The Visitations: every Thursday evening from 8pm and on the 2nd Sunday of the month from 3pm   

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Moses leads the Prayer of the Rosary and, while it’s prayed, here’s the VisitationJULIAIf it's You, Glorify the Father! If it’s You, Glorify the Father! If it’s You, Glorify the Father!  (Jesus Blesses… JESUSI am the Living Tree of the Cross … the Son of God Alive and Real among you … Children, Brothers and Friends of My Cross Embraced for each one of you and for the whole of Humanity! My Children, come ... come and pray in the Garden of Olives ... come and rest on the Bed of the Cross ... to be Lifted Up in the Father's Love ... to Give to the Children and the Brothers the Light of the Cross, the Broken Bread for each one of you, for the whole of Humanity! My Children, come again ... Adore the Father in His Love, in His Infinite MercyLive His Steps by walking on the Narrow Lane… gathering the Thorns of My Crown… Embraced and Carried for each one of you, for the Salvation of each SonCome again ... be Living Hosts in the Love and in the Burning of your hearts ... and Be Vigilant, Children: in this Time the Enemy is FreeBe Vigilant in Praying and Fighting the Poison and the False Prophets! ...(Jesus Raises the Right Hand and Blesses… Rejoice again in the Love of the Living Bread that is  God … and He Gives Himself to each one of youNew Church… Church of Mary-God's Living TabernacleBe Vigilant again in Going up the Vineyard ... and remain Steadfast with the Huts ... remain Steadfast with the Ark and the Oars and the BoatsThe word Hut means Bread Broken for everyoneGod has Given It to you ... God Invites you to live in this Love of Waiting ... in this Love where each one is a Son of God to Give Himself for all the Brothers ... to take this Bread that God Gives to each one of you ... to make It into Small Little Pieces and then Give It Whole to the Brothers ... and not to reject your enemies ... but to be vigilant in the Constant Love of the Father, of the Son, of the Holy Spirit Love MaryGrow again in the Father's Yeast ... and be vigilant in praying, Children ... in praying again so that the Church-Mother-Mary ... may be Open ... and hearts may be open to the Father ... praying for all the Priests, for the Bishops and for the PopeGive Me your hands … so that we can gather all the Priests in bringing them into Mary’s Heart, My Children! Grow again in constant Prayer … and look at what doesn't belong in your hearts and take it awayBe Children Full of Love … be Children Full of Charity towards everyone … and be vigilant, Children: Mary’s Heart will TriumphWe will be ThereWill you all be there when God's Hour comesSome: Here I am! Jesus: Do not get lost, Children… it is the heart that must answer… in the Silence of your heart and of the Father's Heart! Wait to answer with your lips, Children! The Enemy is outside and the False Prophets are too… in confusing you and letting you fall into the netBe Vigilant! … (Jesus Raises the Right Hand and Blesses… You have the Father's Right HandFight in Love and in SilenceGod is Love … He does not come to make noise … He comes in Quietnessfor this you must be vigilant, My Children! Love one another   with the same Love that God Gives you moment by moment … and thus you Fight the False Prophets and the Poison … and thus you Fight and you’ll WinThe Wars don't stopEverything is in your handsLittle Family of GodBe Vigilant… and WinJust  as I Soared the Cross ... let you Soar It too ... by Loving yourselves! It’s not so much that the Father asks of each one of you: “Love yourselves!” … Love yourselves … Love your Brothers … Love the Father! We are never SeparatedFather, Son, Holy Spirit Love Mary Drop of GodDIVINE STUBBORN ONEJulia: Here I am, Jesus! JesusDIVINE STUBBORN ONEJulia: Here I am, Jesus! JesusDIVINE STUBBORN ONEJulia: Here I am, Jesus! JesusDo you want to come with Me for a momentJulia: Here I am, Jesus ... I give you everything! JesusComeJulia: Here I am! JesusDaughterJulia: Here I am, Jesus ... Here I am! JesusDid you DrinkJulia: Here I am, Jesus! JesusThe Scrolls are in their place in the Empty-SpaceMy SoulJulia: Here I am, Jesus! JesusDaughternow you will have to take One of the LastJulia: Here I am… give me the Constancy and Strength! JesusMy Souldo not fear anything or anyoneJulia: Jesus, with the Other must I stopJesusNow you will take One of the LastJulia: Here I am, Jesus! JesusWhen it’s the Hour you will take what has already been given to youJulia: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus ... and will the Others stay in their place? JesusDo not be afraidDaughterJulia: Here I am, Jesus! Here I am! JesusAnd another Bitter Cup ... I should Drink It when We meet during the PrayerJulia: Here I am, Jesus! Here I am! Jesus, I have given You everything ... but I still give You my empty hands with the Day’s nothingness ... and all that you have given me up to this moment! Jesus, I have collected the whispers of the Family… and I give them to you! And I give you all those who have entrusted themselves to my prayers ... and those who cannot! Jesus ... I give you all the Gems, the Priests and Lilies and the Man wearing the White Robe ... Now… at this moment… and for EternityThe Truth, the Way and the Life ... You are ... and walking in the Narrow Alley ... we arrive! Jesus, you have never let go of our hand…  but we take it away from yours and lead ourselves on the Broad RoadGive me the Constancy and Strength again to lead all the Children on the Narrow Lane! And Here I am again with the Here I am given from the first moment that it left my heart! You gave it to me ... and here I am again Jesus! Living this Love, Jesus… given by you… we still haven't understood itBe Patient as you always are ... and give me again the Constancy and Strength not to leave any Son on the ground, Jesus! JesusHere I amMy SoulHere I am at the Wedding BanquetHere I am in the Father's GardenHere I am with all the Arrayed-HostsHere I am with all the Useless ServantsHere I am with the Two Johns ... Karol, Pio and Dominic ... in bringing the One Truth of the Cross ...      (Jesus Blesses... the One Truth of the Bread ... Inviting you once again to hold Them Up and live Them in the Fullness of your hearts, My Children! The Invitation to each one of youto Love the Cross that is each one of you, made in the Image and LikenessThe Invitation to each one of youto Break the Bread, to Eat It and Give It to everyone in the Joy of the Father's BanquetBe Merciful to everyone ... be Children of Peace with everyone ... and don't think of cultivating the things of the world ... cultivate the Yeast that God leaves to each one of you to be able to Knead ... and after Kneading ... Call all the Brothers ... and Live the Joy of the Bread-God in His Love, in His Light, in His MercyCome again and pray again for all the Priests, for the Bishops and for the PopeUse Mary’s Rosary and Unite the Walls which are divided, Children! I Love you in the Infinite Mercy of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Love Mary! ... (Jesus Blesses) ... Let the Joy of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit be your Joy, My Children! Peace to your heartsEveryone: Here I am! JesusPeace to Your HeartThérèse of the Child JesusTERESA: Here I am, Jesus! JesusHow are youWhere were you and what did you doHere’s the Gushing WaterTeresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusHere’s the Love that God Gives to you and to all HumanityTeresa: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! TeresaHere I am, I'm fine… I've been where Mary and the Instrument took me… to do the Father's ThingsJesus: Here I am! And what do you have to tell Me? Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! TeresaHere we are in another Thursday … Here we are in another Hour of the GardenMoment by moment it is the Hour of the Garden ... moment by moment ...JesusMoment by moment you are the Doctor of the UniverseTeresa: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! Teresa: Jesus? Jesus: Here I am! TeresaHere we are united in the Garden ... Here we are to keep You company ... Here we are to keep You company ... to give each one of us the Grace of being near You in the Garden’s Hour ... in the Hour in which you waited for the Father’s Will to be fully accomplishedYou prayed ... you weptJesusOn seeing Humanity far awayTeresa: Here we are, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! TeresaAnd again moment by moment ... you live in the same way this Hour of the Garden ... because despite all that God has given us ... Humanity does not recognize HimJesusWhenever you gather to keep Me Company in the Garden’s Hour ... the Joy is FullThe other Children are outside… you have comeTeresa: Here we are! JesusYou came! Here I am! Teresa: Here I am! Here we are because, by Your Grace ... we entered through that Door ... and we know by now, we know that here in this Place ... God Speaks ... and woe to us when we doubt! JesusWhen you doubt… when you stab the Cross ….! Speak againTeresa: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! Are you finished? Here I am! Then WE GIVE OURSELVES! I Give Myself and You Give Yourself ... and the Instrument remains again Crucified out of Love ... for all the Priests, for the Bishops and for the Pope ... and for the Father's IntentionsShe remains again Crucified for PeaceThis is what the Instrument does! ... (Thérèse hands Jesus the Wine and a Piece of Bread and Jesus Raises the Bread:) … Here I am BrokenHere I am Love … for each one of you and for the whole of Humanity, My Children! ... (Jesus Breaks the Bread into 3 Little Pieces:) … Here’s the FatherHere’s the SonHere’s the Holy Spirit Love Mary! ... (Jesus Raises the Wine:… Here I am still Love for each one of you and for the whole of Humanity, Children! ... (Jesus Dips a Little Piece of Bread in the Wine 3 times and gives It to Thérèse:… Here I am LoveHere I am LoveHere I am Love! … (Jesus Dips a Little Piece of Bread in the Wine 3 times and gives It to Paschal:… Here I am LoveHere I am LoveHere I am Love! ... (Jesus Dips a Little Piece of Bread in the Wine, 3 times, He Raises It and lets It drip into the Wine and then Eats It:... Here I am LoveHere I am LoveHere I am Love for each one of you and for the whole of Humanity, Children … in this Time! ... (Jesus Raises and gives the Wine to Thérèse:) … Here I am Love! Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! ... (Jesus gives the Wine to Paschal:... Here I am LovePaschal: Here I am!  (Jesus Raises the Wine and Drinks:) … JesusHere I am Love for each one of you … Children, Family, whole HumanityHere I am! Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusI stay again to pray in the Garden of OlivesIn this Timethe Prayer is Constant ... the Prayer is for the Poison that Descends ... and many Children remain unprepared for Meeting MeAnd the Prayer is still Constant for Peace! And the Prayer on this Thursday of the Garden’s Hour, in the Hour where the Father Descends with His Arms Wide Open to Meet each one of you ... and the Walls are dividedI Pray again ... I still stay in the Garden ... and I ask your hearts to prayAnd when I Come, open the door … and do not be distracted, do not think of the things of the worldI am there Alive and Real and I come to Dwellif you let Me in, Children! Here I am! Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! (Those present approach Paschal and Thérèse to receive the Bread and Wine.) … Jesus: Here I am! The Easter is Full, it’s Alive and it’s Risen ... in the Name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Love MaryThe Joy that God Gives to each one of you ... is the Joy of His Heart ... the Joy of a Father who Loves His Children and Gives everyone Merciful Love ... the Living Joy: to Rejoice at the Wedding Banquet in being a Familyin being Children … and to share this Broken Bread … and even the Crumbs are Whole in Giving Them! Children, halt on the Crumbs that God Gives to the whole of Humanity ... and that Crumb is a Bread-Godthe Full Lovethe Full Joythe Full Cross ... so that you may be One with the Father in the Joy of Living this Day, this Thursday, this Hour of the Garden ... In Love with God! Live this Love in still being Living Hosts made in God’s Image and Likeness, My Children! And at this momentpray again for the whole Church and for Peace, Children! ... (Jesus Raises the Wine, gives it to Thérèse and Paschal and then Drinks it:… Here I am LoveTeresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusHere I amHere I am LovePaschal: Here I am! JesusHere I am Love… Children everyone-Mary’s Church! Here I am! Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am, Thérèse of the Child Jesus! What do you still have to tell Me? Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am!  TeresaYou gave Yourself again for the whole of Humanity ... for all the marginalized Sons, prisoners, drug addicts ... for those who do not know You ... for everyone ... without any distinctionsAnd we, instead … we are always ready to make distinctions… to point the finger… whereas You who could point it at each one of us… you don't do itJesusI don't do it ... because I am waiting for you allTeresa: Here we are, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! TeresaAnd if each one of us with Prayer ... would only increase the LoveJesus: You must not increase Love ... you must become Love ... Inflamed by God’s Spirit ... In Love with God’s Spirit! Love is not increased ... Love Grows by Falling in Love ... not on the lipsThe more you fall in Love ... the more beautiful you are like MaryMary is Beautiful because She Loves… and She is in Lovethe Drop in Love with God! Here's what you must do! And the more you Love yourselves ... the more you fall in Love with the Father ... and the more you become beautiful ... in the image and likeness of the Cross! But be a Living Gospel … an Open Gospel … a Whole Bread BrokenEaten and Given to everyone! And thereon the Cross… I did this out of Love! What more do you have to tell Me? Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! Teresa: Here I am! Jesus:  And I say: Here I am to each one of you ... in still being God’s Hutsthe LoversEach one is a Little Church … but that Church keep It Shining, keep It Lit Up, keep It Burning … because the Bridegroom will come … as He came on this Thursday… He will come at the Hour that God has decided and He will Call everyone! Will you all be there? Don't answer! I Love you, Children! Everyone: We too! Jesus: And I Invite you to constant prayer ... and I Bless you with the Father, with the Son and with the Holy Spirit Love Mary! Amen! Everyone: We too! Jesus: The Two Johns are coming! LITTLE JOHNWITH THE CROSS AND WITH THE BREAD! … (John Blesses… HallelujahEveryone: Hallelujah! Little JohnGod is Alive and Real among you ... in the Joy of seeing each of the Children entering through the Door and stay listening to the Word ... but the Word is God ... the Word is Truth ... the Word is LoveGod does not bring Falsehood! And you, Children… be vigilant … do not let yourselves be confused by the EnemyGod is Love and He sees and hears everything … just as I am a Living and Eternal Priesthood and I see and hear … in remaining God’s PriesthoodEach Priest represents the Father ... the heart must be in the Same Attunement as the Cross and God ...  to be able to give all the Children the Broken Bread ... to be able to point out to all the Children the Uphill Lane ... where one gets to the Father's Heart ... and then Break and Give himself in the Fullness of being consciousGod sees us ... God hears usWhere do we hide? Where do we hide…! Is there a place? Do you know one? No! Therefore, have the Holy Fear of God… because you cannot hide anywhere: remember that! When you stop and think: “But the Father now where is He? … Jesus now where is He? …  Mary now where is She, where’s Our Lady?!” … It is there where you are… and he sees you and hears you: remember that! It is Don Mario who tells you these WordsPeace to each of youEveryone: Here I am! Little JohnPeace to Your HeartThérèse of the Child JesusTeresa: Here I am, JohnLittle JohnHow are youTeresa: Here I am! Little JohnHere I am! What do you have to tell Me? Remember and meditate on the little Words I said! What’s it like? TeresaHere we are, JohnLittle John: Tell Me! What are we doing on October 1stThe FeastThat of Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus… who Won with the CrossTeresaHere I amLittle John: Here I am! TeresaThen there is also the Living Chalice... (The Anniversary of his Priestly Ordination... Little John: And the Living Chalice… we are always United like thisTeresa: Here I am, JohnLittle John: Here I am! TeresaJohnLittle John: Tell Me! TeresaLet us always remain united… just as you Two are… united to God’s Heart … and so we grow in Love… we grow in HumilityLittle JohnThat's what Jesus comes to tell you every ThursdayTeresa: Here we are… but you know that we are…! Little JohnAnd Us tooto always remain Children and Family of God… in the Open Gospel, in the Living Gospel! But pray … pray for the whole ChurchTeresa: Here we are, JohnLittle John: Here I am! Teresa: Here I amLittle John: Do you not have anything else to tell Me? Teresa: Here I amLittle John: Here I am! Be vigilant in Love … be vigilant in being Sons! But you have a Greater TaskThe Father has Called you … He has Given you a Taskto Save Humanity! And you say: “But how can we do that?” … Faith and Love! This is what you must doFaith and Love ... Falling in Love more and more ... and not pointing the finger at the Brother! Be vigilant in all this, Children! I Love you allEveryone: We too! Little John: And I Bless you with the Father, with the Son and with the Holy Spirit Love MaryJohn is comingTHE LIVING CHALICEWITH THE CROSS AND WITH THE BREAD! ... (The Living Chalice Blesses:... Glory to God in the Highest Heavens ... and Peace to men of Good Will! Live this Day that God has Given to each one of you and to the entire Humanity, as Children ... Giving you the Work of the Vineyard ... the Work for each of you in returning at the end of the Day to get your Pocket Money! And the Pocket Money is the same for everyone ... there is no distinction for anyone ... even if you have Worked for only a single momentBut when the Work is constant… when the Prayer is done with the heart ... the Day is God’s one! You see, Children: I go out and I go through a lane ... and in that lane I find the first Brother on the ground, the second and the third ... and I go on carefree, not caring about what I’ve met! I didn't do the Day ... I didn't do what God has prepared for me ... or even if I did it and I met with another friend and I said: “I did this ... this ... and this!” … You didn’t do anything! What the right hand does the left mustn’t know! And when God Calls in your heart and you go deaf: “But I didn't hear Him ... I don't hear Him anymore ... I don't find Him anymore!” … God Dwells in the hearts of each one of usHow can you say: “I don't hear Him … I didn't find Him … I don't find Him anymore!”? ... “I didn't see Him!” … How can you say: “I didn’t see God… I didn’t see Jesus!”? … You saw the Son on the ground and you did not stopWho was he? ... “But he was dirty!” … It was JesusIt was Jesus! And how many times have I taught My Children how to help ... how to walk in Silence and Suffering and give everything to the Father ... but to be Alive with the Brothers, to be Alive with friends, to be Alive with everyone… because God is Alive! And we, if we die ... we let Him dieWe are made in God’s Image and Likeness … who is Alive, He is Real, He’s among us… and the Door is God: remember that! But pray with your heart wide open ... being Little, Poor and in the Last Place ... Little, Poor and in the Last PlaceThey asked the Stubborn One: “What’s the meaning of being in the Last PlaceWhat’s the meaning of the Exaltation of the Cross!” ... I'm not telling you ... ask her! I Love you all! ... (The Living Chalice Blesses… Everyone: We too! The Living ChaliceAnd I Bless you againHow are youThérèse of the Child JesusTeresaHere I am, JohnWelcomeThe Living ChaliceWelcome back everyoneEveryone: Here I am! TeresaHere we areThe Living ChaliceHere We Are! What do you have to tell Me? TeresaJohnThe Living Chalice: Here I am! Teresa: Here we are Joyful in listening to YouThe Living ChaliceHere I am Joyful to see youTeresa: Here we areThe Living Chalice: Here We Are! Teresa: And how many times have you ... both of you ...   when you were among us ...The Living ChaliceWe still areTeresa: Here I am … you’ve repeated these words to us and showed us the Way… but we are a bit hard, let's say a bit… an awful lot... (The Living Chalice addresses a Son:)… The Living Chalice: What did I say? When you weren't listening ... what did I tell you? You remember it, you remember it! Then he tells you, because he remembers it! TeresaHere I amAnd we must grow in Prayer… to be able to put into practice everything you tell us… to be able to understand the Bread that God Breaks for usWe still remain deaf and blind before God’s AllHere I am, JohnThe Living Chalice: Here I am! Do you not have anything else to tell Me? Teresa: Here I amThe Living Chalice: Here I am! Here I amThérèse of the Child JesusHere I amMy ChildrenEveryone: Here I am! The Living ChaliceGrow again in Love  … and never lose Hope … always be loaded with LoveWith Love you WinI Won ... and you are My Children, made in the Image and Likeness ... and You’ll WinYou must only be in Love with your little heart that beats for Jesus’ Little Heart … and when they meet… they become a Cross … (The Living Chalice Blesses… and the Cross is Victorious! Then you tell him! Live again the Burning that God Gives to your heartsGod is your Only Hope ... God is your Only Salvation … God is the Bread that’s  Broken for everyonedo not throw It away, Children… Eat It and Give It to be EatenAnd I Love you all in the Love of the Cross and of the Living and Eternal Priesthood … and I Bless you … with the Father, with the Son and with the Holy Spirit Love Mary, God’s Drop! Here I am! Paschal: Here I am! The Living Chalice: Live this Burning and walk again on the red LanePaschal: Here I am! The Living Chalice: Go ahead! Paschal: Goodbye! The Living Chalice: Here I am! … (The Living Chalice Imposes Hands over the Children:… Here I am in God’s Merciful Love, the Living and Open Gospel … which Descends upon youEveryone: Amen! The Living ChaliceHere I am again a Living and Eternal Priesthood in Embracing the Cross and Carrying It… for your SalvationEveryone: Amen! The Living ChaliceHere I am again an Eternal Shepherd of the Father's Living Word! Everyone: Amen! The Living ChaliceAnd may Almighty God Bless you who is Father, who is Son, who is Holy Spirit Love MaryGo in PeaceEveryone: Thanks be to God! The Living ChaliceAmenJulia: Are you going away? Yes, Jesus told me to take one of the Last Ones ... then are you coming? But now where are you going? To Save? I will have to Drink another Chalice during the Prayer ... and then I’ll come to help you! The Arrayed-Hosts are already out! Here I am! We can Greet the Loved Ones!   Here we are, Loved Ones ... here are the latest arrivals too! Here I am! Stay close to me… don't leave me alone! I know you never do! ... (He keeps his left hand on Thérèse's head... Here I am! Here I am! Here I am! Here I am! Here I am!  (Language of Love Here I am! See you again! Here we are, Loved Ones! Here I am, John!