Visitations: every Thursday evening at 20.00 and on the 2nd Sunday of the month at 15.00   

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Moses leads the Rosary Prayer and, while praying, here is the VisitationJULIA: If it’s You, Glorify the Father! If it’s You, Glorify the Father! If it’s You, Glorify the Father! JESUSIn the Shining-Whiteness of the Cross ... (Jesus Blesses... I Glorify the Father Most High ... Now and for Eternity ... Children, Brothers and Friends of My Heart! And in the Divine Embrace ... I embrace each of you and the whole of Humanity, My Children! I Invite you ... on this Day, Children ... to be Little, Poor ... to remain in the Last Place ... in rejoicing by looking at the Cross ... the Love given to each of you and to the whole of Humanity! Children, don’t seek as Love the things of the world ... but stop and dress in the White Suit: the Suit of the Cross ... the Bridegroom's Suit ... so as to meet the Father ... so as to Rejoice ... and Celebrate ... by living in the Clean Garden ... that God gave to the whole of Humanity and each one of you! Open your arms ... in cleaning what’s been dirtied ... but forgive ... just like your Father ... forgives each one of you and the whole of Humanity, My Children! But don’t forget: God is a Judge ... but He doesn’t put His Sons in jail ... step by step ... He gives you to see the Road to Walk! On this Day let’s pray again ... for all the Priests and the Man who wears the White SuitPray without stopping, Children of My Heart! Let’s Go Up the Vineyard ... while staying in the Ark, in the Oars and in the Hutsdon’t take your eyes off what God has requested! Be Vigilant, Children ... Be VigilantFight the False Prophets with the Right Hand ... Fight the Poison that advances more and more! ... (Jesus Raises the Right Hand and Blesses) ... Stay Little, My Children ... in being Great before GodI Love you ... and I ask each of you to give the Broken Bread ... that God gives moment after moment ... the Bread which is God Alive and Real for each of you ... for the whole of Humanity! Don’t reject anyone along your PathLove and forgive ... thus the Father ... forgive your mistakes, My Children! Let us pray again for PeaceLet’s pray for Peace, Children! I’m your Jesus ... the One and Triune Jesus ... the Jesus who Opened His Arms ... and Opens them again ... like a Mother gathers all the Children ... without scattering oneLet us pray on this Day, Children ... for those who get called Great OnesLet us pray ... so that they may become Little and Poor ... putting themselves in the Last PlaceNothing is impossible to GodHave Faith in PrayerHave Faith ... in praying for these Brothers ... for their hearts ... to become Children! ... (Jesus and the Instrument converse in the Language of Love) ... Julia: Here I am, Jesus! ... (Jesus and the Instrument talk in the Language of Love... Here I am, Jesus! ... (Jesus and the Instrument talk in the Language of Love... Here I am, Jesus! Here I am! JesusDIVINE STUBBORN ONEJulia: Here I am, Jesus! Here I am! JesusWhat did you do ... on this Day? Julia:   Jesus, I finished the Father's Things ... and you already gave me another Job to do! Can I do it alone, Jesus? JesusHere I am, My SoulJulia: Jesus, if I stop a little to look at the Job to be done ... do I hurt ... do I give Your Heart pain? JesusNo, My Soul ... stop, look and WorkJulia: Here I am, Jesus! Here I am! JesusMy Soul, do you want to look ... even on this Day? Julia: Here I am, Jesus! Here I am! JesusLook! Look, DaughterJulia: Here I am! Jesus ...! Jesus…! I see the nothingness again ... and in the nothingness there are footprints of ... barefoot feet ... big and small ... of all sizesAt a certain point they’re cancelled ... they’re no longer seen ... but the nothingness is there! Jesus, what should I do? Tell me, Jesus: what should I do? JesusMy DaughterJulia: Tell me, Jesus! Don't cry, Jesus! Tell me what to do! Your Eyes are Beautiful ... but Bathed with Blood! JesusWhy did you cry ... on this DayDaughterJulia: Here I am, Jesus! Here I am! JesusSacrifice yourselfMy Soul ... do what the Father taught you ... do what the Father gave you to do ... by Sending youMy SoulJulia: Here I am, Jesus! Here I am! Here I am! JesusLook again, My SoulJulia: Here I am, Jesus! Here I am! Jesus, I see the little ones again ... broken again ... taken from their mothersJesusTake them to God’s GardenJulia: Here I am, Jesus! Here I am! Jesus: Look again, My DaughterJulia: Here I am! I still see Confusion of ChurchesJesus: Stop! Julia: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus:  Sacrifice yourself ... pray ... and make your Children pray: God’s Family ... Called to Walk with the CrossJulia: Here we are, Jesus! Here we are! JesusLook again ... and add everything you see ... into the Scrolls’ Empty-SpaceJulia: Here I am, Jesus! Here I am, Jesus! Here I am! Here I am! Here I am, Jesus! JesusStay a RockDaughterJulia: With Your Constancy, Jesus! Here I am! Here I am! Jesus, I give You my Day’s nothingness ... and everything you gave me up to this moment! Jesus, I put in Your Heart ... the Family, their hearts, their whispers: hold onto them, Jesus! I put in your heart, Jesus ... all those who entrust themselves to my prayers and those who can’t do it! I place in Your Heart again, Jesus ... all the Gems, the Priests and Lilies ... and the Man wearing the White Clothes! Hold us very tightJesusDaughter, I place everything on your back: help MeJulia: Here I am, Jesus! Here I am! Here I am! ... (Jesus and the Instrument converse in the Language of Love... JesusHere I am, Daughter! ... (Jesus and the Instrument converse in the Language of Love... Julia: Here I am! JesusHere I am, Daughter! Here I am, Praying HeartJulia: Here I am, Jesus! JesusHere I am at the Wedding Banquet! Here I am in the Father's Garden! Here I am with all the Arrayed-Hosts! Here I am with all the Useless Servants! Here I am   with the Two Johns ... Karol, Pio and Dominic ... to bring the Only Truth of the Cross ... (Jesus Blesses... the Only Truth of the Bread ... Inviting you once again ... to hold It Up and live It in the Fullness of your hearts, My Children! ... (Jesus and the Instrument converse in the Language of Love... Peace to your hearts! ... (Jesus gives a kiss to those present... Everyone: Here I am! JesusMy Children! Peace to each of you! Everyone: Here I am! JesusJoys of My Heart ... Living Garden ... Planted by the Father ... Caressed by Mary’s Heart ... in remaining Burning Candles ... of the Divine Mercy of God’s Heart! ... (Jesus gives a kiss to those present... Peace to each of you! Everyone: Here I am! JesusHow are you? Everyone: Here I am! ... (Jesus gives a kiss to those present... JesusHere I am, Children! On the Path of Faith ... I join your footsteps ... moment after moment ...   in Guiding each one of you, Children of My Heart ... to Love ... to Recognize yourselves as Sons ... to look at your hearts ... keeping them Lit Up ... and to hand them to the Father ... on the Work Day! Children, My Heart’s Greatest Cry ... is repetitivepray for all the Priests ... pray for the Man wearing the White Clothes, My Children ... pray for the Walls that have fallenLet us raise Them, Children ... with your prayer ... with your being Steadfast in the Cross ... Steadfast in carrying It! My Children, My Eyes are Bathed with Blood ... in seeing HumanityI’ve handed everything to each one of you ... but I’ve rested everything on the Instrument’s back! Don't stop! Be watchful, Children! God is Alive ... God is Real ... among youMary ... My Mother and Mother of each of you ... has opened the Doors wide ... and the Triumph is Alive ... it’s RealBe Vigilant... in waiting for God’s Promise! But Be Vigilantthe False Prophets and the Poison ... will say: “It's here ... it's there!” ... You will all see ... you’ll all seeGod Promised that the Tree ... Planted in this Place ... will Blossom for the whole of Humanity ... all men will seeBe Watchful ... in Fighting the Poison and the False Prophets, My Children! ... (Jesus gives a kiss to those present... Here I am! TERESA: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: Thérèse of the Child Jesus?  Here I am! They brought us water! Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusHere I am! It's the Gushing Water! Teresa: Here I am! JesusHow are you ... where were you? Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusHere I am! What did you do? Teresa: The Father's Things! JesusWhich ones are they? Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusHere I am! TeresaPlace yourself as a Daughter in God’s Hands ... and do all that’s Written in the Father's PlanIt seems that we repeat the same thing every time ... but it’s the Whole Entire TruthJesusI come to repeat to be Sons ... and it's nice to repeatStay Sons againTeresa: Here we are, Jesus! Everyone: Here I am! JesusHere I am! Teresa: Here we are, Jesus ... because in repetition there’s always ... the NewJesusHere I am! TeresaEvery time we meet ... every time You Break the Bread for us ... there’s the New of God's LoveJesusHere I am, DaughterTeresa: Here I am! That makes Grow ... makes the Love Sown by Mary Grow ... and therefore moment after moment it’s ... a Burning BushJesusHere I am! Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusDo you want to talk again? Teresa: Here I am! Jesus? JesusHere I am! TeresaYou came among us once againJesusHere I am! Teresa: To bring us ...! JesusTo bring you the Bread ... to give you the Cross ... and call you: SonsTeresa: Here we are, Jesus! To be called Sons ... is for us the Greatest TreasureTo know that we’ve a Dad ... who loves us unconditionally ... who welcomes us ... who is MercifulJesusWithout throwing out anyone! Teresa: Here we are! Who forgives us ... who guides us ... who’s the One Who Created every creatureJesusHere I am! TeresaAnd know that we are ... all ... the Sons, the Beloved Sons ... of this Good Dad ...! JesusHere I am! TeresaFills us with joyJesusBut Joy must not remain alone ... it must Grow ... and Multiply ... and Give Itself ... in remaining only and always SonsTeresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusHere I am! Thérèse of the Child Jesus? Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: WILL WE GIVE OURSELVESTeresa: Here I am! JesusWill I Give Myself and You Give YourselfTeresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusAnd the Instrument remains Crucified for the sake of Love ... for all the Priests ... for the Man Wearing the White Suit ... for Peace! Here I am! Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusHere I am! ... (Thérèse hands Jesus the Wine and a Piece of Bread, which Jesus Breaks into 3 Morsels:... Here I am! Here’s the Father! Here’s the Son! Here’s the Holy Spirit Love Mary! ... (Jesus Raises the Chalice:... Here’s the Love ... that God gives to His Family! ... (Jesus Bathes a Morsel in the Wine and gives It to Thérèse:... Here’s My Flesh! ... (Jesus Bathes a Morsel in the Wine and gives It to Paschal:... Here’s My Flesh! ... (Jesus Bathes a Morsel in the Wine and Eats It:... Here I am Flesh ... for the sake of Love! ... (Jesus gives the Wine to Thérèse... Here’s My Blood! ... (Jesus gives Paschal the Wine... Here’s My Blood! ... (Jesus Drinks:... Here I am Blood ... for each one of you, My Children! Here I am! LET'S GIVE OURSELVESTeresa: Here I am! JesusI stay in the Garden of Olives again ... to pray ... for My Heart’s Intentions ... Opening My Arms, Children! Teresa: Here I am! JesusHere I am! ... (Paschal, gradually gives Thérèse a Piece of Bread for each of those present who approaches. Thérèse Bathes It in the Wine and gives It, saying: the Body and Blood of Christ and each one replies: Amen.... Here I am! Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusThe Easter is Full ... it’s Alive ... and it’s Risen ... in the Name of the Father & of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Love Mary! The Gift is always Greater for each one of youthe Father Opens His Arms ... and Bestows the Gifts at the Banquet of His Love! Let us Rejoice and Celebrate ... having received God’s Heart, Children ... Broken ... for each one of you ... for the whole of Humanity ... for the Mother Church: MaryDrink the Blood again! Teresa: Here I am! JesusHere I am! ... (Jesus gives Paschal the Wine... Drink My Blood again! ... (Jesus Drinks... It’s My Love ... and I give It ... to each one of you and to the whole of Humanity, My Children! Here I am, We’ve Given Ourselves! What's still there, Thérèse of the Child Jesus? Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusWhat must you tell Me? Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusHere I am! TeresaHere we are ... for giving Yourself once againJesusHere I am! My Love is to give Itself ... for all the Children ... for the whole of Humanity! Teresa: Here we are, Jesus! JesusHere I am! TeresaAnd in this giving Yourself ... which has always been ... there’s EverythingJesusHere I am! ... (Jesus gives a kiss to those present... Do you all Love Me? Everyone: Here I am, Jesus! JesusHere I am! Me too ... I Love youA Son: You are our Savior, Jesus ... our Guardian Angel! JesusAnd you are the Little Saviors and the Little Guardian Angels ... of the Heart of the CrossDon't get lost ... in the world’s noises, Children! Everyone: Here I am! ... (Jesus gives a kiss to those present... Get engaged! Do you love Me? A Daughter: Here I am! JesusAnd you? A Daughter: Here I am! JesusAnd you ... and all of you? Everyone: Here I am! ... (Jesus gives a kiss to present... JesusThen you all My Girlfriends ... in carrying the CrossEveryone: Here I am! JesusHere I am! What's still there, Thérèse of the Child Jesus? Here I am! Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! JesusHere I am! Teresa: Jesus? JesusHere I am! Speak! Teresa: Here I am! In all being Your Girlfriends and Your Brides ... we join you ... on the Bed of the Cross! JesusHere I am! TeresaAnd this is ... the Bed of Your LoveJesusHere I am! Teresa: That’s where Grace was born ... MercyJesusHere I am! Teresa: That's where You Break the Bread moment by moment ... that's where one becomes Humble ... Charitable! And therefore, this is what moment by moment ... we must seek: seek the Bed of the CrossJesus: Here I am! Teresa: And it’s only united to You ... that’s the Crucified Jesus ... that we can find ItJesus: Here I am! TeresaAnd you can give It to usJesus: Here I am! TeresaAnd you can make us taste ItJesus: Here I am! Teresa: Here I am, Jesus! Jesus: And the Bed of the Cross ... is the Bed for each one of you ... and to Rejoice in Eternal Life ... and Overcome all the Thunderstorms! Don’t forget: during the Day ... the Thunderstorms are Fought ... by Embracing the Cross ... carrying It ... and giving It to the Brothers ... also to the enemies, Children! Be Free ... don’t stay in Slavery ... I’ve made you Free ... don’t fret about the world’s things, My Children! Your Freedom is the Cross ... without it ... you are Slaves! But Love one another ... with the Measure of your being Sons of God! ... (Jesus gives a kiss to the present and the Blessing:...  I Love you allEveryone: We too! JesusAnd I Bless you with the Cross! The Two Johns come! LITTLE JOHNWITH THE CROSS AND WITH THE BREAD! ... (John Blesses and gives a kiss to those present... Peace to your hearts, My Children! Everyone: Here I am! Teresa: John, welcome! Little JohnWelcome back! How are you? Here I am! ... (John gives a kiss to those present... How are you all? Everyone: Here I am! Little JohnAnd how are you? Teresa: Here I am! Little John: Here I am! I came! Why did I comeOne Son: Because You Love us! Little JohnBecause I Love youSome: We too! Little John: Here I am! And what did I come to tell you? Some: To break the Bread! To do the Father's Things! Little John: It has already been Broken for you ... and you received It! Some: Here I am, John! Little JohnI came to tell you to be good ... to be Yeast ... to Grow, by mixing It with the Flour ... and make It grow ... to make It become Bread ... and when it became Bread ... cook It! On removing It from the oven ... you smell God’s Flavor and PerfumeAnd when you Break It to Eat It ... call God: “You became Bread ... and you became Bread ... for each one of us ... and we must give you!” ... The Bread is given to everyone ... but it’s not thrown away: remember it! God’s Bread is eaten ... because it’s God! And that Measure of that Growing Yeast ... Multiplies ... because it's God! And when God Gives Himself and Multiplies ... it’s because He loves ... and He says to each of the Sons: “I’m Your Bread ... and I came to be Eaten ... but when you eat Me ... remember that I’m on the Cross ... and remember Crucified Humanity!” ... Why is Humanity ... CrucifiedIt’s Crucified ... because of the Wars! But men don’t see the Cross ... and Trample on It ... and they Throw It on the ground ... but Jesus remains Crucified ... saying to everyone: “I’m the Peace! Even if you trample on Me ... I remain standing!” ... Remember it, Children ... and pray for all the Priests and the Man who wears the White Suit, Children! ... (John gives a kiss to those present... I Love youEveryone: We too! Little JohnAnd it's beautiful to see you with the Cross on your heart: don't take It off ... Love It ... just as I Love you ... and all of you! ... (John gives a kiss to those present... What is it, Thérèse of the Child Jesus? What's up, how are you? Teresa: Here I am! Little John: Here I am! TeresaWhen you’re with Jesus, with You and with the whole of Heaven ... you’re fineLittle JohnWhy are you thoughtful? A Son: No, no! Teresa: John? Little John: Here I am! I saw him thoughtful! Teresa: Here I am, John! Little John: Here I am! TeresaSo we know it's You! Little John: And yes! Teresa: And there’s no doubtLittle John: You know that it’s Me: the John of the 2nd ... with the CrossTeresa: Here we are, John! Little John: Here I am! TeresaAnd in a few days ... it will be your Saint’s day ... on SundayLittle John: Here I am! Best wishes to everyone! Teresa: Best wishes! Little John: Here I am! Teresa: And therefore, if You want ... We’ll Celebrate you! Little John: Are you going to make Me a Feast? ... (colloquially=… kill Me? … and we laugh... Here I am! Let's see! Here I am! Teresa: Here I am, John! Little JohnIn the Garden ... they’ve already started it! Teresa: Here I am! Little John: Here I am! What do you want? Teresa: Here I am, John! Little John: Here I am! TeresaEverything my heart desires ... you’ve already given itLittle John: Here I am! Teresa: Here I am! Little JohnThe Father still gives you His Love, Children ... and He still asks you to remain Sons ... and Love HimPray again ... for the Priests ... for the Man wearing the White Clothes! And pray ... for the Sons who wage War ... and don't realize ... that they don't have Peace in their heartsLet us pray, Children! In the good wishes that you offer Me ... put in the word: Peace! ... (John gives a kiss to those present and the Blessing:... I Love you allEveryone: We too! Little JohnAnd I Bless you with the Cross, My Children! John is coming! THE LIVING CHALICEWith the Cross ... Breaking the Bread ... and saying to each one of you: Be Bread for the Poor! ... (The Living Chalice gives a kiss to those present... Peace to your hearts! Everyone: Here I am! Teresa: Peace to Your Heart, John ... Welcome! The Living ChalicePeace to your heart! Here I am! I’m the one of the 4th! ... (The Living Chalice gives a kiss to those present... And being the John of the 2nd and the 4th ... We join Mary ... by joining Ourselves to the Cross ... and saying to each of you: Play Mary’s Match ... and Win with Her! Now it's your turn ... to be God’s PlayersPlay with the Cross ... play with Mary’s Immaculate Heart ... but cast the Nets and Fish ... Fish for the Sons of God ... because you are Little Jesuses ... and you can cast the Nets: God gave them to you! Cast these Nets, Sons ... and Fish ... do Plenty of Fishing ... to hand It over to the Father! And always stay on that one there ... where God is! ... (He points at the door... On entering, bring the Catch to the Father ... and don't stop ... it’ll be God rejecting the Fish ... and He’ll take them all ... He won’t find anything to reject! May the Catch of your hearts be Great ... but don’t stop casting the Nets ... and Jesus says it to each of you! Thérèse of the Child Jesus? Teresa: Here I am! The Living Chalice: Is it you ... or is it not you? But it's always you! What must you tell Me? Teresa: Here I am, John! The Living ChaliceHere I am! Teresa: Here we are! The Living Chalice: Me, are you not going to make Me a Feast? Teresa: Yes ... Here we are ... moment after moment! The Living ChaliceThen ... I’m running away! ... (this makes us laugh... Teresa: Here I am! The Living ChaliceHere I am! ... (The Living Chalice gives a kiss to those present... I Love youEveryone: We too! Teresa: Let's have a Peaceful Feast! The Living ChaliceA Peaceful Feast ... with the Cross! Teresa: Here I am, John! The Living ChaliceYou never do the Feast ... without the Cross, Children! Teresa: Here I am! The Living ChaliceHere I am! Speak! Teresa: John? The Living ChaliceHere I am! TeresaHere we are ... for coming to bring us moment by moment ... Your LoveThe Living ChaliceHere I am! TeresaAnd all this is a Waterfall ...! The Living ChaliceA Divine One! Teresa: Here we are, John! The Living ChaliceThat God lets descend ... even if we joke! Teresa: Here I am ... indeed ...! The Living ChaliceIt’s a Divine Waterfall ... to be Alive and Real among youTeresa: Here we are! The Living ChaliceBy the Father's Will! Teresa: Here we are ... and even more in these small gestures ... that are done with Sincerity, with Spontaneity ... when there’s no malice ... when there’s only Love to TriumphThe Living ChaliceGod is LoveTeresa: So, everything ... is filled with Simplicity, with Sweetness ... and the heart burns even moreThe Living ChaliceGod comes to Speak to His Family ... and in Speaking ... He gives the Stars of His LoveTeresa: Here we are, John! The Living ChaliceBut be Watchful in Fighting the False Prophets and the Poison that advances, Children ... (The Living Chalice Raises the Right Hand and Blesses... In Prayer ... be constantIn being Little Jesuses ... stay Little ... don’t become BigBe Little and Poor and in the Last Place ... so you can give Jesus ... in Simplicity ... in being of God ... Simple ... but Let’s Play the Match of the Heart of the Cross, Children! Let's Play ... and with God ... Let’s Win them all! You who aren’t you ... but it is you! Teresa: Here I am! The Living ChaliceHow are you? Paschal: Hello! The Living ChaliceHello! Paschal: Here I am! The Living ChaliceHere I am! What are you doing? Paschal: And now I'm ...! The Living ChaliceAre you unemployed? Paschal: Now let's wait ...! The Living ChaliceLet’s wait for our orders! Paschal: The new orders! The Living ChaliceHere I am! But always be strong ... don't fall asleep ... stay awake! Paschal: You ... help me always! The Living ChaliceHere I am, Son! Paschal: Here I am! The Living ChaliceHere I am! Paschal: You always do! The Living ChaliceHere I am! Paschal: Here I am! The Living ChaliceHere I am! Go forward ... don't stop! Paschal: Goodbye! The Living ChaliceGoodbye! ... (The Living Chalice gives a kiss to those present... I Open Out My Arms ... before God’s Family ... but don’t remain pawns that don’t move ... speak and cry out ... how Beautiful the Father’s Love is ... and how Beautiful it is to be Sons of God! Who am I? Some: A Son of GodThe Living ChaliceSon of God! And I’m not ashamed ... and I don’t fear men ... but I fear the Child-God ... and how beautiful it is to have the Holy Fear of the Child-God! You are Rich ... we are Rich   ... but let's not forget that we are Rich ...  because we are Sons of God ... and we have that Door ...  but outside they don't know it ... or rather, they know it ... and they’re afraid! Remain Sons! ... (The Living Chalice gives a kiss to those present and the Blessing:... The Living ChaliceI Bless you ... with the Father, with the Son and with the Holy Spirit Love Mary! Amen! Amen! AmenEveryone: Amen! Julia: Where are you both running to? To the Fires? Where are they? And can you both stop them ... are you not bringing anyone else? It's Big! John, can I come with you? THE TWO JOHNSCome! Julia: Here I am! Let’s Greet the Loved Ones! They still ... haven’t gone out! Here I am! Here we are, Loved Ones! See you later! Here I am, I’m coming with you ... so they see me ... but they don't see me where I’m going! Here I am! They’ve heard! Here I am! Here I am, Loved Ones! Here I am!