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MAY 8, 2022



Julia's Talk:

Well, My Children ... Today Heaven and Earth are Joyful ... it is a Feast ... it's Mother's Day! Understand, Children ... Mary ... Mother of God and Mother of all Humanity ... how Beautiful She is ... how Full of Love our hearts are! We have a Mother that Loves us ... She takes us by the hand and never leaves us! Blessed are we, Godís Children ... Blessed are we who Believe in God, in the Gospel, in the Broken Bread that God Gives us ... Blessed are we that Grow in Godís Truth! What would we be without God? God has Given us a Garden where nothing is missing! Let us Rise with the Shepherd ... let's Celebrate with Jesus ... our Love, our All, My Children!




JULIA: If itís You, Glorify the Father! If itís You, Glorify the Father! If itís You, Glorify the Father! OUR LADY: Daughter, it is I ...  your Mother, the Mother of the entire Humanity ...  I Glorify the Father Most High ...  who has Given Me to each one of you, My Children!  Julia: Mom, you are Beautiful on this Day ... it is the Feast of all mothers ... but You are the Heavenly Mother, the Bride of God! Mammy, Today We Give You our hearts!  Our Lady: Here I am, Children ...  this Day give yourselves all to Jesus ...  live as Mothers of God ... and pray for the whole Church, for all the Priests, for the Bishops, for the Pope! Children, pray for Peace! Be Children In Love ... and Love one another ...  by dressing in the CrossPray for those who donít know My Jesus! My Children, on this Day ...  Set Out on the Narrow Road! Donít forget that you are made in Godís Image and Likeness! Always be Godís Leaven ...  Loving and Living the Living Gospel! My Children, in every mother see yourselves ... and Love as You Love Me!  I Give you My Hands ... thus, taking the Rosary ...  Win with Me the Battle of My Immaculate Heart! Live Motherhood again ... and do not abort Jesus! My Children, remember everything that Jesus told you and do not forget it!  I am always with you and I wonít leave you!  God does not leave His Work...  but He will Triumph in His Love, in His TruthThe Planted Tree is not uprooted by anything or anyone, My Children!  As Mothers, Love everyone.. and Be Vigilant!  Satan has Free Time!  Fight Evil with Good, My Children! Daughter, do you still want to Drink the Chalices ... do you want to be with Me?   Julia: Here I am, my Mommy ...  use me as you wishOur Lady: DAUGHTER, the Scrolls  are in their place! Remain Godís Rock ... and fear nothing and no one!  Julia: Here I am, my Mommy!  Our Lady: My Daughter, Here is your Family ... be Joyful!  Julia: Here I am, my Mother!  Our Lady: Here I am, Daughter ...  keep everything in your heartDonít be afraid ... you will speak, Daughter ...  to the whole of Humanity ...  the Voice of God IS and will remain foreverJulia: Mammy, you are Beautiful!  Our Lady: So are all of you, My Children!  Julia: Mommy, We Say Goodbye to You with our hearts ... Ave Maria!  Our Lady: Here I am, My Children ...  I Love you all and I Bless you with the Maternity that God has Given Me for all of you ...  with the Father, with the Son and with the Holy Spirit Love Mary Godís Drop!




Little John: A voice from the wilderness


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