Visitations: every Thursday evening from 8pm and on the 2nd Sunday of the month from 3pm   

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Moses leads the Prayer of the Rosary and, while it’s being prayed, here’s the VisitationJULIA: If it’s You, Glorify the Father! If it’s You, Glorify the Father! If it’s You, Glorify the Father! JESUSIn the Whiteness of the Cross ... (Jesus Blesses... I am the Son of God ... Alive and Real among you ... Children, Brothers and Friends of My Heart ... Friends of My Living Cross among youBy the Father’s Will ... Here I am again in the Garden of Olives ... to pray for each one of you ... to pray for the whole of Humanity, Children of My Heart! Come, let's stay in the Garden againCome, Children… My Heart Burns for each one of you … and on this Day, I Invite you again to constant Prayer for Peace! Men are not at peace: I Invite you to pray, My Children! Opening My ArmsI ask each of you, Family … to stay at the Foot of the Cross and to praymen are preparing other Wars… other Scourges… moment by moment… they don't stopCome, take refuge in My Heart!   Come and let us pray United with each other … in Complete LoveKnock on My Mother’s Heart … say again: “Mary, spread your Maternal Mantle … and unite what’s dividedCome with Your Motherly Heart ... Give Freedom to captive Humanity ... You who are Mother!” … Live the Garden’s Time again … praying for all the Priests … for the Man wearing the White Clothes! Step by step, unite yourselves to My Heart againto cry out God’s Truth to everyoneThe Anchor of Salvation take It all of you, Children… but don’t leave the Cross … lie down on the Bed of the CrossI was not wrongI used this word, My Children! I Speak to the Little ... I Speak to the Poor ... I Speak to the Wise ... with My Love, with My Truth, with the Forgiveness of the Cross ... inviting you again to live the Whole Forgiveness ... which God Gives to each of you ... gives to Humanity! Children, come ... let's go up the Vineyard ... let's stay in the Ark, in the Oars, in the Huts ... but don't forget the Boats:   added to your heart to Walk in the Narrow Road ... the Road of My HeartIt’s Me ... I am Jesus: the Son of God, Born of Mary ... to Give Myself to each one of you and to the whole of HumanityLive … again step by step … My Passion, My Birth … to Give each of you the Sonship … being Sons of God … and to Love! But Be Vigilant and fight … the False Prophets and the Poison … with the Right Hand … that God Gives you moment by moment, My Children! ... (Jesus Raises His Right Hand and Blesses... Grow again in praying for the world’s Great Ones: that’s what they call themselves ... but God IS ... God has every Power ... He becomes LittleHe becomes a Child ... He Walks among you ... asking again to give your hands ... to stay United ... to give each of you ... the Road made of Thorns ... those Thorns taken from the Crown that they gave Me ... to make Me KingI am the Son of God ...    your Friend, your Brother ... and My Throne is the Cross ... which Saves and doesn’t divide ... It Gives Love ... It Gives Peace to everyone ... to the whole of Humanity ... that deaf and blind Humanity, far from My Heart ... far from My Love ... because it’s rejected, it’s thrown to the groundPick It Up, Children… and Break the Daily Bread for all the Children, without rejecting one! Look for the Little ... the Poor ... the Outcast   ... the Prisoners ... the Drug Addicts ... those who don’t have your colorbut they are Children of God ... united to each one of youGod Throws Open the Doors to everyone! Children, don’t be anxious ... but Love and Embrace the CrossGod Breaks the Bread again … for each of you and for the whole of HumanityI Love you all ... and in Loving you ... I say to each one of youLove those who pierce My Heart ... because they pierce My MotherLet us pray ... United again in the Garden of Olives ... for all the Scourges that will descend again on the whole of Humanity ... pray for those who are doing Evil to Humanity ... but be vigilant ... be vigilant, Children of My Heart! Live this Timein God's Mercy prayingLet Prayer be for youthe Daily Bread ... the living as Children of God ... in Waiting for the Door to OpenI Love you, My Children! ... (Jesus and the Instrument converse in the Language of Love) … Julia: Here I am, Jesus! Here I am! Jesus, Your Garment is stained with Blood... (Jesus and the Instrument converse in the Language of Love... Who has dirtied It, Jesus? Who dirtied It, Jesus? ... (Jesus and the Instrument converse in the Language of Love... Here I am, Jesus! JesusSee, My Daughter look at who dirtied It!  Julia: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: My SoulJulia: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: What did you do ... on this DayJulia: The Father’s Things, Jesus ... I finished the Work ... but there’s so much, much more to do ... in this Time! Jesus: WorkMy DaughterJulia: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: God has Sent you ... to do the Things that God wants for the whole of Humanity, for the whole ChurchWorkMy Soul … and don't stopJulia: Here I am, Jesus! Here I am! If you still need me ... use me as you want! Jesus: Here I am, My SoulJulia: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Do you want to look ... also on this DayJulia: Here I am, Jesus! Here I am! JesusLook but don't cry and don't cry out unite everything you see in the Empty-Space of the ScrollsJulia: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus, the Sons can they not listenJesus: When You’ll Open the Scrolls ... they will listenJulia: Here I am, Jesus! Here I am! JesusLook, My SoulJulia: Here I am! Jesus ... I don’t cry out, I’m not crying ... I only say: Have mercy on us! Forgive me, Jesus ... if a little bit ... my eyes get wet ... Yours too are getting wet, Jesus! JesusDaughterI will lean again on your shoulders in this TimeJulia: Here I am, Jesus! Here I am… I'm ready… when you need me… lean on! JesusMy DaughterJulia: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Can you not say noJulia: Jesus, Here I am… you’ve Called me … Sent me … and asked to help You! You, Jesus ... do not get tired of my complaints ... and I can’t get tired of Loving and doing the Father’s Things! Here I am again! See, Jesus… You already know the hearts of all the Children and also mine… you gave it to me … how can I get tired of seeing the deaf and blind Humanity… seeing the Empty-Spaces? I can’t get tired ... Here I am again for Eternity, Jesus! Here I am! JesusThe Scrolls are in placeDaughterJulia: Give me the Constancy and the Strength, Jesus ... give me the Constancy and Strength ... and have Them Open when it’s the TimeJesusDo you not have to Open oneJulia: Here I am, Jesus! Here I am! I have to writeJesusHere I am! Julia: Jesus, I still have empty hands… and there is my Day’s nothingness … but there is everything that you gave me up to this moment… and I’m giving it to you! Jesus, I have the Family’s hearts and whispers ... You know what it needs: I offer them to you ... there is no Safer Place! Jesus, I place in Your Heart ... all the Gems, the Priests and Lilies and the Man who wears the White Suit ... offering, not on my hands ... on a leaf ... those who can’t give you what’s in their hearts ... but those who entrust themselves ... I offer them to you again! Jesus, You don’t forget anything… I give you everything they have placed in my heart: accept us againJesusAmen, Daughter ... Amen ... AmenJulia: Amen, Jesus! JesusHere I am, My Soul! Here I am at the Wedding Banquet! Here I am in the Father's Garden! Here I am with all the Arrayed-Hosts! Here I am with all the Little Ones! Here I am with the Two Johns ... Karol Pio and Dominic ... to bring the One Truth of the Cross ...   (Jesus Blesses... the One Truth of the Bread ... Inviting you once again to hold Them Up ... and live Them in the Fullness of your hearts, My Children! … (Jesus and the Instrument converse in the Language of Love… Julia: Here I am, Jesus! Here I am! The Love you give us, Jesus ... has no Limits or Measures ... it’s Infinite ... and we don’t deserve It ...  but here we are in giving you the nothingness … because only this do we know how to give, Jesus! JesusThe nothingness ... is Opening Your Arms and Loving, Daughter! Julia: Here I am, Jesus! Here I am! ... (Jesus gives a kiss to the Children... Jesus:  Peace to each one of youEveryone: Here I am! JesusPeace to your hearts, Children! Everyone: Here I am! Jesus: PeaceFamily of GodPeaceMy BrothersLive the Peace ... that God lets Descend … but watch and pray again … for the whole Church… for all the Priests … for the Man who wears the White ClothesIn this Hour of the Garden ... let us remain in the Prayer that God asks of each of you ... Children, Brothers and Friends of My Heart! Peace to your heart, Thérèse of the Child Jesus! TERESA: Here I am, Jesus! JesusPeace in LovePeace in Blowing the Burning of each one of youLet’s Drink the Gushing WaterTeresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusTo give It to all the Brothers ... to all the Children! Here I am! What is it, what do you have to tell Me? Where were you? Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! Teresa: Here I am! Another ThursdayJesusHere I am! TeresaAnother Hour of the GardenJesusWhere were you, what did you do? Teresa: Jesus! JesusHere I am! TeresaI was where the Instrument and Mary took meJesusHere I am! Teresa: Here I am! JesusWhat did you do? TeresaThe Father's ThingsJesusHere I am! Teresa: Here I am! JesusWhat must you tell Me in this Hour of the GardenDaughterTeresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusHere I am! SpeakTeresaI Love You, JesusJesusI Love you too ... do you not have to tell Me anything in LoveTeresa: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: I Love every Son ... and Love has the same Weight ... and it’s nice to hear: “I Love You, Jesus!” … During the Day I received so many spits and so many blasphemies … from those who say they Love Me… but I’m not addressing you, DaughterTeresa: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Let us pray that they won’t be lost ... let us pray that they recognize that they’ve blasphemedWhen a Son dives into blasphemy ... he spits in God’s face ... but God is ready to welcome him with His Arms Thrown Open ... God is not like man who reciprocates with blasphemy ... God reciprocates with Love ... but don’t forget that He is Judge! Now you speak, Thérèse of the Child Jesus! Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! TeresaHere I am, all UnitedJesus: Here I am! TeresaYou Call us one by one ... and when each of us on Thursday is present at Your Call ... it’s not to our credit ... it’s because the Father has shown us the Road ... and knocked in our heartsJesusHere I am! TeresaAnd all we have to do is answer… and leave the door openWhen the door of the heart is open… the Father can Work in FullnessJesusHere I am! TeresaWithout forcing any SonJesusHere I am! TeresaBut when there’s a little crack ... Mary, the Father, Jesus, the Useless Servants ... they can throw open the doorJesusHere I am! TeresaAnd give everything that was arranged for that SonJesusHere I am! TeresaFor each of us and for the whole of HumanityWhen God Created each of us ... He Created the Whole ... He didn’t Create just a part ... of each one of us Everything is Written downJesusAnd there, you will meet the Everything that’s Written ... when you get to Dwell in God’s Heart ... when you return Home: you will meet Everything that God has Written for each one of you! But do not change ... wait for the Father’s Will ... don’t direct the ship ... let the Father direct it ... and ask step by step: “Father, You are Righteous ... show me the Road to go!” … Teresa: Here we are, Jesus! JesusHere I am! TeresaIf you’re Meek, Humble of heart ... you can travel the RoadJesusHere I am! Teresa: Here I am! JesusIn Meekness ... God gives you His Hand ... and says: “This is your Day ... this is the Garden’s Hour ... keep Me company ... don’t leave Me alone ... I need each one of you to feel your Love ... I gave Mine when I Embraced the Cross ... and it remains ... it’s not cancelled ... it’s Eternal!” … Here I am! Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusSpeak again! Teresa: Here I am! JesusHere I am! Here I am, My BrideTeresa: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! Teresa: Here I am! Jesus: Do you not have to tell Me anything more? Here I am! Teresa: Here I am! JesusThen WILL WE GIVE OURSELVESTeresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusI Give Myself and You Give Yourself ... and the Instrument remains again Crucified out of Love ... for all the Scourges that the Great Ones are preparing! She remains again Crucified out of Love … for all the Priests, for the Man who wears the White Suit … and for PeaceTeresa: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! ...  (Therese hands Jesus the Wine and a Piece of Bread. Jesus Lifts the Bread and then Breaks It into 3 Morsels:... Here I am ... in being Alive among you, Children! Here’s the Father! Here’s the Son! Here’s the Holy Spirit Love Mary! … (Jesus Raises the Wine:) … Here I am still Alive among youto remain always United, Children! ... (Jesus Bathes a Morsel of Bread in the Wine and gives It to Thérèse:… Here’s My Flesh! ... (Jesus Bathes a Morsel of Bread in the Wine and gives It to Paschal:... Here’s My Flesh!  ... (Jesus Bathes a Morsel of Bread in the Wine and Eats It:... Here I am Flesh ... out of Love, My Children! ... (Jesus gives the Wine to Thérèse:… Here’s My Blood! Teresa: Here I am! JesusHere I am! ... (Jesus gives the Wine to Paschal:… Here’s My Blood! … (Jesus Raises the Wine and Drinks… Here I am Blood out of Love … for each one of you! Children, I don’t want to lose you ... let us stay United in the Garden of Olives ... to pray! Here I am! Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusLET US GIVE OURSELVESI stay in the Garden to pray … for the Scourges… for the Broken Babies … for what they are doing in the Father's House… that is: in all the ChurchesLet us pray, Children! Here I am! ... (Those present approach Paschal and Thérèse to receive the Bread and Wine.) … Here I am! Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusThe Easter is Full ... it’s Alive ... and it’s Risen ... in the Name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Love Mary! The Mystery that Opens Up before each of you … and becomes the Fruit of Love … to make each one of you and the whole of Humanity Grow! My Children, Growing in the Love of God who Gives Himself … and now that I’ve Given Myself ... I Live with youLet's Live United this Time of Love, Children ... in Walking, in Praying and Loving ... Loving everyone ... Loving the Little, the Poor, those who are rejected by everyoneI’m there: seek Me ... don’t stay outside and do not abort Me ... let Me Live ...  just as the Father gives each of you Eternal Life ... in His Heart ... in the Kingdom that God has prepared for each one of you, My Children! Be White Lilies before the Father! ... (Jesus Raises the Wine and Speaks in the Language of Love:… My GodMy GodDrink againDaughter! Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusHere I am! Drink againSonPaschal: Here I am, Jesus! ... (Jesus Raised the Wine and then Drinks:… JesusI Drink again and I Give Myself for Peace, My Children! Here I am! What do you still have to tell Me, DaughterTeresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusHere I am! TeresaYou Give Yourself again to each one of us … and You don't deny Yourself to anyone… and everyone can receive youJesusHere I am! TeresaNobody should feel unfit to receive YouJesusHere I am! TeresaYour Body and Your Blood… You’ve given Them to each of us… and only You, only God… knows the heart of every SonJesusHere I am, My DaughterTeresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusI Embraced the Cross for everyoneand I didn’t reject even those who Crucified MeTeresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusHere I am! Teresa: Teach us to Love with Your Love ... that knows no prejudices ... knows no Limits ... that knows no MeasureJesusHere I am! I'm Giving you My LoveLove with the Measure of the Cross, which has no Measure ... and Forgive with the Measure of the Cross ... those who pierce your heartsMine is already PiercedTeresa: Here we are! JesusHere I am! Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusWhat’s still there? Teresa: Here I am! JesusHere I am! In God’s Measure, Children … I Love youEverybody: We too, Jesus! Jesus: And I Invite you to carry on this Love to share it with your enemies: it’s there that I’m waiting for you! When I Went Up on the Cross and they Crucified Me … I LovedThe Father Sent Me for this ... to call each of youSons ... and to Teach you to LoveDon’t condemn those who condemn you ... don’t curse those who curse you ... but give all the Love that God gives to each one of you moment by momentGod is Judge ... and God knows who works Good and who works Evil ... and God decidesDon’t be afraid, Children! Be Clear as the Cross is Clear ... and let your yes ... be yes ... let your Here I am be Full ... like Mary’s is ... My Mother, Mother of each one of you, Mother of the whole of Humanity! Live this Hour of the Garden ... making the God Child Grow within you … who Gives Himself to everyone … and don’t forgetthe Drug Addicts, the Prisoners, those who don’t have a roofPray and give everyone your hand ... just like God Gives It ... Full and Abundant ... to each one of you, Children! I Love you! … (Jesus gives a kiss to the Children) … Everybody: We too! Jesus: And I Bless you ... with the Father, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit Love Mary! The Two Johns are coming! LITTLE JOHN:  WITH THE CROSS AND WITH THE BREAD! ...   (John Blesses and gives a kiss to the Children… Peace to your heartsEverybody: Here I am! Little JohnPeace to each of you who live the Garden’s Hour … the Hour of Love … the Hour that God… gives step by step to each of youIt is Ithe John of the 2ndPeace to your heart, Thérèse of the Child Jesus! Teresa: Here I am, John! Little JohnLiving the Garden’s Hour … living this Sick Time … living it with God … where the Resurrection is in Full … where the Full Life is that God gives to each of youBut do you realize ... what God comes to say moment by moment ... in this Time of the Garden ... in this Time where Evil ... is moment by moment ... in your homes, wherever you go? God comes to tell you what to do ... He comes to say to each of you: be vigilant ... He comes to say to each of you: prayBut what more do you want God to tell youHow should God speak to each of you? A Father, a Mother and a Brother ... who come to tell the Family step by step: You’re in danger ... but I am giving you to pray ... I’m giving you not to make mistakesThe Medicine is Prayer ... for this Evil! Men know it! The Great Ones ... those who threw this dust ... now they don't know how to take it awayLet you fight with Prayerdon't stop! But let the Prayer be made with the heart ... let it not be made in fear ... sure, convinced that God hears your cry ... in freeing you from the things of the world ... and Uniting you to the Eternal Love of the Crucifix ...  to the Eternal Love that God   gives moment by moment! And as a Living and Eternal Priesthood ... because the Priesthood is never canceled ... I Invite you again to free yourselves: you are not slaves ... you are Sons ... Redeemed by the Cross! Do you remember My CryEveryone: Here I am! Little John: This is LittleYou are Free Sons … in saying to the Father: “I am Your Son… and I want to remain Your Son! I ask for Your Hand ... You ask me to help You ... and to help meI give you them bothFather, Guide usFather, make us remain Living Priests!”  Because every Baptized is a Living Priesthood in the Love of Christ: don’t forget that, Children! What must you tell Me, Thérèse of the Child Jesus? Are you resting with your feet on the ground? Teresa: Here I am, John! Little John: Always rest, DaughterTeresa: John! Little JohnWhat do you have to tell Me?   Speak! Teresa: Here I am! Today is the 24th … and you are United… You and the Other John… in Mary's 24thLittle JohnHere I am! Teresa: Here I am! Little John: Here I am! Only this must you tell Me? Talk again! Teresa: You’ve always shown the Way to each of us ... to each of your ChildrenLittle John: Here I am! TeresaAnd also to those who haven’t known You … they’ve known You through the Other JohnLittle JohnHere I am! Teresa: Because you are United … ye are United in the FurrowLittle JohnHere I am! Teresa: You are United on the Bed of the CrossLittle John: As Living and Eternal Priesthoods on the Bed of the Cross of the Son of GodTeresa: Here we are, John! Little John: Here I am! Do you not have anything else ... to tell Me?   Teresa: Here I am, John! Little John: Are you too busy? Teresa: No, here I amLittle John: Here I am! Speak! Teresa: Here I am ... Here I am, John! Little John: Here I am! Don't let God's Time be taken from you! Teresa: Here I am! Little John: Give It to the Father’s Heart! Teresa: Here I am! John? Little JohnHere I am! TeresaAnd just as you Guided us… continue to Guide us step by stepLittle JohnHere I am! TeresaContinue to Teach us Mary’s StepsLittle JohnHere I am! TeresaContinue to take us on Mary’s PathsLittle JohnHere I am! TeresaAnd so we learn to Collect the ThornsLittle JohnHere I am! TeresaAnd make Them become FlowersLittle JohnHere I am! TeresaTo put Them at the foot of the Cross… so as to offer Them to the Father … to be able to offer the Father our Day … which most of the time … is not how the Father wanted itIt’s full of errors, of sins ... but putting it at the Foot of the Cross ... the Father also takes what little is rightLittle JohnHere I am, DaughterTeresa: Here I am, John! Little JohnHere I am! Tell him that the Father's Plan … is ready for him! Instead I tell him: Win the Battle with the Love of the Cross… and walk on God’s Road! To each of youI Open my Armsgiving you that Look that saysHere I am to God! Let us Live step by step the Father's Time … United in the Garden’s PrayerAnd don’t forget Don Mario ... a Living and Eternal Priesthood ... who guides your Path step by step, Children! I Bless you with the Cross, Children … and I Give you My HeartEveryone: Here I am! Here I am! Everyone: Here I am! Little John: John is coming! THE LIVING CHALICE: WITH THE CROSS AND WITH THE BREAD! … (The Living Chalice Blesses and gives a kiss to the Children… Peace to your heartsEverybody: Here I am! The Living ChalicePeace to each of you ... you who’ve come again to seek God’s Bread ... you who’ve crossed the Door ... where God waits for your hearts ... where God waits for your Love ... where God waits for your open hearts ... in saying to each of you: “Come to the Wedding Banquet ... come and Celebrate ... come, Beloved of the Father ... to Rejoice with that Joy that gives the Cross and the Crucifix!” … And as a Living and Eternal Priesthood I Invite you to pray for all the Priests … for the Pope… for all the Bishops … for those who have taken the Road of Conversion, the Road of Love! And as a Fatheras a Living and Eternal Priesthood ... I Invite you again to stay in the Garden ... I Invite you again to cross that Door that is God ... the Door made for each of you ... for your Salvation ... for your RedemptionReturn to the Living Spring of the Cross ... don’t abandon It ...         don’t trample on itDon’t complain to Jesus ... about your complaints created by your hearts ... but live God’s Burning ... live God’s Love ... prepared for each of you! Don’t despise yourselves … because you are made in God’s Image and LikenessLove yourselves to be able to Love, Children ... Love yourselves to be able to LoveIf you don’t Love yourselves ... if you despise yourselves ... if you despise your bodies ...  your Life that God gave you ... what are you doingYou don’t do God’s Will ... you don’t do God’s Love ... you don’t live as Sons of GodFamilyConsole Mary’s Heart ... Console the Father’s Heart ... Console the Heart of JesusYouwho have all the Knowledge of God … don’t get lost … but Love! How are you, you who are you ... but it's not you ... but then is it you? How is it, how is My CreatureTeresa: Here I am! The Living Chalice: Embrace itTeresa: Here I am! The Living ChaliceHere I am! With the Embrace of the CrossTeresa: Here I am, John! The Living ChaliceWith the Divinity of the Father, of the Son, of the Holy Spirit Love Mary! … (He Blesses… Teresa: Here I am! The Living Chalice - What must you tell Me? Teresa: Here I am, John! The Living ChaliceHere I am! Teresa: John? The Living Chalice: Here I am! Teresa: Here we are again UnitedHere we are in having You among us! The Living Chalice: Alive and RealBy the Father’s Will ... I Cry Out God’s Love ... the Truth ... the Road for each of you! Here I am! Teresa: Here I am! The Living ChaliceWhat is it… are you alright? Teresa: Here I am! John? The Living Chalice: Here I am, DaughterTeresaOn the Bed of the Cross… you’re fine! Here I am! The Living Chalice: Here I am, My SoulTeresa: Here I am, John! The Living Chalice: Here I am! … (The Living Chalice gives a kiss to the Children) I Invite you again to PrayerI Invite you again to keep watch on the False Prophets, on the PoisonFight it with the Cross! ... (The Living Chalice Raises the Right Hand and Blesses… And live this Moment … that God gives to each one of you … in Throwing Open His HeartLet us pray again in the Garden of Olives … all United … for Peace, Children! … (The Living Chalice gives a kiss to the Children) … I Love youA Daughter: We thank Dad… for everything He gave us! The Living ChaliceAnd I Bless you with the Father, with the Son and with the Holy Spirit Love Mary … Children of My HeartEveryone: Here I am! The Living ChaliceFirst Chew over ... and then Give Thanks, ChildrenJulia: Where are you going? John, are you going away? Is there still the broken babies to be Saved? Here I am! Afterwards I’ll also come to help you! The Arrayed-Hosts didn't come out today either … so we can Greet our Loved Ones! In the Greeting of the Cross, in our hearts’ Burning … Loved Ones, we Greet you! You’ve so much Work to do … and you too, John … but in the Moment of Prayer … we’ll meet again! Work, I'll come later too! Here we are! Here I am, I’ll do everything you told me! Here I am! Here I am! Here I am! Here I am!