The  Mystery  passes through 

The Stubborn One of the Cross

Little John

The Living Chalice


The Main Theme of the Messages:


 and with the FINAL PLAN being: Shalom Shalom Shalom

having started

from the Oak of Sofferetti in S. Demetrio Corona CS,    

to the Room in Timparelle 2, from Corigliano Calabro CS




Don Mario Riccio, Little John, writes:


A Light for Calabria and for the world


Beautiful are the Calabrian coasts and its mountains are green:  from the Polino Mountain to the Sila, but great too is its Christian history.

Here  in Calabria, as well as in nearby Sicily the great Apostles: Peter and Paul came.

Here the great Thurio of that time, as well as at Sibari a very important center ... the Greek hermit Telesphorus preached austerity ... then unexpectedly he became the seventh Pope from 125 to 136 A.D. and was martyred under the emperor Hadrian.

Here there's the town of Rossano … blessed by its IV century “Purple Codex” Gospel and by its Achiropita icon of the Blessed Virgin.

Here St. Nilo lived and moved to preach from here and he found basilian monasteries to some extent everywhere.

In these lands of Saints ... there is unfortunately today "the scourge of the mafia". It shouts, it cries out: but it's a cry of man to man!

Here ... as in Egypt, it wasn't the Pharaohs who set the Hebrews free ... but the people's cry to their God: to He Who Is ... to the Lord of History!

Today Mary ... in obedience to God, goes through the whole world and, like Moses, She cries out the Return to the Promised Land: God's Land!

Calabria was chosen by Mary in the small road of Timparelle, in the small village of Thurio ... that's tiny nowadays ... which in turn is a small village of Cantinella … in the area of Corigliano Calabro's flourishing town, which has about forty thousand inhabitants.

There's a picture-frame of the sea in the story of Jesus: the sea of Galilee. Just like earlier for John the Baptist there was the river Jordan. Also the places which concern Little Julia of the Cross have the savor of river and sea: the Sibari sea and the river Crati which skirts Julia's house and opens into the sea at Sibari.

To this Valley of Sibari the Mother of Jesus and our Mother cries out with Pain and Love: "Free yourselves from the things of the world ... follow My road that leads to Jesus!"

Here She also cries it out with joy: Hurry to come after Me because Jesus is among you and He speaks non-stop for more than twenty-one years … be it every Thursday evening … or during the afternoon of the second Sunday of every month … or to "His Bride" Julia every day!




Julia Arancino was born on 28 September 1957 in Ministalla's small group of houses, in the parish of Thurio, dedicated to St.Telesphorus ... although the principal feast day is October first: St. Therese of the Child Jesus.

Her parents, Damian and Seraphina, register her with the date of the 29th September. Serafina lost many babies during pregnancy, so that they don't arrive in order: Cosmos still a bachelor ... Schiavonea, married to Francis and blessed with four children ... and finally Julia.

Julia was baptized by Fr. Sextus Tocci on 15 August 1958 in the Sanctuary of Schiavonea, in the Lido of Corigliano Calabro

On June 7th 1969 she received her First Communion in the church of Thurio near her home. Fr. Rudolf of the Friars Minor from Veneto prepared her for it ... (the Friars had arrived at Schiavonea's Sanctuary in 1964). Julia has a happy memory of Fr. Rudolf, who died on 7 March 2000 ... just like she also has happy memories of all the other Priests with whom she came in contact!

Confirmation was administered to her by Msgr. John Grillo, the Archbishop of Rossano, on June 22nd, 1969 in the church of Thurio.

One recalls as a historical curiosity that Rossano succeeded Thurio as a diocese in the eighth century because of the dangers of the Longobardic incursions and those of the Saracens. In that way the cathedral of this beautiful "Plain" of the sea of Sibari transfers up the mountain to the Hill of Rossano.

At school Julia stopped at the fifth class of elementary school because she failed to pass the exam and she stopped going to school to help her mother Serafina. That school of the small village of Ministalla was dear to her because there, at 10 years of age, she had her first vision of St. Therese of the Child Jesus!


In one of the messages one reads that God also thought about Paschal, Julia's husband and that he had and has a very important role in the story of the Apparition!

Paschal Capalbo was born on 9 April 1950 at Corigliano.

Cori-gliano means: “Heart in the Plate”!

The Capalbo family transferred from Corigliano to Cantinella … another small village of Corigliano … just like the villages of Julia's life they also form part of Corigliano, namely: Thurio, Ministalla and Timparelle.

Paschal, who is also called Frank by many… unlike Julia was promoted from fifth class to sixth in the elementary school … but he too like Julia stopped going there in order to work … since his family, like Julia's, was very poor!

As a young man Paschal emigrates to Germany to Nuremberg and when he comes home on holidays to see his relatives, he meets the young maiden Julia on the roads of Thurio and from then on for some time. Their marriage take place on 10 August 1975 and immediately afterwards they leave together for Nuremberg, … even though they return later on to Italy and settle down definitively where they are today: in Timparelle road No.2, in Thurio's little village and Cantinella's one!






The Priest




Today's Little John, a Voice that cries from the wilderness, born in Lauria (PZ) on 05/01/1935.

Since 1985 he begins his journey of discernment about various Apparitions. He met Julia and was her Spiritual Director until the day he left earthly Life, on 2 January 2001.



Julia speaks:

A Life Story

At Sofferetti, on Apparition Sunday. The Prayer was over and we were near St. Michael's statue, in a group, talking. I see two men coming down the lane. One of the two asks: "Who is Julia?" And I, like a student, raise my finger and say: "I am!" Don Mario didn't wear anything that could say he was a Priest. He approaches me and greets me and I said to him: "The Prayer is already over!" He asked me some things and then told me to say a special prayer. He says goodbye to me and they set off to go to another place and I told him: "The next time you come, dress as a Priest!" He turned around and said, "Who told you that I was a priest? "We looked at each other: that Look was God's! And then he said: "If you want to see me dressed as a Priest, come to Lentini's Chapel!" I asked him where it was and he gave me his phone number on Lentini's holy picture. And so he began coming to the Prayer, remaining a short time, because he followed many Places of Prayer. He stopped to ask me what Our Lady and Jesus were saying and I answered that. There was something different from other Priests: his eyes were a door where you could find everything, but at the same time there was Mystery! After a short time coming to the Prayer, he was asked by Our Lady to become my Spiritual Director in full, in following me by publishing the Heavenly Messages and staying near me in the moments of Prayer. And immediately he was attacked on all sides by others. He didn't stop! Steadfast in Prayer. Don Mario: God's Mystery! Everyone was looking for him. Everyone took his Divine Wisdom. But everyone kept him at a distance while he talked about the Apparition: "Do whatever you want, but don't talk to us about these things!" And he suffered. The others used him. Don Mario: the Priest who rose up while he was Celebrating ... the Priest who was Transfigured with Jesus in his hand ... was my Spiritual Director. And he was threatened, got caught by the police not to let him come to follow me. Don Mario: the awkward pawn as far as others were concerned. He, always Steadfast in Prayer, replied: "I won't obey you because I love you and I want you saved!" And they even threatened us with death. He said to me: "Are you afraid?" And I answered him: "No, what I promised is a Here I am ... and the Here I am Is God!" He looked at me and said to me: "You will persevere!" And I answered: "Here I am!" They did to us and told us all sorts. Everything was placed in God's Heart. "For my part" ... he said ... "I'll be waiting for you in Paradise!". And so the threats became stronger and stronger. Don Mario was increasingly present in following me and the others were always more distant from him. Only when they needed did they present themselves to him! Set aside in taking his Work and making it theirs. How many times I've seen him cry in telling me: "They are making fun of me. They laugh at you and at me. They laugh at the Messages. But they don't know what they are doing!" And I said to him: "Don Mario, how much it costs you to follow me!" And he said: "The Truth must be followed!" And so the strongest part of the Prayer arrived. Don Mario never doubted Julia. The Bread was churned out and it was Burning more and more! But slowly ... he followed me for twelve Years. In the twelfth, he began preparing me, by telling me: "I have to go. Who will follow you? "And I said to him: "Why do you have to go? "And he said this: "My Time is over. I did everything I had to do and I said everything I had to say!" And I said, "I'm here, you still have to follow me!" ... "You know what you have to do. They formed you well: Rock ... Little Stubborn One of the Cross!" To everyone, one by one, he said goodbye to all the Children. But one Thursday he showed up earlier, he embraced me and Paschal, my husband ... he asked us: "If I remove my Surname because I'm ashamed ... will you accommodate me in your home? "And I  took the house keys and told him: "This is your home!" He cried a little and then said: "I must leave you ... but don't be afraid: I will always be with you!" The Prayer took place! After the Prayer, he said to me: "I'm tired, prepare me some fruit to eat!" And I prepared it for him. He ate the fruit and left telling me: "I'm tired!" And my husband Paschal and I told him to stay ... he could leave in the morning. And he answered: "My Bed is the Cross. I have to go there!" And I replied: "Yes!" In the following days, he always told me that he had to leave. He could hear me crying and he smiled. But he continued: "What will you do without me? They'll attack you! Who will defend you?" And I answered: "If you really want to go, the Cross will defend me!" He told me to wake him up at four in the afternoon, and so I did, but when I called ... he was always awake. "I'm praying ... I have to save a boy who wants to kill himself. Let you help me too. I have to go and bless the place where he decided to kill himself!" And so he freed the boy. But your strength was weak, Father ... for going back home. You did everything, Don Mario! You left everything in order. You prepared me to stay on the Cross. You left a Great Message for the whole of humanity entirely, but the others weren't able to meet you, they didn't see your Face. You: my Spiritual Director! When God calls ... it's only because He loves us ... and He gives us the Bed of the Cross for loving Him. So it is ... and so it will be ... always. Don Mario ... you, my Spiritual Director ... your Message for each one of us: "Did not your hearts burn ... while I conversed with ye along the Road" Not even this did they understand! But there it is: God before us!



The Priest




The Living Chalice, born in Montesilvano (PE) on 12/08/1949.

He met Julia and was her Spiritual Director until the day he left earthly Life on August 4, 2018.


Julia speaks:

I start with Don Mario: about who was to follow me as Spiritual Director, since he was preparing me. He said that he had to leave, that is, leave this Earth and be born to another. And he  told me some Names of Priests and I answered "no"! And so he tells me: "I will follow you from Heaven!" But then he added: "A Priest will come from afar, a tall one!" And so it was! After 5 Years, in the Month of January 2004, a girl calls me from Pescara ... she asked me if Don Vincenzo could come to see me, to meet me. I replied that during the week he couldn't, but to come on a Thursday. They insisted for a week, but I always said on Thursdays, because I was under Don Mario's Obedience. And so, on February 5th around 1.30 pm, Don Vincenzo called me saying: "Julia, I'm Don Vincenzo ... I come from Pescara ... I want to talk to you!" I told him: "The Superiors will hurt you!" And he said, "I'm not afraid!" And I said to him: "We can only talk outside: I'm under Obedience!" And he said yes! He came running! From a distance I saw him as low ... when he approached ... he was very tall! As I opened the gate, he greeted me saying: "I beg your pardon from all the Priests and all the Bishops ... for how much they are making you suffer!" I replied: "Don Vincenzo, there's no need!" And he kept apologizing. We sat near the Statue of Our Lady which is located outside ... and there he asked me how the Apparition took place! It was Thursday and he asked me if he could stay for the Prayer ... and I told him yes, if he wanted to! We talked for two hours ... then he went away and, after an hour ... he came back by taxi. He brought me a packet of chocolates saying: "Eat them all! I'll see you at eight!" He asked me where the sea was and I told him ... and so, on foot ... he got to the sea and then he came back on foot. At eight o'clock he was present for the Prayer. Recollected in prayer he was among the others. He was called by Jesus among 4 other Priests. He got up and knelt asking again for forgiveness for the whole Church. After the Prayer, he was accompanied to Sibari, to leave immediately. He was impressed by the Place and the Simple Prayer ... and he started to telephone me and send me some songs to learn. He was born to become my Spiritual Director 5 Years after Don Mario was in the Garden. And so, every week he came to the Prayer and followed the whole group. But immediately afterwards he was put under Obedience not to come as always. They didn't let him come anymore and he stayed for a year without coming. They told him that they would study me, not to worry. And  so he asked me: "Julia, did someone come?" I said: "No, no one came ... there was only a small meeting, but nothing special!" The Year of Obedience had passed and Don Vincenzo asked me if I would prepare a room for him, because he would leave everything to come and live in our house: "Ask your husband if he agrees!" We accepted his wish: "I want to stay at your house ... where there's talk of the Cross!" By telephone he told me how I should behave with the Prayer: pray for everyone. He was a Living Source of Prayer and was able to steal everyone's hearts. And so, on the first of December 2005 ... he moved to our house, welcomed by all of us ... but not  immediately accepted by others. He suffered so much ...  he was attacked from all sides. His strength remained Steadfast in Prayer for everyone. He gave everything to everyone. There wasn't a place where he went: but he stole the hearts! But he could not go any further: there was a stop from others. And so, Don Vincenzo ... worked in Silence ... in the Souls. He gave his whole self to change those who punished him. Of course, in his heart he knew everything ... always talking about Forgiveness and Love: "We must pray for those who don't understand us and go forward. The Priesthood is God. Know this, Children!" This he said and says. This he taught me: to fight Evil with Good, with Prayer. He: the Rock that feared nothing ... he: the Light that illuminates everything ... he accepted in his heart every offense, every pain, he shouldered everything ... without a complaint! He: my Spiritual Director Don Vincenzo ... no complaint at all about anything! His Strength is unequalled. For me He remains the One Truth, the Only Light! How Great you are, Don Vincenzo! How you wanted this house! We all accepted you. Together we overcame every fight. The Prayer mattered and it matters ... and what you said. Nobody has a memory that wasn't sweet after meeting you. Even the stones talk about you. You didn't build walls ... but you made souls grow ... you built the Church of hearts ... you gave birth to Burning for God ... and you keep doing it. Don Vincenzo ... it's evening: stay with us ... don't leave us alone. No, you didn't leave ... you are Present more than ever. What a Joy to have had you in our home. What a Joy to have you Forever. How Great your Love is. Only God can Love like this: for those who have known and heard you. For those who didn't know you: they say things not of God ... but meaningless stories. You have the Sense of Prayer. You've chosen what has always been in your heart. Your Ascent is to give yourself to everyone and this you did. You found a place where you took Humanity in your arms to set it Free ... because you said this: "Children, be smart! The enemy attacks on all sides. We must be smart ... and pray ... and not let ourselves be found asleep! You don't know what Prayer done properly means ... what it produces. Dear Children, pray for the family, pray for young people. Stay awake and don't forget: behind you there's always the enemy. don't forget it!" You recommended this to us: "We must be Winners ... not losers!" Here we are, Don Vincenzo.






God’s Cry! What is God’s Cry? It’s the Two Johns! It’s They that gave their Whole Selves for us! Speaking with God’s Voice … they gave us everything and they give us everything! How many Confreres have taken from their Work ... how many have knocked and Miracles were opened, handed out, taken! And They were rejected! But God does not reject whoever Loves! He leaves Him in the Vineyard to bear Fruit! God Sows and Gathers and, at the right moment, He takes away the Bad Weed and says “I don’t know you!” … “But we spoke about You!” … And God does not answer! Here are the Two Johns: in Silence they did everything of God and they still do! And God says: “Come, Children … participate with Me!” With God you are Winners … and They have Won! Humanity must seek the Things of God … and in God it will find Peace … and all the Wars will disappear … and all the Mafias will come back in Peace with God! But only with God … with the God of the Cross … will we all be Brothers and Children and Friends of God! Here are the Two Johns! Here are My Two Spiritual Directors! Here I am having been guided by Ye!

Little Stubborn One of the Cross





The Instrument speaks about

her Spiritual Director

Don Vincenzo Diodati


Speak, but don’t run down. Give his teachings, because he gave them to us, and now more than ever we must get them out. He never judged anyone's work! He warned us if we were speaking ill of someone! Why do ye speak ill of him? Don’t think it's finished! He acts with God. Let’s not offend Him by offending others and his will. If he has educated you and pulled you out of all degradation, is this your thanks? Don’t treat him as: “Vincenzo”,  but as: “Don Vincenzo”. And accept the place where he chose by his will and lived with Love and Peace, praising the Heaven of his Peace. We are Children of a Dad who has chosen us to make us know God, so that the Fruits are seen of having known and loved him in Christ, so that we can find him in our hearts when God wills!




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