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Moses leads the Prayer of the Rosary and, while it’s being prayed, here’s the VisitationJULIAIf it's You, Glorify the Father! If it’s You, Glorify the Father! If it’s You, Glorify the Father! JESUSI am the Son of God Alive and Real in your midst ... Children and Brothers and Friends of My Heart! … (Jesus Blesses… Come and Drink at the Gushing Water of My Truth, My Love and My PeaceCome everyonePeoples Called by the Father ... Invited to take part in the Banquet of LoveGrow in Charity … Grow in the Living Bread … Break yourselves, Children… and Give yourselves to everyone! Be Friends of all the PeoplesSpreading your Arms… Unite yourselves to My Heart and pray, Children… for all the NationsDon’t seek the Bread only for yourselves ... seek It first for the Little, for the Poor, for the Marginalized, for the Prisoners, for the different Sons, for the Drug Addicts ... and Spread your Arms  to Embrace in the Love of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Love Mary God’s DropLive again the Full Joy of the Gospel, My Children ... seeking those who don’t know God’s Face ... and Giving everyone the Friendship to Meet the FatherGrow again in this Garden that God has Given to each one of you … in Breaking yourselves … in being Charitable, in being Little Johns … Little, Poor and in the Last Place in the Father's Complete Love! At this Moment I ask each one of you … to keep Me Company in the Garden of Olives… and to pray for all the Priests, for the Bishops and for the Pope! But I ask you earnestly to pray for the world’s Great Ones: you don’t know their plans, Children! But be Vigilant in praying and in holding Up the Father’s Right Hand ... to Fight the False Prophets and the Poison! Be Joyful again in the Father's Garden ... in carrying the Cross step by step ... and Giving It! But remember again: you too are Living Crosses in the Name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Love Mary God’s Drop! Live being made in God’s Image and Likeness … and don’t trample the Cross under your feetGrow again in the Father’s Gospel and take the Bread! But when you have the Bread in your handRejoice ... and Give everyone the Joy that God Gives to you… filling your hearts and saying to each one of the ChildrenGrow and Walk … Give everyone the Word … so the whole of Humanity does not remain either deaf or blindLet you be the Voice of all the Peoples… in Loving yourselves! And if you Love yourselves ... the Peoples will Light Up the Light that’s extinguishedBut in your hands you also have Peacedon’t lose It, Children… but Give It to everyone … and be Peaceful with everyoneGrow again … staying in the Garden of Olives and Praying and Living the Love that I Give to each one of you! But now Come ... Let's Go Up the Vineyard, the Ark, the Oars… not leaving the Huts nor the BoatsBe Aware of all this in the Times still to come, My Children! I am your Friend, your Brother and your Son: let us remain in the Father's Love … and Let’s Walkin this Time … United with the Rosary of My Mother and your Mother and Mother of the whole of Humanity! Be Vigilant again and Fight the False Prophets and the Poison … but pray for those who have cast the Poison on the whole of Humanity, My Children! Spread Your Arms ... and Love everyonewithout rejecting any of the Children … so you will be Radiant before God’s Face, My Children! DIVINE STUBBORN ONEJulia: Here I am, Jesus! JesusDIVINE STUBBORN ONEJulia: Here I am, Jesus! JesusDIVINE STUBBORN ONEJulia: Here I am, Jesus! JesusDo you want to come with Me another momentJulia: Here I am, Jesus ... I give you everythingJesusEven the pain that you carry on your arm? Julia: Leave it! As You wish, Jesus ... Here I am! JesusComeMy SoulJulia: Here I am, Jesus! JesusDAUGHTER? Julia: Here I am, Jesus! JesusDAUGHTERJulia: Here I am, Jesus! JesusDAUGHTERJulia: Here I am, Jesus! JesusDid you Drink the Chalices? Julia: Here I am, Jesus! JesusDid you see how many there areJulia: Here I am, Jesus! JesusHow much Humanity Loves Me ….! Julia: Jesus, be Merciful as You always are ... and Give all the Chalices to me ... don't You Drink them, Jesus! I don't do anything from morning to night… I can Drink them all! Sometimes you take them… you don't give me them all … but you mustn't worry, Jesus… I can Drink them… all of them! JesusHow many do you Drink during the DayDaughterJulia:   I don't count them, Jesus… and  what’s the use of counting them… they offer them to You … and You don't count them! I don't want to count them ... and then you know well that I can't count that much! JesusCan you not countWhat about the Prayersthe Rosaries you do … do you count themJulia: No, Jesus ... what’s Given to Your Heart must never be counted ... because we forget everything You Give usJesusAnd did you see the Scrolls where they areDaughterJulia: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! JuliaThey are always in their place… because You always keep them safe… where no one can touch them … but give me always the Constancy and Strength, Jesus! And don’t take away the Chalices: I’ll have to Drink them later ... during the Prayer, Jesus! JesusHere I amDaughter … I leave you all the Chalices and the Work you have to do! Julia: Here I am, Jesus! And as always ... my hands are empty with the Day’s nothingness and with all that you have given me up to this moment ... and I offer everything to your Heart! And I place in your Heart, Jesus ... the Family, their hearts and their whispers that I’ve gathered ... and I give them to You! Looking at each Son and looking at their hearts … Console everyone, Jesus! And I place in Your Heart ... all those who have entrusted themselves to my prayers and those who can’t do it! And I still Give you the Gems, the Lilies, all the Priests, the Bishops and the Pope!  (Language of Love Here I am, Jesus… we are before the Door of Your Heart… now, right now … we Consecrate ourselves to Your Hearts … but we also do it moment by momentI do it for everyone ... for the whole of HumanityAccept my heart’s whisper, Jesus… I also Give You mineJesusHere I amDaughterIn the Love and Friendship of the Broken Bread ... Here I am again at the Wedding BanquetHere I am again in the Father's GardenHere I am again with all the HostsHere I am again with all the Useless ServantsHere I am again with the Two Johns ... Karol, Pio and Dominic ... in bringing the One Truth of the Cross ... the One Truth of the Bread ... Inviting you once again to hold Them Up and live Them in the Fullness of your hearts, My Children! Peace to each one of you ... Peace to the whole of Humanity in this Harmony of the Garden of Olives ... in this Joy of Living the Whole Bread, but Broken ... in the Light of the Father, of the Son, of the Holy Spirit Love Mary God’s DropPeace to everyoneEveryone: Here I am, Jesus! JesusPeace to Your HeartThérèse of the Child JesusTERESA: Here I am, JesusJesus: Here I am! Here’s the Gushing Water of My LoveTeresaHere I am, JesusJesusLet's Drink! Here I am! How are you… what did you do… where did you goTeresa: Here I am, JesusJesus: Here I am! TeresaI'm fine (Jesus sends kisses to those present… JesusAfter a long timeTeresa: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! And what did you do and where did you goTeresaI was where Mary and the Instrument took me to do the Father's ThingsJesus: And what must you tell Me? Teresa: Here we are in another Thursday… Here we are in another Hour of the Garden… in another Hour of Your Complete Love… Here we are to Keep one another Company… to be all of us united… physically and spirituallyJesus: Here I am! Teresa: Here we are, Jesus! Here we are for bringing us one more time! Here I am! Jesus: Do you not have anything else to tell Me? Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! Teresa: Here I am! JesusDO WE GIVE OURSELVESTeresa: Here I am! JesusI Give Myself and You Give Yourself and the Instrument  still remains Crucified out of Love … for the Father's Intentions… for all the Scourges they are preparingShe still remains Crucified for all the Priests, the Bishops and the PopeShe remains Crucified for all who are alone in this Time of the Poison spread by menHere I am! ... (Thérèse hands Jesus the Wine and a Piece of Bread   and Jesus makes the gesture of Breaking the Bread and Elevates It:) Here I am BrokenHere I am Love for each one of you, for the whole of Humanity, Children! ... (Jesus Breaks the Bread into 3 Little Pieces:) … Here is the Father! Here is the Son! Here is the Holy Spirit Love Mary God’s Drop! ... (Jesus Elevates the Wine:Here I am Love for each one of you, for the whole of Humanity, Children! ... (Jesus Bathes a Little Piece of Bread in the Wine 3 times, letting It Drip in the Wine and Gives It to Thérèse:) Here I am LoveHere I am LoveHere I am LoveTeresa: Here I am! ... (Jesus  Bathes a Little Piece of Bread in the Wine 3 times, letting It Drip in the Wine and Gives It to Paschal:… JesusHere I am LoveHere I am LoveHere I am Love! ... (Jesus Bathes a Little Piece of Bread in the Wine 3 times, letting It Drip and Eats It:Here I am LoveHere I am LoveHere I am Love for each one of you, for the whole of Humanity! … (Jesus Elevates the Wine and Gives It to ThérèseHere I am LoveTeresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusHere I am! … (Jesus Gives the Wine to Paschal:Here I am LovePaschalHere I am! ... (Jesus Elevates the Wine and Drinks:) ... JesusHere I am Love! Here I am! Teresa: Here I am! JesusLET'S GIVE OURSELVESBut I still stay to pray in the Garden of Olives for Peace ... to pray for the men who are preparing the Death of HumanityI stop to pray in the Garden of Olives for all the Children who drive Me out from their hearts … from their being Love: instead of Love they fix Hatred! And so I stop to pray and to say to the whole of Humanitylet yourselves Burn with Love and live as God’s ChildrenThis is the Cry of My PrayerLET'S GIVE OURSELVESTeresa: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! … (Those present approach Paschal and Thérèse to receive the Bread and Wine .) … Here I amTeresa: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Here I amEaster is Full, it’s Alive and it’s Risen in the Name of the Father, of the Son, of the Holy Spirit Love Mary God’s DropRejoice and Celebrate, My Children: the Wedding Banquet has been Given to each one of you… it’s Alive and it’s Real… and the Joy is Full and the Love is Great… as to fill heartsBe in Joy … remain in Joy and in Easter … which is the Resurrection of each one of you and Eternal Life and the Embrace of the Cross, Children! Be Joyful again and let Me Be Born wherever you go … Break the Bread and Give Joy and Love to all the Peoples, My Children! ... (Jesus Elevates the Wine and Gives the Wine to Thérèse ) Here I am LoveTeresa: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! ... (Jesus Gives the Wine to PaschalHere I am LovePaschal: Here I am!  (Jesus Elevates the Wine and Drinks… JesusHere I am Love! Here I am! What’s still thereThérèse of the Child JesusTeresa: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: What must you tell Me? Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! TeresaHere we are for having Given Yourself againJesus: Here I am! TeresaHere we are for having come to Dwell in the heart of each one of usJesusAnd I Wish to remain … do not abort MeTeresaHere we are, Jesus ... make us always keep You Alive in our hearts ... that we don’t put You in a corner because we fill our hearts with things that don’t belong to You ... make our hearts always remain clear so as to welcome You moment by moment ... and grant that ….! Jesus: What should I do? TeresaMay the heart of the whole of Humanity ... Welcome You and let You DwellJesusLet you prayChildrenTeresa: Here we are, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! What do you still have to tell Me? Teresa: Jesus? JesusHere I amDaughter! Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! Here we are for existing ... for having made us: Children ... for having Given Yourself for the whole of Humanity on the Cross ... and so we all became again: God’s Children ... just as He had Created us in the Image and LikenessAnd then we must not throw away that Image and that Likeness ... but we must Love ourselvesJesusIt’s the Great MysteryTo Love yourselves and to LoveTeresa: Here we are, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! Teresa: We must look at ourselves as Children ... we must first of all recognize in ourselves Your Face, God’s Face, Mary’s Face ... and once this is done ... we must take care of our body and our SoulJesusAnd not rape ItTeresa: Here we are, Jesus! JesusBut to Love It ... to then be able to Love yourselfTeresa: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! TeresaWe must remember that God made us in His Image… He made us Whole… He made us Healthy… and therefore we must not harm…JesusWhat Illness does Humanity haveTeresaHere we are, Jesus ... that of not Loving ... the Illness of Hatred ... ... the Illness of Power ... as Don Vincenzo used say: the three S's ... and that is the Illness of man who does not belong to GodJesusAs Don Vincenzo used say ... and still saysTeresa: Here I am! JesusGod is AliveTeresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusThe Priesthood is GodFor those who have forgotten itTeresa: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! What do you still have to tell MeTeresa: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! In the Love of the Cross and in being your Friend, your Son, your Brother ... I Invite you again to be Little, in the Last Place ... so you can reach the First ... and be CalledGod’s Children in the Triumph of the Cross,  in the Triumph of Love! When you Love you become Light … because of this be Little … and Win the Battle … Fighting with the Cross the False Prophets and the Poison! Become more and more In Love … and be Constant in the Gospel … keep It Wide Open … and let all the Children and Brothers take the Food that God Gives to each one of you in LoveLove yourselvesChildren! And I Love you in the Father, in the Son, in the Holy Spirit Love Mary God’s Drop! ...(Jesus Blesses… The Two Johns are coming! LITTLE JOHNWITH THE CROSS AND WITH THE BREAD! … (John Blesses... Living in the Mystical Mystery of God’s Heart and Giving the Cry of the Cross ... the Cry of the Gospel to the Children, to Humanity ... resting on that Heart of Immaculate Mother Mary ... to Give Joy ... that Mystical Rose that kidnapped God to make Him become a Son ... and this Son of God who came among us through a Creature, a Maiden ... a Maiden who knew how to Love ... and Gave Humanity the Joy of being Eternal like God is! What do we do? What do we give? And what do we answer to this Cry of Mary ... to this Cry of God who comes to bring us the Bread? And this God who Chose this Place where to place His Footprint ... where to Plant the Cross ... and where the Cross is ... there’s the Gospel, there’s God! What are we still waiting for? What do we murmur in our hearts? What do we throw away when we are poisoned in hating and pointing the finger? Like Two Good Samaritans we tell you to stop ... and to put your hearts as Seals, just as We did ... to Point Out God’s Star to the whole of Humanity ... the Comet that Pointed Out the Baby JesusWatch … Fight the False Prophets and the Poisonin this Time they are even more FreeTake Refuge in the Heart of the Cross … and LoveLovePeace to each one of you! ... (John Blesses… Everyone: Here I am! Little JohnPeace to Your HeartThérèse of the Child JesusTeresaHere I am, JohnLittle John: Here I amTeresaWelcomeLittle JohnLittle JohnWelcome back to the Garden of Olives to pray with JesusDo you realizein the Garden of Olives to pray with Jesus ... at the Wedding Banquet ... to Feed yourselves with Christ’s Body and Blood that’s Free to be Given to everyone? What is it that you have to tell Me? Teresa: Here I am, JohnLittle John: How are you? TeresaHere I amLittle John: Here I am! What is it that you have to tell Me? Teresa: JohnLittle John: Here I am! Teresa: Here we areLittle John: Here I am! TeresaHere we are for coming againLittle John: Here I am! TeresaHere we are for guiding us moment by momentLittle John: The Cross guides! TeresaHere we are, JohnLittle John: Here I am! TeresaIf we would only learn to carry the Little Cross that the Father Gives us every morning… the Big One Jesus carries It and the InstrumentLittle John: Here I am! TeresaHere I am, John! And learn to accept what God Gives us at the beginning of the Day ... to be able to Give it back to Him at the end: this is what each one of us should learn to do ... what you have always and what you still teach usLittle John: Here I am! TeresaAnd then, nourish everything with Prayer, with Faith, with Humility, with Charity… to be able to make Love GrowOnly in this way can we imitate You… only in this way can we be Image and LikenessLittle John: Here I am! TeresaHere I am, JohnLittle John: Do you not have anything else to tell Me? Teresa: Here I amLittle JohnI still have to tell youI Love youEveryone: We too! Little JohnHow Small your Cry isMake it last, Children! TeresaHere we areLittle JohnAnd Grow again in the Friendship of the CrossI Love you allEveryone: We too! Little JohnAnd I Bless you with the Father, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit Mary God’s DropJohn is comingTHE LIVING CHALICEWITH THE CROSS AND WITH THE BREAD! ... (The Living Chalice Blesses:) ... To Meet God’s Word and hold It in the heart ... to then Give Birth to It and Give It to the whole of Humanity ... to Give It to all the Children in the Harmony of the Cross ... in the Smile of God’s Face ... to be Creatures Renewed in Love ... and Win the Battle because you are Champions ... and when you are Champions ... you always win! And remind ourselves that we aren’t losers ... because God has Won ... and every Son In Love with God always WinsAnd with the Breadwhich is God ... you can’t lose ... you still become Champions! And always remember that the Champion never loses if He walks in God’s Footsteps ... and those Footsteps lead straight to the Wood of the Cross where the Victory is! You see ... Dear Friends My Children ... when you are In Love, you become Children ... and God is so In Love and is such a Child … to make each one of us become: a Child and Open Book and Living Word and Love! And when Love Knocks… the Door is readyAnd through that Door, which is God ... we come to Recognize ourselves as God’s Children, Brothers and Friends ... through Mary’s Maternal Love ... that Mother who saw her Son Climb the Wood of the Cross ... and Opened Her Arms WideAnd when Jesus said to her: “Here are your Children!” ... She Opened them even wider ...  and Living in the Father's Heart to bring the Fresh Bread to each one of youThis is the Task of the Two Johns, of the Good Samaritans ... as the Instrument calls us ... that Instrument that Plays Only God’s Music and Carries the Cross in God’s Harmony ... in the Joy of Living the Wide-Open Gospel! The Cross and the Nails and the Thorns on the Head and the Spear in the Side… Cry Out God’s Truth … the Joy of making the Children and Humanity… Free… In Love with God and the GospelThis is the Cry of the Heart of the Two Johns… United to the Instrument … they Cry Out to Humanity; they Cry Out to the ChurchWake up from sleep! And Live God’s Gospel, the Harmony that God comes to bring to His Children in saying: Work! Work in the Father's Vineyard and Give the Fruits to God … and Live the Gospel to the full in the Harmony of the CrossWithout the Cross, there’s no Gospel… and without the Gospel, there’s no Crossthis is the Cry of our heartsThis is the Invitation to make to each one of you and to the whole of Humanity: return to Living the God of the Cross and of the GospelPeace to each one of you! … (The Living Chalice Blesses:) … Everyone: Here I am! The Living ChalicePeace to Your HeartThérèse of the Child JesusTeresa: Here I am, JohnWelcomeThe Living Chalice: How are you… Welcome to all of you in the Harmony of the CrossTeresa: Here we are, JohnThe Living Chalice: How are you? TeresaHere I amThe Living Chalice: What did you do ... where were you? TeresaHere I am, JohnThe Living Chalice: Here I am! TeresaJohnThe Living ChaliceThérèse of the Child JesusTeresaHere I am, I did the Doctor’s things ... the Father’s Things, I hopeHere I amThe Living ChaliceThere is HopeIf there’s Hope… there’s also Work! What is it that you have to tell Me? TeresaHere I amJohn… Here we are for being our Friend, Brother… Here we are to be moment by momentThe Living ChaliceHere I am to each one of you that left everything… and you’ve come to find Jesus! Here I am, Children! Everyone: Here I am! The Living Chalice: Here I am! TeresaHere I am, John ... we place back in Your Heart our hearts ... those of all the Brothers who are in difficulty ... those who are sick ... those who don’t know You, who don’t know JesusThe Living Chalice: Here I am! TeresaIn the Certainty that God goes to Visit each one of them ... that He doesn’t leave anyone without BreadThe Living ChaliceI have come to Visit each one of you… and I Love youEveryone: We too! The Living Chalice: And I Love you too, all of you… hello, My dear Friend! Here I am, Friends everyoneLive the Harmony of the Cross ... and Live the Harmony of your Baptism ... and Grow all of you! Here I am, Children! Teresa: Here I am, JohnThe Living ChaliceHere I amThérèse! Here I am… Live the Joy and Cry Out with the VoiceA Son: Here I am! The Living Chalice: Here I am! Live again this Harmony of Jesus’ Easter … and pray, My Children… prayI Bless you all with the Father, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit Love Mary God’s DropThe Living Chalice: How are you? PaschalHere I amThe Living Chalice: Here I am! Be Vigilant always and Walk always on the Narrow LanePaschalHere I amThe Living Chalice: And WorkMy SonPaschalHere I amThe Living Chalice: An Embrace! Be VigilantPaschalHere I amThe Living Chalice: Here I am! … (The Living Chalice   Imposes His Hands over the Children:Here I am in Giving each one of you the Love that Burns in the Hearts of the JohnsEveryone: Amen! The Living Chalice: Here I am in Giving to each one of you the FaithEveryone: Amen! The Living Chalice: Here I am in Giving each one of you the CharityEveryone: Amen! The Living ChaliceHere I am in Giving each one of you the Hope of being Called: God’s ChildrenEveryone: Amen! The Living ChaliceAnd May Almighty God Bless you ... who is Father, who is Son, who is Holy Spirit Love Mary God’s DropEveryone: Amen! The Living Chalice: Go in Peace! Everyone: Thanks be to God! The Living Chalice: Amen! Julia: Where are you? What are you doing? Danger? What are they still doing? I saw them when Jesus showed me all those things! Here I am! John …there are many Children, many women and many men… but there’s no bread… but there’s God! What should I do? The Hosts have gone out ... and we can Greet our Loved Ones ... even the latest arrivals! Here I am, Loved Ones! I have the Chalices to Drink and the Work to finish… but I’m coming… and I’ll see you again during the Prayer! Yes, I'm seeingTell me what should I doThe Two JohnsTell Humanity to be In LoveJulia: Here I am! Here I am! Here I am! Here I am! See you later! Here we are again, Loved Ones... (Language of Love... Here I am!





Little John: A voice from the wilderness


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