From the Last Will and Testament

of the Priest Don Mario Riccio


Don Mario Riccio "A Voice from the wilderness"



was established

with these legal protocols:

    Protocol Provision 2439/3A.1.1 Section 2, by which the Prefecture of Cosenza has placed the copy of the Don Mario Riccio  - "A Voice from the wilderness" - Foundation in the Register of Legal Entities, and


   Protocol note 2439/3A.1.1/Legal Entities/5^ Area, released by the Cosenza Prefecture relative to the copy of the Don Mario Riccio  - "A Voice from the wilderness" - Foundation in the Register of Legal Persons.




The Foundation's Current Postal
Account no. is :
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As you can see, the Will is composed of Envelope no. 1 on the frontispiece of which are shown the instructions for the opening of the envelope and the reading of the documents contained in it and also of no. 3 whose parts were drawn up at different times. 


         The first part which has the title "Will" bears the date 11-September-1982.  To this, an appendix was added on 14-May-1984


        The second part which bears the title "Modifications to the Will of 11th September 1982" was drawn up on the date 01-January-1995.


        The third and last part bears the title "Rectifications to the Last Wills of 11th September 1982 and 1st January 1935 (= 1995)" was drawn up on the date 26-April-2000.



Front of the Envelope


Don Mario Riccio

Via Cairoli, 163 

cas. post. 33

85044 LAURIA (PZ), Italy

Tel. (0973) 628744


It must be opened in the presence of Julia Arancino, Paschal Capalbo (her husband), Frank Vincent Sola from Mormanno and the brothers, sisters and nephews/nieces who want to be present.

There also may be present any "Little John" not from Lauria.


First Part of the Will



I render thanks to the Lord for what he has given me: Life, Faith, Priesthood. A special thanks for having let me know and love His Mother. I would have wished to have done so more and better. I hope that Her Motherly Heart may draw near with the fading away of my life. - How it would have pleased me not to have anything but only the Lord! How it would have pleased me "to Sell everything" for to follow the Lord everywhere, in mission, in works, in pain. - But I am still here "among many things"! Forgive me Lord, for the lack of courage! Yet I tried to do it, I was not able. You know everything, Lord. Enrich me again with your Mercy, which also has been there and is already so much. I beg pardon of my dear heirs if I limit them only with personal remembrances. I ask them, however, to carry out my desire and to "sell or acquire for the Lord" everything which has an economic value. Let you do what I was not able to do in life. Be missionaries of what was the most beautiful - but was unfortunately only the - desire of my life. Let you destine everything to good by selling or binding the property and anything of value to some good works: Missions, Seminary, Elderly, children, those alone, various marginalized people. Consult with the Bishop and execute with the Lord's Grace these poor wishes of mine. This is the most Holy Mass that I hope for: to still avail myself of you in order to give myself and to give ourselves with Jesus to the world. May the Lord bless us and conserve us for His Day.


Lauria, 1l September 1982                                         Mario Riccio, the Priest


P.S. Out of rightful duty, let whoever was nearest to me take freely what he wants. Let there be no disputes. THANKS!  14-May-84  Riccio Mario


Second Part of the Will


Changes to the Will of the 11th September 1982


It remains substantially unchanged, but, given my involvement regarding what I have gathered, published or computerized "On the Little Tracks of visionary phenomena nowadays" I assign & destine everything of mine of value and my money to the "Foundation" of a legal entity which would have as a "first objective" (not excluding the other works of charity) to spread in an economical (not a luxurious) manner, what I have collected "On the Little Tracks of visionary phenomena nowadays". I leave to the Church the judgment and discernment on that which comes from the Light of God and on what is to be discarded. To me it seemed like the 3rd Testament of the Word of God. Thus I have received it, loved it and made it known: a 3rd Testament which brings us God's last complete alliance with man. I adore this Advent, I await it and I serve it while alive, but also may my death continue it through these wishes of mine which want always and eternally to praise, bless and serve the Father's Holy Will. Let it be thus for you: to want the Will of God! I entrust my heart to Mary's Immaculate Heart so that like Hers, it may be a blessed and sweet cabin for Her Baby Jesus! Amen!

Lauria, Italy 1st January 1995

(first of January nineteen ninety-five)          Mario Riccio, the Priest




Third Part of the Will



                             Rectifications to the wills  11 September 1982 and 10 January 1935 (viz. 1995)


 My heirs shall be "The Little Johns" who have followed me among the brothers, sisters, nephews/nieces from Lauria and ”The Little Johns“ of the Room, with precedence to Julia Arancino, Paschal Capalbo (her husband) and Frank Vincent Sola from Mormanno.


They will take care to keep my actual residence open with everything included. They will study a type of "Foundation" more or less connected to my story:


Don Mario Riccio - A Voice from the wilderness  - Foundation .


From the liquid funds and from the rent or sale of the little house at Praia what follows will have to be achieved:


1.    To keep the Internet sites open forever (if possible):


      a) (or some another name); b) Piccolomario


2.    The publication and distribution (in a low-cost edition) of the Little Tracks of today's visionary matters - (the same for CDs)


3.    The eventual expense for the custodian of the house. Better still if it's lived in by some "hermit" or "little sister" to be called or chosen from among "the


     Little Johns".


Let it be a House of Prayer and of Love!


Let it be a House of Living Gospel, like the Gospel of this Wednesday after Easter:


"And they said to each other: - Did not our hearts burn within us while he talked with us on the road, when he explained the Scriptures to us?"


Wednesday in albis,  26 April 2000       

Don Mario Riccio, the Priest - A Voice from the wilderness