Is it allowed? Iím tiptoeing in, can I stay? I don't want to disturb, but I also want to have my say, because Iím there and Iím there for each of you first of all. Yes, I gave you teachings, I told you: ďdo what I tell you.Ē, but I told you: ďIíll always be with you and many children will speak in my Name.Ē I didnít say to drive them away, but to listen. Did I not tell you that I was in the prisoners? In the poor? In the sick? Why do you drive everyone away from My Face? This is not what I told you, donít take My place. I invited you to do my things and not change anything.

Sons, I have redeemed you all with the same measure, and if I have done this, you too must do it without rejecting anyone. Be servants, because Iím one, donít let yourselves be served, my sons.

See, my Bread is for everyone; if you donít become Bread, what are you for Humanity? Don't lose the sheep, did I not leave them to you? But I told you: ďLove them allĒ. I also told you that I would come back, to wait for me, but I see that you donít do it, you do everything else: you command. And do you think that I don't see your mistakes, sons?

I am good to everyone, I am good to you shepherds of My Church. Have you forgotten this? Of my own will I let myself be put on a Cross. Sons, donít be proud, be meek with everyone.

I am the Jesus of all time and I havenít finished speaking, My Fatherís Time isnít finished. Why do you say Iíve spoken, if Iím always with you? And I told you: ďBe ready and prepared, I will come.Ē, but this is not at the end of the world. There is no end, but staying together. Remember this, my sons, remind everyone of it. Don't sell me again. Don't name me in vain. In the places where they say I speak, not everyone is right. Where the money god is, Iím not there. Be vigilant, sons. Don't sell the children in my Name and don't make money with their pain. Donít desecrate the innocent and donít mask your faces, but be little and dress with the Cross. Show the Face of God to the sick, not the world's face.