The Beatification of Don Dominic Lentini


from the mystical channels of visionary phenomena



Rome,12 October 1997


As Pilgrims of Lentini there are more than 6,000 of us, of whom 300 are the group of Sofferetti and those enrolled in the Sodality of Our Lady of Sorrows, and I place myself with them. Almost all of them wearing a red hat with Lentini's image and the date: Rome 12 October 1998. For the account of the official pilgrimage refer to the Quarterly Lentini Bulletin. Here I report what is not found in the official diary of events, namely how we ourselves have lived the Beatification on the waves of the mystical reality by relating the visions and messages had through Julia Arancino.


St.Peter's Square, 12/10/97 (at the Pope's Mass from 10 till 12.15)

There are two moments of ecstacy: a vision and a message in the customary manner.

The Vision at the moment of the Beatification (at 10.25 approx.):


"I saw the Pope and Lentini and the other Saints of the day (= today's other 4 "Blesséd"s). Lentini and the Pope were together, namely beside one another. Both of them were soiled with blood: they were dressed in white garments but their clothes were dirty with blood. Then the Pope addressed Lentini saying: Son, now the road is being liberated and we can walk on, but still a little more is needed because the children still do not listen to my voice. Lentini smiled and bowed his head at these words and addressed me saying: My daughter and sister, tell Little John, namely the Pope, and the whole world that the Cross is preparing to give its fruits, get ready to receive them: the fruits that will come to you are fruits that the Father has in his Book. Do not be frightened by what I am saying: be aware that IT IS TIME TO DO THE FATHER’S WILL! Go forward, my little sister, and do not be frightened! The cudgels have still not completely disappeared, my daughter and little sister, pray again! I bless thee with my Jesus’ Cross. Accept again the persecutions which your Jesus and mine wants to give thee!""

Jesus' Message (at the Consecration of the Mass (at 11.45 approx., in the usual manner):

""Draw from the Spring of my Heart, feed on my Body and Blood. Accept with love the thorns that I sew along your way, press close to my Cross - love and forgive. I bless you with my Cross. Listen to Mary’s cry and go forward!"


At St. Peter's Tomb (at 15.10)

In the early afternoon we make a visit to the Vatican Grottos. And here, right beside St. Peter, having gathered to pray the Stations of the CRoss at the tomb of Pius VI, the Pope for whom Lentini suffered so much, Julia goes into ecstacy and receives this message:

(Julia) If it is you glorify the Father (2). (Our Lady) Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be world without end. Amen. My daughter, drink also today my Jesus' green cups and sacrifice yourself once again with the pains of childbirth for humanity. My daughter, I am here among you. From the ALTAR OF MERCY (= Sofferetti (CS), from which the Sunday message is given even if, like today, Julia is elsewhere:- editor) I ask you to hold up my Jesus’ Living Gospel and I ask you to be Mothers of the Cross: I ask you to follow the way made by the Holy Thorns of my Jesus’ Crown. My daughter, Cross of my Heart, sacrifice yourself again and drink also the cups of my Jesus. Today I ask you to pray: pray with the heart! But stop and look inside yourselves again: dig, dig, my children! I am Mother and if I ask you to dig - it is because humanity is going to perdition because it looks at my Jesus’ Cross with frivolous/thoughtless eyes: while it gets lost behind the things of the world! My children, return to being light of the Cross, approach the Holy Sacraments with love: renounce Satan! My children, MY PLAN COMES FROM FATIMA and WITH MY IMMACULATE AND SORROWFUL HEART THE WALLS - WHICH ARE COLLAPSING - WILL BE LIFTED UP. My cross, tell my Little John, namely the Pope, to come down the Stairs again and open the Holy Portal \Front-Door: what he must accomplish he must do it now: immediately! (= to accept Mary who brings Jesus in the trustworthy centres of visionary-phenomena and above all at Sofferetti;- editor) my children, but help him also with constant holy prayer: help him to carry the Holy Cross! MY PLAN WILL BE FULFILLED IN THE WHOLE WORLD and AT THE ALTAR OF HOLY MERCY WILL BLOSSOM THE FLOWERS OF JOSEPH, MY SPOUSE! Do not be scandalised by these words of mine: but love - let ye love - love! forgive and exercise Holy Charity! My children, hear what PETER tells you.

(St. Peter): The Peace of my Jesus be with you all! Be humble, my brothers: be poor like my Jesus has chosen you to be. Look around you, listen to God’s Voice, banish the noise of the world, but I implore you, take a look at the Cross, place yourselves on the Rock because the times which God has prepared are upon humanity: but you still do not want to see them! Even now you look here and there, you murmur within yourselves: Is it true what we are seeing? Is it true what we are hearing? I am here in the MASTER’S HOUSE where He gave me his Keys. I look at you, my brothers, because I too was lost: when the Master called me I did not know what to do and what to say, but like a mother I have opened my Heart, I have given my keys (= of Peter’s heart;- editor) to my Jesus and made him dwell within me. My children and brothers, I exhort you to be little - to let the Peace and Shalom of the Father’s Heart come in. My cry rumbles like the Rock: listen to it, do not get lost behind the things of the world, my children! Little sister of my Heart, Little Cross, you have to suffer again! Now place in your heart what I tell you, at a subsequent time you shall write it down and hand it to little Mario: my heart’s little brother. Do not be frightened! (there is a pause: editor) I beg you, little sister, do not reveal it beforehand, keep it inside you until you are given the way to write it down. (Julia) Help me to keep it in my heart: give me the strength to go forward because my strength is failing! (St. Peter): Stubborn little sister, do not be afraid: the Father’s Grace and Light are upon you, you were chosen as Living Cross of my Jesus and yours, hold up the way of the Door of Childbirth and do not be afraid of anything or anybody! Now I dismiss ye with the Holy Blessing: May the Father’s Love and Constancy descend upon you! May the Holy Spirit’s Light and Love descend on you! May the Constancy to accept my Holy Love descend on you! I bless you with the Poverty and Humility of the Holy Cross. Go in peace and cry out God's Love to humanity! My cross, suffer again for the children who do not accept my Word. Now pray in the silence of your heart!"


In St. Nicholas Church at Lauria (12/10/ 97, at 21.45): A VISION

We leave Rome at 16.30. We arrive at Lauria about 21.15. There is time to celebrate the first Mass in honour of Blessed Lentini and to thank the Blessed Trinity. Julia has her last vision, which she writes down the next day at home in Thurio: "Vision. At Lauria, church of St. Nicholas. During the Consecration of the Mass I saw that in Fr. Mario’s place there was Jesus and Lentini: contented to celebrate Holy Mass. At a certain point all three were there, Fr. Mario, Jesus and Lentini and they were distributing many Hosts and the church was full of Light. Then Jesus and Lentini went off and again Fr. Mario remained alone and finished holy Mass by blessing us".