less! Luke: Neither have they forgotten him … to some extent, more or less they haveJesus: To some extent they have, more or less!  Luke: But at times their forgetting`````````````` …..! Jesus: They betrayed Him!  Luke: This of course … but they didn’t forget Him! Jesus: But betraying means forgetting! Luke: Because in any case they choose … we choose Barabbas! Jesus: No, God’s Sons don’t give these things … God’s Sons come to give the Fruits of Love! Luke: Because it costs us … it’s costly!  Thanks!  Jesus: Here I am! Assistant Parish Priest … what do you want to say? Raphael: We should learn to look more at Don Vincenzo … and ponder less and learn! Jesus: You have him there moment by moment! Raphael: But we are distracted! Jesus: You mustn’t be distracted in front of the Living Cup God! He’s there with his eyes lowered … but he watches! Raphael: And how he watches! Jesus: And how he hears! Father … I can’t say that it's not like that! You hear with your Heart and you hear with these that you've created! I now leave you My Peace  … (Jesus blesses) … and I let John come! Little John: … (John blesses) … WITH THE CROSS AND WITH THE BREAD! IT'S ME …  JOHNDon Vincenzo: John? Little John: Here I am! Don Vincenzo: Welcome! Little John:  More flowers that blossom at the foot of the Cross! Peace to your hearts! … (John sends a kiss to those present and it's reciprocated) … Everybody: Here I am! Little John: We are the Two Johns! You were betrayed and I was betrayed … but united together we are one single thing! With Dominic you are the Shadow of his Shadow … and We Two make the Shadow of the Planted Tree that bears the Fruits of the Cross! John? Don Vincenzo: Dominic ….! Little John: Dominic, Karol and Pio are going along and gathering the sons! How many times you’ve gone and brought the sons to weep over those places where Pio is no longer there, where Karol is no longer there, where Dominic is no longer there! They are in the Garden before the Banquet of the Living Cup God … where the Bread is that’s Whole & Entire and Broken … not where there are golden crowns! God doesn’t sow gold! God sows wheat to make the Bread … and every son has it in abundance if he asks: “Father … give me the Daily Bread! Don Vincenzo: What simplicity! Little John: I was like that when they knocked at the door of the Cross where I lived in lost Lauria … lost because Dominic is no longer there … he went away … he who always lived by carrying the Cross high: “Come, let’s go, let’s ask the Father for rain … let’s ask the Father to make the wheat bloom … let’s ask the Father to make all the vegetables bloom!” And they all followed, they all followed Dominic and everything turned out peaceful & well! Now the Father isn’t asked for the Daily Bread … He’s asked for the things of the world! Don Vincenzo: What foolishness! Little John: The Father has always given all the sons their Daily Bread!  Don Vincenzo: John … what foolishness to follow the things of the world and so forget the things of God! Little John: When I first opened my eyes and gave the Father What He’d given me: “I live from day to day!” Learn what I said: “I live from day to day!” … Nick, what were you up to in lost Lauria?  Nicholas: Here I am!  Little John: This sigh is enough for me and I've understood everything!  Nicholas:  Here I am! Little John: Marie? Marie: Here I am! Little John:  Did you find the lost Lauria? Marie: Here I am! Little John: Is it lost? Marie: Yes … there’s an emptiness there! Little John: There’s an emptiness there! Marie: There’s a darkness there … there’s nothing! Little John: There’s nothingMarie: As if we were never there! Little John: Eh yes, uncle Mario has prepared another place for you! Marie: Here I am! Little John: Here I am! The Households of all the Sons! Here I am! Don Vincenzo: How beautiful! It's beautiful to live in the Garden of Love! Little John: It's beautiful to live in the Garden of Love where they all recognize God by leaving the things of the world! Don Vincenzo: Sure enough! This is what makes life beautiful! If we’d only have it, if we’d only live it … by putting God in first place! Little John: How many times you lived it by giving whoever you met your hand! It's beautiful to see the Father that covers Himself and is discovered! Don Vincenzo: Seeing the Father and seeing each one of us that chooses God and no longer their ego! This is what the Gospel is! Little John: This is what you've written in your Big Book! And every knee will kneel down … but they all won't get up! Don Vincenzo: John … teach us to put God in first place! Little John: We Both are! They didn’t recognize Me and they didn’t recognize You … but the Father's hour is complete! What do you want to say … Teresa? Speak … the Father is listening to you! Teresa: Here I am! Little John: Here I am! Is it only: Here I am? Teresa: You both started off by searching … even though You knew Who you were … searching everywhere and going around all the groups! I know about you because I’ve always known it and I know about Don Vincenzo because I was told! And hence I know that you went around everywhere to see if You Both who were God … were present in those places … let's say in the places because it's better that way … where you were! And just like Don Vincenzo went around many places …  so did You! Little John: Here I am … I went around the world … and so did He … a little bit less, but He also did! Teresa: And at a certain point … when you didn’t find what You Were in the places where you were … you both decided to return to the Father's Dwelling, to Your Dwelling! Little John: Here I am! Teresa: This doesn't mean that you’ve closed the doors on humanity! Little John: The Father's Door is always open … it’s humanity that has closed God’s Door! Teresa: Here I am! In fact, Don Vincenzo made the choice to return fully by coming to dwell here … and you ……..! Little John: Yes, I asked to return to the Garden! And I asked to be buried in the soil of Telesphorus … and the Stubborn One answered Me: “I can’t do it!“Of course you can!” … and the Stubborn One answered Me again: “It's not allowed by law!” … And I told her: “But God's Law is God's Law!” And the Stubborn One shrugged her shoulders: “God's Law is God’s One … but now we must fight with men’s one!” … And I’ve remained among you talking and telling you about the wonders of the Garden! Remember that dying doesn't mean that everything is finished! It's a little falling asleep and a waking up in the Father's Garden! Don Vincenzo: John… falling asleep and waking up … a falling asleep in order to live! Little John: In Eternal Life! But take a look at the Times and don't let yourselves be confused by the False Prophets and by the Poison … children, brothers and friends! Do you want to say anything else? Teresa: Here I am! Little John: Here I am! Here I am and is that enough? Assistant Parish Priest? Raphael:  Here we are because you came! Little John: Here we are! Raphael:  There’s no Light! Little John: God is the Light! The Light isn’t missing! Raphael:  There’s a great deal of darkness! Little John:  For whoever doesn't want to see! But for whoever wants to see … the Light is lit up all along! Raphael:  Whoever should give comfort isn’t doing it … whoever should give help isn’t doing it … whoever should give support isn’t doing it! What's their prayer for? Little John: Their pockets' advantage ! Pray… pray, children … it's not God that lets either the Scourges or Earthquakes descend … but it's men! Don Vincenzo: That cause the wars to descend! We are the ones that's to blame …! Little John: You aren’t for sure and neither am I! You know well who's to blame  … just like I too know it well! And I said to the Stubborn One: “Will we fight the Mafia? But do you know who the Mafia is?” … And the Stubborn One said: “Yes … Here I am!” … And I answered her: “But which school were you at … since you don't have a school?” … And the Stubborn One answered me: “Maybe Mary’s school where there are no Multiplication-Tables … but it’s the school of the Language of Love … where there aren't other subjects that we don’t need … but where there’s the Subject of the Bread That’s Whole & Entire and Broken and it always remains Whole! Don Vincenzo: And it always remains Love! Little John: And it always remains Love! Don Vincenzo: This and only this is the key that gives life its real meaning! We don't want to understand it and we go after all those things that don’t yield fruit whereas……! Little John: What did he go after … Luke? Will we let Luke say what you went after? Will we let his wife say what he went after? Luke: He always went after and searched for one thing, always for that alone … for one thing only…! Little John: Now you can’t cover yourself … you’ve been discovered! Do you want to speak, wife … about what the Living Cup God searched for? Luke: Helen knew him later on, a good deal afterwards! Little John: But she knew him! Luke: But of course she knew him and in fact she’s here because she knew him! Don Vincenzo: John? Little John: Here I am! Now he tells me … (John makes the gesture with his hand as if to send someone away) … Don Vincenzo: You've read my mind! They must go back to Pescara! Little John: No, they don’t go back to Pescara! Don Vincenzo: Do they not? Little John: No! Don Vincenzo: Will they not go back to Pescara? Little John: They’ll stay where the rocks are! Don Vincenzo: Ah, ah, they’ll stay in that place! Little John: Near where the Living Cup God is! Don Vincenzo: In any case, John……! Little John: Yes, now I go into the Garden where they are waiting for me! There are so many Brides and the Instrument is bringing home those that gave her their hand! The Stubborn One goes back again to those that didn’t give it … to let them give her their hand and bring them before God's Banquet! And she has so much work to do! Don Vincenzo: John… it's getting late! Little John:  In the Garden there’s no watch and I can't tell you what time it is because there's no Time …  it has no limits or measures! Now I’ll go … I must go to help the Instrument to bring the Brides! Here I am! Don Vincenzo: Here I am! Little John: I leave you my Kiss and my Heart thrown-wide-open! … (He sends everybody a kiss) … say goodbye to all your sons with the Green Tree! Don Vincenzo: May the Father's Goodness, the Son's Mercy, the Holy Spirit's Love, descend on you all! And may Almighty God bless you … Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Everybody:  Amen! Don Vincenzo: Glorify God with your life … go in peace! Everybody:  Thanks be to God! Little John: In the Infinite Father's Glory … remain in the Open Door … and knock at God's Heart in Complete Peace … my children! Julia: John … there are so many Brides ready … but I'm lacking in strength a little! Come to help me! I can't bring any of the Handmaids! Send some other Useless Servant! Little John: Here I am … My Soul! Julia: Here I am! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! I love you, Daddy! THE FATHER: I too love you and I wait for your Love! Everybody:  I love you, Daddy!  THE FATHER: Here I am, children of my Heart … may Mary’s Fire of Pentecost descend on each one of you! Burn ardently and make deaf and blind humanity burn ardently … children! … (The Father impose His hands over those present) … Julia: Daddy … since you are all at the Banquet and all the Brides and our Loved Ones are there … can we greet them?  Here we are Loved Ones! Don Vincenzo: Let’s greet our Loved Ones who’ve gone before us! … (Everybody greets their Loved Ones) … Julia: Mother … Daddy … Daddy Renato … Mother Violette … prepare the dresses for the Brides that are about to come! Hello Mother, Broken Flower of my Heart! We'll see each other later!…(She sends a kiss)