The Little House


The Message of the Little House

 Well then it had two small rooms with another adjacent premises where at one time his father carried out his shoemaking work and later it was where the Diacon and then the Priest Don Dominic used hold his lessons there. There was a whole band of youth who have passed through this house and which in the future would treasure the teaching received for their professional activity or for leading the town of Lauria. They too will be the witnesses to Lentini's sanctity. In reading the Canonical Process for his Beatification, one notes how the testimonies are beautiful, varied and rich. They speak of poor men who arrived at the house at all hours. They testify about the charity which, the scholars, had to learn about by taking from the strongbox, a small crown , viz. the money to be given to the poor man who used knock during lessons. They testify of a culture which must not be apart, but founded on faith, on wisdom, on honesty. The Little House is the holiest place of Lentini's Sanctity: it retains the beats of his heart enamoured with Jesus and Mary.

The Little House on account of its smallness and for having been the constant residence of Blessed Lentini, tells us that we can and all of us ought to be: house saints, saints in a house open to everybody, like Lentini's which did not know of any closure.

Lentinian Beatitudes


Blessed are you if you still have me near:

as Father, Shepherd, Guide.

Blessed are you if you love to hear my voice

because the Servants of God live

and speak to the present time.


Blessed are you if you love to come

to this house of wisdom

where babies learn

to live, believe & hope.

Blessed are you, mothers of youth,

if you are able to teach

sacrifice, duty, respect.


Blessed are you all if you love to come

to this house of penance

where I learned the fruitfulness of the desert,

where I wept tears of joy

in order to follow the liberating footstep

of the Pilgrim of the Cross.

I discovered love:

I stayed near there

and we did not feel alone.

Blessed are you if you make yourselves desert

along the dark paths,

empty of the earth:

you shall walk close to He Who is .

Blessed are you if let me go out

from this house of providence

where I used return often in the evening


having been undressed by the poor ones of Christ

without shoes

and they used make me happy

when they robbed the last loaf

from my mouth.

How hungry, Jesus, you were

in those hours

and how pleased I am to prolong mine

for the sake of yours!

So many poor,


in your midst!

How I would wish to be in you

to help so many naked,

alone & desperate!

Jesus is there:

seek him for me,

seek him with me.

(given on the Feast of Ven. Lentini, 25/2/1984)



Don Mario Riccio, Ven. Dominic Lentini, the Message of the Little House , Tip. Faracchio Printers, at Sapri, Italy, 1986.

Sermons at the Little House held every year by a visiting Bishop or Cardinal and then published in the Lentini Bulletin.


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