Visitations: every Thursday evening at 20.00 and on the 2nd Sunday of the month at 15.00   

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12th NOVEMBER 2017


Jude leads the Prayer of the Rosary and, while it's being prayed, behold the Visitation begins: Julia: If it's You, Glorify the Father! If it's You, Glorify the Father! If it's You, Glorify the Father! Our Lady: In the Sign of the Cross … (Our Lady Blesses) … I Glorify the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit that IS My Heart of a Mother … the Immaculate Mother, the Sorrowful Mother, the Mother of the Cross … Alive and Real among you! My Children, I come to ask for your hands … I come to ask for your help! I bow before the Cross of My Son Jesus … asking each one of you: "Help us! Help us! Help us to make God's Peace and Cross Reign among you in the whole of Humanity, Children!" … (Our Lady Blesses) … This is My Cry of a Mother: I ask for your hands … I ask for your hearts … I ask for your steps on the Narrow Road! Don't get lost on that Broad One … where God isn’t there … where there isn’t what God wants from each one of you … Called one by one to be a Living Priesthood, Sisters, Priestesses, Handmaids and Menservants … in the Love of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit! … (Our Lady Blesses) … Be a Cross in the Cross! And remain in the Vineyard, in the Ark and in the Oars … to Build what God gave you! Don't lose the Sonship of the New Church that each one of you IS! Made in God's Image and Likeness … the New Church … the Church of My Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart! Children, remain Little, Poor and in the Last Place … and don't lose the Sonship of the New Church again! Remain Steadfast! Fight the Poison! Fight the False Prophets! You have the Father's Inheritance … don't squander it … but remain in Waiting while the Father calls you: “Advance! Let you advance! It's Time to Break the Bread and Take the Blood of My Love!" … Children, Brothers and Friends of Jesus, of My Son … God’s Son … Given to each one of you and to the whole of Humanity to become Mothers: Mothers of the Cross, Mothers of the Crucified, Mothers of the Savior! This is what I came to ask you for on this Day! I bring the Father's Abundance and I let It descend on you and on Humanity again! … (Our Lady Imposes Her Hands over those present) … And I ask each one of you to remain Steadfast in God, Steadfast in the Son, Steadfast in My Heart of a Maiden-Mother … for each one of you, My Children! Divine Stubborn One. … ? Julia: Here I am, Mother! Our LadyHere I am! Where were you? Julia: Working, Mother … in gathering the Baskets that you gave me to fill! I filled Them all and I delivered Them in front of the Door! The Brides that had just arrived were there and they took Them! Our LadyWhat are you doing now? Julia: I'm talking with you, Mammy! Our LadyAre you not doing anything else? Julia: I Opened my Arms and I Embraced the Nails … to get Strength and be able to give It! Our LadyBut were you not in bed?  Julia: I got up … with Your Help! Our LadyAnd what did you do? Julia: I Worked! You know everything … I can't tell you anything else, Mammy! Our LadyHere I am, My Soul! Do you want to look? Julia: Here I am, Mother! Our LadyTake a look!  Julia: Here I am! I see many Poles made in the shape of a Cross … but they aren't like the Cross of Jesus. … they are empty, nobody has Embraced the Cross! There are so many in the distance! There are many on the ground! They’re different … they are lit up … they’ve a light … but they are upside down … in the shape of a sword! They aren't swords … ! They are Missiles … ! And as well as Missiles … there are Planes ready to take off … but there's nobody inside them … they are empty … they go on their own … there's no sign of Life! Mother, what can I do? Our LadyMake your hands Burn … and place them! Not now! Julia: Here I am, Mother … Here I am … I’ll do it later! Our LadyLook again! Julia: Here I am, Mother! I see Mountains … they open up … Water doesn't come out, Wind doesn't come out, Fire doesn't come out … a Green Liquid comes out! As it goes along & moves it ignites … everything becomes Fire … but the Green is still Alive! Mother … what is it? Can I do something? Our LadyHere I am! Bring somebody with you! Julia: Here I am, Mother! Our LadyLook again … and add what you see to the Empty-Space of the Scrolls! Julia: Here I am, Mother! Here I am! Here I am! … (Our Lady and the Instrument converse in the Language of Love) … Here I am, Mother! Here I am! Mother, my heart’s Mammy, Mother of the whole of Humanity … I gathered the Whispers, Your Family’s Heart-beats and I hand them to you! I gathered my Day’s nothingness and I bring it to you! I gathered the Whispers of the Children that are entrusted to my prayers, and I hand them over to you! Mammy, behold again everything that you gave me till this moment: I hand it to Your Heart! And I place in Your Heart all the Gems, the Priests and Lilies and the Man that wears the White Cassock! Accept us again … and wait again … just like you promised me! Our LadyHere I am, My Soul! Here I am at the Wedding Banquet! Here I am … with Everyone Celebrating … with All the Arrayed-Hosts … with All the Unprofitable Servants … with All the Brides … with All the Little Children … with the Three Johns … Karol … Pio and Dominic! We've Come to Bring the Only Truth of the Cross … the Only Truth of the Bread … (Our Lady Blesses) … Asking you again to hold Them High and live Them in the Fullness of your hearts, My Children! The Heartbeat of a Mother's Heart IS in gathering Her Children and the whole of Humanity! Let yourselves be gathered in helping you to give Us the hand One and All: between the Garden and the Vineyard … My Children, Children of My Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart! … (Our Lady sends a kiss to those present who reciprocate) … Peace to your heart, John, living cup, GodIt's Me, Mary … the Creature that answered: “Here I am!” to the Father and, with the Here I am, I gave Eternal Life to the whole of Humanity … through the Cross! Peace! Don Vincenzo: Peace!  Our LadyI want to speak with You and You with Your Children! I am your Mother, the Immaculate Mother! I am Our Lady … as you call Me! John, Living Cup God … do you want to speak or will we let Th้r่se of the Child Jesus speak? Speak, Th้r่se of the Child Jesus! How was your Day, what did you meet? Teresa: Here I am! Our LadyHere I am! Speak! Teresa: Here I am! Our LadyHere I am! Speak freely … just like you know how to speak! Teresa: Here I am! Our LadyHere I am! Teresa: Here I am! Our LadyHere I am! What did you meet? Teresa: I met You! Our LadyHere I am! Teresa: The Father! Our LadyHere I am! Teresa: The Instrument who was working! Our LadyHere I am! What was the first or last word that she told you … when you met her? What was it? One of the two! A Little … a small one … the tail end! Teresa: Here I am! Our LadyHere I am! Speak! Teresa: Here I am! Our LadyHere I am! You must learn: when you are asked to speak … don't leave room! Teresa: Here I am! Our LadySpeak! Teresa: Here I am! Our LadyYou shouldn't think about what you must answer to God! You must say it! Teresa: Here I am! Our LadyHere I am! Teresa: Here I am! There are so many things that the Instrument told me … .! Our LadyChoose one! Teresa: … . In silence! The Work was Big and she had little strength! She made me understand that she couldn't handle it! We spoke like that: with our eyes! Our LadyBut then … what did she do? Teresa: Then she got the Strength! I told her: “It's the Second Sunday … you must get up!” And she got up! Our LadyHere I am! Teresa: Here I am! Our LadyGo ahead, speak again! Teresa: Here I am! Our LadyHere I am! I'm thirsty! Will you give me some water? Let you speak! Does it seem strange to you that I ask you for a drink? Everybody: No! Our LadyAnd does it seem strange to you if I give you the Coughing? Some: No! … (Our Lady gives everybody her Coughing and Breath) … Speak! … (Our Lady gives bouts of her Coughs and Breath over the water that she was given to drink and, firstly, she gives it to the Living Cup to drink) … Speak! Teresa: Here I am! And again in the Day … I always met the Father, Jesus, the three Johns! Our LadyAnd what more did you see? Teresa: I saw some Sons searching for God … and not being able to see Him … although they had Him before their eyes! Our LadyContinue! Teresa: Here I am! Our LadyDo you too want the water? Teresa: Here I am! Our LadyBring the water to Th้r่se of the Child Jesus! Teresa: They weren't able to see Him, because their eyes were … ! Our LadyDazzled by the things of the world! Teresa: Here I am! And then I saw You again! Our LadyHere I am! Teresa: Here I am! Our LadyHere I am! Teresa: Strewn across Humanity one more time! Our LadyHere I am! Teresa: But this time your Dress was Closed! Our LadyHere I am! Teresa: Here I am! Our LadyMy Dress was Closed … and will remain So for a while! Teresa: Here I am! Here I am! Our LadyHere I am! Have you nothing else to say? Assistant Parish Priest, do you want to say anything to Your Mother?  Raphael: Here I am! Our LadyHere I am! What’s your Greatest Pain … of all those that you feel in your heart? Raphael: They pretend that God doesn't exist! They all do! Nothing exists … only they exist! You can't understand! One never tries to! It's all caused! Our Lady: By God … not by men! God is the Creator of Everything and of Everybody … men aren't! And Everything will be taken away … and nothing will remain! The Vineyard will remain! The Garden will remain! The Children of Faith will remain: the Sons who are Little, Poor and in the Last Place … without seeking the world’s Noise! My Children, remove from you the Noise and Glitter of the world! Remain always Little, Poor and in the Last Place … where God is who is the First Fruits of all things! And He has given the Inheritance to each one of you and it won’t pass away … it remains with you made in the Image and Likeness of the Cross and of the Crucified One! And I came today to Ask For your hands … your help! A Little Mother, in the Last Place … who asks Her Children for help … in Humility, in Charity, in Simplicity: “I need your help so as not to let the Scourges Descend! I need each one of you to love one another!” With Love we can Fight! With War you don't win! With Love you win! In Love there is God who Gives Himself Fully! And you were Chosen in the Love of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit that IS My Immaculate Heart of a Mother! Love everybody … don't make any distinctions, My Children! Love one another in the Security of the Cross of My Son Jesus! I come Giving Birth to the Cross and the Crucified One! This is God's Seal: the Cross and the Crucified!...(Our Lady Blesses) … Stop only where you see God's Sign … which is the Cross and the Crucified One: God's Inheritance … the God Child in your midst, My Children! And Pray, pray for the Walls of Rome: more Blood is Descending! Pray for all the Priest Sons! Pray for the Man that wears the White Cassock! To you has been given the Task of Saving Humanity! You must be United … & Love one another! If you remain Steadfast and United … My Immaculate Heart will Triumph … and the whole of Humanity will see God's Triumph! From this Place … the whole of Humanity shall see and Humanity will kneel down … but not everybody will get up: the Children Faraway, the Children on the Broad Road … ! Pray … ! Remain a Single Sheepfold before a Single Shepherd: God in your midst! That’s what I’m asking you for as a Mother! I ask you to Pray with the Short Rosary: “Our Father - Hail Mary! Our Father - Hail Mary!” … My Children! Do you want to ask me something else, Assistant Parish Priest? Raphael: Here I am! Our LadyHere I am! Living Cup God, do you want to speak to Your Children … do you want to say how much it is that you Love God? Speak! Don Vincenzo: What makes me reflect is always this Message of Love! And we, on the other hand … can’t put It into practice! Love … .! Light … ! The Love through each one of us! How beautiful to enter into this Loving Relationship! Everything originates from the Father and Everything flows back together to the Father! Our LadySpeak again, Living Cup God! Look at Your Children who are Hungry and Thirsty! Speak again! Look at them! Don Vincenzo: Make us into Love! Make Love Triumph … the Real Love … the Gospel Love! Our LadySpeak again! It's beautiful to hear Your Voice of Eternal Father! Don Vincenzo: Everything is Love! That’s why, inside here, we meet in order to Love, to learn to Love, to learn to put God in First Place … always! Our LadyHere I am, Father! Th้r่se of the Child Jesus … .? … (Our Lady and Th้r่se converse in the Language of Love) … Here I am! TeresaHere I am! … (Our Lady and Th้r่se converse in the Language of Love. Our Lady gives the Coughing and Breath to Th้r่se and then to all those present) … NINTH SCROLL! Our LadyHere I am! TeresaFirst Page! Our LadyHere I am! TeresaA Book! Our LadyHere I am! TeresaClosed! Our LadyHere I am! Teresa: A KeyOur LadyHere I am! TeresaThird Page! … (Our Lady and Th้r่se converse in the Language of Love) … Here I am! Our LadyHere I am! TeresaHere I am! Our LadyHere I am! Teresa: Three Crosses! Our LadyHere I am! TeresaHere I am! Our LadyHere I am! TeresaOn the Three Crosses … there are Three Instruments! Our LadyHere I am! TeresaOn each Cross there’s written: Alfa; Omega; 8! … I don't know what symbol it is, Mother … .! … .! … (Our Lady and Th้r่se converse in the Language of Love) … Here I am! Our LadyHere I am! TeresaIt's a Cross … crossed with another Cross! Our LadyHere I am! TeresaHere I am! Ninth Page! Our LadyHere I am! Teresa1st Line: God IS! Our LadyHere I am! Teresa2nd Line: God can do Everything! Our LadyHere I am! Teresa3rd Line: God is the Fullness … and each one of you has God's Fullness! Our LadyHere I am! Teresa4th Line: God will Triumph! Our LadyHere I am! TeresaThe Scroll’s Closure! Our LadyHere I am! TeresaA Long Track! It's formed by Small Lights! Each Light is the Flame Lit Up on the head of the Sons that remained on the Narrow Road! … (Our Lady and Th้r่se converse in the Language of Love) … Our LadyHere I am! Children, it's a Mother that Cries Out to your heart! It's a Mother – a Little Maiden that Speaks to each one of you: Conquer Evil with Good … the Good that God wants and gives to each one of you! Fight every Evil with God's Love, Children! My Promise doesn't fail: My Immaculate Heart will Triumph! And the Walls Stained with Blood will be Cancelled …  and given birth to with God's Heart! The New Church has Blossomed in Jesus’ Cross … Giving Birth to It! Live God's Love step by step, Children! Do you want to add Your Love, Living Cup God? I Say Goodbye to you and I let God Descend on you! … (Our Lady Imposes Her Hands on those present) … Bring God and His Son and My Motherly Heart … into your homes … everywhere you go! Prepare your hearts for the Birth of Jesus within you, My Children! I Say Goodbye to you with the Father, with the Son and with the Holy Spirit Love! Bless Your Children, Living Cup God … give the Eternal Father’s Goodbye! Don Vincenzo:  When Love Shines … Everything becomes Inflamed … Everything becomes Beautiful … Everything becomes Rocklike … Everything does! That’s why we must speak of Love! That’s why we must learn to put Love in First Place! That’s why we must give Love God's Place … because God Reigns over this Love … and God wants to spread this Love! We must Grow, Grow, Grow, Grow, Grow, Grow: here’s the Key with which every Door is Opened! Our LadyBless Your Children, Good Father! May Almighty God Bless you … Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Everybody: Amen! Our LadyAmen! Don Vincenzo: To be Instruments of Love! To be Bearers of Love … and place Love within us … and spread Love from our hearts! Then it will be beautiful … because we’ll be enriched and, being enriched, we’ll enrich others! Julia: Mother … .! Mammy! … (Our Lady and the Instrument converse in the Language of Love) … Since you are All United at the Wedding Banquet … at the Garden … and all the New Brides have arrived … I’ll finish the Work and come to Greet You! We Greet our Loved Ones! Here we are, God's Garden! Goodbye, see you later! Mother, Here I am … I’ll do what you’ve told me! Here I am, see you later!