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THURSDAY JULY 22nd 2021 

Moses leads the Prayer of the Rosary and, while it’s being prayed, here’s the VisitationJULIA: If it's You, Glorify the Father! If it’s You, Glorify  the Father! If it’s You, Glorify the Father! … (Jesus Blesses… JESUSI am the Son of God and I Glorify the Father Most High … Now and for Eternity… Children, Brothers and Friends of My Heart! Come with Me to the Garden of Olives … to pray for Peace in the world… for the Unity of all the ChurchesCome, My Children… let us pray for the world’s Great Ones … so that their hands unite in Praising the Father and Giving all the Children the Love that God has always GivenBe Vigilant again in the Garden of Olives, My Children ... praying again ... and,  remaining on the Wood of the Cross ... to win every Battle ... and pray in being Constant ... being Vigilant ... in giving everyone the Smile of the Broken Bread ... the Full  Joy that God lets Descend on each one of you, My Children ... Living the Burning Love and the Love of the Living Gospel ... being God’s Children in Walking step by step ... and Living the Father’s Word in being In Love! My Children, Grow again in God’s Yeast and Knead the Flour that Mary lets Descend in Her Love of a Maiden MotherLove yourselvesLove yourselves without Measures ... Creatures made in the Image and Likeness of My LoveLet You Creatures, Priests … take the Staff in your hand and lead the Flock that God has Given you to the Father's Fold! Measure the fatigue ... but give it with Love to all the Children… in the Weight of the Host of My Love! My Children, be still Vigilant for the Times yet to comeEverything is in the Gospel Godin the Broken BreadLove yourselves and watch (Thérèse begins to write and pauses for a while with her eyes upwardsthe Wind which way it goes ... and thus you’ll recognize the Time that God has Given you in the Broken BreadBe Preachers of My Love, of My Truth and of the Cross! Having said that… it’s only Broken BreadWhole TruthThe Love that was Given to you Came Down from the Cross… and I Embraced It for each one of you, for the whole of Humanity, for all the ChildrenLive again … Children and Family, whole Humanity … in Recognizing one another! You aren’t a Flock not of God ... but you are Children of God ... and therefore you must Recognize one another ... and Love and Respect each other ... in the Joy that God Gives you! Now I'm in the Garden of Olives praying again for each one of you ... so that your Love becomes One Flame that Burns for the Father's Heart, Children! Come, let's go up the Vineyard … let's stay in the Ark, in the Oars and in the Huts, not forgetting the Boats … and Live in the Father’s Joy and Break the BreadWhat’s the Great Joy for each of youTo Be Children of God! You must still Grow in this Love, in this Truth ... that God Gives to each of you through the Gospel, through the Word, through the LightWhat the Father asks for is only LoveLove yourselves and Fight with Love and Win with Love, Children! Don’t listen to the noises of the world in this TimeListen to the Broken Bread and Live as God's Children, My Children! I Love you allEveryone: We too! Jesus: And I Invite you again to constant Prayer ... don’t leave any of the Children ... pray for the Drug Addicts, for the Prisoners, for those who don’t have a roof ... don’t leave anyoneThe Father doesn’t leave any of the ChildrenLet YouBaptized ... be a father and mother to those who don’t have a father and a motherGod is Dad and Mom for each one of you and for the whole of Humanitydo the same! And don't get lostoutside there’s the Poison and the False Prophets are thereRaise the Right Hand of the Gospel and Fight, My Children!  ... (Jesus Raises the Right Hand and Blesses… DIVINE STUBBORN ONEJulia: Here I am, Jesus! JesusDo you want to come with Me another moment? JuliaHere I am, Jesus ... I give you the Whole of the Day ... and Here I am againJesusComeDaughterJuliaHere I am, Jesus! JesusDivine Stubborn OneJulia: Here I am, Jesus! JesusDaughterJulia: Here I am, Jesus! JesusThe Scrolls are in their placeJulia: Here I am, Jesus… with what Love You’ve brought Them into my heartJesusDaughteryou’ll have to take It and bring ItJulia: Here I am, Jesus! The One You indicated to meJesusHere I am, My DaughterJuliaHere I am, Jesus! JesusDon’t fear anything or anyone … you have the Father's Love that accompanies your stepsAlways be the Rock that the Father has let fall on HumanityJulia: Here I am, Jesus ... but I always ask you for the Constancy and StrengthJesusBeholdDaughterJulia: Jesus, I still have my Day’s  nothingness ... and I have everything you have given me up to this moment ... and I place it in Your Heart!  I place in Your Heart, Jesus ... the Family, their hearts and their whispers that I have collected! And I place in Your Heart, Jesus ... all those who have entrusted themselves to my prayers ... and those who cannot do it! I place in Your Heart, Jesus ... all the Gems, the Priests, the Lilies and the Man wearing the White Robe! We have come to Meet you again on this Thursday of the Garden’s Hour ... and we are Joyful to be all in Your Heart ... we are safe, there’s no danger ... we are Children and we come to You to get the Bread! Here we are, Jesus! Here we are again to Savor the Love that You Give us ... the Truth of God’s Bread ... the Union of a FamilyGod keeps us all United in His Love and in His Truth… and we don't know where to go! Here we are, Jesus… for this Infinite Meeting of the Bread, of Love, of Eternal LightMake us stay on this Road… on the Road of the Cross… and we’ll never get lost! Here we are, Jesus… Here we are for the Grace that You Give us moment by momentJesusDaughterBe still God’s Leaven for all the NationsJuliaHere we are, Jesus! JesusAnd pray again for all the Priests, for the Bishops and for the PopeJulia: Here I am, Jesus! JesusGive Your Hearts to the Father… asking for Peace among all the Peoples, Children! JuliaHere we are, Jesus! JesusHere I amMy SoulHere I am at the Wedding BanquetHere I am in the Father's GardenHere I am with all the Arrayed-HostsHere I am with all the Useless ServantsHere I am with the Two Johns ... Karol, Pio and Dominic... in bringing the One Truth of the Cross ...    (Jesus Blesses… the One Truth of the Bread … Inviting you once again to hold It Up and live It in the Fullness of Your Hearts, My Children! JuliaHere we are, Jesus… Alive and Real among us… in giving All God to usHere we are with our heads bowed before Your Cross… to be guided step by step, Jesus! Don't let any of us walk outside your Road … hold us tightly by the handJesusHere I am ... I Spread My Arms to Embrace each one of you and the whole of HumanityLive the Burning of the Cross, My Children! And I Bless you with My Love, with My Truth, with My Forgiveness ... Children, Family and whole HumanityPeace to Your Heart, Thérèse of the Child JesusTERESA: Here I am, Jesus! JesusHere I am! Here’s the Gushing WaterTeresa: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! Let's DrinkTeresa: Here I am! Jesus: Here I am! Daughter ... how are you, what did you do, where did you goTeresaHere I am, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! TeresaI'm fine! When one is with You ... one is always well ... one is in God’s PeaceJesus: Here I am! TeresaHere I am, Jesus… I have been to do the Father's Things… where Mary and the Instrument brought meJesus: Here I am! And what do you still have to tell Me? Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! TeresaHere we are again in another Hour of the GardenJesus: Here I am! TeresaHere we are for Calling us one by one to be united…JesusWorkers of the Father's VineyardTeresa: Here we are, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! TeresaLet the Garden’s Hour continue moment by moment in our heartsJesusThe Worker ... when he goes to Work in the Father's Vineyard ... has the small space to Break the Bread ... but he remains Steadfast in the Work to do ... always looking at God’s Eyes! Here I am! TeresaHere I am, Jesus! Jesus: What is it… what more do you have to tell Me? Speak! TeresaJesus? Jesus: Here I am! TeresaWe must never take our presence here in Timparelle for granted… as the Two Johns have always told us: the place is prepared for each one of usJesus: Here I am! TeresaBut Day by Day, moment by moment ... we must earn the Work in the Vineyard ... even if the Father Gives it to usJesus: Here I am! TeresaBut we must Recognize God moment by moment ... Love HimJesusThrough the BrotherTeresaHere we are, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! TeresaLearn to be Humble… Charitable with everyoneJesusEach one is GodTeresaLearn to Recognize You first in   ourselves ... and then in the othersOnly in this way do we do the Father’s Will ... and then the heart and eyes light up ... and God’s Will is Complete! But when we don’t Recognize Ourselves ... we let doubt in ... we let uncertainty in ... worry ... that don’t belong to God ... and there we fallJesusThere’s a Little Stubborn One ... in Working and Lifting Up the Children ... with the Gospel and with the CrossTeresa: Here we are, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! TeresaHere I am! Jesus: Have you nothing else to say to Me? TeresaHere I am! Jesus: Here I am! WE GIVE OURSELVESI Give Myself and You Give YourselfTeresa: Here I am! JesusAnd the Instrument again remains Crucified out of Love … for the Father's Intentions … and for all the needs of the Church … for deaf Humanity … for blind HumanityThe Instrument Sacrifices Herself in God’s Love! ...(Thérèse hands Jesus the Wine and a Piece of Bread and Jesus Raises the Bread:) … Here I am BrokenHere I am LoveHere I am Love for each one of you and for the whole of Humanity, Children! ... (Jesus Breaks the Bread into 3 Little Pieces:) … Here’s the FatherHere’s the SonHere’s the Holy Spirit Love Mary! ... (Jesus Raises the Wine:…   Here I am Love for each one of you, for the whole of Humanity! My Children! ... (Jesus Bathes a Little Piece of Bread in the Wine and gives It to Thérèse:) ... Here I am LoveTeresa: Here I am! JesusHere I am! ... (Jesus Bathes a Little Piece of Bread in the Wine and gives It to Paschal:… Here I am LovePaschal: Here I am! ... (Jesus Bathes a Little Piece of Bread in the Wine, He Raises It and lets It drip in the Wine and then Eats It:... JesusHere I am Love for each one of you ... Children, Brothers, all Humanity! ... (Jesus gives the Wine to Thérèse:) … Here I am LoveTeresaHere I am! ... (Jesus gives the Wine to Paschal:... Jesus: Here I am LovePaschal: Here I am!  (Jesus Raises the Wine and Drinks:) … JesusHere I am Love, My Children! Here I am! LET'S GIVE OURSELVESI still remain to pray in the Garden of Olives ... so that the whole of Humanity may see and hear the Father’s Harmony ... the Joy, the Truth, the Love of the Broken BreadAnd I still remain to pray that the Walls of Rome may become the Bread for all the Nations! Here I am! ... (Those present approach Thérèse and Paschal to receive the Bread and Wine… Here I am! Easter is Full, it’s Alive and it’s Risen … in the Name of the Father, of the Son, of the Holy Spirit Love MaryThe Living Joy of My Heart … Children, Brothers and Friends… has come to Dwell in your heartsdo not abort Me… let Me be BornGive Praise to the Father for this Gift of Love, Peace and Lightwhich is Alive and Real in your midst ... to give you the Embrace of Sons and live in God’s Love! The Tree is Planted ... it’s Green ... and nothing and no one can uproot ItLive God’s Love … Loving yourselves, My Children! It’s the Love that God has Given you and Gives you moment by momentGrow with MaryLiving and Eternal Tabernacle ... and be Vigilant in Walking the Narrow Lane, My Children! … (Jesus Raises the Wine and then Gives it to Thérèse and Paschal:… Here I am LoveTeresa: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! Here I am LovePaschal: Here I am!  (Jesus Drinks the Wine:… JesusHere I am Love … for the whole of Humanity and for each one of you, Children! Here I am again ... What’s the matter, Thérèse of the Child Jesus … what else must you tell Me? Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! TeresaYou Gave Yourself once again for each of us ... for all the Children ... for the whole of HumanityJesusFor those who have received Me into their heartsTeresa: Here we are, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! TeresaHere we are in continuing to Break Yourself moment by moment ... in continuing to Give Yourself moment by moment ... in continuing to Let God's Mercy Descend moment by momentJesus: That’s why My Father Sent Me … He Gave Me to Mary … to Give Me to each one of you … to make you Grow as God’s Children! Here I am! Teresa: Here we are, Jesus! To be God’s Children ... means to live in Love ... live in Joy ... to live already having Everything ... and to live in Love ... and savor God’s Presence among us moment by momentJesus: Here I am! TeresaAnd to feel Life as a Gift of GodJesusIt is a Gift of GodTeresa: Here we are, Jesus! JesusGiven Birth one by one from the Father's Heart ... and remain God’s Creatures in helping the Brethren! Here I am! Teresa: Here we are, Jesus ... and in reciprocating the Love that God Gives us moment by momentAnd when our earthly Path ends ... to return to the Father's presence ... to continue to do His WillJesus: Here I am, My Children! But pray for the Times that are yet to come, Children ... and be Vigilant ... be God’s Watchmen with the Broken Host and left Whole for each of youTeresa: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Here I am! Teresa: Here I am! Jesus: Have you nothing else to say to Me? Teresa: Here I am! JesusHere I amMy DaughterTeresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusHere I amMy ChildrenEveryone: Here I am! Jesus: Be always In Love with the Cross ... In  Love with one anothermade in God’s Image and LikenessWhen you meet the Little Daily Crosses ... don’t reject Them, don’t fall to the ground ... but Fall In Love more and more ... Embrace ItI Embraced It, the Cross, for each one of you ... to call you all: Sons ... and to be in the Joy of the Broken Bread ... in God’s Leaven ... to be God’s ChildrenWatch Outthe Poison and the False Prophets have Free TimeYou have the Cross! ...(Jesus Raises His Right Hand and Blesses… Remain Steadfast in Love … remain in the Father’s Gospel … and Walk the Narrow Lane, My Children! I Bless you with the Father, with the Son and with the Holy Spirit Love Mary! The Two Johns are coming! LITTLE JOHNWITH THE CROSS AND WITH THE BREAD! … (John Blesses… Peace to each of you! Everyone: Here I am! Little JohnPeace to your hearts! … (John Blesses) ... Peace to you ... Children, God’s Creatures ... who carry the Seal of the Eternal Priesthood ... the Vigilant Love that God gives to every CreatureI’m the John of the 2nd ... the Living and Eternal Priesthood in God’s Love ... that Priest who Visited the hearts of each one of you ... through Holy Confession ... through the Ministry of the Living and Eternal PriesthoodIn Burning with the Father’s Word ... I Burn on seeing each one of you, My Children ... in the Narrow LaneBut don’t think that God and even Ias a Living and Eternal Priesthood ... don't see the Children’s hearts... don’t hear the murmurings of the heartsI’m Alive ... just as Jesus is Alive ... just as the Father is Alive ... just as I’m Alive in the Broken and Whole HostDon’t forget that the Priesthood is God … and God Gives Himself… and God Breaks Himself… and God Listens to the Children’s Cry … but Walk in the right way … always be Vigilantthe Enemy is outside and also the False ProphetsLove yourselves ... Love yourselves ... Love yourselves: it’s the Cry of God that Descends and comes to Caress you ... and comes to say to each one of youI am Alive ... I’m the Father! How are you, Thérèse of the Child JesusTeresaHere I am, JohnLittle John: What do you have to tell Me? TeresaWelcomeLittle JohnWelcome back to the Garden ... to the Vineyard ... to God’s Dwelling-Place! Here I am! TeresaHere I am, JohnLittle John: Speak! TeresaJohnLittle John: Here I am! TeresaIn these Days I’ve thought a lot about Your Living as a Priesthood… also in making God Triumph and Fighting superstitions… going to magiciansLittle John: Here I am! Teresa: Not recognizing God as the Only SalvationLittle JohnDid you meet himTeresaHere I am, JohnLittle JohnDid you not present him with Jesus’s CrossTeresaHere I am, JohnLittle John: Here I am! Wherever you goDoctor of the Universe … bring the Cross … bring the Broken Bread … and fear nothing or anyone! Your weapon is Medicine ... but the Weapon you must bring is the Cross … it’s the BreadThe Love that God gives to your heart ... give It always like you do ... and give the Smile of the Cross to all the sick! TeresaHere I am, JohnLittle John: Here I am! Speak again! Teresa: JohnLittle John: Here I am!   Teresa: To live… knowing that God is our Dad… who has already given us Everything… and to live to Praise Him… Love Him… to recognize Jesus in each one, in each of the BrethrenLittle John: Here I am! Teresa: And therefore, our Life becomes a riot of LoveLittle JohnHere I am ... the riot of LoveTeresaHere I am, JohnLittle John: Here I am! TeresaAnd the Joy is Full moment by momentAnd so it was, both for You and for the Other JohnLittle JohnHere I am, we’re never divided ... we are always UnitedTeresaHere I amLittle John: Here I am! Talk again! TeresaLove first of all God, Mary, Jesus… and then recognize the Trinity in every SonAnd then, recognizing It in every Son ... Love each Son as if he were God ... who is GodLittle JohnWho is God … not as if he were GodTeresaHere I am, JohnLittle John: Here I am! TeresaAnd this you’ve taught ... you’ve tried to teach each one of us ... making us Know and Love the CrossLittle John: Here I am! When I asked the Stubborn One: “But you ... what school did you go to?” ... The Stubborn One answered me: “To the School of Jesus and Mary ... because I didn’t attend School ... I only went to Fourth grade!” ... You can see from the school report! Teresa: Here I am, JohnLittle John: Here I am! But God's School Report ... is being In Love with all the Brethren ... and giving to all the Brothers ... JesusThis is the Greatest School … that each of you can attend: to go to the School of Jesus and Mary … to Love and make others LovePray again, Children ... for the whole Church ... and Live the Times that God Gives you ... remaining Little, Poor and in the Last PlaceThe Little Johns remain like thisin the Simplicity of the Father’s Love and Power ... which is Love, Children! Teresa: Here we are, JohnLittle John: Here I am! I Love you, Children! Everyone: Here I am! Little John: Remain in the Garden to keep Jesus Company! I Bless you ... with the Father, with the Son and with the Holy Spirit Love Mary! John is coming! THE LIVING CHALICEWITH THE CROSS AND WITH THE BREAD! ...(The Living Chalice Blesses… Peace to your heartsEveryone: Here I am! The Living ChalicePeace to youLittle Flowers that give yourselves to Love MeI Give you the Flower of Love-God ... the Living Tree of the Crosskeep It always Alive in your hearts ... let It be always Lit Up ... give It the Gushing Water that God gives to each of you ... and Grow being Creatures made in God’s Image and LikenessI Love you allEveryone: We too! The Living ChaliceLiving Fountains of the Father's Heart ... don’t lose the Little Drop that Descends ... gather It … and after gathering It … Love ItThe Drop that Descends is God … and He Gives Himself to everyone! And God, being the Door for all the Children… He gives to each one of youthe Quietness… the Love… that Burning to Break and Give yourselves to everyoneLove your enemies ... make yourselves Light for each one of them ... Knead the Bread with Mary ... and after kneading It ... Give ItGod Gives Himself to everyone … and He asked each one of you to help Him to pray for Peace ... to stop the Wars ... to stop all the Storms ... to be One Flame ... One Crown: Mary’s One ... Praying ... PrayingI Invite you again to pray for all the Priests… Shepherds of God’s Word in living at the service of all the Children… and to Give themselves moment by moment! But pray for the Poison that men have let down, My Children! How are you, Thérèse of the Child Jesus? What do you have to tell Me? Teresa: Here I am, JohnThe Living Chalice: Here I am! Speak! TeresaJohnThe Living Chalice: Here I am! TeresaWelcomeThe Living ChaliceWelcome back to the Garden of Olives ... to God's Wedding BanquetTeresaHere I amThe Living Chalice: Here I am! TeresaJohnThe Living Chalice: Here I am! TeresaThe Days when you started to get sick are approachingThe Living ChaliceI hand you over the Little Stubborn One ... pray for her, Children! Teresa: Here we are, JohnThe Living Chalice: Here I am! TeresaJohnThe Living Chalice: Here I am! TeresaLiving in God’s sight … living knowing that God is Alive and Real among us… it’s living also with the responsibility of not being able to make mistakes anymoreKnowing that God is Alive and not recognizing Him… is serious for each of usWe, all of us ... we live in the Father's Dwelling-PlaceThe Living Chalice: Here I am! TeresaSome always… some only on Thursday… but we all live…The Living Chalice: Spiritually! TeresaIn God’s sightThe Living ChaliceYou are all in God’s sightTeresaHere I am, JohnThe Living Chalice: Here I am! TeresaAnd not recognizing God’s Presence Alive and Real in our midst ... is seriousThe Living Chalice: Here I am… it's like having a Child and saying it's not yoursTeresaHere I am, JohnThe Living ChaliceJesus is the Son, Brother and Friend of each one of youTeresaHere I am! The Living ChaliceAnd the Living and Eternal Priesthood ... is the same ... because it’s GodTeresa: Here I amThe Living Chalice: Here I am! Teresa: Continue to Guide each one of usThe Living ChaliceI Give you my Hands… it's up to you not to lose ThemI’m there moment by moment, My Children! TeresaHere I amThe Living ChaliceDon’t close yourselves in the eggshell ... but come out ... there’s Jesus waiting for you! Here I am, Children! I Love you all! Everyone: We too! The Living Chalice: And I Invite you again to be constant, My Children! Be constant in Love … be constant in accepting the Breath that God Gives you! … (The Living Chalice Gives the Breath) … After accepting the Breath… accept God’s Mantle: it covers each one of you in this Time, Children! … (The Living Chalice Imposes His Hands over the Children) … And I Bless you … with the Father, with the Son and with the Holy Spirit Love Mary! How are you? Paschal: Good! The Living Chalice: Be always Vigilant, SonPaschal: Here I am! The Living Chalice: Pray for the Intention that the Father leaves in your heartPaschal: Here I am! The Living Chalice: Be the Vinedresser of the Father's VineyardPaschal: Here I am! The Living Chalice: Here I am! Paschal:   Goodbye! The Living ChaliceTake this other Blessing again! … (The Living Chalice Imposes His Hands over the Children:… Let yourselves be guided by the Holy Spirit … and wherever you go… Break and Give yourselves to everyoneEveryone: Amen! The Living ChaliceAnd May Almighty God Bless you … who is Father, who is Son, who is Holy Spirit Love MaryEveryone: Amen! The Living Chalice: Amen! Julia: Where are you going? Where are you going, John? The Two JohnsTo gather the tears of mothersJulia: What did they do to their Children? The Ships… more Scourges? John, I’ve finished the Work ... the Father has given me more ... later I’ll come and help You! The tears? I’ve left them to John! Here I am ... I know what they’re for! The Arrayed-Hosts are all out! It's Time… they must go out! John, stay close to me with the Scroll! Here I am! Here I am! Here I am! Even if they’ve gone out ... let’s Greet our Loved Ones! Here we are, Loved Ones! Here we are! Here I am! Give me the Constancy and Strength! See you later ... during Prayer! Here I am! Here I am! Here I am!